Vitamin C Abortion Method at Home

Vitamins C is commonly safe for health, but high doses sometimes cause mild side effects in some people. The side effects include digestive discomfort. More serious side effects can rarely happen. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for the human body. It is an antioxidant and helps with different essential processes, including reducing blood pressure, creating collagen, and fighting inflammation.


Symptoms of taking High Vitamin C

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Frequent consumption of foods with high vitamin C is common.

Eating more vitamin C will not cause health problems but may have some side effects.

In adults, the RDA of vitamin C is 90-mg for men and 75 mg for women.

Adults who consume more than 2000 mg of vitamin C every day may feel side effects. When a person takes an extra than recommended vitamin limit, they may feel mild digestive problems. These can happen if the vitamin C that the body does not feel irritates the gastrointestinal tract.

General mild side effects of more vitamin C include:

  • nausea
  • stomach cramping
  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • abdominal discomfort

The body does not absorb all the vitamin C that can be observed from supplements.

For example, if a person consumes 30-180 mg of vitamin C every day, their body absorbs around 70 to 90% of the vitamin. If a person consumes more than one gm of vitamin C. If a person consumes more than one gm of vitamin C every day, the body absorbs lower than 50% of the vitamin, which lowers the risk of negative side effects. The extra is eliminated out of the body by the urine.


How Much Is Vitamin C Too Much?

As vitamin C can have unhealthy symptoms if a person consumes excess, the Food-and-Nutrition-Board has created tolerable upper consumption levels.

According to the Office-of-Dietary-Supplements, the high level of vitamin C consumption in people aged 19 years and above 2,000 mg in men and women. The limit remains similar for pregnant women and breastfeeding females.

The upper everyday vitamin C levels for kids and infants are as follows:

  • 400 mg for infants (aged 1–3 years)
  • 650 mg for children (aged 4–8 years)
  • 1,200 mg for children (aged 9–13 years)
  • 1,800 mg for teenagers (aged 14–18 years)
  • 1,800 mg in a pregnant or breastfeeding women (teenagers aged 14–18 years)

There are exceptions to these limits, which only apply if a person’s physician has not particular a different consumption. Some people may have to consume a larger amount of vitamin C for medical treatments.


Vitamin C Abortions Method at Home

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Many women search for ways to terminate unplanned pregnancies, and the vitamin C method of abortions is one of them. It explains consuming a large dose of vitamin C supplements for some days leads to an abortion. It seems like an easy solution, as this vitamin is available in most grocery stores and medical stores. You already get a lot of vitamin C from your daily food sources, therefore, what could harm you?

Regarding home remedies for abortion, vitamin C is probably among the safest solution. But it is only because it does not do more, and there is no evidence that it will lead to an abortion. Pregnant females regularly consume vitamin C without any serious side effects.


Vitamin C for Abortion

Vitamin C is a very healthy nutrient, getting essential health benefits. It is plentiful in different fruits like papaya, pineapple, and berries, etc. However, it has a different side, in that it can be utilized as a home remedy for an abortion. You can get it from fruits, or you can consume vitamin C supplements to terminate the pregnancy. However, if you want to consume supplements, it is suggested to take your physician’s advice. Intake of high vitamin C can prove to be risky and affect kidney health. Eating vitamin C raise estrogen and lower the progesterone in the body. Low progesterone levels increase bleeding and lead to abortion.


It’s not Guaranteed

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There is no guaranteed scientific information recommending that vitamin C has any impact on pregnancy, menstruation, and implantation. The claims that it can lead to abortion are possibly created from a mistranslated Russian-Journal article from the 1960s.

The article documented some cases in which vitamin C caused abortion. But this has not been confirmed in any other research since then. The ability to reproduce findings many times over is a hallmark of quality scientific research.

Additionally, a 2016 review of existing research discovered that consuming vitamin C did not affect someone’s risk of getting a natural miscarriage.


It’s Potentially Risky

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Vitamin C is comparatively harmless, even in large doses. Some healing wellness centers even provide existing vitamin C. At most, consuming more vitamin C will cause stomach pain and diarrhea. There is also some dispute in the medical society that it may raise the risk of kidney stones. Generally, when consuming vitamin C supplements, it is probably good to exceed 2,000 mg each day.

It is vitamin C’s lack of efficacy that makes it a risky method of abortion. Abortions are easier to induce in early pregnancy. If you wait longer or first try weak remedies, local laws may stop you from making an abortion later.

