Ashley Graham Weight Loss Diet And Exercise Plan

Ashley Graham is a model with plus size and an incredibly beautiful appearance. Her modeling career began at a lesser age since she was found by somebody at a shopping center in her city, Nebraska. She works with some prominent and best brands and magazines like Vogue and Glamor.

Also, being a fitness freak and body activist, Ashley’s body transformation and tried to improve the fit body perception. There is a fragile line between being plus size and staying fat. It is all about whether your body has more layers and fat muscles.

Ashley Graham’s new body transformation has some important sparks. Despite being slammed many times for promoting obesity or weight loss, the curvy fashion model could not care about rumors.

She is the reputable founder of ALDA, a demonstrator for body positivity, and was shown on the cover of Elle, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. She is additionally the first plus-size model to be featured on the front of Sports-Illustrated’s-Swimsuit-Issue. Here late pictures show she has changed into one body, which made a huge number of fans.

Ashley Graham’s Weight, Age, Height, And Size

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Not that Ashley Graham’s weight, age, height matters. I am just giving this data so that on the off chance that you are somebody who doesn’t fall under the regular “lovely” class, you can see that you don’t need to be under any classification, besides. Take a look.

Name Ashley Graham

  • Age 30
  • Height 5’9”
  • Weight 200 lbs or 91 kgs
  • Dress Size 14-16

Ashley Graham is very confident in her skin, and that is the reason she looks so charming in every picture! In her recent photoshoot, she posed without using any makeup, and she looked more beautiful than ever.

Indeed, for that, we need to return to 2000. She was found by I&I demonstrating organization while shopping at a shopping center in Nebraska. She was 12 years of age around then. After a year, she was joined by Wilhelmina-Models, and in 2003, she was joined by Ford-Models. In the years to come, she was on the cover of best style magazines. She has additionally selected authority on the unscripted TV drama America’s-Next-Top-Model. Ashley additionally talks at secondary schools about body inspiration and is a solid ally of the Health at Every Size development. Here’s her inspirational TED Talk on the body.

Ashley Graham: Diet

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Ashley Graham followed a healthy diet food containing fresh veggies, fruits, healthy fats, and lean protein. But she also told StyleCaster that she consumes everything. Here is some information about the diet plan.


Consume smoothie made from ginger, kale, beetroot, apple, lemon, parsley.


Eat brown rice and Quinoa bowl with trapped tahini and veggies.


For dinner eat arugula, salmon, and sweet potato.


Eat chocolate with chia crackers.

Cheat Day: Lunch or Dinner

Mac and cheese.

Ashley Graham: Workout Plan

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Ashley Graham has several pictures on social media that show her regular workout. She trains with HIIT and Darwin Pena like lunges, squats, jumping, ball smash, burpees, scissor legs, and jackknife. Strength training like swings, push-ups, planks, barbell squats, sledgehammer, brand hip thrusts, resistance band hip thrust, and double band sumo dead-lifts.

She also reduces her first 5k marathon and goes for aerial stretching classes to manage her body flexibility.

Her favorite form of workout is kickboxing, which helps to burn more calories, strengthen muscles and bones, reaction times.

Ashley’s full-fledged Exercises


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Keep feet apart, hands in the front direction and back level. Go down in the squat position till thighs become level with the floor.

Do 20-reps of Squats exercise.


Sumo Squat

Sumo Squats
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Keep feet at a width two times your shoulders and toes pointing outward. Use dumbbells in both hands, lower body as much as possible for you by keeping back straight.

Do 20-reps of Sumo Squat exercise.


Speed Skaters

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Stand on the left leg, keep left knee lightly flexed and right foot over the floor. Lower down your body near the floor and jump over your left leg landing on the right foot. Get your left foot back of your right as you reach near the outside of your right foot using the left hand. Reverse the movement and land gently over the left foot.

Do 20-reps of Speed Skaters exercise.



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Put feet at hip-width apart and flex knees in a squat form so that you can easily take down hands to the ground. Jump both the feet behind to move into a plank. Set your backbone straight and perform a push-up. Jump feet back-up to hand and clap them overhead.

Do 20-reps of Burpees exercise.


Body Ball Burpees

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Flex knees to form a squat position and support yourself on a Bosu ball in the plank position. Perform push-ups using back straight.

Do 20-reps of Body Ball Burpees exercise.



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Keep hands on hips and feet at hip distance. Get left leg front and flex it at 90-degree. Repeat the same movement at another leg.

Do 20-reps of Lunges exercise.


Ball Smash

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Stand up to hold a medicine ball, keep feet at hip-width and knees flexed. Lift the ball over the head and then get it down, keeping the torso level to the ground.

Do 20-reps of the Ball Smash exercise.


Slash Hammer

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Keep one in the front direction, perhaps on something such as a tire, and swing a hammer upward and downward as fast as possible.

Do 20-reps of the Slash Hammer exercise.



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Keep all weight on one arm and perform push-ups. Jump back to the other hand and do again.

Do 20-reps of Planks exercise.



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Lie over the floor, face upward, and keep knees straight. Raise the torso and one leg as you get the ball to that foot. Do it again for the other leg.

Do 25-reps of Jackknife exercise.



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Lie on the ground using face upward and stretch legs to the ceiling. Get one leg near to the face and hold it using hands. Do again for another leg.

Do 35-reps of Scissor exercise.


Triceps Extension

How to do a Tricep
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Lift weights above the head, keep arms straight and knees flexed in a squat position. Flex the elbow and decrease the weight behind the head. Go back to the beginning point and repeat.

Do 20-reps of Jackknife exercise.


