How to Jump Start Weight Loss Efforts to Improve Your Chances of Success

There is much information about weight loss. Therefore, understandably it might be difficult to begin your weight loss efforts.

It feels there is a new diet or food that pops up every day. Or perhaps there is a food someone is wandering about because they swear it helped them weight loss.

Everyone has different health and body type; weight loss depends on this and different food works differently for everyone.

Safe weight loss is about two pounds every week, any diet that claims to help reduce 10, even 5-pounds is extremely not safe and unsustainable.

Safe and good weight loss means adopting a healthy lifestyle that suits your needs. There are things that everyone can perform to help them boost a healthy lifestyle and reduce weight. Here are some ways to jump-start the weight loss efforts to enhance your success chances.

Be Prepared

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The important key to jumpstart your efforts is being prepared. Planning meals and workout can be cumbersome, but doing it keep yourself up for success. The fact that you are planning each meal and workout makes it like an appointment you cannot miss.

Take time every weekend to plan meals and grocery shop. Come up with some healthy meals that can easily warm up and consume in no time. Several people tend to begin eating unhealthily when they feel like they do not have time. Meal prepping and getting meal handy will save a ton of time while the week. You will begin to sense a lot better physically and mentally doing this.

Planning out exercise will ensure you do not skip this important weight loss aspect. Again, if time is an issue, there are several high-intensity interval training exercises you can do at home.

Start A Routine

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Make sure to get prepared to be disciplined. It is one thing to plan, but another to execute. Beginning a routine can help to follow will every meal and exercise. Instead of simply planning a workout or meal on a day, make sure you do it at the same time each week. Being flexible about your workout and meals means you are flexible with weight loss. Make sure you wish to get that exercise even if you are feeling tired.

Change Your Eating Ways

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While there is not a works-for-all diet, there are some tips to follow for everyone when it comes to a personal diet to help weight loss kickstart.

One tip is to add more fiber and vegetables to your diet. Many people think vegetables are tasteless o eat, they serve many good purposes. Not only does your digestive track get benefits, but research shows simply including more fiber into the diet can help to reduce weight and keep it off. One serving of vegetables has approximately 30 calories, contains water, and has a lot of minerals and vitamins. Other ways of boosting fiber consumption are consuming oats and legumes.

Another tip is making room for good fats. There is some misconception about fats, it is commonly the first to be cut out, but changing your fats for healthier ones can help to lower weights. Lowering carbs but eating healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and nuts has been shown to promote weight loss. Like healthy fats, fiber helps keep you complete longer and lower cravings.

Lastly, stay away from sugar. Foods with high sugar give fewer nutrition’s and raise cravings. Also, consuming extra calories is a downfall for several because they do not know how numerous calories come from sugary drinks. Things like tea, wine, and coffee, which should be removed.

Decrease Distractions

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To many, eating in front of a computer or TV does not seem like a problem for weight loss. However, eating while distracted can lead to consuming several calories, leads to weight gain. Keep mindful while eating to boost weight loss, it improves link to those around you. Mental and physical health is also important.

Set Realistic Goals

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Simply desiring to wear something is not a realistic goal. It sets you up for future failure. Rather, think deeply about why you want to lose weight. It is because you wish to be able to keep with children? Also, make sure to be realistic with goals. If your goal is to reduce 70 pounds, most likely you will get demotivated throughout the journey because you feel like you are not making more progress. Instead, keep small goals, like 5 or 10 pounds. Every time you reach the goal you will feel motivated and accomplished. You will also feel like you are progressing.

Get a Workout Buddy

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The best way to kickstart your fitness plan and keep yourself accountable is by buddying up. Having a buddy with you can benefit to stay motivated while having fun. Studies show that those who follow a diet with a friend are not only extra likely to stick to their plan, but they reduce extra weight than they would do it alone.

Do Not Compare Yourself

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Comparing yourself with others can cause overcritical about yourself. It can lead to regression and even other unhealthy behaviors. A healthy role model is best, but comparing yourself to celebrities or models is not realistic. They often feel unsafe methods to get their bodies anyway, so focusing on yourself will leave you happier and fitter.

Focus on Process Goals

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Many people trying to reduce weight only keep outcomes goals, or goals they wish to achieve at the end.

Typically, an outcome goal will be your final target weight.

However, focusing only on outcome goals can derail motivation. They can often experience more distance and make you overwhelmed. Instead, you should keep process goals, or what actions you are going to take to reach your desired outcome. An example of a process goal is working out times in a week.

According to a study in 126 overweight females engaging in a weight loss program do those who were process-focused were more prone to reduce weight and decrease likely to differ from their diets, related to those who focused on weight loss outcomes alone.

