Epsom Salt Bath for Weight Loss

If dieting, consuming weight loss pills, and working out is not your thing, Epsom salt bath may be a good way to lower some extra pounds. It is an excellent and relaxing way to lower weight. This salt has been utilized since the 1900s for problems. Magnesium sulphate heptahydrate and Epsom salt were found in Epsom. These clear crystals help in managing different enzymes in the body and balancing healthy nails, hair, and skin by helping in collagen synthesis.

What is Epsom salt?

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Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate, which is a chemical compound made up of sulphur, oxygen, and magnesium. It is less scientific name stems from its prevalence in the Epsom village in Surrey, England. It is one of the first spa towns where people came to take the waters from a painful Salin spring thought to get medicinal properties.


How To Make Epsom Salt Bath For Weight Loss

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You can prepare an Epsom salt bath by including 400-500gm Epsom salt in a warm water bath. Do not include more salt as it will not lower more weight. The Epsom salt bath works best when adding the right amount.


How To Make Epsom Salt Bath

During starting days, begin by including one tablespoon of Epsom salt in your bath.

Gradually promote the quantity of Epsom salt to 2 cups every bath.

Stay in the bath for 15 minutes to let the salt get absorbed. Avoid staying longer than 20 minutes.

After the bath, drink water for rehydration.


How Many Times Can You Take An Epsom Salt Bath?

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You can take a regular Epsom salt bath but not daily. Avoid getting the risk of overexposure. Determinate that your body maintains its natural method of detoxification.

Healthy routines can maintain and sustain these natural procedures, but they are not constantly necessary functions, but they are not always necessary, and more is not always helpful.

When you sit in an Epsom salt bath, your body reacts to the increase of sulphate and magnesium in the environment, and this may lead to a detox reaction.

Your body works hard to manage a balance of minerals and nutrients and over-exposure could stress your body or lead to toxicity. That is why people with kidney disease and diabetes should skip this bath.

Talk with your doctor if you would like to make Epsom salt bath a regular part of your lifestyle.


Risks Of Epsom Salt Baths

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Overdosing of magnesium is rare, especially from Epsom salt baths, more magnesium may cause:

  • Hypotension
  • Thirst
  • Cardiorespiratory Arrest
  • Drowsiness
  • Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • Respiratory Depression
  • Coma
  • Confusion
  • Death

Because the kidneys process the magnesium, a person with kidney disease should skip Epsom salt and talk with a physician before consuming magnesium supplements.

Epsom salt bath may also not be advised if you are a diabetic because soaking yourself in the tub may increase the risk of skin damage in the skin.


Types Of Epsom Salt Baths

Apart from utilizing Epsom salt in the bath, you can also try out different variations to improve the results. Here is some Epsom salt bath that will include a variety of weight loss programs and motivate you to stick with a routine.

Ginger And Epsom Salt

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If extra toxins build up in the body, then it could also be a reason for weight gain. Adding ginger to Epsom salt bath helps to open body pores and remove toxins from sweat. It is an easy and most natural way of eliminating body toxins. The remedy works much better if you utilize hot or warm water. Include 2-3 tablespoons of crushed ginger against 2 cups of Epsom salt in the warm water bath for effective results. Soak your body for 30 minutes in the hot bath.


Baking Soda And Epsom Salt

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Include two cups of Epsom salt and baking water and then rub it on your body slowly using a soft sponge. This process helps in cleaning the dead skin cells and eliminating the extra toxins from your body.

Epsom Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar

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Include Epsom salt and add apple cider vinegar in the ratio of 1:2 in warm or hot water. Soak yourself in the bath for 30-40 minutes. Vinegar is famous for relieving joint pain and stress. Hence, apart from lower weight, you will also get relief from joint pain and muscle.

Epsom Salt And Essential Oils

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Including an essential oil in the Epsom, salt bath helps to improve its properties. You can include 10-20 drops of essential oil of your choice, such as jojoba or lavender essential oil, to trigger relaxation. For getting the best from all remedies, you can try different every month.


Benefits Of Epsom Salt Bath

It relieves the muscle’s soreness.

It helps to remove extra oil from hair and skin.

