Top Horrible Exercise Excuses

You know exercise is necessary for your health, and you should do it regularly to have a fit appearance. Still, sometimes you take it for granted with some horrible excuses and skip the workout.

Some excuses are valid like you have a health problem or your body paining after the last workout, or accident, or urgent work, but these thing does not happen often.

Some people are not serious about their exercise routine. They give silly excuses. Here are they:

EXCUSE #1: I’m Too Exhausted To Exercise.

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Exercise is strenuous, it can make your muscles tired, but it will make you feel energized. Doing exercise promotes your blood flow and makes the heart pump more oxygen to the brain, tissues, and muscles. It also boosts the release of the neurotransmitter like serotonin, dopamine to make your feel better and energized.

Even moderate workout can also improve energy levels:

How To Prevent This Exercise Excuse?

If you feel tired of doing the exercise, the solution is a workout. Start with a low to moderate intensity workout. Try walking, yoga, or biking. Gradually, move into high-intensity exercises.

Ask your friend to give the company in your exercise to motivate yourself with your commitment to work out when you are tired.

Doing exercise during your most energetic time of the day is more effective. You can do it first thing in the morning. If you have other things, then schedule it for evening or other suitable times before 2-3 hours of eating and sleeping.

Note: Exercise can not help if you are taking enough sleep. Sleep apnea should be treated to have good health.

EXCUSE #2: Gym Is Too Expensive

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The gym memberships are different for different levels of workout. It may start from $10 to over $200 per month. In 2015, around 55 million Americans were fitness center members. However, 67% of that 55 million individuals never utilized their membership.

How To Afford Gym Fitness?

Instead of taking expensive gym membership, try to make it affordable by creating a simple method of the gym at home. You can also try other ways like a brisk walk of 30 minutes, exercise video sessions on YouTube. Exercising does not cost you money but equipment.

EXCUSE #3: I do not have time or I am a parent

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Between kids, work, commuting, and other responsibilities of life, the modern 24/7 lifestyle often leaves them feeling like there is not a suitable time for a workout. Exercise becomes less priority in day to day life.

How To Add Regular Exercise In Daily Life?

Instead of trying to get time to exercise, think about how you can take some time for exercise. Some activity is better than none. The trick is to get a block of time in the everyday schedule that’s consistently commitment-free. It might be before and after work, at your lunch hours, or after in your kid’s school timing. Begin with 10 minutes in your day. Then increase the timing as you feel free in your schedule.

Reduce your television watching time. Even do not watch Tv until you perform the exercise. While watching Tv, utilize resistance bands for doing strength training, walk-in pedal or place away from workout bicycle.

If your kids can sit in the stroller, then walk around the neighborhood. As your child gets older and goes to school, use school time to walk on the stairs. For more motivation, team up with other parents.

You can also exercise with your kids like go biking ride, walk, swimming around the block, and explore in a neighborhood with your kids.

EXCUSE #4: I Need Motivation

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If weight loss or general health is not enough reason to workout and you require extra purposes, then look for some ways to get what will work to motivate you for exercise.

How To Motivate Yourself For Exercise?

Prepare a chart or keep an exercise chart log in your computer using a tracking app on mobile.

Give yourself a reward, which can meet your fitness goals. Try doing massages, and different workouts.

EXCUSE #5: I Don’t Like Doing Exercise Alone

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It is sometimes difficult to get the motivation to exercise on your own. Having an exercise friend can help. Exercising with a friend can make your exercise interesting and fun. It is also easier to make this excuse to not exercise alone when no one holds you responsible.

How To Make Exercise Interesting Alone?

Ask your friend to meet you every weekend for a walk, or see if some colleagues wish to join you for a workout class. You can also exercise with your partner or a group to keep motivation.

If your friends are not into the workout, there are different fitness-focused combine.

EXCUSE #6: I Get Tired Easily. Exercise Is No Fun.

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Top Horrible Exercise Excuses 6

It is necessary to choose an exercise program that both provide fitness level. It is important to switch things every few weeks or months to avoid routine.

How To Prevent Tiredness From Exercise?

  • Find some fun exercises that you will enjoy. Try biking, gardening, or skating.
  • Join a walking group. Join cycling class or Zumba.
  • Register a sports group.
  • Ask your friend you join with you for exercise to enjoy more. Do hike, take a bike ride, dancing, take gym class. Every few days mix and combine different workouts.
  • You can watch TV, listen to music to enjoy a workout.
  • Prepare a list of workout you don’t like or feel uncomfortable, try to perform it slowly. Work on it till you enjoy these exercises.

Excuse #7: I’m Too Old/Fat/Embarrassed/ Uncoordinated To Exercise.

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Top Horrible Exercise Excuses 7

When you feel uncomfortable, it’s a natural response to skip it. Whether you feel too overweight, too old, or ridiculous in exercise clothes, there is a good solution. Start small, but begin with something.

How To Avoid This Excuse?

