Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss

Weight loss does not come from any magic or easy methods because it depends on individual health and lifestyle and food habits. Instead, you need to burn extra calories than you consume. This involves cardio strength training and a healthy diet.

Cardio is the best component of a workout to get a slim body. Choose it if you need to lower some extra pounds. It works by raising heart rate and burning calories from fat and glucose. But not all kinds of cardio are suitable for weight loss and health. Research shows that moderate-intensity cardio is not much effective as high-intensity cardio, and it causes muscle loss and affects joints.

Intermittent Sprints

If you need an efficient way to burn calories, boost cardiovascular health and muscular endurance, and want to advance your physical fitness, then consider including sprints and intervals in your workout routine.

Sprint exercises are the best addition to resistance training or cardio. You can alter them based on fitness level, time, space, and intensity for a workout.

When it comes to including sprint exercise in your fitness routine, a common rule is to take it slow.

In other words, do not do it much or too soon. You need to allow your body to adjust with higher intensity and give yourself enough resting time between exercises.

Here are tips to apply when you are a beginner for a sprint workout.

Begin With Warm-Up

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Begin with dynamic stretches, light jog, or speed walking to prepare muscles for exercise that is about to happen.

Grow your exercise

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Begin with shorter segments, followed by double duration in recovery or more if needed. For example, sprint 30-seconds of recovery, which could include a brisk walk, complete rest, or light jog.

Give Time For Recovery

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Do not hurry after a workout, as you do a workout, let the body come back normal and heart to normal heart rate.

Intermittent sprint training is defined as a short duration of fewer than 10 seconds all-out sprints with a recovery time that is long enough for complete recovery 60-300 s. It is also an explosive kind of training because it needs SSC movements similar to PT.

How to Do Intermittent Sprints

  • Set treadmill at a 3-degree incline and begin by running at a speed of 6 mph.
  • After one minute, raise the speed to 9-10 mph.
  • Keep running for 3-minutes.
  • Raise the speed up to 14-15 mph and keep the sprint for 30-seconds.
  • Lower down to 10 mph and keep running for 3-minutes.
  • After -minutes, and sprint for 3 seconds.



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It is a form of interval training; a cardiovascular workout strategy alternates short time of intense anaerobic workout with low-intensity recovery time until more exhausted to keep doing. The method is not only restricted to cardio and instant add weight for the short time also. Though there is no universal HIIT concourse duration, this intense exercise typically lasts under 30 minutes as it uses the anaerobic power system which is commonly utilized for sharp and short bursts. The times change based on a participant’s existing fitness level.

Moreover, old HIIT was created to be no more than 20-seconds on with no more than 10-seconds off. It would get in the anaerobic power system. The strength of HIIT also depends on the session span.

HIIT exercises offer improved athletic capacity and condition also enhance glucose metabolism.

In contrast to more extended sessions average of other regimens, HIIT may not be as useful for managing obesity and hyperlipidemia or increasing bone mass and tissue mass. However, a study has shown that HIIT regimens found a notable decrease in the fat mass of the overall body in young women.

How To Do High-intensity-Interval-Training?

You can perform many exercises at high intensity like jumping squats, burpees, high knees, jumping lunges, and step jumps. Ensure you are doing these workouts in the correct form.

Perform one set of 10-reps of every workout and then take a 10-second break. Do not take a long break.


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Rowing is the sport of racing boats with oars. It varies from paddling sports in that rowing oars are attached to the boat with oarlocks, while paddles are not linked to the boat. Rowing is divided into 2 disciplines: sweep rowing and sculling. In sculling, each rower holds 2 oars, one oar in each hand, while in sweep rowing each rower holds 1 oar with both hands. There are many boat types in which athletes may encounter, varying from individual sculls, done by one person, to shells with 8 rowers and a coxswain called eights. There are a wide variety of course formats and types of racing, but most elite and championship level racing is sent on calm watercourses 2 km long with many lanes marked using buoys.

How To Do Rowing

  • Take the handle of the rowing chord and sit on the rowing machine.
  • Keep feet on the footrest and spine straight, chest out, and shoulder rolled down.
  • Engage your back and abs muscles and pull the bar or handle toward abs.
  • Stop when elbows are back of your body. Squeeze shoulder blades and make sure to not lean back.
  • Return to the beginning point.


