Crash Diet For Weight Loss: How It Works, Uses, Benefits, Side Effects

A crash diet is the fastest diet plan for weight loss. It has restrictions on calorie consumption. This diet is helpful for short term weight loss plan. Do not follow this diet for the long term as it has low calories and may cause eating disorder, hair loss, compromised immunity, and irregular menstruation.

However, following a crash diet in the right way safely helps in weight loss.

Types Of Crash Diet

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Master Cleanse

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The master cleanse type of crash diet helps to remove 10 pounds of weight in one week.  It has vitamin C from lemon juice of 2-3 teaspoons with maple syrup and mixes one pinch of cayenne pepper.

Cons: This will have a lemonade drink. It might make you feel hungrier and trigger irritability, nausea, and mood swings.

Juice Cleanse Diet

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Juicing is the best way to follow a liquid diet without limiting your nutrients. You will eat dietary fiber and fruit juices loaded with vitamin C that will help to remove toxins and rejuvenate the body and promote good skin.

Cons: This type of diet may not be sustainable for more than 2-days.

Cabbage Soup Diet

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This diet of soup is very nutritious because it contains cabbage and some other vegetables. Consume the cabbage soup to lose water weight in a fast way and slim down your body.

Cons: Eating only the cabbage soup for more time than one day may make you feel boredom.

Grapefruit Diet

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The diet of grapefruit involves eating half part of grapefruit in every meal with other foods. It quickly assists in weight loss without affecting your health.

Cons: Eating grapefruit in every meal may limit the nutritional need and cause erosion of tooth enamel, and it can be more challenging to consume only one fruit.

Hollywood Diet

The Hollywood diet is famous in Hollywood celebs, and they claim around 10 kg weight loss in only 48 hours.  It requires you to consume herbal mix named as Hollywood diet, which you can find in supermarkets or online store.

Cons: This diet is not approved by doctors because it may trigger body reactions from the herbal mix and affect immunity.

Chicken Soup Diet

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This diet contains chicken soup that requires to consume for 7-days. You can also include other veggies to get additional minerals and vitamins. You can also have snacks or fresh fruit juice.

Cons: This diet is not vegetarian and vegans. A crash diet does not provide enough nutrition, but they assist in weight loss in a short time. You can only try this for 3-7 days.

7-Day Crash Diet Plan for Fast Weight Loss

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Consume 2-boiled eggs whites, orange juice, and vegans can consume apple in place of eggs.


Consume cabbage soup prepared with plenty of veggies such as broccoli, tomato, cabbage, garlic, onion, garlic, carrots, and garlic.

Post lunch:

Eat one kiwi


Grilled tofu/Baked fish and veggies




One apple and master cleanse juice (lemonade)


Boiled lentils and grapefruits

Post Lunch:

2-3 walnuts and 4-almonds


Papaya juice

How Much Weight Loss Happen?

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You may lose as much as 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in 7-days. You will lose water weight in the initial three days, and your body will move to the fat-consuming mode in the following four days.

The crash diet has low calories that are implied for temporary weight reduction. Does that imply that they are undependable? Discover in the following more.

Is Crash Diet Safe?

A crash diet is safe to follow if done properly for 1-2 days. Sometimes physician suggests crash diet to individuals who are looking to lose weight fast for surgery. Being on a reduced-calorie diet for a long time without expert help might make you suffer from a calorie deficiency.

How To Follow Crash Diet Safely?

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Choose An Easy Diet

Crash diets are emotionally demanding, but when you can have different options. Make a choice of diet that is easy to follow. You must take your doctor or expert advice for eating only one apple in a day. You can also choose a soup diet that will help to nourish you and keep full for a longer time.

Replace The Salt With Spices And Herbs

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Adopt another healthy habit in your diet that helps to cut down the salt. More sodium consumption causes the body to hold extra water, therefore consuming a high salt diet causes to store more water weight than required. If you are looking to lose weight faster, then cut down the extra salt as much as possible. You will require to skip packaged and processed foods with added salt. Try to make salt changes from scratch because the smallest restaurants also use more salt in foods.

Avoiding salt does not mean that you have to completely remove salt from food but try using different spices and herbs.

Using cumin and fresh cilantro over grilled fish, rosemary, and lemon on chicken, ginger, and beef can be a good idea. Get the spices blend from the local market to balance your spices in your diet. Make sure these products do not have added salt.

