Best Exercises to Improve Neck Posture

Poor neck posture can cause more strain on the neck ligaments, muscles, and neck joints leading to discomfort described as Tension Neck Syndrome. It is a dull pain felt around the point where the shoulder and neck meet.

Sometimes it also comes with different symptoms, such as anxiety and tension headache.

Let’s find out reliving postures for the bad neck;


Chin Tucks

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It is a simple and effective workout that helps to relieve tension from bad neck posture. It focuses on the deeper neck muscles and releases the pressure on them.

How to do it?

Sit straight and look right in front.

Now, keep a finger, preferably your index finger on your chin.

Holding this finger in place, you should start pulling your head behind it till you feel some stretching around your neck.

Stay in this pose as you feel the stretch for some time for 15 seconds.

Now, move your head and keep your chin forward till your chin is in contact with your finger again. Repeat the process as much as time possible for you.


Shoulder Shrugs

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Shoulder shrugs are another good exercise to help with a neck strain. It is a simple exercise to do. It can be done in-home with or without weights. This exercise works on a muscle named the trapezius muscle. As the name recommends, this trapezius muscle is a trapezoid muscle around the backside of the neck and upper back. It is commonly most instantly impacted muscle in cases of bad neck posture and must be relieved.

How to do it?

Stand straight, looking right front. Your feet must be flat over the ground. They should not be arched, and you should not be keeping over any heels.

Keep your arms beside you, your palms facing your body if you are doing without weights. If you are doing the work out with weights, you should get your weights in your hands. Now drop your knees a bit, and do not move your feet.

Pull in a deep breath as you elevate your shoulders high as if trying to reach your shoulders toward your ears.

Do not elevate your shoulders fast. Raise slowly in a way that you feel some type of anti-pressure.

When slowly dropping your shoulders, as you breathe out. Repeat again and again.

Head Tilt

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It is an effective and simple exercise that focuses on your deltoid muscles, also impacting the synergistic muscles of the upper back and neck. The deltoid muscle is one of the muscles impacted by bad neck posture and needs to be eased if relief must be felt.

You do not require equipment to do head tilts. It can be easily done at home by anybody.

How to do it?

Stand straight, keep feet at 2-3 feet distant. Your feet must be at distance from each other.

Now, move your head from one side to another side.

Do tilt move like you are trying to reach you should with your ears.

Do this move again as much as possible.



Nodding helps to relieve neck tension as it focuses on deep neck muscles which are often mid of neck discomfort. As funny as this seems, it is true. Therefore, how do you do this exercise?

How to do this?

Do this work out in a straight position, looking right in front.

Move your chin downward, as if you are nodding, and drop your chin till reaching to the chest part.

Repeat on and over till you feel you have had sufficient. Rest, and go on. Relief should come quick.


Child’s Pose

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This workout is very easy to do and works effectively. It focuses on upper body muscles, as you stretch, these muscles relax, the tension over them easing up.

To do the child’s position, you have to sit.

Do kneeling and sit like that.

Sit with legs folded, toes reaching each other, butt on top of your heels.

Your knees should not be in contact. They should be around one-foot or2 feet away from each other.

Now, bend forward, your arms outstretched, your forehead reaching toward the ground. It is good if your arms are not outstretched. You can only keep them in place beside you as long as they do not move and you do not break the pose. Remain at this point for some minutes, doing a breathing workout as you relax.


Prone Cobra

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This workout effectively increases shoulder muscle strength, upper back muscles, and neck muscles. It is a simple workout to do in advanced action.

How to do it?

Lie over your belly, keep your face down, forehead touching the ground. Keep your arms beside you, palms over the floor. Press the tongue tip against the opening of the mouth.

Now slowly, try to get your shoulder blades to each other. Your shoulder blades are also known as scapulae, bones that are linked to the upper body toward the back.

Take your hands above the ground.

Keep palms facing outside, roll elbows in and do a thumb up.

Now, raise your forehead some inches above the ground. Manage the pose for around 10-15 minutes and do it again.

So that your forehead does not sustain scratches, you might wish to keep a towel over the ground. You should also stay careful and not overdo it.


The YTWL Exercise

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It is a simple to do exercise that aims to work the spine muscles. It stretches tight spine muscles while straightening tight spine muscles.

How to do it?

This exercise does need equipment.

It can be done easily at home or anywhere.

Elevate your arms and create a letter Y with your palms pointing forward. Now, pull your arms back while keeping your elbows straight.

Hold still for 30 seconds.

You should now enter into the W position. To do this, pull your arms down, and let your elbow point down.

Hold for another 30 seconds.

After this, stretch your arms like T with your palms facing front. Keep your arms back again and hold for 30 seconds.

Then, go down to create an L using the elbows on the side and fingers pointing on the opposite. Pull your forearm backward and hold outward for another 30 seconds.


Overhead Arm Reach

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It is also a simple neck exercise. This exercise target both superficial and deep neck muscles and work on the arm, upper back, and torso. You only require a chair to do this work out.

How to do it?

Sit on a chair and let both feet reach the ground.

Your feet should not be bent, keep them flat.

Now raise your right arm overhead, reaching toward the left side of your body. Flex your torso till you will feel stretched.

Go back to how you began. Repeat this workout for 5-minutes, alternating between right and left arms.


Pectoralis Stretch

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This exercise is best for the shoulder muscles and upper back. It is very simple and can easily perform at home.

How to do this?

Move into your doorway and keep your forearms near the doorframe.

Keep one forearm on one side and another one on the other side.

Let your elbow bent.

They should look something like a right angle, which is 90 degrees.

Release the weight of the body so that your body falls in front and begins to feel stretching around the shoulder and chest.