Rope Jumping

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Jumping rope is the best calorie burner. You need to run for a minute’s mile to burn extra calories than you would burn from jumping rope. Use a calorie counter to know how many calories you will burn for a specific activity, based on the duration and weight of the workout. It is certainly healthy for the heart. This exercise helps to increase the strength of the upper and lower body by burning calories in a short time, but other considerations will show if it is suitable for an individual.

Primary Requirements

For Beginner, a beaded rope is suggested because it retains its shape and it is easy to manage than a lightweight vinyl or cloth rope.

Adjust the rope by holding the handles and stepping over the rope.

Shorten the rope therefore, handles reach the armpits.

Wear correct size athletic shoes, specifically cross-training shoes.

You will need a 4 by 6-foot area, and about 10 inches of space over your head. The workout surface is very necessary. Do not try to jump over grass, carpet, asphalt, or concrete.

While carpet lower impact, the downside is it holds your shows and can twist the knee or ankle. Use a wood floor, plywood piece, or an impact mat designed for a workout.

How To Do Rope Jumping

Grab a handle with each hand. Change the rope from your head to your back.

Begin hopping at a low speed and jump the rope.

After finishing 25 jumps, raise speed and jump the rope 50 times.

Take a ten-second break and begin jumping again with rope. If possible, jump and fold legs to touch heels to hips.



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Swimming is the best form of workout for beginners because it is suitable for the body. It does not affect your joints or bones but swimming is still an effective weight loss exercise.

If you are overweight, you may be thinking about an injury or have a joint condition. Obese people may have painful joints from carrying access weight. Swimming challenges the body without keeping much pressure on joints.

Some people think that this exercise is very easy to lose weight but swimming can be very challenging according to your structure and workout goal.

How To Swim for Calories Burning?

Wear a cap, swimsuit, and swimming goggles.

Jump in the water and do freestyle strokes.

Do 10 laps to engage every muscle and get the best workout.

Learn other strokes to help yourself to swim faster and burn extra calories.


Brisk Walking

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This is one of the effective and easiest cardio workouts. You can do a brisk walk, outdoor, or indoor sweat-inducing walk exercise without any special equipment. The best pair of sneakers is about all required for obtaining the different rewards of the fast-paced walk.

The key to getting the best exercise with brisk walking is to manage a pace that is challenging for the lungs and heart, but not much hard that you run out of steam more quickly.


How To Do Brisk Walking

Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes.

Perform a minute warm-up and begin walking at 5 mph.

After one minute, raise your speed of walking to 7 mph.

Keep walking for 5 minutes before you do slow to 6 mph.


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Cycling also called biking or bicycling, used bicycles for recreation, transport, sport, or workout. People doing cycling are referred to as cyclists, bikers, and bicyclists. Apart from 2 wheeled bicycles, cycling also has tricycles, unicycles, recumbents, quadricycles, and human-powered vehicles.

How to Do Cycling To Burn Calories?

Begin by sitting on the bike and keep yourself comfortable.

Start pedaling at a medium speed.

After one minute, raise pedaling speed so that you feel the burn in your thighs in just one or two minutes.

Avoid stopping pedal for 3 minutes.

Slow down a bit for one minute and then do biking at high speed for 3-5 minutes.



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The kettlebell is a cast steel or cast-iron ball with a top handle. It is used to perform different exercises like cardio, flexibility training, and strength. They are also basic equipment used in the weight lifting sport of kettlebell lifting.

How To Do Kettlebell Exercises?

Begin by walking up the stairs.

Keep climbing every other step.

Next, climb the stairs by lunging.

Alternate the forward lunges and lateral lunges.

End the set by running upward and downward the stairs once.

Take a 10-second break and then go second set.



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This elliptical is helpful to exercise to increase cardiovascular endurance, therefore it is good for the heart. It is also a low-impact exercise, suitable for beginners or those who have joint problems. It is easier for hips on knees than walking or running on the treadmill. Include the resistance from the incline and the movement you get from holding onto the handle of the machine and you get total body cardio exercise.

