Author: Gouher Munshi

Best Yoga Wheel Exercises for Beginners

Managing a healthy core is essential. With time we lose healthy posture due to the daily needs of a life used mostly in the seating pose. One of the good ways to stop a decline in overall fitness is to develop a strong core. This can be accomplished in a […]

Yoga Stability Ball Workouts for a Toned Core

Yoga can be performed using a stability ball. The stability ball is also named a yoga ball or exercise ball. It is created with soft elastic, commonly in 5 diameters of 10-centimeters increments, from 35 cm that is 14 inches to 85 cm that is 34 inches, and containing air. […]

AB Wheels Roller for Abs Workout And How It Can Help

Abs roller wheel is equipment for bodybuilding used to increase the flexibility and strength of abdominal muscles. It makes your core muscles go from a complete range of motion, leading to the spine to both stretch and contract thus making them strong and prevent back arching. Develop perfect abs with […]

Best Kegel Exercise Videos and Their Benefits

Kegel exercises are east clench and release workouts that you can perform to make the muscles of the pelvic floor stronger. Your pelvis is the part between your hips that holds reproductive organs. The pelvic floor is a series of muscles and tissues that create a sling, or hammock, at […]

Plank Exercises To Strengthen And Tone Your Core

The plank is an isometric core strength workout that involves controlling a position like a push-up for the increased possible time. It is the best workout for core strength. Regularly doing different plank variations for 15 minutes will enhance flexibility and posture, improve mood, and lower back pain. People who […]

Best Exercises to Lift Breasts Naturally

Breast health is also important as any part or organ of the human body. No matter which is the breast size, it is difficult to keep it healthy if you do not care about them. A good and healthy breast is firm and lifted. Unhealthy lifestyle and inactive lifestyle cause […]

Exercise that Helps You Gain Weight

Individuals with lean bodies often try to use fast methods or tricks to increase the bulk in muscles and gain weight. But, did you know that exercises can help to gain weight as well? A mixture of the right workout and diet can help to gain healthy and strong mass […]

Effective Yoga Exercises to Get Toned Abs

Building abs with yoga needs proper practice. It can be challenging for beginner yoga practitioners. A strong core is important to balance with a twist or one leg like a pretzel or getting into one strong triangle pose. The core muscles regulate two of the body’s most essential structures that […]