Inducing an abortion sooner instead of later has many benefits like:

  • Low complication risk
  • Lower costs
  • Fewer procedure times
  • More access because of laws regulating when the abortion can be performed.

How Much Vitamin C Should Your Consume Take?

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A person’s body does not produce vitamin C. Therefore, people require to consume enough foods that consist of vitamin C to meet their everyday needs. If someone is at high risk of vitamin C deficiency, they can consume vitamin C supplements.

The ODS suggest aiming for the following recommended daily allowance of vitamin C every day:

Age Male Female

1–3 years 15-mg 15-mg

4–8 years 25-mg 25-mg

9–13 years 45-mg 45-mg

14–18 years 75-mg 65-mg

19+ years 90-mg 75-mg


People who do smoking should consume 35 mg of extra vitamin C every day than those who do not do smoking. During pregnancy or breastfeeding, the female should get the following levels of vitamin C every day:

14–18 years: 80 mg in pregnancy time and 115 mg during breastfeeding.

19 years and older: 85 mg while pregnancy and 120 mg during breastfeeding

There is not much research to recommend an RDA for vitamin C in those younger than one year of age. As a result, the ODS offers enough consumption, which is the quantity that is likely to be enough:

  • 40-mg for babies aged 0–6 months
  • 50-mg for infants aged 7–12 months


You Have Other Options, Despite Where You Stay

If you have decided on an abortion, there are different options to consider. Even if you live place against abortion, you have an alternative that is safer than other home remedies.

There are two primary types of abortion:

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion is about consuming oral medication or dissolving medication in the inner cheek or vagina.

Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion is a medical operation of suction. It is performed by a doctor in a medical facility, and you can commonly go home after this process so long as you get someone to take you home.

Medical abortion

You can get a self-medical abortion at home. But you will need to ensure that you get a prescription from a physician. When considering options, remember that medical abortions are only suggested if you are 10 weeks pregnant or less. Medical abortions commonly involve 2 medications called misoprostol and mifepristone. There are many approaches to using the medication. Some involve consuming 2 oral pills, while others involve consuming one pill orally and dissolving the other in your vagina.

Other approaches include consuming methotrexate, an arthritis medication, taken by vaginal or oral misoprostol. It is considered an Unapproved use of methotrexate for abortion. Still, some doctors may suggest it.

If you are more than 10-weeks pregnant, a medical abortion will not be effective. It also raises the risk of getting an incomplete abortion. Rather, you will need a surgical abortion.


Surgical Abortion

There are some ways to perform a surgical abortion:

Vacuum aspiration

Your doctor will give you pain medication or local anesthesia and open the cervix with help of dilators. They insert a tube from your cervix and into the uterus. It is attached up to a suction device that empties the uterus. Vacuum aspiration is commonly utilized if you are up to 15 weeks pregnant.

Dilation and evacuation

Similar to a vacuum aspiration, a physician begins by providing you with an anesthetic and increasing dilation in the cervix. Now they remove the products of the pregnancy with forceps. Any remaining tissue is eliminated from a small tube inserted into the cervix. Dilation and evacuation are commonly utilized if you are more than 15-weeks pregnant.

Vacuum aspiration abortions take around 10 minutes to complete, while dilation and evacuation take around 30 minutes. Both procedures often need some extra time to make your cervix dilate.

Remember that different areas have laws that limit when you can get a surgical abortion. Most do not recommend surgical abortions after 20-24 weeks or the end of 2nd trimester. They are commonly performed after this point if the pregnancy positions a serious health problem. If you are more than 24-weeks pregnant, try out other alternatives.

Other Severe Side Effects

Less commonly, People may get severe side effects from consuming more vitamin C. Long-term consumption above the recommended level raises the risk of negative effects.

Here are the possible health risks of high vitamin C:

Kidney stones

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Kidney stones are a possible result of excessive vitamin C supplementation.

Physicians believe that high vitamin C supplementation could cause a person to eliminate the compounds uric acid and oxalate in their urine.

These compounds could cause kidney stone formation.

The authors of a case study in the Kidney International journal reported that a female developed kidney stones after consuming 4g or extra vitamin C every day for 4-months.

However, researchers have not carried any larger-scale research on vitamin C consumption and the formation of kidney stones. They do understand that people who have a history of kidney stones are more prone to form if they consume a large quantity of vitamin C, said the ODS.