Additionally, this combination of low-impact exercise and ease of use is what makes it the best tool to add with cardiovascular workouts to gym newbies. When you join on the treadmill, you put total body weight onto one foot with each step. As your foot reach the ground, the impact travels to the body. An elliptical, on the other hand, is created to keep in contact with your feet from the whole exercise, which means you do not get a similar jolt impact when you move the pedals.

How To Do Elliptical Exercises?

Step on the elliptical machine, and hold a handle with both hands and being pedaling.

Press the instant start button and include resistance to level 2.

Take a breath while you are moving as fast as you can.

Pedal backward with a similar intensity.


Cardio Guidelines

Get Your Body Habitual

If your body does not have a habit to do high-intensity cardio, you may get an injury.

Follow the Right Technique

Take your time to understand and learn the right posture instead of only doing 100 reps, because 10-reps will provide you better results and stop injuries.

Breathe in And Out

If you are running or doing high-speed jumping rope, it does not mean you need to get a high-speed ticket to heaven. Breathing in and out will also increase effort to reduce weight.

Drink Water Before A Workout

You can drink normal water and avoid energy drinks brought from supermarkets. You can also drink water throughout the day, pre- and post-workouts.

Engage Your Muscles

Without contracting or engaging muscles, you will not be able to target a particular area. For example, while doing rowing, you should engage your legs primarily, but you can also contract your shoulder blades to stimulate and work lat muscles.

Do Not Overdo Cardio

Overdoing any workout, especially cardio, is not helpful for joints and muscles. Combine your exercise routine with stretching and strength training so that your body gets a total range of motion.

Wear Good Shoes

Shoes are essential when it comes to doing any type of cardio workout as they help to protect feet soles and knees.

Benefits Of Cardio

Increasing Circulation

As cardio exercises are good for health, they also help to improve circulation. Having better circulation is essential in many ways. Better circulation increases blood supply, oxygen supply, and nutrition supply to organs and muscles. Since a healthy heart refers to easy circulation in the body. It means all body parts receive enough of everything required. It helps every organ and muscle in the body to function better. It helps liver health and other internal organs to boost their efficiency, and physical output also. Moreover, a healthy circulatory system increases blood flow at a high rate and lowers bad cholesterol build-up, which is risky. On a side note, various people experience tingling feelings in the extremities or numbness. It can lead to nerve damage, which can lead to low oxygen and blood flow. Therefore, a healthy circulatory system means all nerves will stay healthy and lower numbness or tingling sensation.

Good for Your Heart

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The best benefit of cardio is heart health. Your heart is important in the body, and exercising it make it stronger and effective. Doing a cardiovascular workout for the heart is like performing weighted curls for the biceps. Anything that makes your heart stimulate at a high rate will train it and make it healthy.

Doing cardiovascular exercise helps to raise the efficiency at which the heart can pump blood into the whole body. It is good for you because the heart will work smoothly and lower resting heart rate and reduce high blood pressure.

A more efficient heart also benefits to raise physical performance due to heart forces oxygen and blood to travel to every muscle and function properly.

Furthermore, a healthy heart also prevents bad cholesterol accumulation, which can cause heart attacks and strokes. It also lowers heart disease chances and arterial disease.

Cardio workout helps to maintain and create a healthy heart, which prevents other diseases also.


Healthy Lungs

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Cardio also helps with healthy lungs. Doing cardio helps to manage healthy breathing in the body and lets the lungs work more efficiently.

It is a kind of beneficial cycle because the more you work out the stronger your lungs get. Having strong lungs is helpful for more physical performance and increased oxygen to survive.

Doing a cardio workout helps to create more alveoli, which are the things that absorb oxygen. Therefore, your body can absorb extra oxygen and increase VO2 max, which is the lungs rate for oxygen processing, keep in the blood and carry oxygen into the entire body. Thus, more efficient lungs help to absorb and process oxygen in the whole body.

It also keeps your lungs in shape and more efficient to get extra oxygen.


Prevent Depression, Anxiety, and Stress and make you Happy

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Cardio exercise helps to make you happy. It is because of more fit and strong physical body and mental condition. This workout benefit to

increase mental health by releasing happy chemicals by the brain.