Get Enough Protein

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Protein is essential for keeping yourself satiated during weight loss with a less calorie diet. According to studies, consuming more protein breakfast helps to lower caloric consumption for the whole day by preventing frequent hunger.

Protein is also essential for building muscle mass while losing weight. Reducing fast weight with low calories cause to effect on your muscles. Your body begins to pull from lean tissues such as organs and muscles to fuel itself. Your metabolism also slows down to conserve energy. It is the reason why fast weight loss is unhealthy for a long time.

Getting proteins every day helps to fix the muscles and metabolism issues and assist in weight loss. Make sure to have chicken breast, fish, lean ground turkey as part of your meal.

You can have 2-eggs, 3/4 cups of Greek yogurt, or cheese, and 1/4 cup of nuts to stay full and lose weight.

Do Not Choose Refined Sugar

Cut off the refined sugar or foods prepared with refined sugar such as pastry, cake, ketchup, doughnuts, candies, dips, and chocolates.

Snack Smart

Crash diets can be feasible if you know how to eat snacks. Choose low calorie and full of nutrient foods such as baby carrots, fruits, unsalted nuts, cucumber, plain yogurt, home-baked veggies chips using yogurt dip, and have green tea.

Follow The Diet For A Limited Time

Every crash diet should be followed with a specific time like 2-7 days. Strictly follow that particular diet to get fast results. You are not in a hurry to follow at least a 1200-1500 calorie diet.

If Possible, Skip Social Gatherings

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Attending gatherings or parties when you are on diet may interfere. Therefore, it is best to skip the parties because at parties you will have to eat unhealthy foods for your diet. Still, it is very important to attend, then look for food options there that should not affect your diet.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol contains more sugar, which accumulates as fat in the body. Also, consuming alcohol during a crash diet causes an imbalance in your body.

Avoid Vigorous Exercise

If you are following the master cleansing or juice diet, then avoid doing exercise vigorously. You can perform light stretching and easy yoga but not vigorously because you are on a low-calorie diet.

Drink Water Using Rehydration Salts

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A crash diet may need to consume fruit juice or water frequently. Consuming water by using rehydration salt two times a day helps to balance your electrolytes.

It might be hard to drink more water in less time when you don’t have a habit of drinking a lot of water. Staying hydrated is an essential way to decrease water weight. Sometimes you feel hungry, but actually, it is just thirst.

Drinking one glass of water before having a meal has shown to help weight loss by reducing frequent eating.

Avoid drinking sweetened coffee, soda juice, and tea that hold added sugars.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

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For every weight loss diet, enough sleep is important. Get at least 7-hours of sleep every day. It’s like how you crave donuts after exhausting, your body also needs enough sleep to balance hormones.

Sleeping less makes your body release the hunger hormone and result in weight gain.

Join Gym

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You can also join the gym to perform training according to your fitness levels, which helps to build muscles. After workout allows yourself to recover. Try doing sprinting or jogging for 30 seconds, followed by 1-2 minutes, take rest, and then repeat. Trying a short burst of increased intensity workout helps to elevate your heart rate and promote lean muscles. More muscle mass is level to calories you burn every day. The leaner muscles you have, your metabolism works well.

Skip Packaged Foods

Packaged and processed foods contain a lot of sugar, salt, and refined carbs in the foods. When you want to lower the weight fast, skip the foods that are packed and processed. Add non-starchy foods like unprocessed whole grains, starchy veggies, healthy fats, lean proteins, and spices without salt.

Have A Light Meal In The Evening

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Research tells that eating a light meal helps in weight loss. Try having a large meal at breakfast and smaller snacks throughout the whole day to lose weight.

Try to avoid eating more food after 6 pm. Many people also feel hungry in the night and lead to overeating unnecessary calories.

Replace the chips and granola bars with protein snacks. Here are the good ideas for snacking.

  • Hard-boiled egg with carrot sticks
  • Ra almonds (a handful) with one apple
  • Avocado, shredded chicken, brown rice, and Romain lettuce with tomatoes topping for lunch.
  • For dinner, try a spinach salad, roasted broccoli, salmon seasoned with dill and lemon, and quinoa.

