Health Benefits of Black Salt

Black salt also called Kala Namak in Hindi. It is a kiln-fired rock salt usually used in South Asia with tart and Sulphurous smell. Black salt is also described as Himalayan black salt, bit Lobon, Sulemani Namak, Kala noon, or pada loon. It made from the salts mined in the regions Himalayas.

The condiment is prepared largely from sodium chloride with different components lending the salt its smell and color. The smell is primarily due to its sulfur content. Due to the presence of Greigit in the minerals, it has brownish pink-dark violet transparent crystals when whole. When the black salt is ground into a powder, its color ranges change from purple to pink. It is also used in Ayurveda and known for its medical qualities.

Types of Black Salt

There are different types of black salts, such as black ritual salt, Himalayan black salt, and black lava salt.

Black Ritual Salt

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Black ritual salt is also called witch’s salt, which is a mix of ashes, charcoal, sea salt, and some black dye. This salt is not suggested for eating.

Some people also believe in keeping black salt under their bed or sprinkling around their yard as they believe, which protects against the spirits.

Black Lava Salt

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Black lava salt also called Hawaiian black salt, which originates from Hawaii and has an earthy flavor. It is used for finishing salt or sprinkled on the food in the finishing of cooking. Black lava salt includes mild smoky flavor to the dishes.

Himalayan Black Salt

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Himalayan black salt also called India black salt. It has a savory flavor and generally used in cooking. Indian black salt provides acidic sulfurous smell, and it is well known for its medicinal qualities. This salt provides the best smoky flavor to dishes.

Is Black Salt Better Than White Salt?

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Black salt is different from general white salt in the taste and also processing ways. Unlike regular iodized salt, it is claimed not to increase the sodium levels in the blood.

Black salt provides unique sulfurous aroma and strong smoky flavor. Table salt provides salty taste.

Every processed food has white salt. Table salt consists of additives like aluminum silicate and potassium iodate. Potassium iodate is especially harmful to health as it can damage the tissues from lipid oxidation. When compared with table salt, the black salt has fewer additives.

Benefits of Black Salt

May Assist in Weight Loss

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Black salt is helpful for weight loss by disintegrating and dissolving the lipids and enzymes to prevent the collection of fat in the body. It is the reason that black salt is the part of Lavana Tailam, a product of weight loss.

High sodium consumption is linked with a boost in appetite, which raises energy consumption and causes weight gain. In comparison, black salt is believed to consist of a reduced amount of sodium and manage body weight. However, limited research is found to support it.

How Black Salt Assist In Weight Loss?

Black salt contains low sodium in comparison to regular salt and does not cause water retention and bloating. It helps to treat the many stomach problems and good for a low sodium diet. Black salt is best for preventing fat build-up.

Black salt – How to use for weight loss?

Method 1

  • The black salt and one glass water work wonder. Consuming one glass of water with black salt in the morning helps to reduce the weight.
  • Let’s disclose how you can get the advantage of this easy method.
  • Include 1/3rd of a small tsp or equal amount of black salt in one full glass of lukewarm water.
  • Stir the mix sufficiently and let it settle for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours, include extra black salt to make mix insoluble, and nor more salt.
  • This super healthy and simple drink is ready.

Method 2

A Healthy Breakfast.

Include some fresh tomato and cucumber salad to breakfast and garnish using black salt, mint leaves, and a scramble of lemon juice to enhance your weight loss.

The Treatment for Gastrointestinal Problems

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This homemade remedy will assist the cure of gastrointestinal problems without any fuss in the following way.

  • Include black salt in a copper vessel on a low flame.
  • Wait till the salt color changes, then turn off the flame.
  • Include some warm water in the salt and stir till the salt gets dissolved.
  • Drink elixir while still warm for healthy intestines.

This mixture will lower the acid reflux in your stomach and provide instant relief from gastrointestinal ailments.

Black Salt detox

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Black salt also contributes to detoxing ability. As it has plentiful minerals, it acts as anti-bacterial, which helps to expel toxins from the body and purify the internal body. It can be the best supplement for your everyday workout.

Treat Bloating and Constipation

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Black salt is an essential part of many ayurvedic Churnas and homemade digestive medicine. It treats stomach irritation, constipation, and other stomach diseases. Black salt also helps to improve digestion and lower acid reflux, work as a laxative. It also relieves bloating and gas. However, scientific research is required for these claims.

May Relieve Muscle Cramps and Spasms

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Black salt helps to relieve the painful cramps of muscle. The presence of potassium in black salt helps to muscle function. However, replacing normal salt with black salt helps to prevent cramps and pains. 

Lower Water Retention

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Water retention is occurred by the build-up of fluid in the cavities and tissues of the body. Extra consumption of sodium often causes water retention. As compared to white salt, black salt provides less sodium content and make it more helpful for water retention treatment.

Cure Heartburn

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Heartburn occurs by the extra acid build-up in the stomach. The alkaline nature of the black salt helps to balance the acid production in the stomach and cure the heartburn. The black salt mineral content prevents acidity.

Act as Cleanser

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Add a small amount of black salt to your scrub and cleanser, which helps to promote skin glow. The granular texture of the black salt helps to unclog the pores and lower the dullness and oiliness in the face skin. For effective results, do it every night before sleeping.