When you do exercise, it stimulates the brain to create more neurochemicals. Cardio workouts make the brain induce more different neurochemicals like endocannabinoids, dopamine, and serotonin.

Various chemicals work together to create the sensation of joy, happiness, relaxation, elation, and pain relief for happy sensation. It means that a cardiovascular workout literally can make you a happy person.

Furthermore, it also lowers the anxiety effects, prevents stress, and lowers depression.


Weight Loss & An Active Metabolism

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Cardio exercise also helps to keep metabolism active and promote weight loss. It burns calories, increases metabolism efficiency, and high energy. That energy is required to fuel the exercise routine from the calorie you eat. Therefore, workouts need increased calories to be able to do, thus burning away those extra calories.

Thus, working out with an empty stomach will directly cause weight loss. How many calories are burned and how much weight is reduced does depend on the intensity level of cardio workout you do.


Better Sleep & More Energy

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Regular cardio workouts also increase energy throughout the day. Engaging in this type of workout also stimulates the brain to some neurochemicals, some of which we have mentioned before.

Different chemicals, because they make you feel happier, also help to keep you energized. It is a common fact that people who are stressed also experience low energy. Working out at the beginning of the day helps to provide you a good outlook on the day that it comes. It is a very good way to get the blood flowing and letting the brain work.

This exercise also helps to get you better sleep at night. A large part of this workout is because it used energy.


Increased Confidence

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Yet another benefit that you get from doing a regular cardio workout, which gets you more confident. Cardio exercise makes you healthier and increases long lifespan.

Moreover, cardio exercise requires some motivation and commitment to developing to a greater fitness level. It can make you seem more confident.

Even you will also feel more positive about your appearance. It is much rewarding to look in the mirror after some months of doing a cardio workout.

Enhance Cognitive Function

Cardio exercise also helps to improve your cognitive functions. Enough amount of blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen in the entire body help the brain. It is shown that workout, through high oxygen and blood flow, as well as for some other mysterious reasons, causes the brain to generate neurons. Neurons are the cells in the brain which give and receive signals to every organ to function in the body.

More neurons in the brain will help with better brain functions. Things like logical thoughts processes and skills in problem-solving can help to increase neurons and electrical impulses shooting in the brain.

Another aspect that helps from this is memory. It is shown that your memory, both long term, and short term can be highly improved from a workout like this. Cardio exercise also helps people with Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s to improve memory.

Improve Physical Performance and Endurance

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Cardio exercise also benefits endurance, stamina, and physical performance. It will fulfill the need for blood and oxygen to functions properly especially while exercising. Since this type of exercise helps to improve the efficiency of both lungs and heart, it helps to provide your muscle with extra things you need to keep harder and longer.

Having stronger muscles means you will work harder without tired feeling, which leads to strong muscular endurance.

Good for Weight Training

Weight training is good because it helps to promote muscle size and strength. Different types of cardio workouts provide different benefits.

It makes no sense to do weight training without doing some cardio more. Both of them in combination is a good way to make a healthy body.

Muscle Training

Doing cardio workouts also benefits to give training to muscles. While losing weight you will train your muscles to strengthen. More durable and bigger muscles make physical performance easier and promote activity.

Control Diabetes

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Cardio exercise also helps to control diabetes. High blood sugar and diabetes influence the glucose processing ability.

Regular cardio help to metabolize glucose, and lower blood sugar levels to normal.

Stronger Immune System

Cardio exercise also increases immunity and white blood cells. White blood cells are important to prevent sickness and infection from harmful viruses. These white blood cells help to create antibodies to disease or infection.

Regular cardio exercise helps to increase white blood cells to prevent unwanted things in the body.

Increased Bone Health

Doing regular cardio exercise also helps to increase bone health. Different types of cardio exercise increase stronger bone. Every cardiovascular workout does not put stress, pressure, or more weight on bone.

To conclude, high-intensity cardio for 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week, is the best way to kickstart your goals, whether it is weight maintenance, weight loss, or better shape. These workouts target all the muscles in your body and benefit to get the best fitness level and the best body you ever could imagine.

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