Benefits Of Crab Walking Exercises

The crab walk is the best workout that will work out your whole body. It does not need any equipment to do and it is an exercise that you can do at any location. You need to balance your weight using legs and hands and leave your hips out. While you might not consider crab walk being a legitimate workout, there are many benefits of fun with this unique workout. 

How to Do the Traditional Crab Walk

  • Sit on the ground and then bend knees to reach the ground.
  • Make sure that the feet sole is on the ground and that your feet line up with hips.
  • Raise hips using both core glutes and core muscles. You should form a tabletop position.
  • Keep lifting hips you will want to take your right foot and go forward along with your left hand.
  • Take a step forward now with your left foot and right hand.
  • The important thing is to pull off this workout by remembering it is a cross crawl kind of pattern. It means the right foot moving with the left hand and the left foot moving with the right hand.
  • Take 15 steps and the take-back movement so that you reverse in a position where you begin.


Different Types of Crab Walking Exercise

Supine Crab Walk

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You need to do this supine crab walk with triceps. To do this workout you need to sit down in a comfortable position. Put palms over plane behind of hips, then work on abdominal muscles and hold the palm and feet near the floor to uplift the rear end. Now work your left foot and right hand to walk 1 move forward. In a similar process return this action on the other side.


Prone crab walk

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You can do this position of crab walking workout at various angles than the previous style. At first, you want to come in a position by having your face down to the floor. When you get the crab walking exercise with this prone crab style, you will work straight with inner and outside thigh muscles, belly muscles, abductors, and outer thigh muscles. Now to begin this workout bring out your left hand and left foot at the same time. Now, walk your right arm and right foot toward the left side of your body at a particular time. Repeat this sequence with your right foot and right hand to continue this style to the right-side body.


Sumo crab walk

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This specific crab-walking style targets the inner thighs and challenges quadriceps muscles. You need to do this style in the standing position. First, you want to stand in an expanded position on toes facing outward and place your knees flexed. Now keep arms at the posterior of your head. Now holding a broad stance, you want to work ahead of one step as far as likely you. Now take a turn around and go back to the beginning position. Turn toes out and keep inner thighs busy to work during the walk. You have to maintain working quadriceps and hold them in a flexed knee position. This position is called an isometric hold.


Traditional crab walk

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The traditional crab walk is the best workout, which stimulates large muscles of the buttocks particularly the Gluteus maximus. This crab-style workout starts with a situation when you are reaching over your toes keeping it in front. Now just come out to the left side of the left foot and then take the right food inward.

Perform this step in a reverse manner. You can perform this style with flexed knees in a squat position. You can simplify this step by making your legs straight. A resistance band is required to hold ankles to make this position more signifies. Perform this step in a reverse manner and flexed knees in a squat position. You can do this with straight legs using a resistance band is required to hold ankles to make this position more effective.

Tips for a Successful Crab Walk

Do not make your feet go too far in front of you or try to move them more quickly as it could lead to injury in the upper body. The shoulders are the most at injury risk if you move quickly.

To assure your back keep injury-free, you wish to get palms behind you on the ground at all times and make sure your feet are correctly hip-width apart.

Begin doing the crab walk slowly and then develop to a quicker movement. It might take some time to get the speed that is right for you. You can challenge yourself by raising the speed slightly every week.


What Muscles are Targeted During the Crab Walk?


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The triceps are present on the upper arm in the back and stretch your arm at the elbow. They are also essential for rotating the arm, and it is one of the most essential muscles for doing the crab walk.



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The glutes get more workouts from crab walking, and these are well known as butt muscles. The glutes have gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus. These muscles are essential for helping to raise legs to the side and make you rotate legs. The glutes will help to balance the pelvis while also reaching the hips.



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The hamstrings can be found on the posterior of your upper leg and they are directly underneath the glutes. This muscle allows you to flex your knees, broaden your hips, and considers your legs to rotate.


