Best Pilates Reformer Exercises And Benefits

The reformer was introduced by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates. It is a bed-like frame with a flat reformer platform on it, known as the carriage, which rolls back and forth over wheels within the structure. The carriage is connected to one end of the reformer by a set of springs.

Springs offer choices of different levels of resistance as the carriage is pulled or pushed along the frame.

The carriage has shoulder blocks over it, which keep practitioners from sliding over the end of the reformer as they pull or push the carriage.

At the reformer’s spring end, there is an adjustable bar known as football. Football can be utilized by the hands or feet as a practitioner move the carriage. The reformer also provides has large straps with handles over them, which are connected to the top end of the frame.

They can be stretched with arms or legs to move the carriage also. Bodyweight and the resistance of the springs are what make the carriage extra difficult to move. Reformers parts are flexible for differing body sized and different skill levels.

How to use Pilate Reformers?

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A wide range of workouts is performed on the reformer to promote strength, length, balance, and flexibility. Most pilates reformer workout has to do with pulling or pushing the carriage or taking the carriage even during the workout as it is pulled on by the springs.

The best thing about the reformer is its versatility. Workout can be performed lying down, standing, sitting, straps pulling, football pushing, perched over the shoulder blocks, perched over the football, with extra equipment, sideways, upside down, and other variations.

The pilate reformer can train different parts of the body in different ways by only a moderately sleek piece of equipment. There are different reformer exercises, including those for beginners and challenging for advanced practitioners. For example, there are beginner Pilates reformer exercises and between pilates reformer rowing workouts.

Pilates Reformer Exercises

The Reformer Footwork

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This exercise target the muscles of calves, hamstrings, glutes, quads, adductors, and abs.

How To Do?

  • Connect 2-3 springs to the platform for the needed resistance.
  • Lie down over the Pilates reformer platform. Keep your toes over the football, raise heels, and open knees slightly. Keep your hands by the side, keep pal flat, and stack shoulder against shoulder blocks.
  • Press the reformer platform and pull your body upward by straightening your knees.
  • Hold this pose for one moment.
  • Push feet against the floor bar, bend knees, and go back to the beginning point.

Sets And Reps

  • 3 sets of 15 reps

Leg Circles with Pilates Reformer

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This exercise target your abs, glutes, pelvis, quads, adductors, calves, and hamstrings.

How To Do it?

  • Connect tow springs to the reformer platform for needed resistance. Attach the hook to extension straps to another football end.
  • Lie down over the platform with your knees curved and feet pointed.
  • Raise the straps on your head and then slide in one foot after the other to secure feet in the loop.
  • Push your pelvis down and keep hands by side and palms level on the reformer platform. Now push the body to slid up. Stretch legs totally so that your legs are at 60 degrees with a platform. Balance your toes pointed and make sure the straps fall between knees.
  • Begin moving legs in small out circles.
  • Circle legs in the opposite direction after doing 5-reps.

Sets And Reps

2-sets of 15 reps

The Frog On The Pilates Reformer

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This exercise target ab, adductors, hamstrings, back, and pelvis.

How To Do?

  • Connect the straps with the reformer and attach 2-springs for your level of resistance.
  • Lie down over the reformer platform with bent knees. Pick the straps on your head and move a foot into each strap loop, one after another. Let the straps are between knees, knees should be at shoulder width, and the whole back is opposite to the platform. Keep hands by side.
  • Push the body and keep the legs straight. As you do this, you will slide upward. Then, pull your legs back to the beginning point and slide slightly down.

Sets And Reps

3-sets of 12 reps

Stomach Massage – Rounded

Abdominal Massage for Constipation Relief
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This Pilates reformer exercise targets the lower abs, glutes, pelvis, adductors, hamstrings, and quads.

How To Do?

  • Sit over the pilates reformer. Keep your toes over the foot bar, and keep knees at shoulder width and hold the edge of the platform to keep the body stable.
  • Bend your back and tuck neck inside. It is the beginning position.
  • Breathing, engage your abs and stretch legs. It will make you slide back as you do so.
  • Breathe out and flex your knees again and go back to the beginning point.

Sets And Reps

2-sets of 15 reps

Stomach Massage – Arms Back

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These pilate reformer exercises target the pelvis, lower abs, glutes, quads, adductors, and hamstrings in the body.

How To Do?

  • Keep three springs for the resistance. Sit over the pilates reformer platform, keep your toes over the football, raise heels and hold the shoulder blocks back of you.
  • Stretch your legs and slide back. Lower down heels and bend knees to slid forward.
  • Lift heels and repeat.

Sets And Reps

3-sets of 15 reps 

Short Box – Round Back

Round Back
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This workout targets your abs and back muscles.

How To Do?

  • A short box is an added attachment for the reformer. Keep it on the shoulder block. If you are petite, keep the short box in front of the shoulder block.
  • Attach 2-heavy springs and guard your feet by sliding feet under the resistance loop connected to the foot bar. Press your feet stretched at hip-width.
  • Wrap your arms near your waist and roll your tailbone toward heels and lean back. Hold this pose for one moment and roll back upward.

Sets And Reps

3-sets of 10 reps

Short Box – Flat Back

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The short box – flat back exercise focuses on back and abs muscles.

How To Do?

  • Sit over the short box and adjust your feet over the football by sliding them from the strap connected to the foot bar.
  • Keep your hands over the back of the head and keep back straight.
  • Gently lean back till your tailbone is level with heels and go back to sitting position.

Sets And Reps

2-sets of 12 reps

Elephant On Pilates Reformer

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This workout focus on glues, abs, hamstrings, quads, and calves muscles.

