Effective Lower Ab Workouts for Women

There are many ways to do lower abs workout. Some of these workouts are very hard to perform. The obliques and upper abs workout are popular and easy, but lower abs are nutritionally difficult to target.

Technically, there is no upper abs or lower abs. When you talk about different abs, it is actually targeting different parts of the lower abdomen, the muscles which run vertically from the sternum to pelvis on both sides of the abdomen.

When you think of getting abs, it is possible to activate a particular rectus abdominis one part. As you start doing a workout, you will be able to determine the portion of your abdomen and rest other muscle will stay calm.

It is vital to do workout for your core muscles including lower parts of rectus abdominis.  If one part of your core is weak, then other parts also become overactive as they do work of weak part also.

Here is the excellent lower ab workout for women.

Dead Bug

Dead Bug Isa 2 crop

The dead-bug workout is designed for the core to strengthen. The name dead bug is given because while performing this workout you will look similar like a lying dead bug on the back and its legs are up in the air.

This workout is very simple and less complicated. Most of the women perform this in Pilates exercise and recently, it became very famous among strength training.

How to do dead bug workouts?

  • Lie down with face up and extend your arms toward the ceiling and keep your legs in the tabletop position at 90 degrees piled over your hips.
  • Then, gently extend out your right leg in a straight way, while simultaneously lowering your left arm above the head.
  • Keep your both arm few inches above the ground.
  • Next, squeeze your butts to engage your core all the time by keeping pressed your lower back on the floor.
  • Get back to starting point by taking your leg and arm back.
  • In a similar way, repeat the workout another side.


When you do jackknife workout on the floor, you are engaging multiple muscles especially your rectus abdominis muscles are targeted. You will also use your obliques and muscles such as glutes, thighs, calves, and chest to have complete movement. To engage even more muscles, try to perform move using power wheel or stability ball.

During a research test of lower and upper rectus, abdominal muscle came strongest when used a stability ball. The jack-knife is an effective move for targeting lower rectus abdominal muscle or lower belly.

How to do Jack-knife?

Lie down with face upward and stretch your arms above your head on the flood. Make sure to keep your arm near your ears.

Engage your abs to squeeze your low back into the ground. It is the opening position.

By pointing your toes, squeeze your thighs together and carefully engage your glutes. Lift your upper back and legs together off the ground by reaching your hand forward to reach your feet so that your body will be able to form a V shape.

Slowly lower yourself by engaging your core muscles and come back to the starting point.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is the best lower ab workout for women. It helps to build cardio endurance, agility and core strength. Mountain climber will engage your many muscles groups while doing mountain climbers. It is similar like getting a complete body workout in one exercise.

As you begin the workout, your arms, shoulders, and chest act to stabilize your upper body whereas your core manages the rest of the body. As the foremost mover, your quads get an amazing workout because it is a cardio workout and you will get benefits of calorie burning and heart health.

How to do Mountain Climber?

  • Begin with the high plank.
  • By keeping your palm flat on the floor, keep your hands on the shoulder width (similar like push-ups). Pile your shoulder above your wrist by keeping your legs extended and your core engaged.
  • By engaging your core, draw a right knee near your chest.
  • Keep doing this for an alternate part by moving quickly.
  • Make sure to keep your core muscles engaged and flat back in the entire session.
  • If you feel discomfort, slow down your workout.

Plank Hop

Plank hop is another good workout for women to target lower abdomen muscles and build amazing lower abs.

How to do Plank Hop?

  • Begin with a high plank by keeping your palm flat on the ground. Keep you should width wide as if you do push-ups, the shoulder should be piled above your wrist.
  • Stretch your legs and keep your feet together by engaging core muscles.
  • Engage your abs by squeezing your quads which keeps your legs together as you start to jump your feet.
  • To jump, jump your right side and take your knees toward your right-side elbow.
  • Again, jump and take your feet back to start point and then bounce your feet ahead and to the left, returning your knees to your left elbow.
  • Jump your feet backward together. It is one rep.
  • Repeat alternating sides.
  • Practice with a slow pace and focus on the form. Gradually, you can speed up the jumping movement as you feel comfortable.

Crab Toe Touch

Crab Toe Touch GymMembershipFees

Crab toe touch is an excellent exercise for targeting lower abs. It engages lower back, hamstrings, lower traps, quadriceps, and shoulder also.