Nutrient Imbalances

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Another concern about excess vitamin C consumption is that it causes to impair the ability of the body to process other nutrients. For example, vitamin C may lower the vitamin B-12 levels and copper in the body. The presence of vitamin C can also increase iron absorption in the body, which could increase high levels.

Cause Bone Spurs

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According to the Arthritis Foundation, one research discovered that the presence of high vitamin C levels in the body raised the likelihood of a person growing painful bone spurs. However, the Foundation also mentioned research that presents in people with low vitamin C and higher risk of increasing rheumatoid arthritis, a painful inflammation condition in joints. These findings focus on the requirement for enough vitamin C supplementation that offers neither more nor little.

Weaken The Effectiveness Of Niacin-Simvastatin

Research shows that consuming vitamin C supplements may cause to impair the ability of the body to increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL cholesterol) in people consuming the combination medicine niacin simvastatin. This drug combines the vitamin niacin with the statin simvastatin and people consuming it to manage high cholesterol.

Doctors consider HDL cholesterol the good cholesterol due to the low amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. If a person consumes vitamin C supplements and niacin simvastatin, they should discuss with a physician about ways to make it more effective.

Doctors do not understand whether vitamin C also impacts the ability of different medicines like Zocor.

Vitamin C may cause potentially risky side effects if a person consumes many supplements. Commonly a person will not feel side effects if they consume more foods with high vitamin C.

If a person assumes that their vitamin C consumption may lead to side effects, then take your physician’s help.

Risks And Complications

Abortion leads to weakening of the cervix, which raises the risk of women of future pre-term deliveries. Two recently published research show that one triggered abortion raises the risk of a subsequent preterm birth by between 25% and 27%. After two or more abortions a female’s risk of preterm birth increases by between 51% and 62%.

A Canadian study of 2013 discovered that females who had abortions are more than 2-times likely to get an early preterm-child that is 26-weeks gestation.

The risks were 71% higher at 28 weeks gestation and 45% raised at 32 weeks.

Premature births carry more health risks for the baby. Infants who are born before 37-weeks of gestational age get a low chance of living to adulthood. Those who survive get the significant risk of more disabilities, intellectual impairment, cerebral palsy, autism, and psychological development disorders.


Breast Cancer

Research shows that abortion also increases the risk of breast cancer.

The analysis of 2013 showed that a 44% of more risk of breast cancer among women who had an induced abortion. The relative risk of more to 76% and 89% of those who got at least 2-3 abortions, respectively 10.

Often females considering abortion are feeling their first pregnancy. It is essential to not the protective effects of a female’s first full-term pregnancy, which causes breast cells to get mature, lower the risk of breast cancer. Among females who have had delivery, more number of complete term pregnancies linked with a statistically was linked with as statistically significantly lower risk of breast cancer, the risk was lowered by 14% for every additional birth.


Pelvic Inflammatory Disease & STDs

The Chlamydia present in the cervical canal at the abortion time in asymptomatic female raise the risk of postabortal PID.

Of patients who get a Chlamydia infection at the time of abortion, 23% will increase PID in 4 weeks.

PID can cause serious consequences, including infertility, abscess formation, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain.


Mental Health

Research recommends that females who had abortions may be at more risk of mental health problems.

Females who had undergone an abortion underwent an 81% more risk of mental health problems, and nearly 10% of the mental health problems was shown to be imputable to abortion.

Some females who have experienced an abortion reported signs of Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder.

Its symptoms include:

  • Grief
  • Regret
  • Guilt/Shame
  • Anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Sadness/Depression

For anyone who had an abortion and feeling any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is essential for your physical and emotional health that you do not avoid them.

Future Childbearing and Infertility

Complications that can increase from triggered abortion, such as damage and infection to the uterus, can cause infertility and raise risks of future childbearing.

Regarding medical abortion, the risks for these complications are raised in a female who has a high risk of uterine rupture, an IUD-intrauterine device in place, uncontrolled high blood pressure,

certain blood vessel disease or diabetes, severe liver, or lung or kidney disease take a blood thinner or some smoke heavily or steroid medications.

First-trimester surgical abortion by curettage and dilation can lead to uterine synechiae and Asherman’s syndrome, which raise the subsequent mid-trimester risk of spontaneous abortions and fewer birthweight deliveries.

Incompetent cervix is also a risk of preterm birth linked with surgical abortion. Symptoms linked to cervical inadequacy were present between 75% of females who undergo forced dilation for abortion.

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