Reduce Dandruff and Hair Fall

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According to anecdotal evidence recommend that black salt helps to boost the hair growth naturally and lower dandruff. The minerals claim to strengthen hair and cure the split ends, though there is less research for this.

Stimulate Blood Circulation

Black salt is a natural type of blood thinner, which ensure healthy blood circulation in the whole body. Moreover, it also helps to prevent cholesterol and blood clots.

Black Salt Regulates Diabetes

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If you need to dispose of the hazard and purposes behind diabetes, we encourage you to take a jump from ordinary food salts to dark salt today. It works effectively for managing sugar levels. Black salt is the best ingredient for diabetes and other diseases.

Stimulates Blood Circulation

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Stimulating blood circulation is the best benefit of black salt. The sodium presence in black salt helps in blood thinning and proper circulation of blood and pressure. It also limits blood clotting.

Stop Joint Disorders

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If you are experiencing joint pain and other body pain, then black salt is the cure. If you are doing heat massage with black salt, then it helps to cure the joint pains. Add the black salt in one clean cloth to make a poultice. Dry this cloth bag on a pan overheat and stop burning. Slightly press this bag on the affected part for 10-15 minutes.

Treat Respiratory Issues

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Black salt also benefits to allergies of the common cold. It has proved therapeutic in many respiratory ailments. People with sinus problems and asthma can also heal from black salt to manage respiratory health.

Manage Cholesterol Levels

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People with high cholesterol levels in the blood should include black salt in the daily diet. It helps in blood thinning, which effectively circulate the blood and balance cholesterol.

Prevents Osteoporosis

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The human body stores 1/4 of total salt in the bones. For the good strength of bone, salt is also imperative with high consumption of calcium. Osteoporosis is an ailment in which the body begins to extract the sodium from the bone and lower bone strength. Black salt, with its therapeutic qualities, helps to prevent these disorders.

Black salt for skincare

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It provides anti-inflammatory qualities and coarse texture to promote healing of swollen foot, cracked heel, and even sprain. Additionally, it is the best cleanser to open clogged pores and increase glow.

Black Salt for Skin: How to Use?

Cleansing solution with black salt for glowing and healthy skin

This solution act as a natural detoxifier to remove all toxins and cleanse the kidneys and intestine.


  • 1 cup black salt
  • Wooden/ceramic spoon (as black salt reacts to metal spoon)
  • 2 cups distilled water
  • 1-glass jar

What to Do?

Place the salt in the jar and add distilled water.

Let the solution sit over all night and check in the morning to make sure the salt is dissolved completely in the water. Include more salt if needed.

Include one teaspoon of this black salt solution to one warm water glass and drink with an empty stomach every morning.

Black Salt Scrub for Skin

The granules texture of black salt helps to exfoliate to remove the dirt and the dead skin cells build-up in the pores. It makes your skin look healthier and brighter.

What You Need

  • 4 cups – Unrefined black salt
  • 1 cup – Baking soda OR Epsom salt
  • 1 cup base oil (olive or coconut or jojoba)
  • 10-12 drops of any essential oil

What to Do

  • Combine all the ingredients in one bowl.
  • Adjust the quantity of baking salt or Epsom salt depending on your skin type. Reduce the quantity if you have sensitive skin as it is a slightly harsh ingredient.
  • For scrubbing, begin with your feet.
  • Scrub in a circular motion on the body. Avoid this scrub over your delicate areas like nipples, and genitals.
  • Wash using warm water and pat with a soft towel. After the scrub, do not use soap.

How to Add Black Salt in Cooking?

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Black salt is generally used for flavoring agent in the cooking. Mix black salt in regular salt to get more benefits. It also helps to store the foods.

Is Black Salt Good for Health?

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The high content of minerals in black salt helps the overall health to absorb several nutrients. You can generally eat in a small amount.

The mineral in black salt is insoluble and dissolves quickly in liquids. It is easy to absorb nutrients when they are insoluble form.

Additionally, the black salt available synthetically, which is low in mineral content. As the black salt contains less additive than the regular table salt, it is a better choice to avoid anti-caking agents. Although, its best to eat salt in moderation, regardless of the type. It is suggested to consume more of 2,300 mg of sodium every day, which is equal to one tsp of salt.

Where to Buy Black Salt?

You can get black salt in the local market. If you cannot get this salt locally, you can also buy it online. 

Though black salt is generally safe for eating, it may cause side effects in some people.

Black Salt: Side Effects?

Black salt is commonly safe when eaten in dietary amounts. However, the extra consumption of this salt may cause some side effects.

  • It may also have some problems during pregnancy because of high sulfate.
  • Black salt may cause hypertension in pregnancy.

However, limited consumption occasionally safe and talk with the doctor if you get side effects.

Black Salt – Faqs

What Is the Chemical Structure of Black Salt?

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It is a home ingredient mainly comprises of sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, magnesia, greigite, ferric oxide, and ferrous sulfate. Since it has less sodium content than the regular salt, it is considered a good alternative. Black salt provides 36% of sodium content, whereas the regular slat provides 39%.

Black salt is the best alternative to normal salt. Some claim that it adds a better flavor to dishes. Though less research has been done on this ingredient, it will lower the body weight, cure heartburn, and many diseases. Extra consumption of black salt provides unfavorable effects. Therefore, limit the black salt and enjoy the benefits.

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