Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Journey

Christine Michelle Metz is a singer and actress from America. She is famous for NBC drama, and Kate Pearson play. It is her fan’s love that she won best supporting actress nominations at Golden Globe Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards.

She is the role model for all ages women. She had a challenging weight loss journey, which compels millions of people. The best part of her weight loss journey was that she got support from her show’s creator Dan Fogelman.

Christine was able to lose weight according to her health speed. Additionally, she received dollars reward, Emmy nominations, and followers.

Talking about Christine weight loss journey, she struggled to lose a few pounds and continued her life with a new charisma.

Chrissy’s Weight loss struggle in Childhood

Like many obese people, Chrissy Metz also experienced obesity in her childhood. During an interview of The Hollywood Reporter, Chrissy mentioned that she was born chubby. As she grown-ups, she was different and thinner. She was active enough to play sports, but she was very chubby. She said, her friends were eating anything they like, but as a kid, she was conscious about her eating.

Chrissy disclosed her reality when she faced as a child. She had a lovely mother still she felt that her mother love is missing for her and her mother is busy with shopping and her slim sisters. She felt heartbroken, and this is the reason for her character of Kate Pearsons. Only she was the youngest person in the room when she went for weight watchers at the age of 11. Both the mother and daughter wanted each other happy.

How Chrissy Metz became an actress?

Chrissy was a pre-school teacher. Incidentally, she entered in the acting industry. In an interview with Marie Claire-Magazine, Chrissy told, She took her sister for the audition, and her teacher motivated to attend the audition. She went to Los Angeles for several auditions. Until she can start her acting work, she assisted her agent for living.

As she was not getting an acting chance, her agent suggests her weight loss. She tried hard to lose weight, but she was hospitalized.

After the horror story of America, there was no option for Chrissy. She continued with auditions. Chrissy said glamour, I continued with auditions without any money, saving, and gaining interest. She also had unemployment and lived one street and eat dollar store’s noodles.

Later, she moved with a roommate and stayed until she can afford rent. There were good people who offered her foods when she didn’t have money. She felt more support from kind people.

After attending the audition for Kate, Chrissy found the role that was very much related to her life. She was perfect for Kate role.

Chrissy had a deadline, and she got the incredible script. It made her feel different. She desperately wished to attend the audition without losing the golden opportunity. It was the role highlighted issues of her weight.

Thankfully, her show got popularity, and Chrissy felt happy to tell her journey of acting and the struggle she did. But she has decided to lose weight.

Here are the details of how Chrissy lost weight.

Chrissy Metz – Weight loss diet of 2000 calories

This diet helped Chrissy to drop 100 pounds.

When Chrissy got hospitalized while trying to lose weight, she became more responsible and cautious about herself. Her first weight loss journey started with the 2000 calorie diet. It is named as Chrissy weight loss – 2000 calorie diet that worked to lose 100 pounds.

Chrissy made a few changes in her everyday activities and diet, which showed positive results.

  • She removed unhealthy foods from daily intake.
  • Chrissy strictly followed a 2000 calories diet without an extra calorie.
  • She guaranteed, she did 20 minutes walking every day.

These above three simple things brought her drastic change in her mental and physical health. Nearly, in 5-months, she was able to lose 100 pounds.

Weight loss always requires patience, and it took some time for Chrissy also. She got better results from her struggle. After a weight loss of 100 pounds, Chrissy Metz got the role in American Horror Story.

What Is a 2,000-Calorie Diet Plan?

The US-Food-and-Drug-Administration (FDA) uses a 2,000 calories diet to provide exact nutritional data for people. For example, the nutrition label that provides product information as daily value percent can help. This diet is only recommended for some people according to their needs. It should be taken only under expert guidance.

Why does FDA use 2000 calorie figure on the certain food labels?

Most of the American eats daily calories in an estimated range. Providing nutritional information helps the consumer to plan their diet.

For example:

  • A fairly active 30-year-old woman would eat about 2147 calories to sustain her weight.
  • A quietly active 40-year-old man would eat about 2195 calories to control his weight
  • A slight, very active 25-year-old woman would eat about 2143 calories to control her weight
  • A tall, inactive 70-year-old man would eat about 1828 calories to control his weight.

Your per day calorie demands depend on the size of your body, activity levels, and weight goals. An individual should focus on everyday caloric eating while trying to lose weight to reach a particular health goal. You can use a calorie calculator to know your calories requirement.

2,000-Calorie Diet Plan

A diet that offers 2,000 calories every day seems as if it would have a lot of foods. But the exact diet breakdown is more reasonable than you can imagine.

