Best VLCC Products for Weight Loss

VLCC products are inspired by Ayurveda and herbal ingredients. They are very effective and available in 100 skincare, haircare, and body care products, which provides a reliable solution to your need.

The VLCC products are made by a blend of aromatic oils, botanical extracts, and different nutrients. People believe in VLCC products as they work effectively from the skin cell to the surface.


VLCC Products for Weight Loss

Shape Up Slimming Oil

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VLCC shape-up slimming oil has been formulated for lowering cellulite, promoting skin elasticity, and creating firmness in the skin.

This sliming oil has a unique blend of pomegranate and lemon, which helps to fight stubborn fat, lower flab, and make skin smooth and tone.

Benefits & Ingredients

Based on the worth of herbal ingredients, VLCC shape-up slimming oil has been formulated to firm and smooth skin, improve blood circulation in impacted parts. It mobilizes and tones your unwanted fat.


  • Almond Oil
  • Ajwain
  • Olive Oil
  • China Grass

Direction Of Use

Massage this oil every day on affected cellulite or fat parts for 15-20 minutes.



Shape Up Waist & Tummy Trim Gel

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It is a clinically proven solution for trimming and shaping your waist and belly. It is created using different herbal and effective ingredients like Cyprus oil, black pepper oil, lemon peel oil, pomegranate oil, rosemary oil, which help in releasing and breaking down the cellular fat into edible energy. It also removes the extra retained water from the body, and boosts the skin surface, and keeps your body slim and toned.


Lemon Peel Oil

The oil helps to remove toxin growth from the body, boost energy level, improve mood, and boost the breakdown of fat in the body.

Soybean Extract

Soy extract is the best source of high-quality protein offers a good source of energy from calories and chain amino acids.


Directions Of Use

Take 1 teaspoon gel and use it two times daily in the morning and after bah or in the evening or at bedtime.

Spread the gel on the waist and belly part and massage lightly till the gel is absorbed in the skin.


Shape Up Hips, Thighs & Arms Shaping Gel:

It is made from Cyprus oil, other vegetable extracts, and sesame oil. This VLCC gel helps to lower cellulite in females. It not only lower stubborn fat but also enhances skin elasticity while making it toned and firm.

Directions Of Use

Take 1-teaspoon full of gel and apply two times every day that is morning, after bath, and evening before bedtime.

Spread the gel on your waist and belly parts and massage lightly till it gets absorbed in the skin.



Shape Up Chin & Neck Firming Cream:

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This cream promotes a youthful look and firmness in facial contours. It is made of using white horn poppy, orange peel, horse chestnut, Cyprus, wheat germ, and olive which refine and chisel the lower cheeks, lower jaw, chin, and neckline.

Reduces flab on jawline and flab on cheeks, and facial contours

Restore skin firmness and elasticity

Make your neck and chin firmer and younger in 21 days.

This product is suitable for skin losing firmness and elasticity.

It helps to moisturize extremely dry skin, regenerate skin tissue, fight free radicals.

Its vitamin C content glows skin and prevents DNA damage.

It also restores collagen and enhances color and skin texture.



Body Firming Shower Gel

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It is a specifically formulated gel for a shower, which helps in skin firming and body toning. It helps to cleanse the pore deeply and improve skin elasticity. Normal usage of this shower gel provides a toned and slimmer body shape.

This gel is enriched with algae extract and a unique blend of natural essential oils to boost elasticity and lower skin dimpling.

Regular use helps to tone, firm, and tighten the skin to deliver smooth and even skin tone during the essential oil rises the spirits for stimulating experience.

Key Ingredients:

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Polyglutamic acid, Disodium Laureth sulfosuccinate, Neem bark extract, Grapefruit oil, Centella Asiatic Extract, Cyperus oil, black pepper oil, algae extract, spirulina powder, Alpha glucosyl Hesperidin

Directions To Use:

Pour the right amount into wet palms and gently massage on the skin. Work up a rich fragrant lather and wash it off.

This product comes in a bigger tube with a flip-open cap. This gel has a peach color with fine granules, which will provide good scrubbing.

The gel has a strong smell of fruity balm which stays for 2-3 hours. It is an exciting product to catch everyone’s attention. Its ingredients are organic and interesting. This essential oil list is of the best medicinal importance.

Neem Bark Extract:

We are well aware of every medicinal properties neem plant has, hence its bark is also provided medicinal and anti-bacterial properties. It also prevents diseases and skin infections.

Algae Extract:

Algae extract is often used to increase skin suppleness and regulate moisture in the skin.

Spirulina Powder:

Spirulina is normally utilized as a high protein content dietary supplement, whereas it is called the best anti-aging compound. It will help to tone and firm skin. After a nice shower, you will observe skin tightening in the skin.


  • Loofah is delivered along with the pack
  • Sturdy packaging
  • There are sufficient granules in the gel
  • Tightens skin


  • Strong smell
  • Does not firm



Slimmer’s Honey

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VLCC slimmer’s honey is an ayurvedic and herbal solution for weight loss. It is one of the VLCC slimming products that is particularly made for those people who are willing to drop weight. It is rich with micronutrient fortifiers which work well to make your body tones and slimmer.


VLCC Anti-Cellulite Oil

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The anti-cellulite oil of VLCC is applied for body firming and toning. The non-greasy texture spreads evenly, firms, and smoothens skin tissue. It enhances blood circulation, mobilizes unwanted fat, and tones muscles.

This oil is helpful for all types of skin.


Slimmer’s Isabgol Pineapple:

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It is another variant of slimmer’s Isabgol. It consists of low-calorie dietary fiber that is made with the pineapple combination, Psyllium husk, and unique herbs, which help to make the body slimmer and fitter.


