Can Sauna Aid Weight Loss? How Does It Work?

Saunas got popular from the olden days for their several benefits. While the sauna is not famous in the United States, you can still get it in many community centers and gyms. Saunas are a good way to relax the body and get enough sweat out of the body.

What Are The Various Types Of Sauna And How They Work?

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A sauna is described as a room, which is warmed with temperatures between 150ºF and 195ºF.

Finnish style sauna is assumed to dry whereas Turkish style sauna includes more steam. Individuals contribute nearly 15-30 minutes in a sauna.

Where temperatures and moisture levels can be changed, sauna regularly works in the same method when it comes to whereby the human body reacts.

Here are the most primary types of sauna:

Wood Burning

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Wood burning stoves are utilized to heat the sauna rocks. During this sauna temperatures are high and humidity is low.

Electrically Heated Sauna

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In this sauna, an electric heater mounted over the floor or wall and used to increase heat in the room. It also has low humidity with high temperatures.

Steam Rooms

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It is also known as Turkish bathhouses with high humidity %100 a low temperature.


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This sauna utilized light waves to heat the body without heating the room. It provides similar benefits to the high conventional sauna.

Can Sauna Decrease Weight From Sweat?

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There is a bit of weight loss occurring while you are in the sauna. That is because you are sweating off the water weight. Once you begin drinking again, the water weight comes back.

The more temperatures cause the heart rate to increase in a way the same as a workout. But it also improves the light higher calorie burn than the resting calorie burn.

The sauna can be able to assist the extra calorie burn, but do not depend on sweat sessions alone to reduce the pounds. However, sauna alone can not reduce weight.

Acts As A Detoxifier

The sauna heat makes the body sweat more, which helps to remove the toxins. It is healthy, particularly if you do not exercise regularly or stay indoors all day long in the low-temperature air conditioner. Sweating will also help to excrete the toxins like hefty metals like mercury, nickel, zinc, and copper that are obtained from the foods. As an outcome, you will begin to lose weight by shading fats efficiently.

Reduce Water Weight

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Water weight can cause up to five pounds of total weight. And it takes around 7-days to reduce the water weight with a strict diet and combined workout routine. Whereas, sauna, will help to lower the excess water by lowering heavy sweating. It is extremely beneficial in dropping some pounds in just 1-2 days.


Reduces Stress

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A sauna can be defined as a bath for more realization. It helps to lower the stress and reduce the levels of cortisol in the body. When you relax by taking a sauna bath, the cortisol levels slow down, and the inflammation and the harmful free oxygen. It lower the inflammation triggered weight gain.

Help Muscle Recovery

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Numerous athletes depend on sauna to enable their muscles to heal after a demanding exercise or exertion. Research affirms that sauna before practice improves muscle work and lessens sensory impairment.

Improves Stamina

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You might have experienced breathing too soon during working out or climbing upstairs. The sauna can help to ease the problem. It also improves the breathing ability, respiratory function, and the vasodilator nitric oxide. A study discovered that sauna bathing is best for runners to improve running by 32% for stamina or endurance.

Boosts Metabolic Rate

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Sauna baths also increase metabolic rate by lowering stress, inflammation, and toxins. After some hours of the bath, your metabolism will be strong and run at a higher rate. It is how the sauna helps in weight loss.

Improves Heart Circulation and Function

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The high temperatures of sauna increase your heart rate and improve skin health, blood circulation, immunity, and sleep.

Lowers Blood Pressure

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Sauna also helps to reduce high blood pressure or hypertension. But individuals with low blood pressure and arrhythmia should skip the sauna bathing. Sauna helps in weight loss by removing toxins, stress, and relax the muscles.

Saunas Promote Hair

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Scalp skin also has special glands called the sebaceous gland, which release the synthesis to help scalp health and moisturize hair. Spending time in a sauna helps to stimulate the gland, which will release special compounds and make hair appearance better.

Saunas Stop Aging Signs

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Skin is a necessary part of the body and needs regular care to have younger-looking skin. As we get older, the skin produces dead cells onto skin pores and lose skin elasticity. Having few sessions of sauna promotes blood flow to the skin, which helps the growth of new skin and also eliminate dead cells. Sauna improves the natural moisturizer and mobilizes the antibiotics present in the skin. It helps skin appearance look younger.

Promote Sleep and Relaxation

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Sleep is an essential part of weight loss. Getting insufficient sleep may increase the risk of many diseases and limit weight loss. A lack of sleep can cause impaired dietary choices, and cause you to crave for food and make you eat unhealthy foods. Having less sleep also causes anxiety and stress, which can cause unhealthy eating.

Using a sauna helps the nervous system to keep you in the parasympathetic state(rest and digest), which helps to unwind and induce good night rest. Good sleep increases the mind power, keeps you motivated, and helps in weight loss.

Lipid Regulation

Lipids, describe as cholesterol and fat, can get improved by the help of sauna. For fat cells, infrared therapy has been discovered to stimulate deep into these cells to boost blood flow to the area and boost detoxification. It is seen most in the decrease of cellulite appearance, where fat cells bulge around the skin surface. While cellulite is not a sign of weight, lowering the fat cells in a nice perk while trying to get more confident.

According to the study, people who take sauna are more likely to see reduced LDL cholesterol and slight HDL cholesterol. These results are regular with positive cholesterol effects of physical exercise with moderate intensity. Reduced bad cholesterol levels are the best sign of good health and weight loss.

