Appendicitis -Causes, Types, Symptoms and Treatment


Appendicitis in very simple terms is basically an inflammation of the appendix, and in this problem a three and a half tube of the tissue, usually extends from the large intestines. The appendix mainly contains the tissues, which are basically responsible for producing the antibodies as a matter fact, but till now in spite of… [Read More]

Osgood-Schlatters Disease – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Osgood-Schlatters disease is a growth disorder that causes a lump called an anterior tibial tubercle; it sits just below the knee cap and above the shin. (See Figure 1) It is directly above the fragile growth plates and occurs in adolescents aged ten to fifteen years old. The lump tends to be very painful and… [Read More]

Microscopic Colitis – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Microscopic Colitis pictures

What is Microscopic Colitis? This condition is caused by severe inflammation of the bowel tissue and causes chronic diarrhea. It gets its name from how it is diagnosed, under a microscope. There currently is no standard blood test and most people see the doctor to check for this condition when diarrhea persists for a long… [Read More]

Morquio Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Morquio syndrome pictures

What is Morquio syndrome? Morquio syndrome in its simplest form is a rare form of defect discovered at birth which has serious consequences. It is a condition which is passed down through the genes, from parent to child to grandchild. The condition which is actually categorized as a disease, it means that there are not… [Read More]

Sweat Rash (Miliaria) -Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Prickly heat

What is a sweat rash? This disease or condition you will find comes attached with many different titles. A sweat rash is also known as:-     Miliaria,     Miliaria Rubra,     Miliaria crystalline,     Miliaria profunda,     Miliaria pustulosa,     Prickly heat,     heat rash     sweat rash But with the name of Miliaria do… [Read More]

How To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant

Hello my dear ladies, so finally the clock has struck within you and you wish to get pregnant soon? And do you think getting pregnant is easy? Well maybe! But only if you understand certain things to do or better to say to follow strictly, as we all know that the pregnancy window is very… [Read More]