If a workout is hard on your joints, try water fitness or swimming class. Working out in water is easier for your joints and stronger for muscles, they can support your joints and less hurt. If your physical limitations are more serious, take your doctor’s advice, or find an athletic suggestion to know best suitable workout.

Bicycling is the best exercise for people of all ages and different physical types. Once you learn how to ride a bike, you never skip that skill because it will be saved in your memory.

If you are self-conscious around your weight, you could start by walking with your friends, wear suitable clothes, or workout under a trainer.

Are you not feeling comfortable with gym equipment? No one wishes to look like a newbie why knowing weight training machine. Make sure to remember that everyone was a beginner at one time. Many gyms offer free services to members to let them understand equipment and set up a routine to get effective results safely. Join a gym that can show you how to strengthen your body by using different equipment.

EXCUSE # 8: I’ve Tried Earlier. Or I Can’t Continue With A Program

If you keep a goal that is realistic and small, you will more likely to feel more successful and not a failure.

Keep a log and attach it in a public space, such as a refrigerator, or Facebook. Your family and friends can give words of encouragement.

A family and friends can give words of motivation. A log also helps to know ease off your work.

Having a workout buddy keeps you motivated. You are more likely to show up a workout if you know someone is waiting for you.

EXCUSE #9: I Don’t Like To Exercise With The Opposite Gender

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Exercising around the opposite gender can often cause you to feel inadequate or uncomfortable.

How To Remove Hesitation?

Check out if your gym is offering gender-specific classes or exercise. You can do the exercise at your home to avoid hesitation of the opposite gender.

EXCUSE #10: I Don’t Wish To Sweat. Or I Don’t Need To Take Another Shower And Redo Makeup.

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Sweat is a natural method of the body to cool down the high temperature and detoxify itself. The amount of sweat you generate depends on the different factors, including gender, fitness level, age, and genetics. However, a workout does not mean to end up more sweating. There are different exercises to burn calories and develop muscle while not making you sweat. If you are skipping exercise due to sweating and do not like to bath more time in a day, then here are some ideas.

  • Do a workout in the morning before taking shower.
  • What sweat-wicking exercise apparel.
  • Break up the workout into small chunks of the day. Walk every day 15 minutes after work.
  • You can also choose water workout like swimming or yoga, which focuses on stretching, flexibility, balance, and strengthen muscles.

“I Do Not Need Exercise To Lose Weight”

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Some of those trying to get healthy might know this excuse. It is important to know that proper nutrition is only half effort. Exercise not only helps in shedding pounds, but it also helps to gain muscles, which increases the resting metabolic rate. That means the new you will be able to burn extra calories more than sitting and increase lean muscles.

Additionally, the workout is only plain good for you. Not only will it kick the stagnant weight loss diet, but studies have shown that how regular workouts manage heart problems, osteoporosis, respiratory issues, and diabetes. It also reduces the certain risk of cancer.

“I’m Too Shapeless To Join A Gym.”

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Top Horrible Exercise Excuses 11

I am already good and fit and do not need any work out is another easy excuse. Everyone at that gym began there either to get fit or remain fit. Many people you intimated, the machines and the mirrors, but everyone is involved in their hang-ups, and they are not paying good attention. If you are, they are looking at you and thinking that he/she lost weight as she owns a machine. Know your gym friend regularly to get a familiar feeling. The concept of thinking out of appearance can decrease your mentality, but you can overcome it. As you pursue a healthy diet and training, you will see real results.

The Personal Crisis

Yes, the personal crisis also some excuses to stop the exercise. Here are some personal crisis excuses for a workout.

Home Disasters

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Unexpectedly, a pipe burst at your home, the washroom will overflow in the neighborhood. We can understand if it is not possible to hit the gym. Other excuses like ants at home, rat entered at home, the cat is sick,  and the dog is not eating.

Your Mortality

Andria Winslow- a coach of sports performance, says she has been waiting for the client to come to workout and got the message like I recently died. If it were real, we would say it would be a good excuse for avoiding exercise. But the message was from the undead and looked unlikely.

Too Busy Today

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Keeping too busy is another excuse people tell to a trainer to skip workout session. Larysa DiDio, a fitness author, and personal trainer, who trained celebrities and professional athletes say, a high profile client tell her, that she is too busy to attend workout session as she has to shop for husband’s birthday.

The Medical Emergency

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The medical emergency is a quick reason to escape from the exercise session. Often people make silly medical emergency excuses, but they forget to aware that they are getting noticed by others while shopping or enjoying outside.

The Beauty Disaster

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Top Horrible Exercise Excuses 15

While gathering these reasons, one thing turned out to be clear: Your mentors aren’t cherishing your last-discard endeavors to safeguard your victory.

You Fear the Fashion Police

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Top Horrible Exercise Excuses 16

Yes, the facts point that wellness is finding a design second. Still, coach Tony Gentilcore, quality coach and best helper of Cressey Sports Performance, says, “I once had a lady told me that the shade of the garments she was using that day didn’t coordinate her mind-set. Therefore, she was unable to work out.”


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