Saunas and Heart Health

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The high heat levels you feel in the sauna cause the blood vessels to open up and move near to the surface of the skin. When the blood vessels stretch, the blood circulation improves, and blood pressure lower down.

Some recent studies have shown links between regular sauna used and good heart health. However, people who are suffering from heart issues, such as heart attack, irregular heartbeats, should skip the saunas. Individuals with high blood pressure can utilized saunas, but the American-Heart-Association take precaution against moving between the extreme cold and hot temperature because it can raise the blood pressure. Also, people consuming medications should check with their health physician before using a sauna.

Avoid Alcohol

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Alcohol raises the dehydration risk, arrhythmia, hypotension, and sudden death. According to one year-long studies on people from Finland who got sudden death showed that in 1.8% of cases, the person had a sauna in the last three hours, and in 1.7% of cases, people had done so in the past 24 hours. Many of these consumed alcohol.

Avoid spending more than 20 minutes in the sauna. First-time users should stay in a maximum of 5-10 minutes. As they get a habit of heat, they can reduce the time to around 20 minutes.

Skip Sauna If You Are Ill

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If you are experiencing any illness, then wait until you recover before using the sauna. Women with pregnancy or certain medical conditions like low blood pressure should take doctor’s advice.

Supervise Children

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Children under the age of 6 and above are safe to use the sauna but should be supervised during it. They should not spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna at one time.

How Many Calories Sauna Burn?

Here are the number of calories burned with the calculated formula:

Calories Burned in a Sauna

Total calories burned in 30-min of resting or sitting* 1.5 (and 2)

Suppose you are 132 weights and burn 30-calories in 30-minutes of resting or sitting. But, it does not mean you can sit in the sauna for 24 hours and come out very slim. Do not imagine but keep reading how it works? 

How To Make Sauna Work Effectively For Weight Loss?

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A sauna works effectively for weight loss but not alone. You must need to schedule the sauna visits according to your current body weight and weight loss goal.

Generally, getting a sauna bath 2-3 times in a week for 2-weeks will help to lower the weight.

After 2-weeks, you will begin to feel refreshed and energetic. Then, you must add a light workout in the daily routine.

For the next 3-weeks, take a sauna bath two times a week. After that, add cardio and strength training in the workout routine and take a sauna bath to rejuvenate and relax your muscles.

Make sure to schedule a sauna bath appointment 2-3 times in a week. Start the moderate-intensity exercise in the 2-week. Add strength training in your routine to decrease weight and tone your body.

Also, learn about all kinds of sauna and their benefits while choosing the most suitable for you.

Safe Sauna Tips for Weight Loss

Using a sauna for weight loss is an easy and direct process, but it requires some precautions to make sure that you are carefully losing weight.

Follow these saunas for good weight loss tips:

Keep yourself hydrated to limit fluid loss during the sauna. Try sipping cold water to burn extra calories, as your body requires more energy to prepare the cold temperatures.

Do not use the sauna before doing the workout. As mentioned earlier, post-workout utilized can prolong the benefits of visiting the gym. However, sitting in a sauna before workout increase the dehydration and injury. Stick to treat and relax after working out.

Begin slowly and work yourself in longer times in the sauna. If you experience lightheartedness or heat sensitivity, then try a five-minute session first and slowly increase the time to adjust the body.

Remember, you will not lose weight unless you combine sauna therapy with exercise and a proper diet. While there are different health benefits from sauna usage, simply sitting in a person will not burn the calories in minutes. Instead, focus on the long-term effects of using a sauna for weight loss and how it will be effective than the crash diets.


Sauna helps to reduce fat but does not help in muscle building. For toning muscles and stoping sagging, you must slowly add strength training into the workout routine. A sauna will help to boost stamina, strength training, and cardio will not affect exertion as it would do without the sauna.

You must drink enough water to limit dehydration.

Include a pinch of salt while drinking water before and after going to a sauna bath to restore the electrolytes.

Risk of Dehydration

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Extreme heat can increase body sweat. When you sweat, your body will lower the fluids. If you lose high fluid that what you are getting, you can become more dehydrated. There is a risk of dehydration from being in the sauna.

According to Harvard-Medical-School, the average individual loses around one pint of liquid during a short time in the sauna. However, if you consume enough water during and after the sauna, you will be able to replace the lost fluids in sweating.

Signs of Dehydration

Chronic dehydration is an emergency medical condition. It is essential to watch your body and drink sufficient fluids in the sauna. Here are signs of dehydration risk:

  • Dry Mouth
  • Headache
  • Extreme Thirst
  • Lightheaded
  • Feeling Dizzy
  • Not Urinating As Normal

Older people and people with severe health conditions like kidney disease, diabetes, and heart failure, or pregnancy are at a higher risk of dehydration.

Blood Pressure Risks

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Switching within the temperature of the sauna and the cold water in a swimming pool is not encouraged, as it can begin to rise in blood pressure. Sauna use also decreases blood pressure. Therefore, individuals with low blood pressure should withdraw sauna or take experts to advise.

The research from Finland, Japan, and Germany have discovered health benefits to normal sauna use. For healthy people, sitting in the sauna at temperatures nearly 190ºF (87.8ºC) is safe. If you are pregnant or experiencing a health situation, you will require to take a doctor to recommend.

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