Here is a sample diet plan of 2000 calorie.

Breakfast – 500 calories

  • Eggs (fried or scrambled) – 2
  • Whole wheat bread – 1 slice
  • Peanut butter – 2 tablespoons
  • Grapefruit or juice – 1 half

Snack (100 calories)

  • Medium apple -1

Lunch – 650 calories

  • Rye bread or Turkey sandwich with mayonnaise
  • Celery sticks or Carrot with hummus
  • Chocolate chip cookie – One medium
  • Milk – One glass

Snack (100 calories)

  • Snack bar – 1 small

Dinner (650 calories)

  • Grilled salmon with lemon – 4 ounces
  • Butter with Small baked potato
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Vanilla ice cream – One-half cup

What Are Daily Values?

DVs or daily values refer to nutrient consumption recommendation, which is based on the advice of health experts. You can find the daily values of important nutrients on the pack of food labels.

Based on daily values information, an individual who eats 2,000 calories every day should eat.

  • Fat: 585 calories or less than 65 grams
  • Saturated fat: 180 calories or less than 20 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 1200 calories or at least 300 grams
  • Protein: 200 calories or 50 grams
  • Sodium: less than 2,400 mg
  • Cholesterol: less than 300 mg
  • Dietary fibre: 25 mg

Weight-Loss Tips of Chrissy Metz

Love Yourself

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You should be important for yourself. Accept yourself as you are because without loving yourself, you cannot reach your goal.  Self-care is always important, and it inspires you to continue with your weight loss struggle without losing interest.

Having your better version is not a bad thing unless you are unable to have your better version. Everyone has certain unique things, which never change, but you can improve yourself for the better.

Feel good about yourself, your skin, your body, and your way of thinking. Being positive about yourself assist in weight loss.


During an interview with Parade, Chrissy told she didn’t felt happy in her own skin. After having an anxiety breakdown on her 30th birthday in the hospital, Chrissy decided to help herself and adopted spirituality. She focused on lots of meditation and realized why the body is here and how it changes. She accepted herself as she is, and she meant to the same.

After doing meditation, Chrissy gained confidence, and it helped her to lose weight. During an interview with Marie Claire, Metz said, she lost 100 pounds +in five months after reading Deepak Chopra and also, she went to Agape-International-Spiritual-Center-in-Culver City.

Develop a healthy eating habit

Chrissy said to Marie Claire that she tried to eat balanced food containing healthy snacks. She still learns to keep the unhealthy foods away in her emotional times.

Whenever she was upset or confront somebody, she felt very sentimental and desired to eat. But eating in an upset mood or stressful time can cause the poor choice of foods containing more calories. Chrissy knew that she needed to reassess her emotional attachment for food choice to attain weight loss.

How to adapt to healthy eating habits?

You will require to makes a few changes in your daily diet to maintain a healthy diet. Remember, you can change your eating habit according to your diet. You can make small changes that create better health.

Here are a few essential ways to create healthy changes in your eating habits.

  • Add more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Eat more low-fat yogurt and low-fat milk, whole grain foods.
  • Make sure to add healthy foods instead of unhealthy fast foods.
  • Eat with family members every day or on the dining table. It will help you to focus on a healthy meal.
  • Follow healthy recipes from professional chefs.
  • You can chew gum while cooking to prevent snack on cooking ingredients.
  • Take your lunch and snack with you at work to have more control over eating habit.
  • Don’t skip your meals and keep track of your eating.
  • Don’t ignore your hunger and eat something healthy. It will prevent unhealthy snack choices.
  • Take time to chew your food and relax. It will help your digestive system to signal the brain.
  • Replace sugary drinks with pure water.
  • Drink enough water.

Create a Fitness Regime

Chrissy revealed to people that she was excited to follow her co-star – Milo Ventimiglia. Milo really works out with a wondrous trainer who did this known as Rising. Milo continued doing it for 7-years, and he looks good. Chrissy was really excited about initiating that fitness regime. Regular fitness workout only takes 35 to 40 minutes every day.

In a real sense, weight loss refers to calorie burning. Staying physically active is a way to lose weight. Developing a fitness routine helps your body to train regular workout and assist in weight loss.

Learn about the side effects of being overweight

The foremost reason for Chrissy’s weight loss was her family medical history. Her father was a big guy and had quadruple bypass surgery, and that was terrifying. Often, diseases and health habits transfer to family members. So, Chrissy was afraid of obesity may create the risk of other health problem.