Rectus Abdominis

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This muscle is called the six-pack and it is essential for creating abdominal pressure and it also helps to bent your torso. Core strength training can also help to improve and strengthen the torso muscles.



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The crab walk is best at working out your calves and it will make soleus muscle work correctly during this workout. The soleus muscle is what makes you point your toes when the knees are flexed at that 90-degree angle.


Front Shoulders, pectoral, and lats

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All of these muscles will work in a group to make your shoulders stabilized while you crab walk. These are going to be the muscles that you will see are important for doing crab walk properly, and often this is where soreness will be after the exercise.


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When you do this workout you are exercising quadriceps, which can be present on the top part of the leg. There are four muscles in the quadriceps, including Vastu Lateralis, Vastus Intermedius, rectus femoris, and Vastus Medialis.


Benefits of Crab Walk

More Upper-Body Strength

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The crab walk will raise your strength of upper body and it will do this in the first attempt at this nostalgic workout. You will quickly see that your arms begin shaking, which is a healthy sign. While doing the crab walk you are going to also see that your back and forearms get a fairly decent exercise. Since the workout uses shoulders, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and arms in a whole upper body exercise routine.


Enhances Balance & Coordination

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This workout is going to increase coordination and balance and that is a high benefit if you are an active person and wish to learn skills in a specific sport. Even if you are not into other sports, changes in coordination and balance are necessary to help to skip injuries in everyday life. You will also see that your posture has changed in an improved manner with this workout. It will also help to stop injuries in everyday life. You will also have to focus on concentration as you move different body parts.


Burn More Calories

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The crab walk is considered a complete body workout which means that you are going to be utilizing the muscles from shoulders on down. With total body exercise and movements, you need extra oxygen to do the exercise. It means that you are burning more calories with every passing minute. Since this workout is supposed to be performed in an instant movement, it is best for cardiovascular health and helps to raise metabolism. Isolated movements and workout need only some oxygen since it is focused on one type of movement. By doing this workout you will see that you can burn extra calories and strengthen your muscles in a low time.


Crab Walk Improves Flexibility

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If you wish to become more flexible but do not wish to do yoga, then do the crab walk many times a week, and you are going to get more flexibility. Flexibility is essential to skip the common injuries, and it also provides circulation and complete cardio health. It helps joints health and increases flexibility to keep joints moving and healthy.


No Need of Weights to Increase Strength

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When you decide to start strength training or think of developing strength at home, you may often feel frustrated about purchasing weight. A crab walk is considered a strength workout, but you are not going to get to purchase any weights to receive benefits. It is best for those in locations where having a weight set is not possible. Since this workout uses your total body during the movements that become the resistance you need to increase muscle strength.

Good For Joints

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Crab walk also helps to work out the whole body. The back muscles in arms, muscles in shoulders, stomach, back muscles, and abdomen muscles are qualified and skilled. Moving on to the lower body part this workout stretch the whole ligament part that is present back the upper shank muscles, front upper muscles of legs, and quadriceps.


Tones Your Body

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Crab walk is the best exercise that focuses on the posterior end of the gluteus muscles. Females, especially the ones that are helpless with obstinate fat on the thighs, arms, abdomen, and buttocks region would be the good benefactors of this workout. Doing 15 minutes workouts in a day gives you the best results within a month. You may increase the speed and severity to get better results.


Easy To Do

The conventional crab walk workout is very easy, and it does not require equipment to do this. It is simple to learn and perform it and you will not need trainer instructions.


Can be Done Anywhere

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The crab walk workout does not require a room or a building to exercise. You may work out anywhere like beach or garden or lawn as you like.


A Complete Body Workout

The crab walk exercise is a very effective workout that aims at every single limb of the body. You can retinue the smallest to biggest muscle in the body with this single workout. It makes your muscles robust and tones them and makes them healthy. This single exercise serves good for the whole body instead of doing a list of exercises for every body part.


