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    Salsa Till You Feel Light: Let’s Do The Burning Salsa

    by Jane January 13, 2013
    Salsa Dancing for fat burning

    Ahoy there folks and welcome back to the unique alternatives of losing weight. If you are perhaps as bored as the rest of us while trudging on with those gym weights and machines that refuse to cooperate, then let’s get some hunting done for alternative ways to losing weight. How about feeling really sexy while […]

    Hymen: Location, Picture,Types, Diagnosis, Repair Broken Hymen

    by Shan January 13, 2013
    hymen picture diagram

    Hymen is a mucous membrane that surrounds the vaginal passage in females and covers it almost partially. It forms the part of the vulva. With age, the hymen opening starts to increase. The basic function of the hymen is to protect the vagina from infection in infants. It also allows the proper flow of the […]

    6 Natural Cold Remedies

    by Jennifer January 8, 2013
    natural cold remedies

    With colds and coughs being quite prevalent during the cooler parts of the year, many are seeking remedies outside of the usual over-the-counter medications. Some simply want to stay away from the chemicals in these drugs while others are searching for something more calming to the body, or simply more reliable and not generically processed. […]

    Hemorrhoids Treatments and Relief Options

    by dheeraj4uuu January 4, 2013
    Home Remedies Hemorrhoids

    How do I know if I have hemorrhoids? If you ever had blood in your stool, itching in your anal area or extreme pain when having bowel movement, then there is a good sign of having hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be detected easily […]

    Rugby Fitness Tips for Aspiring Professionals

    by shoprugby December 29, 2012
    Rugby Fitness Tips

    Whether you’re a keen amateur or aspiring professional rugby union player, we have noticed on our rounds there is a dearth of fitness tips for individuals who are determined to take their game to the next level. It is one of those sports where a highly specialised fitness regime is needed, so this is an […]

    Low Carb Diet – Foods That Will Get You Through

    by Goran Bogunovich December 25, 2012

    I must admit I’ve been fighting a losing game against weight my whole life. I have never had more than 10-15 kg extra, and I’m a relatively big guy, but it has been a lifelong obsession of losing that excess weight and getting myself in my best shape – for the sake of self-confidence, most […]

    Bumps On The Tongue -Definition, Disease, Causes, Awareness And Treatment

    by Shan December 16, 2012
    Bumps On The Tongue

    The tongue isn’t a muscle we tend to think a lot about until a problem arises. Exposed to everything we put in our mouths, the tongue not only lets us taste and enjoy our food, it also helps us manipulate the food to chew and for digestion. When something does go wrong with the tongue, […]

    Sinus Infection – Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan December 16, 2012
    Sinus Infections

    Sinusitis is a condition that can affect people throughout the year, but with winter coming on and weather changes in the air, a lot more people are going to be trying to find out how to beat a sinus infection. It’s a common occurrence, with more than 24 million cases in the United States annually. […]

    Livedo Reticularis – Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan December 10, 2012
    Livedo Reticularis Causes, Symptoms ,Treatment

    Primary Livedo reticularis is a vascular condition that affects the superficial blood vessels and the capillaries. This disease causes a purplish colored appearance on the skin. Medium veins of the body swell in this disease. This condition is associated with autoimmune diseases such as the systemic lupus erythematosus. It can also be associated with abnormal […]

    Swollen Lymph Nodes/Glands in the Neck – Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan November 27, 2012
    Swollen Lymph Nodes

    Lymph nodes are a part of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is a major part of the immune system of the body. Swollen lymph nodes hence may be a warning about a possible infection. Lymph nodes have several groups. These groups are small and shaped like a bean. The lymph nodes around the neck […]

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