Triceps Kickback

Dumbbell Tricep Kickbacks
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Stand keeping knees bent and lean front lightly holding a dumbbell in both hands. Flex one of your elbows to get the dumbbell to the side, make the upper arm level to the floor. Press the dumbbell backward and level to the arm. Go back to the starting point and do it with a different arm.

Do 20-reps of the Triceps Kickback exercise.


Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Bicep Curls
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Keep one pair of dumbbells in both hands using palm in the front direction and keep back level and chest upward. Keep your upper arms still, flex elbows, and turn the weights to your shoulders. Lower the weights and go back to the beginning point, straighten arms completely and repeat.

Do 20-reps of Dumbbell Biceps Curl exercise.


Dumbbell Chest Fly

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Lie back over a bench holding dumbbells near your chest and palms facing each other. Push the weights upward, straight. Open arms wide and lower the weights to the side and a little back, till upper arms are level to the floor. Reverse the sides and repeat.

Do 20-reps of Dumbbell Chest Fly exercise.


Dumbbell Bench Press

Dumbbell Bench Press 1
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Lie flat bench on a bench, keeping elbows and shoulder drop. Hold a dumbbell in every hand over either side of your chest. Raising both weights and push them upward till arms are completely stretched.

Hold for one second, drop, and repeat.

Do 20-reps of Dumbbell Bench Press exercise.


Bent-Over Row

Bent Over Row
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Hold the dumbbells and stand by keeping feet at shoulder width and slightly bent. With arms at sides, flexed over the hips until your back is almost level to the floor. Pull the dumbbells up, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Pause and then decrease the weights.

Do 20-reps of Bent Over Row exercise.


Lat Pulldown

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Sit at a lat pulldown-station and take the bar keeping shoulder at hip-width, arms straight, and trunk upward. Without moving the middle, pull the weight bar down to the chest as you press the shoulder bones together. Take a respite and constantly return to the beginning point.

Do 20-reps of Lat Pulldown exercise.


Machine Shoulder Press

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Sit at the shoulder press machine and hold a bar at the shoulder using an overhand grip. Press weight up until arms is straight above the head.

Hold for one second and release in three seconds to decrease the bar back to the beginning point.

Do 20-reps of Machine Shoulder Press exercise.


Lateral Raises

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Keep feet at shoulder width at the beginning point. Hold a dumbbell in both hands, palms facing in and arms in front direction with elbows slightly bent. Lift arms till they are parallel to the ground. Go back to starting and do again.

Do 20-reps of Lateral Raises exercise.


Healthy Tips from Ashley Graham

Improve Your Mindset

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Body positivity and a healthy body image begin in your mind. People around may have shaped a perfect body image in the head, but it is time to change that. Once you understand and accept your body type and increase respect for different body types, you will not be bothered by how curvy or skinny your body is.

Make Your Fitness and Health A Priority

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Fitness is like a double-edged sword. If you skip it, you are called names for the type of body you have too fat or too skinny. And if you make fitness and working out a part of your lifestyle, you are mocked about it. Do not let it affect you. Make it a habit and keep doing it to reach your health goal.

Eat Healthy

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Ashley Graham has started healthy eating as a part of her lifestyle, and that is how she gets all strength and energy to exercise so much and not feel tired. By eating clean, you can also change lives and protect yourself from different fatal diseases like kidney diseases, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes.

Ashley starts her day with healthy and nutritious food. She does not strictly prevent herself from anything in particular, but she does decrease the number of unhealthy foods.

She begins her day with a savory glass of fruit smoothie. It is a healthy and delicious option. She drinks on it while she is reviewing her schedule for the day and reading some essential emails.

After freshening up, she has her breakfast before she is ready to go to work. She has prepared it as her routine to have a large glass of green juice extracted from green vegetables. Her typical mix consists of lemon, kale, ginger, apples, beetroot, and parsley.

For lunch, Ashley eats cooked or leafy green vegetables with a bowl of brown rice. Brown rice is always her preferred over white, and it is very essential to feed the body with healthy vegetables and they are the purest form of nutrition.

Her lunch also includes some quinoa and tahini. For dinner, she likes to eat fresh salad and sweet potato, and another vegetable without any cheese or cream.

She eats salmon or chicken, baked and not fried. Ashley loves to eat at the little beet table in New York from time to time when she is not consuming at home. You can spot her there several times. Also, her most favorite healthy drink is Green Giant from juice press. When her taste buds are craving something tasty but healthy, she likes to eat gluten-free kale pasta. It sounds strange, but it is best according to her experience.

Although Ashley consumes her routine diet but also eats a cheat meal Mac and cheese. It gives her a guilty feeling, and she likes to have it when she has no lingerie or swimsuit projects coming up.

Those are the days when she is motivated to consume strictly low carb and healthy food and exercise to the core. The secret topping that works all time over unhealthy food for her diet is tahini sauce, garlic, and honey. You will always get their jars complete at her home.

Enjoy Your Cheat Meal Day

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The cheat meal day is everyone’s favorite. But you need to earn it by following a good and healthy lifestyle, 6-days in a week. On your cheat meal day, you can eat additional 500 calories. Therefore, if you are on a 1500-calorie diet, you can eat 2000 calories on a cheat meal day. It will prevent your weight loss unplanned things. You will enjoy food without any guilt.

Do What You Love

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Do lose that love for your hobby? Pick it up again. Doing what you like and not feeling pressured to do well in it can help to lower stress, enhance productivity, and skip you from feeling overworked all the time.

Ashley Graham is a popular icon and role model for millions of people. Losing weight is her own decision, and everyone should learn from her that weight is not a shameful thing. Join her to have a positive body and spread the word about fitness.


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