Exercises for Hair Growth

Hair loss or slow hair growth can cause you to worry. Increasing fashion and lifestyle mean a lot to women and men but cause hair loss for some people. Several reasons result in hair loss, including environmental pollution, age, poor diet, hormonal imbalance, and stress.

You need to understand the reason affecting your body and limiting hair growth.

Good health with beauty is vital for healthful existence. Therefore, it is necessary to eat fresh foods and do daily exercises for the hair growth cycle. Exercise helps to enhance blood flowing in the scalp and boost hair growth.

1.Scalp massage exercise

Scalp massage exercise is vital for hair growth. Doing a scalp massage helps to increase blood flow. Massaging your scalp uses the nutrients for hair follicles and enhance hair productivity.

You can do pre-shampoo massage or shower massage. You can also do the scalp massage and leave overnight. Make sure to perform at least 3-minutes of scalp massage using your fingertips gently on the hair. You can use oil or serum for massage, which works effectively for hair growth. Another option is to do the massage without using anything.

Use relaxing scents for aromatic therapy such as eucalyptus, lavender, and mint, which will increase circulation and give relaxing effects.

How to do scalp massage?

Here are some effective things to do while doing a scalp massage.

Sit in a relaxing place.

Look for a relaxing environment and comfortable chair for supporting your back and weight. Keep your phone silent and reduce surround noises in a calm place. You can also dim the light. If you are using relaxing music, then use low volume. You can also choose to play instrumental and soothing music collections.

You will feel relaxed and sleepy after completing the massage. Keep doing the massage 2-3 times every week before going bed.

Run hands front to back in your hair

Massage well in hair by using your fingers. Move it smoothly and in a straight motion. Use downward pressure and do it carefully. Avoid pushing hard, which causes discomfort and pain.

Don’t pull back your hair into bun or ponytail before starting. Try brushing your hair quickly to avoid tangles and snagging.

Use circular motions

While massaging your scalp, try to use circular motions from your front part to back.

Reverse the direction

Try to massage from back of your head to front. Repeat the circulation and straight motions.  Begin from the bottom of the hairline and come in the front direction.

Massage from sides

Massaging your sides of the scalp is also important. Begin with left side to the front and do straight upward and down and repeat circular motion. Do the same message on your right side from the front and back.


Doing jogging for at least 30 minutes helps to improve your hair growth.   Jogging allows you to sweat, which opens the clogged pores and remove harmful toxins from the scalp. Sweat brings out the hair stopping substance and increases hair growth.

Jogging is a cardio workout, which increases the blood circulation in the scalp.

How to do?

  • Take clearance of your doctor about your health.
  • You should be healthy enough for jogging.
  • Avoid fancy equipment and footwear. You will need right and comfortable shoes for jogging for preventing injuries.
  • Take walking breaks in your jogging length.
  • A beginner should keep a schedule of jogging for better training and tracking.

3.Neck Exercise

Neck exercise also helps to stimulate hair growth. Perform front to back and side to side neck movements are the basic ways to make hair grow.

Chin to chest stretch

This exercise involves moving your head front and back. You can do this exercise by sitting comfortably or lying flat.

How to do?

  • Slowly bend your head front while getting your chin near your chest.
  • Stop this exercise when you feel stretch in your neck and back.
  • Do it for 20-second.

Eyes to Sky – extension stretch

It is a neck exercise require looking upward, and it helps to relieve the neck tension. The cervical spine extension can help to relieve pain from your bulging discs of the neck.

How to do?

  • Slowly bend your head backside and look upward direction.
  • Stop this exercise after feeling stretch in your neck front.
  • Be in this position for 20-seconds. Repeat as you feel comfortable.

Side to Side

It is a simple exercise to move your neck to one side to the other side.

How to do?

  • Sit comfortably and turn your head to your right, and left, you should be looking at your shoulders in the opposite direction.
  • Stop the workout when you feel the stretch in your right and left side of the neck.
  • Be in this position for 20-seconds.

4.Side to Side Hops

The side to side hops exercises keep check of the cardiovascular system and promote hair growth. You can do it out and inside the home. It is one of the amazing exercises for growing new hair. This exercise also prevents hair fall.

How to do?

  • Stand upright by keeping your hand to the side and keep feet wide apart to hip-width.
  • Jump using your feet to your right and left in a fast and repetitive motion.

Upside Down Exercise

The upside-down is an interesting scalp workout to grow hair. It assists in the hair growth process. It may look like you are hanging upside down. The upside-down concept is a real but slightly different process. Using your head helps to balance your body on your yoga mat. People with previous neck injuries can avoid this workout. Gently do the upside-down exercise as it takes some time.

Yoga exercises for growing new hair

There are some yoga poses which additionally work effectively from growing hair.

Balayam Yoga – Nails Rubbing

Use some acupressure spots to improve hair growth when done properly. It also boosts blood circulation in the scalp by restoring hair follicles.

Balayam is a yoga technique that can be related to acupressure points of hair follicles. These points are found in the fingertips below your fingernails. Massaging these points assist in stimulating hormones and boost hair growth.

Additionally, Balayam yoga treats premature greying and dandruff in hair.


It is standing ahead fold pose for hair growth. It also helps to relax your body and head from anxiety and stress. By connecting your hands, it makes your arms to extend and squeeze shoulders for relaxing.

In this workout, your head hangs under your heart and helps to circulate blood in an enhanced way to boost scalp health and grow hair.

This exercise also flows back some blood to the brain while doing an amazing stretch to your legs.