It is the best antidote for moderate pain and sunburn irritation and is used as an alternative to aloe vera.

It causes instant recovery from minor injuries and muscle strains.

It provides relief from bug bites and stings.

It is the best solution for dry lips

It is considered to be one of the excellent exfoliators.

Hence, it is normally utilized for deep exfoliation in pedicures and masks.

It is utilized to treat poison ivy rashes.

Epsom salt benefits you to feel relaxed and helps you sleep better.


Other Benefits of Epsom Salt bath

Lowers Depression Risk

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Low magnesium levels are linked with unhealthy stress management, which in turn, can make you prone to increase problems like disrupted sleep, anxiety, depression, and other problems linked with high stress. Doing Epsom salt bath can help to lower stress levels, help dopamine production, and improve mental health.

Additionally, healthy magnesium levels may help to balance melatonin levels in the body, which improves your sleep.

Epsom salt also creates a calming effect on the body, which helps to relax. It is also one of the reasons why many swear by the help of Epsom salt therapy and baths to provide stress relief and poor sleep.

Good To Fight Constipation

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Constipation happens when feeling difficulty with bowel movements. Magnesium act as a natural medicine that helps to relieve constipation problems. According to several researchers, high magnesium levels help to bring water into the colon, which boosts normal bowel movement. However, Epsom salt is effective for digestive problems. Consuming 2-3 tablespoons can be helpful. However, too much Epsom causes bloating.


For Post-Workout Recovery

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One of the common uses of Epsom salt is including in warm baths, which helps to relieve muscles discomfort, pain, and soreness. As the fitness director and a wellness trainer at Hilton-Head Health-David Chesworth suggest Epsom salt baths to some of his patients as a way to help their body recover the following exercise. After a workout, the benefit of Epsom salt comes from magnesium sulfate. Magnesium regulates the electrolyte balance, which requires potassium absorption and calcium regulation.

In an Epsom salt bath, the magnesium ions are emitted in the water, which may help the body to utilize lactic acid and glucose. It may provide relief to inflammation, soreness, and muscle cramps.

While there is more anecdotal evidence that an Epsom salt bath can help to feel good after an exercise, research is still needed.

For example, a 2006 study on the link between physical activity and magnesium did find that a strenuous workout may promote a magnesium needs of a person by 10-20%. However, a 2017 study did not get any evidence that magnesium can be absorbed from the skin, including from a bath. That said, a warm bath itself can help to soothe muscle pain and joints, according to Cleveland Clinic, and including Epsom salt in your bath is not going to harm you. If you get that a post-workout Epsom salt bath speeds up the recovery, there is no reason to stop.

For Pain Relief and Foot Care

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Epsom salt also helps to treat foot problems and relieve pain. Soaking your foot in Epsom salt helps to provide benefits to injured and sore feet.

Use room temperature water to cover the foot. Mix the solution and soak your injured and sore foot for 20 minutes. If you are a person with arthritic, do these soaks for 6-8 hours as required to offer relief from pain. This bath for the foot can also help to lower the itching and pain from Athlete’s foot and work as an antifungal.

Epsom salt soaks can also help in treating the discomfort and swelling from an ingrown toenail. After an ingrown toenail is corrected by a podiatrist, it is helpful to soak the impacted toe as described above, followed by the application of an antibiotic ointment or cream.


For Anxiety

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According to Rhonda Mattox, MD, a board-certified physician in neurology and psychiatry, Epsom salt is one of the tools in her toolbox that can be helpful for patients with some conditions, including anxiety. She explains that she suggests Epsom salt bath to people who are already on multiple meds when there should not be potential fallout of including another medicine that could lead to interactions or side effects in people who do not need any medicines. According to Dr. Mattox, people with low magnesium are more likely to get complaints of insomnia and anxiety. During this acknowledgment, there is no best data to suggest that magnesium is absorbed in the skin.

It is recommended that Epsom salt bath for people with moderate anxiety- even if the benefits are not more than the placebo effect during work.

That does not prevent suggesting it to my patients who do not need medicine but need relief.

Because when the placebo impact comes with an improvement of symptoms without medication and low side effects.