Hold for some seconds, between 10-20 seconds, and then release. Repeat the procedure many times. Relief comes very fast.


Neck Exercises: Dos and Don’ts

According to a medical review by Carol DerSarkisssian, if you experience neck pain, you wish to remove it as soon as possible. Exercise is one best way to prevent.


When Should I Begin Exercising?

As long as your physician tells you to do exercise for neck pain and stiffness. Resting for more time, commonly anything more than some days, will make it difficult to move again.


When Will the Pain Relieve?

Neck pain is common but not all time serious. The pain should relieve within 2-weeks. Complete recovery should take 4-6 weeks. As your neck begins feeling good, you can do as more as possible for yourself. Even if the pain goes, do not stop exercising.


How Long Do I Need to Exercise?

You should continue doing the exercise for 6-8 weeks, even if you stop hurting. It will help to prevent neck pain.


How Can I Prevent the Pain Away?

You can work on your neck muscles like different muscles. Stretch work, but you can also perform simple workouts like the ones below. They can enhance your neck strength and range of motion. With each of these workouts, begin with 5 repetitions of each and check if you can do 10.

Check with your physician before you begin.



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Sit or stand with your head and back squarely on your shoulders.

Then, move ahead as far as possible and be comfortable. Hold it for upward to 30 seconds. Then move your head toward the other side, and hold it for upward to 30-seconds.


Shoulder Circles:

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Standing, lift your shoulders straight upward and move them in a circle one way. Drop your shoulder and do it again in a different direction.


Resistance Exercises

Sitting or standing, keep your left hand over the side of your head over your ear. Slowly press your head against your hand while holding your head straight. Perform a similar thing with your right hand.


Head Lifts

Lie down on the ground by keeping your knees flexed and feet flat over the floor, and raise and drop your head.

Ensure you do not lift your shoulders as you perform this.

You can also perform these lying over your side and on your stomach.


Aerobic Conditioning

Low impact cardio exercises given below also help to lower neck pain.



When beginning with a workout program for the first time, your best bet is walking. Being a low-impact exercise, it does not keep the pressure on the neck and would be helpful for severe neck injuries. Walking helps in strengthening bones and muscles since it involves lifting weights.

If you can raise the pace, walking will help you in weight loss and good cardio fitness. Your posture is necessary while walking with the neck and back in one straight line.




If your neck injury is not very serious, you can take up jogging which needs some pace. Approval from your physician is necessary before taking this up.

Jogging indoors over a treadmill is a good choice in comparison to jogging outdoors as you run the risk of getting injured when you are jogging on the street or on a trail where the surface might be uneven.

It goes without notice that good posture is essential and ensures that your body is straight. The shoulder, back, and head should be at hip distance.



Another low-impact exercise for a neck injury that involves weight-bearing is cycling. As always, it must be approved by your physician.

Take precautions before doing it.

A spinning class or stationary bicycle are the best options compared to riding a bicycle on the road as there might be bumpy patches that might cause injury and accident.

The handlebars f the stationary bicycle should be controlled to reach easily without neck strain.



Swimming has less stress on the body through water support. It also has less pressure on bones, joints, and muscles.

The freestyle stokes are not suggested by the Santa Cruz-Acupuncture-Orthopedic-and-Sports-Medicine-Clinic as there is the repetitive movement of the neck, which could reduce your pain.

Other strokes like forwarding crawl, breaststroke, and sidestroke could also be detrimental to you.


What Else Can I Do?

Core exercises can help to relieve neck pain. Your core is your back, abdomen, and buttocks. If your core is strong and you are holding your head straight as much as possible, your neck will not have to function hard.


Risks Of Neck Exercises

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Misusing or overworking your neck muscles can cause injury or pain. It can be occurred by worn joints, strained muscles, and nerve compression. Ensure the workout does not lead to pain. If something does not feel good, do not do it.

Take care not to strain or stress when you are working out for your neck. Always utilize good posture and right alignment. Use controlled and slow moves to complete the workout. Go to your edge and avoid forcing any move. You do not require to exercise your neck each day. Take time to rest between sessions.


When Can I Expect to See Results?

You may begin to see the results before they become visible. You will possibly be able to see results within some weeks or months of consistent workouts. It can depend on factors like fitness level, body fat percentage, and body size. The duration and workout intensity can also impact your results.


How Can I Reduce My Neck Pain?

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Neck pain occurs because of the unhealthy lifestyle that we point toward computers and smartphones have got a permanent fixture in our lives neck stiffness happens as a result of the muscle weakness or poor posture.

Doing some simple changes like monitoring eye levels, not working too hard, and refraining from tilting and twisting your head while working over the computer can prevent pain in the neck. You should also take breaks while working. Try stretching during you are at your desk by rolling your shoulder down and back 10-times. You could also try squeezing shoulder blades 10-times.

Sleeping in a bad posture can also cause neck pain. Skip sleeping over your stomach. 

Try alternative applications of ice or heat to relieve the pain. Skip sudden movement. The range of motion workout should be done slowly from side to side or down and up.

Use a firm mattress without pillows and take your doctor’s help for a soft neck collar.


Get Freedom from Neck Pain

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The neck can affect the life quality of your life if not treated at the right time. There are some simple steps to relieve your pain, starting with sitting posture while at work or your sleeping pose.

Treatment for neck pain depends on the intensity level. There are different workouts for the neck which relieve neck pain and injuries. When opting for a workout routine for the neck take expert guidance.


Final Words

Discomfort from a bad neck is common, particularly among office people who sit for a long day. It happens because of strain in ligaments, muscles, and joints. Discomfort from a bad neck can range from dull pain to tension headaches to anxiety and sleep problem.

Workouts are best for relieving neck tension. If it is done properly, relief comes fast.

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