Uttansana prevents DE-stressing and relax pumps and limit against tension and anxiety, which are the main reason for the hair problem.


Vajrasana also identified as a diamond pose. It is one of simple yoga pose help in hair growth. You can do it after lunch or dinner. Having good digestive health is the best thing for body and hair health.

It is a meditation and breathing exercise. Doing Vajrasana helps to prevent joint pain and cure the muscles problem.


Ushtrasana is camel pose because while doing Ushtrasana, your body will look similar like a camel. This yoga exercise is more useful for correcting back problem and mind relaxing. It improves your respiratory system and blood circulation for boosting hair growth.


Shirshasana is also identified as headstand pose. This asana takes time to perform properly. This workout helps to treat disorders such as spine problem, insomnia, mental balance, and concentration power.

It also promotes brain functions and memory power. The people suffering from hair fall or hair loss problem can get the solution from Shirshasana.


Sarvangasana balances the thyroid gland and supplies a good amount of blood to head and increase hair growth. This yoga position can help to get you a good hair growth result and prevent baldness, and hair fall occurred by hormonal imbalance.

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati Pranayam is a well-known exercise for breathing. It helps to increase oxygen to your body. It also strengthens the abdomen and stomach muscles. This exercise promotes oxygen in damaged hair follicles and restores it.

Rabbit Pose

The Sasangasana or rabbit is the best work out for hair health. It is an effective and proven yoga pose for growing hair. Doing this pose makes your body get benefits to all the organs and hair growth. It keeps your muscles healthy, calm mind, and heart health.  Rabbit posture is a good way to enhance hair. Follow the steps to do the workout.

  • Sit down and put your knees on the ground.
  • Let your other muscles like heel and hips help you in the workout. It is a child sitting pose.
  • Get your hands back and hold your heels. Gently move your head on the ground. Keep breathing.
  • Breathing is constantly one essential method to make yoga pose successfully.
  • Raise your hips and get into a child pose. Remember to breath out.
  • Repeat the exercise for some time for many weeks for good hair growth.

Downward Dog Posture

The dog pose is the best exercise for the regrowth of hair. Here is the way to do this exercise.

How to do?

  • Get on the ground by putting your hand and knees on the ground
  • Keep your hand at 90 degrees to your shoulders and knees straight to the hips.
  • Push your hips up and take a breath.
  • Keep your back straight and extend your legs. Now you will be standing over your toes.
  • Hold your palm against the floor and keep your spine straight.
  • Be in this position for at least 20-25 seconds and gently lower down your hips

The Fish Posture

It is a popular workout for hair growth. Fish pose is a back-flexing yoga, which opens your throat, chest, and abdomen. It is normally used as a counterpose to shoulder-stand because it compensates pressure on the spine and neck. It gives many benefits by stretching.

How to do?

  • Put your hand’s backside of thighs and keep palm facing toward the floor.
  • Stretch the middle portion of your upper body and drop the head back till the head crown reaches to the ground.
  • There will be arch form in your head and hips.
  • Balance this position for some time and breathing.

How is exercise essential for hair health?

Doing exercise is a vital part of good hair and entire health.  Doing regular exercise also helpful for blood circulation and hair growth.

Exercise also helps to boost nutrients and oxygen in the body. It provides deep nourishment to your hair roots and promotes healthy hair. Doing head massage is an effective exercise too relax your scalp and increase blood flow.

It gives a fresh and glowing skin. Similarly, scalp sweating also unclogs the hair follicles and get new space for new hair cells.

What happens when you don’t exercise?

Stress is the main thing to blame in the modern world with everyday living. When you have stress, your body generates stress hormone, which causes to affect your whole body, including hair follicles.

Stress hormone hinders hair follicle growth, which can lead to hair loss, and hair thinning. Exercise helps to promote serotonin levels, which are a happy feeling hormone in your body. The high production of high serotonin helps to improve the stress and reduce the cortisone hormone in your body.  Therefore, doing exercise helps to boost hair growth and stop hair fall.

Is exercise time-consuming?

There are several myths linked with the workout.  Doing exercise doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time in the gym. You can do exercise at your home or nearby park. You can begin with a brisk walk of 5 minutes and slowly increase. Try to avoid stereotypes and do activities like martial art and dance or play sports. It will help to reprogram your thoughts.

What exercises are more helpful for healthy hair?

Easy to high-level cardio exercise in the form of brisk running, walking, dance, Zumba, cycling, yoga, and other sport is best for your hair and body. If you wish to work at home, consider buying a cross trainer or treadmill, and enjoy the exercise by playing your favorite music.

Above mentioned exercises and yoga poses helps hair growth. These exercises help to balance hormones and correct posture.

Get enough sleep

After using many hair products to stop hair fall, many people blame the product only.  But using the right hair product will only work when you have complete sleep and healthy body. Sleep is an important part of the hair. It repairs and restores the muscles and tissues. Enough sleeping also helps in the hormone secreted process and restore the process.

Frequent sleep pattern disturbance can cause brittle, dull, and dry hair and result in hair fall. You are sleeping less or more, but the sleeping pattern raises your risk of hair fall. Lack of sleep hugely effect on the entire immune system and create hair problems. Make sure to get enough sleep of 7-8 hours.

Everyone wish to have hair like their favorite celebrity. As celebrity follows certain diet and exercises, you also need to follow the exercise routine and healthy diet. Make your routine without following others, because everyone has different health. Take rest if you skip one day and avoid getting hard on yourself. Everyone has different hair color, texture, and shine, make sure to understand your hair health.

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