Jumping jack’s effects and benefits

Jumping jacks are a fun memory of everyone’s childhood. It will make your body to move and also give a fun feeling. It is the best exercise for doing a warm-up before any exercise and activate several muscles. The hard calisthenic moves help to improve your stamina as it works effectively on the cardiovascular system and reduces stress. Here are the effects and benefits of jumping jack.

Improve Heart Health

Jumping jack is a form of aerobic cardio workout because it uses oxygen to carry the energy and stimulate the muscles of the heart. The heart requires to work extra to pump the sufficient oxygenated blood and also get back the carbon dioxide containing blood from the cells. This activity of the heart helps the heart muscles workout and other organs such as the lungs.  This constant and slow workout keeps your heart health good and boosts its functions.

Doing regular jumping jack helps to train your lungs and heart to become stronger every time you perform it. Your heart and lungs get promoted to efficient functions with other body muscles.

Giving training to your heart make it stronger. It also benefits to reduce the resting heart rate. It manages blood pressure, which means your heart doesn’t need to work hard for blood pumping and extend your longevity.

The heart also works to deliver blood in the whole body for providing energy like times of physical workout. Delivering enough blood means getting sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

Having a healthy heart also helps to lower the chances of heart attack and stroke. It also lowers the chance of developing the arterial disease and cholesterol build-up. It also maintains diabetes, which is vital for overall health.

The healthy cardiovascular system also benefits lungs function from jumping jacks. Performing jumping jack constantly train your lungs and make it absorb the oxygen to process it to send in the whole body.

Help Weight Loss

Jumping jack workout also benefits weight loss. It helps to burn more calories and create a negative pressure balance in the body. Jumping jacks extends more energy than the calories you consume. It is the main mantra for losing weight. You can do 50 reps of 3-sets to feel the heart pumping, and you will see the effect after sweating.

You can try to complete a hundred jumping jacks to sweat and feel hungry after workout. Jumping jacks takes energy for physical activity. Whenever your body uses energy for a workout, it uses calories from the food you eat.

If you have not consumed much and your body does not have enough number of calories. It will restore to consuming fat reserves to put a jumping jack to convert into energy. It means a healthy weight loss.

The jumping jacks also provide benefits of increasing metabolic rate.  It uses fat storage in the body to burn calories and help weight loss. Jumping jack exercise also burn calories when you have to stop it and on resting.

Help Bone Builder

Bone building is another benefit of jumping jack exercise. You can train your bones to be stronger and bigger, just like your muscles. Although it may not the same for bone and muscles, the growth principles are the same from this exercise.

The weight-bearing workout helps your bones to get thicker and larger. This exercise force you to handle the increased amount of weight and increase bone strength.

When you jump and land your both feet, the weight and gravity pull your bone toward the ground. This activity put extra stress on the bone and effectively increase the weight on your bones to handle.

The weight-bearing activity makes osteoblasts, the bone cells which build bone matter and place it more. It will result in making your bone stronger and denser.

Protecting your bones as you age is important to prevent brittles. Doing jumping jacks workout helps to prevent bruise and broken bones. It also prevents the risk of bone degeneration.

Increase Coordination

Regularly performing Jumping jack exercise help to promote coordination. Doing jumping jack needs a suitable amount of coordination. In the case of humans, it will get better.

The same thing happens in your coordination.  Regular coordination in jumping outwards movement has linked with raising and taking down your hands. However, it will train your coordination in a better way.

Better coordination is important in every work to do. While playing sports, surely there should be eye and hand coordination to kick or hit the ball or throw something or catch.

You will require coordination for doing simple things such as cutting an onion, walking upstairs or scratching nose. However, doing jumping jack helps to increase your coordination.

Grow Stronger Muscles

Jumping jack helps to build more active muscles. It builds the muscles that lift heavy weights and don’t hurt at the same time. Jumping jacks helpful for building leaner and bigger muscles after doing the entire workout.

While doing jumping jacks, swing your arms from a hanging pose to upward over your head. Therefore, training muscles in your arms gradually become stronger. It doesn’t seem like lifting your arms in the air without holding any weight, but it will make your arm bigger than not doing anything.

You can increase the arm muscle from jumping jack effects. You can wear a wrist weight or take dumbbells.

Stronger muscles help you many ways such as carrying kids, holding dumbbells, flexing while taking pictures.

Similar way, jumping jacks involves jumping activity, which helps to strengthen leg muscles. It works on your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, and other leg muscles.

Jumping jack strengthens your legs and tone your muscle, which looks attractive in shorts. It also makes you stand for more time. You can be able to run faster and jump higher. It also promotes your physical performance.

Having strong muscles of leg helps in older age to balance your body. It will prevent catching or falling when you slip. Performing a jumping jack helps to take you to a new level of muscles strength.

Motivate for more workout

Another best thing about jumping jack is that it motivates you for doing regular exercise.  Jumping jack will not take more time like other workouts. You can do this work out whenever you like. It motivates you to do more exercise.

Jumping jack exercise is the best work out for creating a healthy routine. You can begin by doing slow jumping jack’s workout and continues adding more exercises. Gradually, you will develop a healthy fitness routine.