Consider setting SMART goals to set strong goals.

SMART stands for:






Some examples of “SMART” goals include:

Brisk walk for 30 minutes five days.

Eat 4-servings of vegetables every day this week.

Drinking one soda this week.

Setting SMART process aims will benefit you stay motivated while targeting only over result goals can lead to distress and lower motivation.

Choose a Plan that Suits Your Lifestyle

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Pick a weight loss plan that is easy for you and avoid those plans, which are not possible to follow in the long term. While there are several different diets, most are based on reducing calories.

Decreasing your calorie intake will end in weight loss, but dieting, especially frequent yo-yo dieting, is a predictor of further weight gain.

Therefore, skip severe diets that effectively remove certain foods. Analysis has discovered that those with all or nothing mindset are less prone to weight loss.

Rather try building your custom diet plan. The following dietary practices have been shown to benefit weight loss:

Decrease calorie intake

Lower portion sizes

Lower snack frequency

avoid desserts and fried food

Combine vegetables and fruits.

Maintain a Weight Loss Journal

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Self-monitoring is essential for weight loss motivation and success. Research has discovered that people who track their food consumption are more prone to reduce weight and balance their weight loss. However, to manage a food journal in the right way, you must write down whatever you eat.

It includes snacks, meals, and candy pieces you eat.

Try recording your emotions in a food journal. It can help to identify some triggers for overeating and help to get healthier ways to manage.

You can manage food journals on paper and pen or use an app or website. They have all been shown effective.


Take Professional Help

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Do not hesitate to ask for expert help to assist in weight loss efforts. People who feel positive about their abilities and information will get weight loss.

It means getting help from a certified dietitian who can help to teach about specific foods and how to exercise.

Several people also enjoy the responsibility that knowing a professional offers them.

Celebrate Your Successes

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Weight loss is difficult, so celebrate your successes to stay motivated. Give yourself some credit when you reach your goal. Weight loss or social media sites with community pages are the best places to share your successes and have support. When you feel pride in yourself, it will boost motivation.

Moreover, remember to celebrate your behavior changes and reaching some specific number of scales.

For example, if you achieve the goal of exercising 4-days a week, then plan a fun night with your friends or try a bubble bath.

You can additionally promote your motivation by rewarding yourself. However, it is necessary to pick the appropriate rewards. Do not use food to reward yourself. Also, skip very valuable rewards you would never buy, or so irrelevant that you would make yourself have it anyway.

Here is some good example of rewards:

Going to a movie

Getting a manicure

Joining a cooking class

Purchasing a new workout top

Get Social Support

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People who need regular support and get feedback to stay motivated. Ask your friends and family about weight loss goals so they can help to support your weight loss journey.

Many individuals also find it beneficial to get a weight loss buddy. You can exercise together, hold each other for support and motivate each other in the whole process.

Additionally, consider joining support groups.

Make a Commitment

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According to researchers who make a public commitment are more likely to follow their goals. Tell your close friends and family to consider sharing their health goals on social media. The more people you have with your goal, the better you will feel. Moreover, consider investing in a gym membership, a package of workout classes, or paying in advance. You are more likely to get through if you have already done the investment.

Think and Talk Positively

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People with positive thinking and confidence in their ability to get their aims, tend to reduce weight.

Also, individuals who practice change talk are more inclined to follow with plans. Change talk is doing differences in behavior, the ideas behind them, and the efforts you will take to get your goals.

Therefore, begin speaking positively about weight loss. Also, talk regarding the steps you wish to take and commit to it positively.

On the other hand, a study tells that people who use more time only thinking about their ideal weight are less inclined to achieve their goals. It is called “mentally indulging”.

Rather you should mentally change. To mentally change, use some minutes thinking about getting your desired weight and then spend some more time thinking about any possible barriers that may get in the way.

According to a study of 134 learners who had mentally contrast or satisfy their dieting purposes. They consume fewer calories, exercise more, and ate less high-calorie foods.

According to this study, mentally conflicting is extra motivating and result in action than mentally satisfying, which can trick your mind into believing you have already achieved and caused you to never take any action to reach goals.

Plan for Challenges and Your Setbacks

Everyday stressors will always start. Finding ways to plan for them and learn proper coping skills will help to keep you motivated no matter what life shows you.

There will always be birthdays, holidays, or parties to attend. And there will always be stressors at work or with your family. It is necessary to start brainstorming and problem-solving about these possible weight loss setbacks and challenges. It will keep preventing the feeling of losing motivation.