Shape Up Bust Firming Cream

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The shape-up bust firming cream helps to tighten the tissues, boosting firmer, fuller, uplifted busts. It refines the bust contours and makes a firm B-line and enhances skin texture and tone.


Shape Up Momz Post Natal Oil

This oil is created from avocado oil and wheat germ oil, which help to remove stretch marks, restore skin elasticity, and make skin toned and firm.

The VLCC products given above are considered to be the best for reducing weight. But there are some things that you need to consider before purchasing any products. Follow the guide provided below to know the checklist.


Things To Consider When Purchasing Weight Loss Products


Weight loss products are formulated for a specific part of concern from where you wish to lower weight. Therefore, before purchasing any weight loss product, ensure it’s meant for the body part from where you wish to reduce weight. For example, some products are suitable for the abdomen while other help in weight loss from the lower body like thighs. Therefore, choose the one which suits your need.


Go Natural

When it is about weight loss with help of products like gels, pills, oils, and creams, make sure that they are prepared from safe ingredients. It is better to choose natural ingredients as they do not lead to any side effects. Some natural firming ingredients and weight loss to look for are pomegranate oil, rosemary oil, citrus fruit extracts, and black pepper oil.



When choosing weight loss products, it is important to take medical help, even if the products you are planning to use have natural additives. A physician can provide knowledge about both the bad and good effects of the product.


Do Slimming Oils and Slimming Gel Work Effectively?

Yes, it works effectively on the flabby parts of the body. The best thing about this oil is that it helps to tighten the sagging skin while making it soft and firm. It will work well along with a diet plan; however, it may not cause weight loss. The researcher recommended using oils containing MCFAs like coconut oil to drop abdominal fat, and manage a healthy weight and also treat obesity.


Is It A Good Idea To Use VLCC Products For Weight Loss?

Thighs, hips, and upper arms tend to suffer from ungainly flab, dimpled skin, and uneven skin texture. This cellulite, more generally referred to as orange peel syndrome, is the basic reason for cellulite in adipose tissues. These tissues swell like fat, spread into the dermis, leading overlying skin to protrude. Since cellulite is not an ordinary fat, it needs extra attention and will not disappear with dieting or routine workout.

Shape Up is the result of the past 15 years of research and continued R&D at VLCC. Based on the Ayurveda goodness, VLCC Shape UP Hips, Arms, Thighs, shaping gel is made from vegetable and herbal ingredients. Another VLCC shape-up slimming oil is created from aromatic oils and herbal oil.

The mixed-use of both of these products helps to lower cellulite, increase elasticity, and firm skin. It is no-greasy and easy to use with fast absorption. It makes the skin smooth and regenerates the youthful look of the body with good results in some weeks.

In research conducted by an independent medical research agency on different age groups, the volunteers witnessed the following results.

You need to keep patient and use it regularly to get the results. Do not expect more results and a super flat belly, but try to make the saggy skin firm. VLCC shape-up slimming oil works slowly in lowering the fat in the arms and belly. The oil after application on the skin gets absorbed into the skin fast.


Tips To Follow While Using Weight Loss Products, Or Programs 

Do Not Skip Breakfast

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Breakfast is the main meal of your day. It is important to eat a healthy breakfast to drop weight. You could miss out on important nutrients, and you may eat snacks more all day because of hungry.


Eat Regular Meals

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Eating at regular times during the day helps to burn calories at a faster rate. It also lowers the snack temptation on foods with high sugar and fat.


Eat Lots Of Fruit And Veg

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Veg and fruit are low in fat and calories with high fiber, which are essential ingredients for successful weight loss. They also consist of plenty of minerals and vitamins.


Get More Active

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Keeping yourself active is key to lowering weight and keeping off. Also, provide more health benefits, workout can help to burn off the extra calories you cannot lower from the diet alone. Choose an activity you enjoy and can follow with your routine.


Drink Plenty Of Water

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People sometimes feel confused with thirst as hunger. When you are thirsty, you will end up eating calories when one glass of water is needed. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is a body help in the weight loss process.


Eat High Fiber Foods

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Foods consisting of more fiber can help to keep your stomach full for a longer time, which is good for weight loss. Fiber is only present in food plants, such as oats, fruit and veg, brown rice, wholegrain, beans, pasta, lentils, and peas.


Read Food Labels

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Reading your food labels is important while you are trying for weight loss. Food labels help to choose healthier options. Use the calorie information to work on specific food choices into your everyday calorie allowance on the weight loss plan.


Use A Smaller Plate

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Using small plates can help to eat small portions. By adding smaller bowls and plates may slowly help you eat as much as you are hungry. It takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to signal to the brain that it is full, so eat slowly and stop when you feel full.


Do Not Ban Foods

Do not stop eating your favorite food during your weight loss plan. Banning foods will only cause you to feel hungry. There is no reason you cannot enjoy the occasional treat as long as you eat it limited in your daily calorie requirement.


Do Not Stock Junk Food

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Do not stock junk foods like biscuits, chocolates, sweet fizzy drinks, and crisps. These foods cause to increase your temptation. Instead, choose healthy snacks such as unsalted rice cakes, fruit, oats cakes, unsweetened popcorn, and fruit juice.


Cut Down On Alcohol

A standard glass of wine consists of many calories like chocolate. Drinking more alcohol causes weight gain.


Plan Your Meals

Always plan your meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner also a snack for one week. Make sure to stick with your calorie allowance. You may find it beneficial to make a weekly shopping list.

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