How to do toe touch?

  • Sit on the ground with both knees flexed, keep your feet extended on the ground and together.
  • Put your hands back you and your fingers should face your body.
  • Elevate your hips above the mat as you hit your right leg upward in the straight direction and move your right foot beside your left hand.
  • Drop your arm and leg back to the starting point, and then do the movement with another hand and leg. That’s one rep.
  • Proceed alternating sides.

Plank Jack

The plank jack is a great workout for developing core strength and building lower abs. Regular performing plank jack workout beneficial for reducing lower back pain. When it is combined with jumping jacks, it will be the best cardio workout to raise the heart rate and burn more calories. Doing plank jacks workout helps to improve your metabolism and cardiovascular endurance.

How to do Plank Jack?

  • Begin in a high plank by keeping your palms flat on the ground.
  • Keep your hands to shoulder-width separate, shoulders piled directly over your wrists.
  • Your legs should stretch behind you.
  • Keep your glutes core engaged.
  • Jump like jacks by keeping your feet out.
  • Avoid bouncing your hips and butts up and down while your feet movement is in and out.

Side To Side Tap

It is another workout for women to build lower abs strength.

How to Side to Side Tap?

  • Lie down on your back and keep your arms at your sides
  • Elevate your legs to a 45-degree point with the floor.
  • Having your legs straight, lift your right leg and draw it to the right side of your body.
  • Hold for a moment, then return to middle.
  • Redo it on your other side.
  • Continue shifting for 50 seconds, taking ten seconds of rest.

Reverse Crunch

Women can perform a reverse crunch for lower abs workout. Every woman gets different benefits from this workout. Especially your workout can differ when you have neck discomfort in sit-up or crunches.

This workout activates your large abdominal muscles including outer obliques of the abdomen sides. It is the best workout for building musculature of the stomach and strong abs.

Having good core strength helps to improve the sports performance and manage stability, balance and better posture in everyday life. You will be able to perform a vigorous sports activity by having strong abdominal muscles.

How to do Reverse Crunch?

  • Lie down with faceup and keep your legs at the table top position that is 90 degrees bent of knees position piled above your hips.
  • Put your hands back of your head, elbows flexed and facing to the sides or let your arms rest on the floor by the sides of your body for endurance.
  • Practice your abs to roll your shoulders above the floor. It is the opening position.
  • By engaging your abs, gently bend your hips over the floor, taking your knees near your chest.
  • Gently drop your hips and legs back to the starting point. That’s one rep.

Mountain Climber Twist

The mountain climber twist is a vigorous workout which engages multiple muscles simultaneously and raises your heart rate. It helps to speed up your metabolism and converts stored calories into energy. This move helps to improve your agility, aerobic fitness, and flexibility.

How to do Mountain climber twist?

  • Begin with the large plank by keeping palms flat on the floor
  • Keep your hold piled over your wrist and keep your legs stretched and keep your core engaged.
  • By keeping your core muscles contracted, take back your knees to left side elbow.
  • Then come back to beginning pointing and promptly move your left knee to your right-side elbow.
  • Keep alternating legs more quickly.
  • Make sure your core muscles are retained and keep your back level all the time.

Scissor Switch

Scissor-switch is the best exercise for a women ab workout. It helps to build core muscle strength and decrease the risk of back pain.

The scissor-switch is one of those workouts which helps to build many muscle groups of hips and torso. It uses resistance from your own body to perform on the mat.

You will need to perform it properly otherwise, it will put more stress on your lower back. Make sure to do proper warmup before a workout.

How to do Scissor Switch?

  • Lie down with face up and keep your legs straight.
  • Your arm should be stretched above your head.
  • Stretch your right leg upward in a vertical manner to the floor.
  • Take your hands back of your right leg, stretching it in near your face, and roll your shoulder blades above the floor.
  • Elevate your left leg a few inches over the floor.
  • Switch legs, dropping your right leg so that it hangs a few inches over the ground and extending your left leg in near you.
  • Keep changing your legs.

Standing Knee Drive

It helps to build strength in the hamstrings and hip flexors.

How to do standing knee drive?

