Best Yoga Exercises For Slimming Your Face

Yoga is the best activity for the face. It is a natural and painless way to keep your face in shape. The human face consists of 50 different muscles, which are not like the rest of the body. Many of these facial muscles are rarely used. By carrying out continued facial exercises, you boost the blood circulation to the different parts of the face and restore oxygen supply in the skin. It will promote glowing skin and a bright complexion.

Simha Mudra (Lion Pose)

1. Simha Mudra Lion Pose
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Simha mudra tones and stimulates all facial muscles. It is one of the best face asanas for neck and thyroid glands. This yoga is especially beneficial for toning facial muscle and removes double chin.

How to do it?

  • Kneel and keep hands on your thighs.
  • Lower down jaw and open mouth wide.
  • Stick tongue out down, near chin forcefully.
  • While breathing from the mouth, make a sound from down the throat that replace the roar of a lion.
  • Repeat the exercise multiple times.

Additional Benefits

  • This exercise is good for the eyes, tongue, and throat.
  • It clears the vocal cords.
  • This yoga helps to clear vocal cords.
  • It properly opens the respiratory tract.
  • Strengthens hands and finger
  • It prevents throat soreness
  • It beneficial for bad breath
  • Provide relief to back pain.


Jiva Bandha

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This yoga benefits to keep the face and jawline in shape. It also tones your facial muscles.

How to do it?

Sit easily in the lotus position. If the lotus pose is not satisfied because of tight hips or knee stress, which is a cross seated position is best enough. Keep hands comfortably on the lap.

Keep tongue tip upon the upper part of your mouth like you are trying to swallow it into your mouth. Hold your tongue that way, open your mouth delicately and absolutely till you sense a stretch in the neck and throat. Do this move multiple times and inhale from your nose.

Benefits of Jiva Bandha

  • Like all other bandha, Jiva Bandha also helps amazingly. This bandha mainly contributes benefit to the facial part.
  • Its advantage in taste senses.
  • It helps parathyroid glands, thyroid, and salivary glands.
  • This yoga benefit to tongue lock and prevent useless thought process and increase awareness and enhance concentration.
  • Useful as a primary exercise in the Khechari mudra, shown in Tantra and yoga.
  • It benefits tongue ends heaviness.
  • This yoga helps in reducing stammering.
  • Helpful in the renewal of the Lalana Chakra.
  • Its benefit in Pratyahara. Because of the depth of the eardrum, it relieves deafness.


  • Keep the body comfortable and loose.
  • Do not put hard force on the tongue, try to press the palate with the tongue top.
  • If you feel swelling or pain and burning in the neck part, avoid this asana.

Jalandhar Bandha

Jalandhara Bandha 800
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Jalandhar bandha should be performed after the practice of pranayama and asana before practicing meditation and dhyana. In both the classical texts Hatha yoga Pradeepika and Gheranda Samhita typed under the section on mudras or the psychic gestures.

Even though Bandhas are technically not similar to asana, both are combined as they trigger a certain channeling of energy in the body. It is conducive for the higher practice of dhyana and samadhi.

Once it is mastered, it is performed along with mudras and pranayama before the meditation practice. Jalandhar Bandha helps to shapes and tone your face.

How to do it?

Sit down in the Lotus position of modification of a lotus position. Take a deep breath and keep hands on knees, raise sternum to the chin, and once the sternum locks onto the chin, get the head to flex a bit forward/downward direction and hold this position.

Benefits of Jalandhara Bandha

The Jalandhara Bandha works effectively near the air passage and blocks the airflow. It is used in the Kumbhaka practice or holding the yogic practitioner’s breath.

This yoga presses against two necessary glands such as parathyroid glands and thyroid. These two glands balance body metabolism. The throat part is the seat of the Vishuddi Chakra.

It activates the throat chakra, which helps to prevent the anti-again process.

It prevents the prana shakti from moving up. When performed with moola bandha, it can cause a lock of upward moving energy and down moving energy in the body. These two energies awaken the Manipuraka chakra.


Fish Face

jawline how to perfect sculpted cheekbones facial
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It is also recognized as the smiling fish face. It is one of the fines and easiest cheeks exercises you can do anytime.  This workout, while lowering flabbiness, enables the color and stretch of the cheekbones.

This exercise also tones and firms the jawlines to relieve stress and tension in the jaw.

How to it?

Suck cheeks and lips inner side and try to copy a fish face. Hold face and keeping a smile. You will sense a burn-in jaw and cheeks. Repeat and relax the exercise.


Fish face helps to stretch and tones your cheek muscles. This yoga makes your face sleek and cheeks less flabby.


Mouthwash Technique

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The mouthwash technique tones your cheeks and prevents double chin.

How to use it?

Fill mouth using air.

Transfer the air in the mouth from one side to another side to cleanse mouthwash. Continue the process for some time, take a pause, and do it a couple of times.


The mouth wash method will also benefit to tone the cheek muscles and increase the carved jawline.


Cheek Uplift

6. Cheek Uplift
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Cheek uplift is good for the cheekbone. It lowers the fat in them and tones face to make appearance younger.

How to do it?

Sit comfortably and keep smiling as wide as possible. Now keep the index and middle finger of both hands on both cheeks. Using fingers, raise cheeks near eyes. Hold it there for some seconds and relax. Repeat the workout a couple of times.


Chin Lift

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Chin lift will decrease the double chin and extends the throat, neck, and jaw.


How to do it?

Stand or sit conveniently. Turn your head upward to the roof and let your eye catch the same.

Tighten lips and hold out the front as if you are trying to kiss the ceiling.

Hold on to that for some time and release.

Redo the same exercise for some time.


