GM Diet Plan and It’s Side Effects

GM diet refers to General Motors Diet, as its name recommended for weight management program basically created by the General Motors Corporation for fitness and health for its employees with the grant from the US-Department-of-Agriculture-Food-and-Drug-Administration. This diet system targets the consumption of particular food every day and covers 7-days plan.

Similar to another diet, weight loss is the foremost goal combined with extra benefits of enhancing mental state and stance of other person following the diet course. The theory behind this 7-days plan is that the food you eat helps to burn extra calories than they provide caloric value to your body. Initially, it is created to detoxify and cleanse your body and make you feel and look better.

Purposes of GM Diet

Weight management is one of the main goals of the GM diet. It was designed to help the employees, especially those belonging to the middle age group to stay healthy and enjoy life. Although it holds a certain health risk, which may affect their work.

  • The people who follow the GM diet have the objectives including:
  • Reducing extra pounds to tone the body.
  • Improve your emotions and attitude by detoxifying and cleansing the toxins from the body.
  • To ensure that the consumed calories and burned and no build-up.
  • GM diet helps to manage equal weight-height of boy mass.
  • It helps to prevent obesity-linked problems such as hypertension, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It is recommended to combine the proper diet and exercise to avoid fatigue and health risk after weight loss.

GM Diet Chart:

Day – 1

  • Consume different fruits except for bananas, especially cantaloupes and melons. It means it will help your body to prepare for the whole day.

Day -2

  • Consume cooked or raw vegetables with baked potatoes and a flavored pat of butter containing breakfast.


  • Consume green vegetables and fruits except for potatoes and banana.

Day – 4

  • Eat up to 8 bananas and 3-glasses of milk. You can also have GM soup also. You will feel reduced sugar cravings.

Day -5


  • Eat 6-whole tomatoes and lean beef in a small portion and one more quart of water to purify the body from inside.

Day – 6

  • Consume extra lean meats such as fish and chicken or vegetables and cottage cheese.

Day – 7

  • Consume fruit juice, vegetables, and eat brown rice.

GM diet plan (Veg / Non-veg) – India


The GM diet chart is a very famous and strict set of the diet with instructions. Replacing meat food with plant-based choices can be helpful for Vegetarian GM diet plan.

Here is a 4-week Indian GM diet plan that can help to lose weight and manage weight loss.


Early morning

  • Eat one fruit according to your choice with mixed seeds


  • Consume paneer sandwich and mint chutney or 2-idlis with sambhar


  • Eat 4-walnuts and 2-dates or your choice Fruit


  • 1-plate of favorite salad including vinegar dressing


  • 2-multigrain roti or 1-bowl red or brown rice including Dal and Vegetables


  • 1-glass buttermilk


  • 1-glass whey protein drink with Hummus and veggies


  • 1-bowl of chicken gravy with 2-multigrain roti, salad, and 1-bowl low-fat curd


  • 4-5 nuts or 1-glass of warm low-fat milk



Early morning

  • Consume 10ml wheatgrass juice with 5-6 walnuts and almonds.


  • 2-medium vegetable uttapam and sambhar


  • 1-glass Whey protein shake and milk or mixed fruit platter


  • 1-bowl minestrone soup and pasta containing plenty of veggies



  • 2-multigrain roti with 1-bowl vegetable dish or non-veg dish with 1-bowl boiled pulse chaat


  • 1-glass buttermilk


  • 2-multigrain flour khakras or 1-fruit with 1-cup green tea


  • 1-veg paratha and Raitha

Post Dinner

  • 1-glass of whey protein shake if skipped during snack


Early morning

  • Consume 10ml Spirulina and green leafy veggie juice with 1-fruit.


  • Eat a 1-bowl vegetable with sprout poha and chutney or 3-4 dal paddu and sambhar


  • Eat 1-fruit or fistful of Mixed nuts or 2-tbsp of trail mix


  • Ear 1-bowl of sprout salad of or 1-bowl mixed veggies with chunky soup


  • Consume 2-multigrain roti with 1-bowl veg or non-veg including seafood, chicken, fish subji of choice + 1 bowl of thick dal


  • Eat peanut chikki or til with 1-cup spirulina with mixed vegetable juice.


  • Consume 1-bowl fruit, and a veggie mixed salad with 2-bran rotis, you can eat oats or wheat bran rotis.


  • Consume 1-glass of whey protein shake


Early morning

  • Consume 10-ml Amla juice with and almonds mix and 3-4 walnuts.


  • Eat 2-medium dal paranthas with 1-bowl curd (low-fat)


  • Amaranth seeds chikki / 3-4 dry fruits


  • One bowl sprout salad or 1-bowl grilled chicken/fish salad


  • Consume 1- bowl millet with dal khichdi and 1-bowl mixed-vegetable-kadhai


  • Eat 1-cup spiced boiled corn or 1-corn on the cob with one cup coffee, green or black tea


  • Eat mixed seeds salad, 1-bowl vegetable with 2-multigrain roti and 1-nonveg dish


  • 1 glass warm milk

Other Guidelines

The GM diet offers some guidelines, additionally in this plan.

  • Remember, beans are not allowed in this diet. The GM diet claims beans contain high calories and cause weight gain.
  • Green tea and coffee are permitted but without any sweeteners. Alcohol, soda, and other calories filled drinks are not allowed unless a particular diet.
  • Additionally, some food replacement is fine. For example, you can use cottage cheese to substitute meat and soy milk in place of regular milk.
  • Later, when you finally complete the week-long plan, the GM diet suggests you eat high protein low carb diet, which helps to manage weight loss.

Side Effects of GM Diet

The GM diet may produce positive results for weight loss, and fitness, it also causes some health risks and side effects.

Food Restrictions

The GM diet act on different conditions and restrictions. Such diet plans are not suitable for the long term and provide far-reaching consequences.

