Trigger Finger Exercises To Relieve Finger Pain

Trigger finger is a health condition of fingers characterized by swelling around or in the tendons in the hand. Tendons are bands of fiber-containing connective tissue that link the muscle with bone. They make muscles to draw on bones allowing movement. This condition causes you pain and reduces movement of the finger and thumb. A gentle stretch workout can help to reduce symptoms.

What Is A Trigger Finger?

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Performing a particular stretching workout for the trigger finger may help to ease pain and lower stiffness.

The hands consist of flexor tendons, which link the forearm muscles to the bone of fingers and thumbs. The flexor tendons go through a structure called the tendon cover, which stretches from the wrist to the digits.

Inside the tendon sheath are specific pulleys present that hold the tendons near to the thumb bone and finger bone. As the muscles of the forearm contract, the tendons glide from the pulleys, making the thumb or fingers flex.

In the trigger finger, either the tendon or its pulley causes inflammation, which means the tendon is not able to go through easily from the pulley. Instead, the tendon may link on the tendon sheath, leading to affect fingers or them to lock in position. Physicians sometimes recommend trigger fingers as Stenosing-Tenosynovitis.


According to the American-Academy-of-Orthopedic-Surgeons-(AAOS),

scientists do not know the complete cause of trigger fingers. However, the forceful use of the fingers or thumb may raise the risk of developing this condition.

Trigger finger is also more general among the people who are suffering from health conditions such as gout, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.


Trigger finger commonly leads to discomfort at the point where a thumb or finger meets the palm. Other symptoms can include:


Sensitivity to pressure

a catching feeling

a popping sensation

Limites movement in the affected thumb or finger

The symptoms of trigger fingers may become worse when an individual first wakes up in the morning.

Trigger finger workout

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Physical therapists and doctors may advise simple stretching workouts to lower the pain and stiffness linked with the trigger thumb or finger.

Trigger Finger Exercises to Help Finger Pain

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Do you click or type for more time of the day? Do you feel stiffness and pain often? Then, there is a possibility that there is inflammation in your finger tendon. This can prevent you from free movement and make the simple work of bending finger difficult-a condition known as Trigger Finger.

Regain finger mobility to relieve pain, you must work out your fingers. But not only any workout, spend 15 minutes every day for these 12 easy trigger finger workouts, and you will be able to perform day-to-day tasks without pain or help.

Which Muscles Do Target While Doing Trigger Fingers?

Trigger finger exercises primarily target the flexor tendons that run from the forearm to the hands.

What Equipment Is Required For Trigger Finger Workout?

You will need an elastic band to perform some exercises for trigger fingers.

Finger Extensor Stretch

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How To Do

  • Put your hand level to a solid surface.
  • Hold the affected finger with your index finger of the other hand.
  • Slowly and gently pull the affected finger upward.
  • Pull it as much far as possible.
  • Hold it for 5-seconds and then release.
  • Perform it for the other fingers.
  • Do 2-sets of 6-reps, times in a day.

Finger Lifts

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  • Keep your hand over a table.
  • Raise your fingers as much far as possible one by one.
  • Perform 2-sets of 6-reps 3-times in a day.

Tendon Gliding

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  • Fan out fingers, Extend palm a little. It is the beginning point. It is your starting position.
  • Flex all your fingers except the thumb and reach the bottom of your palm.
  • Bring back your fingers to the beginning point.
  • Again, flex all fingers except the thumb and reach the middle part of the palm.
  • Bring back again to the starting point. Do the same and touch the base of all fingers with the thumb.
  • Perform 3-sets of 4-reps, times a day.

Finger Spread

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  • Keep hand over a table.
  • Form a fist and open it.
  • Do 3-sets of 12-reps, 3-times a day.

Object Pickups

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This training for triggered fingers needs bottle caps, coins, pencils, and other little objects on a table to do the exercise.

  • Take up each thing one by one and put them on the other side of the table.
  • Again, take them up, one by one, and keep them back in their old place.
  • Do 2-sets of 5-reps of two times in a day.

Palm Presses

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  • You would require a little softball for this activity.
  • Keep the ball in your palm with your fingers extend out.
  • You may uphold your hand by setting it on a table.
  • Bring your fingers nearer and handle the ball.
  • Crush and hold for 3 seconds.
  • Delivery the hold and fan out your fingers.
  • 2-sets of 5 reps, times each day.

‘O’ Exercise

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  • Touch the fingertip of the impacted finger using the thumb tip to create an ‘O’.
  • Hold it for 3-seconds and then extend fingers.
  • Repeat with all the affected fingers.
  • Perform 2-sets of 6-reps, times a day.

