Exercises for Keeping Your Nose in Shape

Beauty is always defined with attractive and beautiful facial parts that include the sharp nose, big eyes, shiny mane, and perfect shaped pink lips.

Generally, women with sharp noses use more makeup than others. Even cosmetic surgery for changing nose shape is also popular.

Well, there are some other ways also exist to have a perfect and desired nose with exciting exercises.

Nose Shortening Exercise

As your age increase, body changes many things like hair, muscles, bones, skin, face shape, and also nose shape. Doing nose shortener exercise for a longer time helps to lower the deterioration rate of your nose cartilage.

How to do?

  • In the nose shortener exercise, you will require to keep your index finger over the tip of your nose and press it slowly.
  • Push your nose using index finger down by using down pressure on your nose.
  • You can perform the nose shortening exercise whenever you like and multiple times in a day.

Nose Shaping

Many women don’t feel satisfied with their nose shape. Performing regular nose exercise helps to shape the nose. Nose shaping exercise works exactly the way you want to shape your nose. This workout also helps to prevent and lower the nose sagging.

How to Do It?

  • Press both sides of your nose using your index finger and exhale with force.
  • Put pressure on the back of your sides of your both nostrils for better results.
  • Avoid breathing out with more force.
  • Do this work out for 10-time.

Nose Straightening

It is a good thing that nature provides us simple remedies to manage our health and fitness. Doing a simple smile can help to make your nose straight.

How to do it?

  • Smile for doing nose straightening exercise.
  • Push your nose using your fingers upwards.
  • It also builds your muscles on the nose sides.
  • You can perform this workout for 20 to 30 times daily for quick results.


Exercise and yoga make you do a breathing exercise. Deep breath in and out provides different benefits, including noise shaping.

How to do?

  • Sit comfortably to do breathing exercise for the nose.
  • Close one nostril and inhale with another nostril and hold this nostril for 4-seconds.
  • Repeat the same for another nostril and breath out as you free your closed nostril.
  • You could do three sets with 10-repetitions each.

Nose Wiggling

Nose wiggling is the best reshaping and muscle building exercise. It will surely help to strengthen muscles of nasal passage and make the nose straight.

How to do it?

  • Keep your face calm and do nose wiggle.
  • You need to do nose wiggling exercise once in a day for fast results.

Nose Massaging

Nose massaging is another workout for shaping your nose. It also relieves headaches and narrows down your nose.

How to do it?

  • Massage each section of your nose. Begin from nose bridge, tip, and sides.
  • Let your fingers move over the nose in a circular motion.
  • Do massage for five minutes daily and make a routine for better result.

Reducing the Smile Line

Aging causes to grow deeper smile lines on your face, which reduce the good look of your face. It is a simple exercise to reduce smile line.

How to do?

  • Fill air in your mouth and whiz in all direction of your mouth and hold it for five seconds in every part.
  • Once you complete each side, release the air.
  • Perform smile line removing exercise once in a day.

Doing face exercise narrow your nose?

Changing the nose area is not as obvious or dramatic as on your other body part. Overnight changes will not happen for the nose. The nose is a soft part of the body, and it is made of cartilage and not muscles. Therefore the exercise you do for the nose will only work on muscles around your nose.

Things you need to understand while shaping nose:

  • Have patience
  • Exercise daily
  • Do exercise carefully

Practicing the above points shows better results. All exercise takes 5-minutes. You can take before and after photo from different angles. You can see the result after some week.

There is alternate nostril exercise by breathing. It is an ancient workout for nose shaping discovered by many yoga experts. According to the 2007-article of the New York Times tells that alternative nostril breathing helps to sculpt your nose and make the wide nose look narrow.

Here are some more exercises for the nose:

  • Sit straight and comfortably on a chair.
  • Keep your right thumb to the right-side nose and close it.
  • Breath from left side nose and count three and hold for one second.
  • Using your index finger close the left nostril while leaving your thumb from the right side of your nose and then exhale from the right nostril.
  • Try to increase your exhaling and inhaling number at the count of 8.

What are other ways to keep the nose in shape?

As above mentioned, you can do some exercises to bring your nose in shape.

Some people cannot get a good nose shape even after doing exercises. What they do can for having a beautiful nose? The answer is cosmetic surgery or Rhinoplasty.

Let’s know more about Rhinoplasty.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Nose shaping or Rhinoplasty is a surgery that benefits to enhance your shape, size, and proportion of the nose. It gets a more suitable dimension with the spare face. If performed by a professional and experienced surgeon, rhinoplasty can bring you most favorable result for shaping your nose. You will notice a total change in the entire appearance. Even you will have a natural-looking shape for your nose.

How rhinoplasty improve your nose?

The main aim is to reshape your nose after choosing rhinoplasty.  Cosmetic surgeon reshapes your nasal structures including cartilage, bone, and skin that helps to achieve the following thing,

  • Make crooked nose straight
  • Level the raised bump in your nose bridge
  • Lower the length of over pointing nasal tip.
  • Reshape the size of the bulbous-nasal tip.
  • Narrow down your nose that looks wider on your face
  • Decrease the size of a nose that looks large
  • Restore nose symmetry from injury
  • Repair the breathing problems by working on blocked nasal passages.