  • Take a standing position by keeping your right foot a couple of feet behind your other foot.
  • Lift up your arms into the air.
  • Flex your back knee and push it forward, so your thigh is vertical to your body.
  • Similarly, draw your arms down, hold your firsts, and stop once they touch your knee.
  • Continue to do for 50 seconds, taking 10 seconds of rest.
  • Change your other side.

Pilates 100

The Pilates 100 is the best workout for women to strengthen abdominal muscles which making your body to adapt stability and strength in your lower back. Pilates is a workout technique. It is designed to build strength in your core muscles in a strong and controlled manner of movements.

During the early 1900s, Joseph Pilates started to create his methods for concertation on correct spinal and proper breathing including pelvic alignment.

Nowadays, Pilates is a popular exercise for women for building core muscles strength including hips, back and lower abdominal.

Learning Pilates 100 helps to learn all basic form of pilates workout.  It also helps to learn proper breathing habits. You can modify pilates 100 workouts by bending your knees all the time.

How to do Pilates 100?

  • Lie down with faceup with your legs expanded and arms on the ground by your sides.
  • Elevate both legs up toward the roof and lower them midway, with the goal that they’re at around a 45-degree edge.
  • Twist your head up and elevate your arms a couple of inches over the floor, holding your palms down.
  • Draw up your arms and lower a couple of inches as you breathe in for five counts and breathe out for five counts.
  • Repeat this breathing instance multiple times (for an aggregate of 100 breaths) while holding the position.

Boat Pose

Boat pose also refers to Paripurna navasana. It is a well-known yoga pose. The boat pose requires to balance on the tripod of your tailbone and sitting bone.

It is a great workout for women who desire to build lower abs. But it is also important to keep your body healthy while building abs.

Having strong abdominal muscles helps you in everyday activities, physical health, and sports.

Building lower abs and maintaining them provide strong muscles in your abdomen and provide a strong axis for the entire body. It also helps to provide benefits by reducing back pain and building better posture.

How to do Boat Pose workout?

  • Sit up straight with your legs twisted, feet level on the floor.
  • Keep both legs together, gradually lift them off the floor until they come in a 45-degree point to your middle.
  • By engaging your core muscles, keep your back level, and adjust your tailbone.
  • You can put your knees twisted or keep straight getting a more challenging workout.
  • Swing your arms straight out before you in a parallel form to the floor.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, then you can keep your hand on the ground below your hips.

Toe Touch

The toe touch is a traditional cheerleading move. You’ll primarily need to jump from a crouch as you lift and separate your legs. This method shows up in a lot of standard gymnastic and cheerleading routines. Therefore, it helps to build lower abs.

How to Toe Touch workout?

  • Lie down on your back and keep your hands back of your head
  • Keep your legs straight upward in the air.
  • Elevate your arms and try to reach your toes by raising your chest over the ground as you feel comfortable.
  • Keep doing for 50 seconds, by taking10 seconds of rest.

Half Burpee

Half Burpees are a short variant of the Full Burpee move. Burpees target large groups of muscles, so it is best for cardiovascular muscles. It can help you build lower abs building core endurance while balancing aerobic fitness.

>How to do Half burpees?

  • Begin in an intense squat by keeping your legs to shoulder-width divided.
  • Keep your toes somewhat turned out, chest lifted, and take your hands in front of your chest.
  • Reach forward to put your hands on the floor below your shoulders.
  • Kick your legs in a straight way out behind you to have a high plank
  • Fast jump your legs back in and elevate your chest to come back to the start position. It is one rep.

Warrior Balance

Warrior balance is the best workout pose for lower abs. It helps to build the core muscles and strengthen legs by promoting good spinal balance and alignment. Balance workout is always challenging, but you can achieve it by practicing regularly.

How to do warrior balance workout?

  • Stand up on your left side foot and elevate your right knee to hip hight before your body.
  • Curve your elbows to keep hands by your shoulders. It is the beginning position.
  • Turn forward at the hips and swing your arms forward as you expand your right leg behind you.
  • Keep your standing leg slightly bending your torso parallel with the floor.
  • Take a pause, take a reverse movement to come back to the beginning position. It is one rep.
  • Complete a set number of reps on the right leg, and after that switch legs and repeat.

Core Roll Up

The core rolls up workout is 30% more effective workout than the regular crunches because it targets rectus abdominis said by the research from


It creates more challenges for your abs by a fuller range of motion and uses muscle fibers.