Anybody can do Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack exercise is for everyone. People with any age or any size of the body can practice doing jumping jacks. Make sure to do it carefully to not experience any challenging move.

Increase Intensity


Another benefit of the jumping jack is that it helps to increase the intensity to perform workout harder and build muscle more as you increase performance. You can begin by doing a few jumping jacks and increase slowly. Later include some ankle weight and wrist weight. You can also add a weighted vest.

The advantage is that you can include wrist weights and heavier ankle to increase the weight vest. It is amazing because it is not a workout that covers a certain level. You can continue making the workout more challenging as a never finishing training tool.

Jumping jack makes you happier


Performing a jumping jack exercise helps to feel happy by reducing depression and anxiety feeling. There is a certain physical workout which stimulates the brain to release more neurochemicals.

There are essential chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and endocannabinoids, which release while doing the workout.

These chemicals provide the effect of boosting your mood, provide a good sense of relaxation, feel happy, and lower the pain. Exercise is an excellent treatment for reducing depression and anxiety. The happier you stay; your body also increases the longevity and reduce aging effects.

Improve Flexibility

Jumping jacks exercise helps to promote your flexibility. If you sit all the time and have a less active lifestyle, you will reduce the chances of being flexible. In fact, you will experience difficulty after starting exercise after a long time. Even you will feel hard to perform 20 jumping jacks. You can slowly start with low intensity and fewer reps of jumping jacks and increase with high speed later. As you improve yourself, you will feel easier to perform this workout with the proper position of hands and legs.

Improve Stability and Stamina

Jumping and landing smoothly with the right timing will help to improve your stability and balance. Furthermore, doing more reps every set helps to increase the sets. It will help to improve stamina and your stability.

Relieve Stress

Performing jumping jack workout provide benefits of relieving stress. As jumping jack move your hands up and down, your brain triggers the serotonin release, which is happy feeling hormones. The adrenalin hormone also creates a feeling of excitement. These both hormone work together, and make you feel happy and relieve stress.

How to perform Jumping jacks?

  • Stand straight by keeping your legs together, put arms at your sides.
  • Flex your knees slightly and jump into the upside.
  • While doing a jump, separate your legs to your shoulder width.
  • Stretch your arms outward above your head.
  • Come back to starting position and do again.

Variations Of Jumping Jacks

Front Clap – Jumping Jacks

The front clap variation of jumping jack exercise target the muscles of hamstrings, lats, shoulders, triceps, biceps, calves, quads, and glutes.

How to Do?

  • Stand straight by keeping your feet together.
  • Pinch back your shoulder and extend your hands close to your chest. Keep your palms in front of each other and let your core engaged.
  • Jump and divide your legs in the opposite direction. Push your hands away and get them to your side, aligned to the shoulders. Gently land on your feet by flexing your knees.
  • Again, jump and get your hands and legs together.
  • Do this exercise 20 times with 3-sets.

Alternating with Jumping Jacks

This workout targets the muscles of hamstrings, inner thighs, glutes, calves, quads, and hip flexors.

How to do?

  • Stand straight with your feet close, hands close by, palms confronting your body, shoulders squeezed back, and center locked in.
  • Jump and divide your legs to get your right leg is in the front and left at the backside. Try not to make a rush, twist your knees a bit. You can flex your elbows and move your left-hand front and your right hand back to adjust your body.
  • Bounce again and carry your right leg to the back and left in the front. Move your left hand back and right hand to the front.
  • Do this multiple time. Complete 3-sets of 25 reps.
  • Increase as you feel comfortable.

Plank Jacks

Plank jacks exercise to target the muscles of core, glutes, adductor, calves, quads, and hamstrings.

How to do?

  • Bow down on a mat. Grip your clench hands, flex your elbows, and spot your lower arms and clench hands on the tangle. It is a canine or feline position.
  • Supporting your body on your lower arm, broaden your correct leg behind you and bolster the foot on your toes. And afterward, broaden your abandoned leg and support it to your left side toes. It is the beginning position.
  • Maintaining your body on your lower arms, hop and split your legs out.
  • Bounce again and get your right legs.
  • Do it multiple times. Complete 3-sets of 10-reps.

These jumping jack variations will target different muscle groups and keep you fit. Here are muscles that targeted by jumping jack.

Hip Adductors

Adductors muscles located in the region of inner thighs. It is the most difficult part to reduce fat. Performing tradition jumping or its variations helps to target and reduce flab in your inner thighs.


The calf muscles located behind your lower legs. Chiseled calves look more attractive. They represent strong legs and helps to walk and run with ease.

Shoulder Abductors

The shoulder abductors help to move your arms sides.  The shoulder adductors placed to action when getting back your arms near to the body. They also combine lat muscles or upper back muscles.


Engaging your muscles can be challenging. Doing jumping jack helps to activate the core and back muscles. The jumping workout targets the major muscles movements and effectively engage your core.

Therefore, jumping jacks engage the essential body muscles and reduce fat. Starting doing jumping jack for stronger, better muscles. Stay active and fit with not regret.

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