Things to Consider Before Following on A Crash Diet

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Keep the number count of days before the special event. If you have an event one month away, try to follow the Mediterranean diet and some cardio exercise for weight loss.

Take dietitian advice and have health check-ups to know you are suitable for a crash diet. If you have undergone any surgery, your BMI is above 30, you are taking antidepressants, or any other medication, then that will interfere with your weight loss.

Keep stock of all necessary foods before a week and refrigerate everything to skip distractions of not having foods.

Maintain a journal because you will have mood swings and keeping a journal may help you.

Benefits of Crash Diet

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The Benefit To Lower Muscle Mass

Rapid weight loss leads to muscle loss. Following crash diets helps to lower the muscle mass and not fat storage. People who eat fewer calories have quick weight reduction, which may make you feel weak if you are not taking enough nutrients for the long term. 

Fast Weight Loss

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Following a crash diet in a proper way gives the best result. You need to eating plenty of nutrients and vegetables to fill your fiber needs without many calories.

Adding non-starchy vegetables provide high water and keep you hydrated, which is a good combination for weight loss. Reducing extra pounds means reducing old bad eating habits.

Try eating starchy vegetables in moderation like potatoes and processed whole grains because they provide lots of nutrients, healthy carbs, and fiber. However, high carb foods are not good for losing water weight.

Basically, when the body stores extra carbs, it keeps them with water. Therefore, replacing high carb foods using non-starchy vegetables provide more filling fiber without adding much water.

Before one week of starting the diet, you can replace the starchy carbs with non-starchy vegetables to reduce water weight.

Make a goal of adding half-plate non-starchy veggies like peppers, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, kale, spinach, and cucumber.

Crash Diet:  Side Effects

It is normal to have side effects because changing your eating habits always trigger side effects. Even if you follow the diet in the wrong way, then that also causes side effects.

Reduce Metabolism

High metabolism is essential for weight loss, but crash diet cause to reduce your metabolic rate. Extreme dieting cause to breakdown the muscle rather than the slow approach. Low muscle reduces the metabolic rate, which is the number of calories you burn during resting and leads to weight gain.

Eating disorders

How Do A Crash Diet Influence Metabolism And Health? Crash dieting for more time causes to affect normal functions of the body. As the crash diet has low calories, it will reduce the energy and make you lazy. Gradually you will feel weak due to weak immune systems. As you feel hungry for an extra hour, you will end up eating everything you get. A reduced metabolic rate causes an eating disorder and weight gain.


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A crash diet may cause you anxiety because of the reduced food consumption from high sugar and high fats. The crash diet drastically cut your calories and quickly reduce your weight, but it may create the danger of depression in some people who are addicted to certain foods.

The best way for dieting is to follow the diet changes slowly to make your body sustainable. Avoid changing your diet overnight, rather slowly cut back high calories and consume more nutritional foods.

Adding more nutritious foods in your diet helps to improve depression symptoms and ease the anxiety levels. Avoid shifting habits quickly to have a healthful diet.

Weak Immune System

By stripping yourself of basic minerals and nutrients you hazard impairing the immune system, says Dr. Julianne. What’s more, we as a whole understand that a reduced immune system makes getting sick undeniably more likely – not what you need while you’re away on vacation. If you lower the fatty foods from the diet, ingestion of fat-soluble vitamins like A, E, D, and K may cause a problem. These vitamins are important for maintaining the immune system, so decreasing these vitamins cause further problems.

Ketone Production

Reduced carbohydrate diet cause to break down fatty acids to generate ketones. You might be aware of ketones if you heard about the keto diet. It causes to drop some pounds but also triggers the risk of side effects, including bad breath, nausea, kidney, and liver problems.

Cause Dehydration

Have you at any point wondered why a few diet plans, such as juice diet, lead to such speedy weight reduction? It happens due to the loss of water weight. However, that is not perfect for longer-term weight reduction. “Glycogen stores, which are a wellspring of vitality that ties water, are drained quicker than the fat cells discharging the water. In this way, when you begin eating once more, your body will renew glycogen, and water store and weight gain follows,” Dr. Julianne clarifies. “You risk a lack of hydration accordingly, which can show with a cerebral pain and unsteadiness.

Trigger Heart Issues

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The crash diet has fewer calories can have some positive results, for example, bringing down blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels noticed the specialist. In any case, they can likewise have some potentially risky consequences for the heart because of more heart fat levels, which can happen. Anybody with heart issues ought to examine with their primary care physician before the following diet because of the danger of heart issues emerging from the get-go in the eating regimen.