How to do Core Roll Up workout?

  • Lie down with faceup with your arms stretched out over your head, laying on the floor.
  • Form a floating position so your wrists are straightforwardly over your shoulders and start twisting your spine slowly up and above the floor.
  • Begin with your shoulders and complete with your lower back.
  • Twist up to a situated position, and afterward keep on dropping your waist over your legs, keeping your core stable all the time.
  • Reverse back change the movement down to the ground.
  • Then lower your shoulder and lower back. It is one rep.

Glider Mountain Climber

The glider mountain climber is one of the effective workouts for women to build lower abs.

How to do Glider mountain climber?

  • Begin in high plank, with your palms level on the floor, keep your hands to shoulder width separated (or more extensive like push-ups), shoulders piled over your wrists, legs expanded, and keep your core engaged.
  • Put your toes on a lightweight two towels or gliders. It is the beginning position.
  • By engaging your core muscles to dig your right foot into the ground as you slide it in and bring your right knee near your chest.
  • Slide your foot back to come back to the beginning position and quickly slide your left foot in to bring your left knee near your chest.
  • Keep on changing, moving rapidly.
  • Make sure to keep your back flat and core engaged all time,
  • You can also slow down your movement to balance.

Body Saw

Body saw is the best workout for lower abs. It can be hard for your body to train extension, flexion, and rotation but simply pushing your body back into the long lever plank. It helps to stretch your abdominal muscles at an extensive degree.

By stretching back forward, you’re creating a major contraction. It is the best exercise for women to build stronger muscle groups.

How to do Body Saw?

  • Keep your toes on a set of towels or gliders and then make a forearm plank with your forearms on the ground, keep your elbow directly below your shoulders.
  • Put your hands facing in front of your arms in a parallel form and stretch legs behind you.
  • Keep engaging your core, quads, and butt and tuck your tailbone.
  • It is a starting position.
  • Gently push your forearms and slid your elbows by having a towel or gliders on the back one of you. Extend yourself as much as possible with losing your core engagement. Try not to sag your hips.
  • Slowly pull your elbow and arms to get back starting point. It is one rep.

Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle crunches are an excellent way to build lower abs. It helps to target the obliques and rectus abdominis in one easy workout.

How to do Bicycle crunches?

  • Lie down by keeping your face upward and legs in a tabletop position at 90 degrees piled over your hips.
  • Keep your hand back of your head, bend your elbows and point out of your sides.
  • Use your abs to roll your shoulders over the floor. It is a starting point.
  • Turn to bring your right elbow to your left side knee, while together straightening your right leg.
  • Then, turn your left elbow toward your right knee and keep straight your left leg. It is one rep.
  • Keep on changing your sides.
  • Practice slow and steady pace to feel the twist and abs.

Flutter Kick

The flutter kick workout is done by laying down on your back and keeping your leg in scissor position. This workout uses your obliques, main ab muscles, rectus abdominal muscles, side ab muscles for stabilization. It will help to burn more calories while workout. It happens because hip flexors perform hard along with your abs to keep your legs over the ground and kick.

How to do Flutter Kick?

  • Lie down with facing upward and keep your arms on the ground by your sides.
  • You may feel the need for additional support so you can keep your hands directly below your hips on both the sides.
  • Balance your lower back levels over the ground. If you feel challenging, then make your legs some higher
  • Kick your feet for a set of time.

Bird Dog

The Bird Dog exercise is an excellent core exercise that stresses lower back strength and helps to balance. Initially, you may find awkward and hard to balance, but once you begin doing, it will help to form abs strength. It can be your staple exercise.

How to do Bird Dog exercise?

  • Start on both legs and arms.
  • Keep your hands straight under your shoulders.
  • Pull your stomach in, then lift your opposite arm and one leg, until they’re both stretched straight out.
  • By making your spine aligned, take your elbow near your knee.
  • Hold for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest. Keep doing on the other side.

Standing Russian Twist

It is a core workout that stresses your muscles to stabilize your spine. Additionally, it engages your arms, shoulders, back, and hips depending on your movement.

How to do standing Russian Twist?

  • Begin in a standing position, hold a single dumbbell between your both hands.
  • Raise your right leg upward like a 90-degree angle.
  • Holding your lower body and rotate your body to the left side.
  • Then turn to the right. Hold for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest.

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