Author: Gouher Munshi

Benefits of Eating Indian Gooseberry

Health Benefits of Eating Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Indian amla (gooseberry) is a common tree that grows in India, Southeast Asia, and Middle East countries. Indian gooseberry used as herbal medicine from ancient times. It is helpful for health and also promotes skin and hair health. It is consumed by mouth for treating hardening arteries, high cholesterol, pain, […]

Best Exercises to Increase Height

28 Best Exercises to Increase Height and Become Taller

Everyone wishes to have a lean body with attractive height. Several factors contribute to a good height. Apart from a healthy lifestyle, and diet, some physical exercise plays an important role in building bones, extending the spinal column and increasing height. You can try playing outdoor sports or another physical […]

How To Make Buttermilk

How To Make Buttermilk – Spicy Buttermilk Recipe

Buttermilk is the most popular fermented dairy drink. Traditionally, the buttermilk was a liquid left behind extracting butter from cultured cream. It is mostly useful in the warm weather in countries like Middle East, South Asia, and Southern parts of the United States. The buttermilk can be used directly. It […]

Breathing Exercises For Healthy Lungs

Effective Breathing Exercises For Healthy Lungs

The lungs are an important part of the human body. These are the pair of air-filled and spongy organs located above your chest on both sides. The windpipe (trachea) is responsible for holding inhaled air into the lungs from its tubular branches identified as bronchi. The bronchi are divided into […]