Better Sleep Quality

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Epsom salt bath also improves your sleep quality in people with insomnia or different sleep-linked complaints. Based on self-reporting by patients in her practice without a control group, she has discovered that those who consume Epsom salt baths report feeling calmer, more relaxed, and easy to sleep. Again, even if this is because of the placebo impact and not real magnesium absorption, she still believes it is a win.

If baths can help to relax your muscles, lower stress, and the best part of night-time, your sleep will improve.



Magnesium is popular for its quality of detoxifying. Epsom salt baths should be a part of detox. If you are satisfied with a little more last night’s Epsom salts, some favorite essential oil, baking soda, and remove all those toxins with a homemade detox bath. Magnesium is a famous headache treatment also; many headache clinics offer magnesium from an IV to stop or treat migraines. Magnesium is exhausted by alcohol consumption; therefore, regular Epsom salt baths may help support healthy magnesium levels in those who consume alcohol routinely.


Soothe Irritated and Dry Skin

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If you have itchy and dry skin in the winter months, an Epsom salt bath might help. Wound healing was one of the first medicinal uses for magnesium and

and a 2005 study discovered that Dead Sea salt was effective for lowering dry skin and inflammation, and magnesium likely played an important role.

To soothe skin with an Epsom salt bath, try including coconut oil, powdered coconut milk, or other essential oil for your choice along with one or two cups of Epsom salt and one or two cups of Epsom salt and soak away in a custom milk bath. This soothing take on a traditional bath will make your skin silky, soft, and hydrated. Make sure to be cautious while getting out of the tub, the oil can make it slippery.


Boost Your Mood

According to an article issued in Cleveland-Clinic-Health-Essentials, Epsom salt helps to balance mood and relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. Research has shown that consuming oral magnesium supplement boost serotonin production in the brain, so a magnesium-rich bath may support a balanced mood, and since serotonin has been nicknamed the happy hormone due to the essential role it plays in the mood why not take an extra step. If you are bathing for improving your mood, try including one of these natural bubble baths with salt. Might not have any science backing bubble baths, but have some fun.


Facts About Epsom Salt

Epsom salt was first found in a saline bitter spring of Epsom in Surrey, England. It is, therefore, called after the place.

Although it is named salt, it is not exactly a salt, but a natural type of mineral synthesis enriched with magnesium and sulphate.

Epsom salt looks like clear crystals and small. It helps weight loss when taken in the right amounts.



Avoid taking Epsom salt more than 600 gm in your bath.

Avoid taking more Epsom salt baths for more than 20 minutes.

Consume water before and after taking an Epsom salt bath.

The internal use of Epsom salt should be skipped as it may lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Consult your physician before taking Epsom salt internally.

Diabetic people should skip the salt bath or suffer from heart disease, kidney problems, and irregular heartbeat.

Pregnant female should also take their physician before taking an Epsom salt bath.


Can You Drink Or Eat Epsom Salt Instead Of Bathing For Weight Loss?

For weight loss, you have to take an Epsom salt bath. However, if you wish to use Epsom salt for different health problems, such as constipation, you should talk to your doctor.


Is Epsom Salt Diverse Than Bath Salt?

Yes, Epsom salt only consists of sulphate and magnesium. On the other hand, bath salts may consist of different ingredients that can be toxic chemicals. Hence, it is good to use organic Epsom salt.


Where to Purchase Epsom salt?

You can purchase Epsom salt from the nearby medical shop.


Does Epsom salt provide a similar effect on the skin like sea salt?

No. Epsom salt is good for the skin. It does not cause a deposit on the skin after the bath. You will feel fresh and active after adding in the Epsom salt bath.


Is Epsom Salt Bath Is Suitable For Dry Skin?

Yes, Epsom salt will not cause dryness in the skin. It is known to soften the skin. However, if you are still worried, drink enough water before and after taking an Epsom salt bath.


Is It Safe To Try An Epsom Salt Bath For People With Health Problems?

If you are experiencing health issues, ask your doctor and tell your medical history to know whether Epsom salt bath is good or not for you.


It is not clear whether Epsom salt bath can help weight loss. Results are mostly anecdotal. But the risks are low for people with health issues. Finally, soothing with a warm bath can help to relax.

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