Thumb Extension

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  • Hold an elastic band using thumb and index finger.
  • Hold the opposite end of the band using the affected thumb.
  • Push the thumb back and stretch it.
  • Hold it for 2-seconds and relax.
  • Do 3-sets of 8-reps, times a day.

Towel or Paper Grasp

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  • Keep a small paper sheet or towel on a table.
  • Create a fist slowly and scrunch the towel or paper.
  • Squeeze the paper or towel for 3-seconds.
  • Open fist slowly and stretch out fingers.
  • Do 3-sets of 12 reps, 2-times every day.

Finger And Hand Openers

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  • Massage the base of the impacted finger for about 15 seconds.
  • Form a fist by gathering all fingers near together.
  • Open fist, close, and again open for 30-seconds.
  • Stretch out fingers, balance the back of the impacted finger with your index finger of another hand.
  • Reach the index finger of another hand and reach the impacted finger to the palm.
  • Release and perform it 15 times.
  • Keep changing between the two workouts.
  • Perform 3-sets of 6-reps, 2-times a day.

Finger “V” Stretch

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  • Keep your hand on a table.
  • Wrap your thumb, ring finger, and little finger.
  • Extend separated your index and center finger (shaping a ‘V’) and afterward unite them close.
  • Do 3-sets of 8-reps, three times a day.

Finger Stretches

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  • Pinch your thumb and fingers together.
  • Keep an elastic band around the finger and it is your starting point.
  • Stretch fingers away slowly until you don’t feel hurt.
  • Go back to the beginning point.
  • Perform 2-sets of 6-reps, three times a day.

These exercises are easy and take more limited time. You can do it anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of grip strength

Strengthen Fist

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It isn’t needed to extract the hell from somebody’s hand, yet a solid hold on a handshake is an indication of certainty that tells the other individual that you are somebody who ought to be seen genuinely.

Opening jars

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This workout is not only for old ladies because old ladies tried to open a jar and ask a friend or family person to open the jar.

Playing sports

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Doing finger exercises also helps to play a sport or recreational activity to get in shape. Many popular recreational activities and sports, including golf, bowling, softball, tennis, and rock climbing need a strong grip of success.


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Becoming a new parent also needs more hand and finger strength to hold a baby. Even if you are the parent of a pet, it also needs strength to grip a dog. If you don’t have strength, you will feel to run behind your pet. That is why finger strength is important.

Ask Other Your Strength For Other Lifts

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There is a strong neurological link between shoulder strength and grip strength. A stronger grip helps to lift more weight. Lifting free weight can be good to develop forearm and grip strength. When raising with dumbbells, barbells, sandbags, kettlebells, or medicine balls, simply squeeze the bag, handle, ball, or bag as hard as possible during the workout to increase grip strength.

How Do Exercises Effectively Help Trigger Fingers?

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According to the AAOS, slow stretching and strengthening workouts can help to ease the stiffness linked with the trigger finger. They can also promote the range of motion in the fingers and thumb.

The AAOS also provide the following suggestion to help to prevent trigger finger:

Resting the finger and thumb by skipping any activities that worsen trigger finger symptoms.

Wearing a splint during nighttime to keep the affected part in a straight position in sleep.

Consuming over-the-counter medications, like nonsteroidal or acetaminophen anti-inflammatory drugs helps to ease the inflammation.

Points To Remember

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Make sure to take proper medicines with working out your fingers.

Quit working out if the pain increases and take your doctor’s help immediately.

Gently massage your hands regularly.

Trigger finger is one ailment that can cause severe injury if you do not take usual rest and care from the beginning. If you take medication at a time and do activities for trigger fingers, then you will be able to improve quickly and get back to regular tasks. Therefore, develop a daily routine.

When To See A Doctor

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In many cases, the trigger finger will get cured with splinting, rest, and OTC pain medications. However, people should check with a doctor if the pain is severe or the signs do not go away after treatment.

In some cases, a doctor may suggest steroid injections to lower swelling and inflammation in and around the affected tendon. Asteroid injection may reduce the problem within one day to many weeks. If steroid injections do not work, a physician may suggest surgery to free up the tendon.

Trigger Finger Surgery: What to Expect

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If the triggered finger does not go with exercise, then come surgery. Because it can hurt more and make you not able to move your fingers.

Surgery for the trigger finger is performed to increase the space between the tendon and flexor to move.

Who Are the Candidates for Trigger Finger Surgery?

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Your doctor may suggest surgery if you are healthy enough and tried other treatments without success, or if your signs are severe.