Damaged Hair And Lower Skin Quality

As mentioned above, the crash diet limits the essential nutrients and vitamins that the body absorbs. Limiting nutrients harm your physical appearance. Limiting nourishment effect on hair and skin health. It makes your hair dry and triggers acne on the skin.

Impair Bowel Habits

Following a crash diet may cause discomfort in your belly. Expert says that lacking nutrients leads to inconsistent or irregular bowel movements. You will get either too hard or too runny stool that is difficult to pass. Make sure to consult your physician if the condition gets worse.

Reduce Energy Levels

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While crash diets may prompt weight reduction, a large portion of this weight originates from the decrease of glycogen and water stores in the body, which can bring about the loss of vitality, causing you to feel exhausted,” says the specialist. “So also, because of the decrease of nutrients and supplements taken in while doing an accident diet, your body can’t create vitality, leaving you feeling drowsy and tired.

Cause Irritation

Crash dieting from excessive food intake probably won’t be the path forward. Dr. Julianne clarifies how the prevailing trend eats less “can trigger the corticosterone from the cerebrum, which inclines us to elevated feelings of anxiety, irritability, and depression. You may likewise experience less concentration and upset rest which can prompt weariness.

Crash dieting for an extended time is unhealthy and should not follow without the advice of professional guidance.

Can Teenagers Follow Crash Diet?

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No, a crash diet is not for teenagers. The age of 13-19 is a phase of growth. Following a crash diet at this age might lower the growth and impact on mental health. If you are a teenager, then take the advice of your doctor. A registered dietitian can make a customized diet plan for you. That will help to suit your health. Keep yourself active to reach good fitness. Avoid thinking about fitting in a particular dress, because your weight should be suitable for your age, which is your healthy weight. If you go underweight, then it will induce health problems.

Crash Diet Is Not Suitable for Long-Term Weight Loss

Crash diets have fewer carbs, which are unfeasible and unhealthy. The weight that you lose is water weight. Additionally, the vast majority will generally damage of eating regimens, which causes medical problems. We do not suggest going on a solo crash diet. You should counsel the physician before evaluating our diet sample of 7-days. 

Expert Advice

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Is A Crash Diet Helps to Reduce 10 Pounds in Three Days?

No, it may not lose 10 pounds in just three days. That can be too difficult and dangerous for health. In a 3-days, crash diet reduces the water weight that can be 2-3 pounds.

How to Lose 20 Pounds in One Week?

Losing 20 pounds in one week can be an unrealistic expectation. It can happen in surgery only. Normally, you can reduce 1-2 pounds after properly following the crash diet. Following a crash diet for 7-days helps to reduce 10 pounds in one week.

What Would It Be A Good Idea for Me to Quit Eating for Weight Loss?

Quit eating sugary produces (soda drink, candy, cake, donut, treats, macaroon, and desserts), foods containing trans fats (like treats, bread rolls, chips, fries, singed chicken, and solidified pizza), high sodium nourishments (like fries, soda, packaged sauces, ketchup, readymade foods, pickles, and frozen foods), white rice, refined flour, and liquor.

How Might I Lose Belly Fat Quickly?

For quick belly fat loss, you should cut 500 calories from your present eating regimen. For example, if you expend 2000 calories every day, begin eating 1500 calories. Try doing cardio, and abdominal muscle exercises each alternate day.

Is Keto and Crash Diet the Same?

No, keto isn’t a crash diet. It is a high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb diet. The crash diet has fewer calories that are ordinarily exceptionally low-calorie die. Keto diet requires high calories.

Is Slim-Fast and Crash Diet the Same?

No, the Slim Fast diet is different from the crash diet. In this diet, you need to consume six meals every day and lose up to 1-2 pounds in one week.

How to Recover After A Crash Diet?

Intake more calories slowly but keep check of quantity.  Do not consume high carb foods, fats, and more sugar after a crash diet. Keep consuming fruits, veggies, and proteins in more quantity and drink enough water.

Is A Crash Diet Cause Anorexia?

Anorexia is a disorder of eating. A crash diet will not have any problem until you interfere with the recommended instructions. Take only a small portion of all types of foods.

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