GM diet is not for everyone


This diet is not suitable for pregnant women and children. Even people suffering from any ailments should not use GM diet.

GM diet cause health risk

People, who try diet plans complain many times about getting several problems such as sudden hair loss and dry skin during the initial days. However, it is important to drink enough water to limit dehydration. You may also suffer from general weakness, fatigue, and health risk.

Rigid diet


This diet is often disapproved for its rigidity. Due to more restrictions on food, people find it hard to follow this diet and experience hunger, cravings, and giddiness by the third or fourth day.

Causes metabolic slowdown

GM diet can cause a metabolic slowdown in some people and restrict your foods choices dramatically.

Weight loss is only external

During the diet course, it seems you have lost weight, but it is more likely that you will gain water weight after switching with regular foods.

Severely limits your nutrition

By restricting food options, GM diet removes essential nutrients, which are important in daily requirement and result in nutritional deficiencies.

Requires tolerance

You will need the patience to follow the rigid composition of GM diet plan. Being careless can hinder the dieting goal. Make sure to follow all the instructions.

No exercise included

The GM diet hardly covers the exercise, which is a very important part of weight control. You can increase the effectiveness of diet by enhancing regular exercise by supplementing it.


Eating only vegetables and fruits in the initial stage of GM diet plan and continues consumption of water may cause to feel monotonous until you lose motivation.

Constant thirst and dehydration

GM diet may cause a side effect of dehydration and thirst. The dieter may suffer from increased thirst as the body fluids are utilized metabolism. You can manage dehydration by drinking enough water.

Cause sudden muscle weakness

During the starting days of the GM plan, the muscles tissues get stripped of enough amounts of proteins which cause muscle weakness.

However, you can control the muscles health by using enough nutrients in the GM plan.

How to manage the side effects of GM diet effectively?

Manage discipline

It is important to have discipline in the diet without cheating on the diet food. Cheating in the GM diet reduce the effectiveness of diet and increase unwanted weight. However, you need to manage the diet in a chronological manner.

Proper exercise

Doing proper exercise increases the effectiveness of diet, which enables your body to respond to GM diet in a proper way and prevent routine effects. Keep in mind, you need to take enough water, and proper rest with exercise.

Does GM-Diet work?


GM diet was introduced for sustaining and promoting health and fitness for the employee of General Motors. However, the effectiveness of the GM diet is still in question. As it offers successful weight reducing effects, it also causes some side effects.

In order to get the benefits of GM plan, you need to get ready for worse as it may show overwhelming effects for the initial time because of a sudden change in the diet consumption which contains vegetables, fruits. Make sure to reduce meat consumption.

However, proper medical management and regular meeting with your doctor is important for following the diet plan. Moreover, it is not a long-term solution for a lifestyle change.

However, if you manage to do the GM diet plan properly will result in weight loss.

Benefits of GM diet

Fancy diets often cause negative effects than benefits. You may lose weight but suffer from mineral and vitamin deficiency, fatigue, muscles weakness. GM diet show you results only after 7-days with the following benefits.

Weight loss


Losing up to 5-7 kgs weight might be unimaginable, but GM diet can help you in positive ways. The only thing you need to do is stick with the GM diet plan to get the desired weight loss.

Consume high water content with low-starch vegetables, which helps to promote weight loss without nutrient deficiency. Make sure to reduce sugary beverages and alcohol.

Help digestion

Modern lifestyle and unhealthy eating cause to affect the digestive system. Eating unhealthy fats and other foods cause to strip the nutrients and fiber in the digestive system. Then the digestive system gets exposed to harmful substances, which hinder the digestive process. Following a proper diet helps you to eat more vegetables and fruits helps to breakdown the fiber in the digestive system. A healthy diet will help to remove the toxins.

Prevent Obesity

Once you begin to lose weight, you will constantly feel better. You will get better results for weight loss. Additionally, it will make you feel energetic and prevent obesity-linked diseases such as hypertension, cancer. GM health diet helps to bring your health back on track.

Promote mental health

Once you manage to lose extra weight, your self-esteem will boost, and you will able to enjoy wearing your clothes and live happily in a social circle. Obesity or overweight causes mental stress due to not looking good. GM diet will boost you are wellbeing and remove the stressful thought and make you feel good about yourself.

Prevent diseases

Losing extra weight with GM diet helps to lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, and hypertension. You will be able to live a healthier lifestyle and focus on eating fresh vegetables to get plenty of nutrients. Add fresh fruits and pulses, good fats, complex carbs, plenty of fiber to get rich nutrients for nourishing your body.

You will have the desired body appearance

Everyone has a dream to have a good body shape and size, but certain lifestyle creates a hurdle to maintain the desired body.  By following the GM diet, you can hope to reach your fitness goal to reduce up to 7kg weight within one week. Then you will be able to lose extra flab further.

It will push you to live a healthier lifestyle

As you begin with GM diet, you will learn to live a healthier lifestyle after getting all the benefits of the dietary plan. Having a healthy lifestyle is the best way to get closer to your weight loss goal.

You will have healthier food

It’s true that following diet plans make you choose healthy foods after a huge weight loss. It will prevent unhealthy food cravings such as processed food, fried foods. Try replacing burger with a whole wheat sandwich. Change the packed fruit juice with whole fruit juice.

You will accept new challenges

Many people get happy to take new challenges to do something very exciting to get health conscious. Losing weight motivate your self-esteem, which can enable you to take part in neighborhood podium speech or themed party.  However, you should never get a negative body image. You will feel confident to wear any type of cloths without any negative feeling.

The GM diet plan is specific, and it requires to follow properly by eating only recommended foods and an active lifestyle. Do regular exercise and choose healthy foods to have healthy weight loss.

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