Different people prefer food for comfort. It can quickly lead to them dropping their weight loss goals. Creating the right coping skills will prevent this from occurring.

Studies have shown that individuals who are better at handling stress and have better-coping strategies will reduce more weight and keep it off longer.

Try using some of the following methods to manage stress:


Square breathing practice

Take a bath

Ask for help

Call a friend

Get some fresh air

Remember to plan a holiday, eating out, and social events. You can research healthy menus in a restaurant in advance, and find a good option.

Avoid Keeping Perfection Goal

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It is normal to be not perfect to lose weight. If you have an all-or approach, you are less likely to reach your goals. When you are more restrictive, you may find yourself giving excuses like I had fries and hamburgers in lunch, so I might also eat pizza for dinner. Instead, say I had large lunch, therefore I should eat a healthier dinner.

Avoid beating yourself when you make any mistake. Self-defeating thoughts will limit your motivation.

Rather, forgive yourself and remember that mistakes can happen but do not leave your aim and keep doing till you see progress.

Appreciate and Love Your Body

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Research has repeatedly discovered that individuals who dislike their bodies are less inclined to have weight loss. Taking steps to enhance your body image can promote weight loss and maintain a healthy weight.

Moreover, individuals who have a good body form are more likely to pick a diet they can maintain and try new activities that will help them to reach their goals.

Here are the exercises that can improve your body image:


Appreciate your body

Do manicure and massage

Stop comparing yourself with celebrities

Wear comfortable clothes

Look in the mirror and say you like yourself

Choose an Exercise that you Enjoy

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Physical exercise is a necessary element of weight loss. It assists to burn calories and also enhances well-being.  Analyse where you wish to workout. Do you prefer to be outdoor or inside? Would you rather choose to exercise at the gym or the convenience of your home?

Also, figure out if you prefer to work out alone or with a friend’s group. Group classes are very helpful and they help to keep you motivated. However, if you do not enjoy group classes, then working out on your own is a good option.

Finally, listen to music during a workout to stay motivated and enjoy more.

Find a Role Model

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Choosing a role model can help one to stay motivated for weight loss. However, you need to determine the right kind of role model to stay motivated. Hanging an image of a supermodel over your fridge will not motivate you extra time. Instead, discover a role model that you can easily link.

Having a relatable and good role model may help to stay motivated. Check stories and blogs for inspiration.

Get a Dog

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Dogs can be good friends for weight loss. Study shows that having a dog can assist with weight loss.

A dog can support your physical exercise. A Canadian study on dog owners found that people with dogs walked 300-minutes every week, while somebody who did not have dogs only walked an aggregate of 168 minutes every week.

Dogs are also the most reliable social support. It helps in your overall health and well-being. It is associated with low blood pressure, low cholesterol, and less depression.

Go to Sleep Early

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Sleeping early is also important for weight loss. According to one study performed at the American-Heart-Association’s-2011-Scientific-Sessions, females who slept only 4- hours ate 329 more extra calories the next day than when they had 9-hours of sleep. That happened because the body increases hunger hormone when you have less or skip sleep.

Prep Some Foods

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Cooking your food is an easy way to reduce weight. But not everyone has time to cook three meals every day. Cooking your food helps you learn about your health and suitable foods. You will know which foods are making you less hungry.

Take Benefit of Medical Weight Loss

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Do not delay checking with a medical weight loss expert. Medicinal weight loss does not involve diet pills or surgery and every plan is customized to individual metabolic rate, motivation, and exercise level.
It is a weight-loss method and management based completely on scientific principles. Medical weight loss is managed under the direction of a doctor and targets the reason for obesity and weight gain for a lifetime solution.
It does not mean whether you wish to reduce 10 pounds, 100 pounds, or more. Medical weight loss is good for anyone, but it is especially beneficial if your body mass index is 30 or extra. A BMI of 30 or extra places you at extra hazard for a myriad of severe health ailments and complication includes:
Heart disease
High cholesterol
Sleep apnea
Metabolic syndrome
Medical weight loss encloses a quick start, transition, and balance level to help you with every step of the weight loss plan.
Mic-B injections can be utilized only or in blending with B12-injections to benefits to achieve your aims for weight loss. You will get more energy, stay alert. It also gives a non-surgical strategy for balancing weight.
Both injections type assist in maintaining the health of your cardio system and nervous system
Medical weight loss uses a holistic approach. The program offer supplements, education, and pre-prepared meal packages to help with weight loss.

With the all above information rolling the internet, it is difficult to find a way to start a weight loss journey. While there is no fit-all method or diet, following the advice that can kickstart the weight loss and get you success. Stick with your goals and plans and keep doing efforts.

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