Nonsurgical methods include:

  • Resting the hand for t3-4 weeks by skipping activities that need repetitive motion.
  • Wearing a splint at night for 6-weeks to keep the impacted finger straight during sleep.
  • Taking over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, including ibuprofen or naproxen to relieve pain.
  • One or two injections into or near the tendon sheath to lower inflammation.
  • Steroid injections are the most common cure. They are effective for up to 90% of people who do not have diabetes. This treatment is less effective in people suffering from trigger fingers or diabetes.
  • Your physician may suggest surgery sooner if you have diabetes or suffer from diabetes or chronic symptom, such as:
  • Restricted hand or finger movement that is disabling or bothersome
  • Painful fingers, hands, forearms, or thumbs.
  • The inability to perform the everyday task without them being painful or awkward, including hobbies, work, or activities you enjoy.
  • Feeling nervous or embarrassed about having triggered finger.
  • Worsening with time so that you will drop things, have difficulty picking things up, or cannot grasp anything.

How To Get Ready For Surgery?

You will not be able to eat on the surgery day. Ask your physician how long you will need to fast before surgery. Depending on your time of surgery schedule, you may need to eat dinner the night before earlier than you normally eat. You should be able to continue water consumption like normal days. Avoid soda, milk, or juice.


There are two different types of surgery options for trigger fingers: open surgery and percutaneous release. 

Open surgery

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You may able to get trigger surgery as an outpatient. That means you will be taken to the operating room, but you do not have to stay overnight after surgery in the hospital. The surgery will take few minutes to one hour. Then you can go back home.

Your doctor first provides you a light sedative by intravenous-line to help to ease. An IV consists of a liquid medicine bag that goes into a tube from a needle into your arm.

Your doctor numbs the area by injecting a local anesthetic into the hand. Then they cut about a 1/2-inch incision in the palm, in line with the impacted finger or thumb. Next, the doctor cuts the tendon sheath. The sheath can prevent movement if it becomes thicker. The doctor moves their finger around to check that if the motion is smooth. Then, you will get stitches to close the cuts. 

Percutaneous Release

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This procedure is very commonly performed for the ring and middle fingers. You may have this procedure performed in the clinic. Your physician numbs the palm, then adds a sturdy needle into the skin near the affected tendon. The physician moves the needle and finger around to break apart the blocked part. Sometimes doctors use ultrasound to make sure the needle tip opens the tendon sheath.

In this procedure, there is no incision or cutting.


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You will be able to move the affected finger on the surgery day as soon as the numbness is ended. You should feel a full range of motion. Depending on the kind of work you perform, you may not need to take any off days for surgery. You may be able to work out on the keyboard immediately. If your job is about strenuous labor, you may need to take off from work till one or two weeks after surgery.

Here is a complete timetable of what amount of time healing will require will include:

You will need to have a bandage for 1-week and keep the wound dry.

Your palm and finger will be sensitive for some days. You can use an ice pack to reduce pain. Your doctor may suggest keeping a hand proper over the heart to reduce swelling.

Your hand therapist may recommend checking for special activities at home.

Most people feel good and able to drive within someday.

Avoid sports for 2-3 weeks, until the wound gets healed and has grip strength.

It might require up to 3-6 months for decreasing solidness and irritation. Recuperating might be more limited on the off chance that you went for percutaneous delivery. Recuperation might be longer on the off chance that you experienced a different finger a medical procedure.


bandage wrapping being applied to finger and hand
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The tendon cover that is cut during surgery develops back together more loosely to produce more space for tendon mobility. Sometimes people need more than 1-surgery. But trigger finger only recurs in 3% of people after either percutaneous release or open surgery. That rate is likely higher for individuals who are encountering diabetes. Someone with diabetes is at more opportunity to get trigger fingers in multiple fingers.


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Trigger finger surgery is safe. Complications that occur commonly in every surgery, such as nerve injury, infection, and bleeding are very rare for this type of surgery. They move and test your finger while surgery.

Here are the complications:

  • Nerve damage
  • bowstringing a condition of more sheath cut
  • Continued triggering when the sheath does not release total
  • Incomplete extension

Surgery will likely help to treat the problem with the sheath and tendon and restore full movement of the thumb or finger. Trigger fingers can happen in a tendon or a different finger also.

In some cases, the trigger finger gets cured on its own within some time. A person who gets a persistent or severe trigger finger may need steroid injection to lower inflammation or swelling.

In severe cases, your physician may suggest a type of surgery called trigger finger release or tenolysis. Surgery aims to release the pulley that is stopping tendon movement.

Surgery can cause temporary discomfort, tenderness, and swelling that remain for months. Some people also need therapy of hand after surgery.


Here are some tips to prevent trigger finger:

  • Do not do repetitive gripping or grasping motions.
  • Avoid using machinery to work with vibration.
  • Avoid activity that causes to worsen your trigger finger symptoms.

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