Neck Roll

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The rolling neck is an effective way to remove a double chin. It helps to tone chin, neck, and jawline muscles. It tightens the neck skin and lowers the sagging of skin and wrinkles.

How to do it?

Sit comfortably and let head facing front direction.

Flex head to one sideline using chin and turn head in a circular motion.

Keep your spine straight and shoulder down while performing this move. Make the circular motions in the clockwise and anticlockwise direction for some minutes, making sure that the shoulders and scapulars do not move upward to the ears.

Lip Pull

10 yoga exercises that make your face look thinner 7
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Lip pull tones facial muscles and provide high cheekbones and a shape jawline. It makes you look younger.

How to do it?

Stand or sit comfortably, keep head facing front side and straight. Raise lower lip as much as possible by pushing lower jaw out. You must feel a stretch in the jawline and chin muscles while doing the same. Stay in that pose for some time, take a pause, and repeat.

Jaw Release

wide open attractive lips
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Jaw release gives an attractive and sharp cheekbone, a rounded jawline, and a lower double chin. It extends the muscles throughout your jaws, lips, and cheeks.

How to do it?

Seat easily and move your jaw as if you are eating with your mouth closed. Take a good breathe while doing this. After that, open your mouth as broad as possible using the tongue on your deeper teeth. Keep it for some seconds and redo it sometime at a stretch.


Eye Focus

header image How to reduce under eye wrinkles fustany
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This exercise makes your eyebrows smooth.

How to do it?

Open eyes as wide as possible. Make sure eyebrows are not forming wrinkles. Keep this way and focus at a point in the distance. Balance this position for around 10-seconds, relax, and repeat 4-times.

Blowing Air

Yoga for cheek
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This workout is beneficial for facial and neck muscles. It helps to reduce the double chin and provide you a natural face raise and a leaner chin, and provide a natural facelift and a leaner appearance to the face.

How to do it?

Keep the spine straight and turn the head backward. Ensure eyes are directed towards the ceiling, and you can notice it. Pull out lips and blow air. Keep doing this for 10-seconds and then relax. Repeat this 10-times.

Keep doing this yoga for slimming your face, and see your face get better sooner than you can think.

Is Face Yoga Effective?

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Yes, face yoga is effective, but you have to stay committed to the regimen. Because facial aging is due in part to muscle loss, if you can commit to a healthy routine, yoga helps to strengthen those muscles, make the entire face look firmer and more youthful. According to one study, testers who facially workout for 30 every day over 2-months, then every other day for 3-months, reported a raised fullness in their cheeks, making them look nearly 3-years younger. It is the best natural solution to regain a youthful appearance and the best alternative to plastic surgery and Botox, a facial yoga instructor at Skin-Fit-Gym-in Los Angeles.

How Often Do You Need To Do Face Yoga To Notice Results?

Ideally, every single day, if you need to see good results. Consistency is the key to get successful results. If you like a challenge, then you can stick to a 30-minutes everyday beauty routine for at least 5-months, which could make you look some years younger than your age. But make sure not to skip sun protection and anti-aging skincare routine.

How Does Yoga for Face Work?

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During the fitness schedule, you will wake up sleeping muscles in the face to enhance tone and relax facial muscles, especially wrinkles muscles. It will smooth wrinkles and firm upward saggy spots. You might feel silly about these face exercises at first, but the result shows them.

Expert Answers

Can I do Face yoga multiple times in a day?

Yoga experts do not suggest doing face yoga more than once a day, as it does not do anything additional for toning the face. Every exercise should be done regularly in a limited way to get enough results. Overdoing yoga for the face might tense your face muscles and leads to pain. 10-15 minutes of everyday routine for the upper and lower face is enough to get a supple, glowing, and healthy face. It works on complexion and relaxes face muscles, getting them to perfect shape. Face yoga commonly shows a positive result in a week.

How does face yoga affect the skin?

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Face yoga impact on skin in different positive ways. The structured face movement during yoga works the dermis, hypodermis, and epidermis, which is nothing but the upper, lower, and middle layers of skin. If performed as recommended, it enhances the blood flow, thereby nourishing facial cells and providing them the needed amount of oxygen.  Doing regular face yoga sessions helps to remove the toxins in pores are eliminated. It makes your facial skin radiant and moist. Yoga also stimulates collagen and elastin production, which tone the face in a harmless way.

How Long Will Yoga Show Effects On The Face?

If performed yoga regularly for 10-15 minutes on the lower and upper face yoga begins showing initial results in a week. You will sense the facial muscles ease after every yoga session, followed by noticeable results. As you proceed with facial yoga for some weeks, you will notice the healthy skin signs and muscle tones including neck muscles. The fine lines and blemishes begin to disappear if you regularly keep this regime for months. Many have shared their practices of looking and feeling more younger after proceeding with face yoga for more than one year.

I Have Had Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery, May I Still Perform Face Yoga?

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Face yoga can be performed even after plastic or cosmetic surgery. It is harmless and helps to recover skin damages that occurred by surgery. While it is advisable to take the opinion of a doctor before starting the face yoga regime, no complaints have even after reported the date. Face yoga will get back the natural skin glow and make it supple and healthy. Performing this will keep the need the future cosmetic surgeries at bay. Sometimes, cosmetic surgeons themselves suggest some type of facial workout after the surgery.

May I Still Perform Face Yoga, If I Have Had Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery?

Face yoga can be done even after plastic or cosmetic surgery. It is harmless and helps to recover skin damages that occurred by surgery. While it is advisable to take the opinion of a doctor before starting the face yoga regime, no complaints have even after reported the date. Face yoga will get back the natural skin glow and make it supple and healthy. Performing this will keep the need the future cosmetic surgeries at bay. Sometimes, cosmetic surgeons themselves suggest some type of facial workout after the surgery.

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