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    Eye Care

    Yellow Eyes – Causes,Picture,Symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan March 11, 2013
    Yellow Eyes picture

    Yellow eyes are caused when the white part of the eye gets yellow in color. This happens due to a pigment, which is termed as bilirubin. The bilirubin is a yellow colored pigment produced by the breakdown of old red blood cells. The liver produces this pigment, which is released into the intestine and after […]

    Eye Care Tips: Do’s and Don’ts for Beautiful Eyes

    by Shan October 30, 2012

    Our eyes are the windows to the outside world, giving us the capability to admire beauty and colors of Mother Nature all around us. They are beautiful embellishments of one’s face which attract other people the most. Not only this, our eyes also serve as a medium of expressing our emotions and feelings; they laugh, […]