Go Slow


The 36-year-old American actress started including better foods and exercise plans on a personal level on a serious note. But it’s important to understand you should take it slow because a sudden change in lifestyle could affect negatively on weight loss. Weight loss is a gradual process, and it requires the patience to get the result.

Don’t Let the Weight Scale Define You

Many people define themselves with their weight number, but we can be more than that. Just a salary number or weight number cannot define us. Consider it just a number which can change anytime. Instead of wishing to see less number on the scale, get a reason for weight loss. It can be like playing with kids or improving your health.

Staying humble

Even though earning big amount, Chrissy continued to stay down to earth and humble. Chrissy told in an interview for Glamour magazine that you may believe that I’m popular and a millionaire. No, it is more than just earning and fame, and she still lives with her roommate. She pays a proper share for rent. Though she can afford expensive things, still she feels guilty of shopping expensive.  She was so convinced that she should not have bought after buying Alexander McQueen shoes.

Clarifying rumors

Chrissy’s on-screen role was similar to her real life where she is trying for weight loss, struggling to get in shapes and manage a healthy lifestyle. Despite that, some people created rumors. Chrissy stated it clearly that weight loss is for own health and not just for her show. However, she took these rumors positively to sustain herself for a healthy life.

Health above all

Chrissy’s made weight loss as her major goal of life, but it is important for her to tell the real reason behind dropping pounds. She became health conscious, and she made it very clear to herself to balance her eating habits and life. It’s her own choice to manage her health to be healthy and not just to become curvy or attractive.

Chrissy highlighted important issues

The Chrissy expressed her views on how her show managed with some issues which concern with people who struggle with a heavyweight.  She said that the show was about educating the people who are overweight, and who worry about their health, and appearance. The food is the main issue. When we stop eating, how different symptoms occur and create the risk of health.

Musical future

The character of Kate has major parts of a singing career in her character’s storylines for the show. Chrissy showed her excitement about her role’s future in music. Chrissy admitted that she also has a similar passion for singing. It is the reason why Kate got a real soul the character. She loves every genre of music and excited for going for it.

Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

Eating before 9 PM

It is essential for health. Metabolism gets slow after this time is not the reason but it’s true, that people who eat in the late night are more prone to gain weight as compared to other people who eat before 9 pm. It’s not that late-night eater doesn’t burn calories, but they continue to starve all the time and end up eating all the time. It makes fat to build-up fast on large body parts such as belly, thighs, waist, and back.

Comfort yourself

Keeping a goal for weight loss and accomplishing it is an effective plan. Losing one pound is a good thing to celebrate, but that doesn’t mean you will continue eating unhealthy foods. You can reward yourself with new workout cloth or fitness class or see a movie with friends. Replace your emotions and foods will help to balance your weight loss plans.

Reduce distractions while eating

Stop watching TV or listening to music while eating your meal. According to the Food-Quality-and-Preference-Study, people who consume food with listening to music eat more food than an exact requirement.

To lose a healthy weight, stop watching TV and music while eating.

Sit Down


Sitting down after long hour standing also one of the healthy habits. Many people are busy in walking meetings, which contribute to weight gain especially, those people who eat in standing position. The research discovered that the human body subconsciously drops the standing meal as the wrong meal, which causes to eat more in the remaining day.

Cook your meal at home

Cooking yourself a meal at home helps you know your food and calorie consumption. Eating out slow down your weight loss process. Restaurant foods contain lots of salt and calories that release addiction triggering hormones called dopamine.

Order Lunch Before Lunch Time

If you need to order your lunch, then do it early as possible to maintain a weight loss goal. Do not hurry to order food. Check it before about its nutrition content. Make sure to order food in the morning, so that you will not get late for lunch. According to the study of University-of-Pennsylvania-and-Carnegie Mellon discovered that people who order lunch before eating hours choose 109 lesser calories than the people who order right before eating.

Replace your calorie drink with calorie foods

While trying to lose weight, you can switch soda, juices, and alcoholic drinks with healthy foods because these drinks don’t contain main nutrients such as fats, and fiber. These important nutrients keep away hunger pangs.

Throughout the weight loss journey of Kate, Chrissy was losing weight and gained confidence. It is all she wants from those people who are struggling with weight loss. The best thing is, many women can relate to her anybody like older women, young women, or teenagers.

Chrissy Metz is an inspirational image for those women who are struggling with a heavy-weight problem. She always feared to break the chair while sitting or people may think she is pregnant in the difficult time of weight loss.

Don’t forget to take help from your doctor and dietician for better health understanding.

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