Help in Balancing

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The finest advantage of this exercise is it will help you balance out your body weight and hold it still and sustain that pose when you move or keep in a position for a long duration of time that is an art in itself. You will start to lower more weight and enough calories from the body.


Prevent Boredom

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The crab walk is a childish and very funny exercise, but it gives your whole-body variation compared to the usual boring exercise that you do only for the exercising. The crab walk is most interesting and easy but effective for a workout.


Who can do crab exercise?

Since it is a complete body exercise, it is essential to begin slow and include a move into shorter bouts of workouts, rather than stretched attempts. If you see you are not ready for it, keep up your other exercise to increase total coordination and strength before trying it again down the line.

This move is an advanced move with good benefits for overall strength, but I would recommend it for someone who has been an exercise for at least 6-months. Pain, aches, and injuries you have build-up over the years may stop your comfort.

Avoid it if you are suffering from lower back pain, wrist injuries, or hand pain.


How to include a crab walk in your strength workout?

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A crab walk is good to include as part of an interval routine, not as a stand-alone workout. In other words, you do not wish to head to the local gym and just begin crab-walking around the gym for 30 minutes. There is no other way without much ongoing practice.

Rather, it is suggested to use the crab walk as an instant cardio boost between strength workouts.

For example, you could do 3-sets of 15 squats and do crab walk as an interval rather than relaxing between sets.

When adding crab walks as an interval between strength workouts, try to complete the workout for 30-60 seconds. If you feel tired to continue walking part, simply press the crab position in place, lifting your hips as you engage your core, upper back, triceps, shoulders, and glutes to remain steady.


How to Include A Crab Walk to A HIIT Workout?

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You can use a Tabata-style interval exercise that adds a crab walk as a component, along with other cardio-boosting workouts. Tabata is a HIIT exercise that adds a workout that remains 4 minutes. Consider this challenging option when you wish to break a sweat with a no-equipment exercise at home.

Repeat the series two times for a complete 8 intervals or four minutes before taking a two-minute break. Complete 2-4 rounds.

  • crab walks-20 seconds,
  • 10 seconds, rest
  • jumping jacks – 20 seconds
  • 10 seconds, rest
  • bear crawls – 20 seconds
  • 10 seconds, rest
  • skaters – 20 seconds
  • 10 seconds, rest
  • Repeat a second time through


Crab Walk Variations

The basic crab walk is very genuine, but there are ways to add it if you want to build ab exercise or balance challenges.


Crab Oblique Crunch

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The crab oblique crunch workout is a challenging thing for balance while adding some more oblique work into the basic crab position.

Begin in the reverse tabletop pose on hands and feet, your hips raised from the ground. Engage core and alternatively bringing left elbow and right knee across the body to meet in the center as a type of adjusted crossed body crunch.

Come back to the left palm and right foot to the floor and do it again to the opposite side. Keep doing for 30-60 seconds, or the assigned interval length.

Lateral Crab Walk

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If you feel tired of crab walking forward and backward, you can do a lateral version. It will include shoulder and hip abduction and adduction into your routine. Begin in a similar reverse tabletop position on the ground, supposed by hands and feet with hips raised.

Step to the right using left palm and left foot, followed quickly by right palm and right foot. Keep this sideways crab shuffle for 10 feet, then reverse the movement and head back to the beginning part, now leading with the left foot and left palm. Do 20-60 seconds as part of a predetermined interval.

Crab Abs For Balance

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If you feel that doing crab oblique crunches are completely easy, amp things up by trying crab abs.

The concept is the same, the workout further focuses your core muscles and challenges balance while still giving work to muscles used when doing a moving crab walk.

Begin in reverse tabletop position, supported on hands and feet by keeping core engaged and hips raised from the ground.

In an alternate movement, aiming to reach the left foot with the right palm.

Do this as you feel comfortable, slowing the movement as needed to help to balance. Return the right palm and foot to the ground before doing this for the opposite side.

Keep doing alternate sides for 20-60 seconds as part of your predetermined interval.

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