Who is the suitable candidate for rhinoplasty?

Any age person can get the advantage of rhinoplasty. Nose shaping is one of the famous cosmetic-surgery methods. However, the cosmetic surgeon uses extra care for evaluating the patient’s nose shape and desired result. According to physical health, the nose gets fully develop at the age of 14 for girls and 16 ages for boys. Younger patients also require to demonstrate emotional capability and cosmetic surgery process understanding.

People undergoing nose reshaping surgery should keep realistic expectations. Rhinoplasty can help to enhance your existing nose, but for some, it may not get the perfections. A qualified and skilled cosmetic surgeon can tell you about your conditions and required to achieve natural results.

Searching a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a highly complicated procedure that requires a special skill in cosmetic surgery. Make sure to choose a surgeon who owns a wide range of experience in facial cosmetic procedures. The surgeon should know how to perform surgery on a specific portion.

When consulting a special surgeon, check how much rhinoplasty producer has done and how successful it was. The surgery result should look natural and show the skills of the surgeon.

Types of Rhinoplasty

Nose reshaping surgery is extremely individualized, and the different techniques of cosmetic surgeon will use while the surgery procedure every time you use. It depends on the patient’s anatomy and expected change. Generally, cosmetic surgeon’s techniques will come under the following procedure approaches.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is a type of noise shaping surgery. It is done with small incision used in nasal tip between your nostrils. This method helps the cosmetic surgeon to access to an entire nasal structure where the surgeon can do the reshaping procedure. Having increased access to nose parts will help cosmetic surgeons to perform better.

Closed Rhinoplasty

In closed-rhinoplasty, incisions are performed inside the nostril. This method is helpful for the condition of minor adjustments in the nasal way to get desired enhancements. The advantage of closed rhinoplasty is that there will be no noticeable scarring after performing surgery. This surgery may be not suitable for extra comprehensive rhinoplasty method.


A Tiplasty is another method for reshaping the nose instead of incision techniques. It involves shaping the nose tip without affecting nasal structures. The surgeons may use close or open method for Tiplasty.

Life After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is generally done as an outpatient method by using general anesthesia. Local anesthesia by intravenous-sedation which can be suitable for certain cases. After having the procedure, your nose will be put in support. The newly created shape of nose gets better support and protection from accidental contact. You can also go back to home with the packed nose. You may feel uncomfortable, but that is temporary. Your surgeon will give pain medication to reduce your discomfort while initial recovery.

Be easy after nose surgery

You need to take care after having nose surgery in the first 2-weeks. You may experience swelling and bruising. It is also possible that you will see improvement during surgery. In certain cases, swelling and bruising may reduce after 10-14 days. You can also go back to school, or work after one to two weeks depending on your level of recovery and activity. Usually, after 3-weeks, you can resume non-contact activities. However, you need to reduce your activities as said by the surgeon and avoid engaging in strenuous activities until you recover completely.

Your nose will improve after surgery

While improving your nose from surgery and swelling, you will notice a slow reduction in swelling. This thing is not normally seen to others. The result of nose reshaping surgery will be permanent. You will have this nose for a lifetime. That’s why it is more important to choose a professional surgeon to get the best results.

If you wish to consider rhinoplasty, then first learn about your choices and options and then consult a certified surgeon.

Does Nose Shape Change as you Age?

Yes, nose shape changes as age increase. The aging process stops bone growth after puberty, and certain boy tissue keeps on changing. The nose is made of soft bone, cartilage, and soft tissues that change with time.  The skin and structures of nose dissipate its strength with time, which result sags down and stretch out. The glands in the skin become enlarge and appear wider. There are also debate that cartilage grows and appear outside.

After reaching middle age, the nose has the right shape, and size for your face by adolescence and adulthood appear bulbous, long, and large.

Does weight gain change your nose shape?

Yes, as weight gain make you look fat, it also changes your nose. If your nose is already wide or bigger, then weight gain makes it look extra bigger and wider. Especially, your middle part of nose and tip. Face weight makes your nose look bulbous and rounder. The face fat may accumulate due to eating more refined carbs.

Broken nose and exercise

Sometimes, it’s not known or you are not aware you have broken nose until you touch it. For sever broken nose you may get symptoms like swelling, bleeding, bruising, and tenderness around eyes. You may notice your straight nose has collapsed the nasal bridge. There will be also conditions like breathing difficulty. All the signs may not present at once but occur after a few days. Check with your doctor if you have pain or injury in the nose before doing exercise.

A broken nose can have symptoms such as nasal bone damage or fracture, cartilage pain of nose.

The nose is a very challenging part to exercise or reshape. Performing simple workout can help to work on nasal areas and tiny muscles with ease. If you are normal, then you can continue to do exercise without any problem or expenses.

If you had any nose injury or nasal surgery, then make sure to take your doctor advice. Nose bones are complex and tiny they need care from out and in.

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