How To Do?

  • Stand over a pilates reformer frame. Keep your heels against the shoulder blocks. Flex and hold the foot bar with your hands and keep hands at shoulder width.
  • Breathe in and curve your spine. Lower down your head and look at your navel.
  • Press your glutes, engage abs, breathe out, and push the platform back.
  • Take a breath and slide the platform forward to the beginning point and manage the back arched.

Sets And Reps

3-sets of 15 reps

Knee Stretch On Pilates Reformer

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This pilate reformer exercises to target hamstrings, knee joint, calves, quad, and abs.

How To Do?

  • Kneel over the pilates reformer platform. Come upward on your knees and keep a hand on the foobar. Ensure to keep your hands at shoulder width. Keep the soles of your feet opposite to shoulder blocks and legs at hip-width.
  • Sit back over your heels and rotate the spine. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Flexed neck to get ears near elbows. Make sure not to perform over curl your back.
  • Breathe out and contract the abdomen. It is the beginning position.
  • Take a breath and lift buttocks slightly and push out the platform so that it slides back.

Again, breathe out, contract your abdomen, and push back in so that the platform slides to the beginning position.

Sets And Reps

3-sets of 12 reps

Running on the Pilates Reformer

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This exercise targets hamstrings, calves, and quads.

How To Do It?

  • Lie down over the pilates reformer platform. Keep your toes over the football, keep hands-on side, and palms flat over the platform.
  • Stretch your legs and slid upward.
  • Drop right heel down, flex the left knee, and slide down.
  • Slide back upward by stretching the left leg and lift the right heel.
  • Lower your left heel down, flex the right knee, and slide down.
  • Slide back by stretching the right leg and raise the left heel.

Sets And Reps

2-sets 25 reps

Reformer Pilates: Benefits

Regular reformer pilates workout will provide the best flexibility, strength, and balance, which in turn improve movement, posture, and mental health.

Gives A Full-Body Workout

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Using the pilates reformer to do carefully choreographed movement will provide a total body and balanced workout.

Reformer Pilates globally strengthens the body by using the distinction of the springs to target the large muscle movers. It also activates the small stabilizers of the body. This workout create change, balance, and harmony in the whole body. It helps to strengthen the weak part of the body.

It Increases Strength And Muscle Tones

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Reformer Pilates is a powerful workout that uses springs of machines and levers to produce resistance and make equal focus on both the contraction of the muscles and the eccentric release to generate lean and long muscles. The pilates reformer is very versatile, offering a different level of resistance to push yourself.

Provide High Intensity And Low Impact

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Reformer Pilates classes are one of the ideal choices for people with injury but always take your medical expert advice about your injury and exercise plan. It is a good equipment for everyone with injuries because it uses springs and ropes instead of bodyweight in the horizontal plane.

It Creates A Better Posture And Stronger Core

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Many workouts focus on the core to give a workout to muscles. Engaging core muscles helps to build 6-packs and improve your posture.

Will Reformer Pilates Help In Weight Loss?

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Every pilates session aims to tone, lengthen, and strengthen the body from a combination of stability and mobility of exercise. It will help to burn calories and change your muscles shape. You can combine reformer pilates with high-intensity training for effective results.

What Should You Understand Before Trying Reformer Pilates?

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Beginner to reformer pilates can often be frightened by the equipment, but with correction, it is very easy to use for fitness levels.

Attend some reformer pilates to understand it. They are not easy to stretch but will ensure to learn it with a solid foundation.

How Is Reformer Pilates Machine Different From Other Fitness Equipment?

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The reformer name refers to the whole frame and platform, which is possibly a popular piece of Pilates equipment. If you are not familiar with this machine, it may look scary.

A frame is called a carriage. It moves around on wheels and is attached to one end by a set of springs. This machine can be used by one arm and legs and shoulder blocks for limiting the practitioner’s falling off when exercising.

It can be utilized in a high range of ways to provide benefits to flexibility, strength, and balance.

The majority involve pulling or pushing the platform against the spring resistance and balancing the movement back, or holding it in one place.

Therefore, it can be performed sitting, standing, upside down, and using all the different parts of the Reformer.

The equipment versatility refers to the continuation of a challenge, even the most experienced Pilates practitioners. Often by keeping more of the body over the platform or with the springs over a lighter setting, needing more engagement and strength.

Does Reformer Provide Mindful Benefits?

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Unlike yoga, it did not introduce as a spiritual activity. It is undoubtedly mindful. The proven psychic benefits of reformer exercise include promoting memory, training the brain, relieving depression, and anxiety.

There are also particular workouts created to flush the body from stress hormones, also release tension in the face during normal stretch sessions.

The significant thing for a newcomer is to follow holding breath. It is a key breath for connecting with lower stomach muscles, diminish circulatory strain, and improve mental focus.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Improper breathing

Make sure to breathe properly in and out during workout to get good results.

Moving Too Quickly

You must try to move slowly and engage muscles to make pilates sessions effective. Doing more reps helps to focus. Do the workout with accuracy.

Poor Focus On The Movements

Focus on the movements of each body part. It will help to engage the right muscles and benefit pilates sessions.

How Many Calories Burn During Pilates Reformer Exercises?

The pilates reformer helps to burn 250-450 calories in one exercise session. If you do this exercise four days a week, you will burn around 1000-1800 calories every week. However, the calories burned will also depend on your fitness levels, time, and body weight.

The pilates reformer workout is the best way to lower pound fast without feeling exercising. This fun equipment will motivate to do this exercise regularly. Apart from getting a toned and fit body, you will also get the best mental benefits.

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