Author: Gouher Munshi

Oat Sesame Bread Recipe

Low Carb Oat Sesame Bread Recipe

How about we be forthright, many low carb bread recipes are complex, there are readymade oats sesame bread available called Sukrin. Usually, making bread is a delicate and decent task to get a better taste. It is the perfect low carb bread for people who require to imagine the gluten-free […]

Low Carb Steak Egg Breakfast Recipe 1

Low-Carb Steak Egg Breakfast Recipe

Low carb breakfast with steak and eggs is more filling and nutritious. This breakfast recipe cut down the calories and increase nutrients. Eggs work perfectly for vegetarians who do not like steak. Additionally, this recipe has avocado, which provides essential fats and vitamins. The low-carb steak egg breakfast recipe is […]

Low Carb Ham and Cheese Crepes Recipe

Low Carb Ham and Cheese Crepes Recipe

What Is Ham? Ham is pork took from pigs’ back leg. It is popular in western countries for making different recipes during the holiday season. Skilled cook is hired to prepare an impressive and large part of this recipe for crowded dinner gatherings. You can get boneless to bone-in in […]

Exercises To Strengthen The Legs

20 Exercises To Strengthen The Legs And Hips

The proper balance of muscles and fat in your thighs helps to make you appear attractive in every outfit. You will look great in a pair of jeans or an A-line skirt. For that, you do not need skinny thighs. Certain exercises help to tone your legs and hips. These […]

Health Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek – Health Benefits and Side Effects

Fenugreek also is known as Trigonella-Foenum-Graecum. It is a famous herb in India and Arabic regions. It is traditionally used to enhance masculinity and libido. This herb is used as a leafy vegetable and also popular for skin, hair, and many herbal remedies. Fenugreek tea also helps to enhance milk […]