Top Exercises and Their Impact on Your Body

Doing regular exercise in a moderate way always help every individual to stay healthy. A common individual requires moderate exercise whereas a serious exerciser or an athlete need special training. However, different exercise levels put a different impact on your health.

There are some physical activities which don’t require gym training to run in the marathon but yes if you want to be an expert, then you will need regular training and plentiful nutrition diet.

Doing regular exercise helps to provide wonderful health benefits such as keeping your weight under control, improving your motion range and balance, bone strength, joint health, bladder control and protect brain health.

Strength training

Strength training is a form of physical exercise training in the resistance to trigger muscular contraction which helps to build your strength, growth of skeletal muscles and anaerobic endurance.

Performing proper strength training can help to get significant functional improvement and benefits to your entire well-being and health including:

  • Bone health
  • Ligament toughness and strength
  • Tendons strength
  • Joint functions improvement
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Increase bone density
  • Increase metabolism and fitness
  • Improve cardiac functions

Strength training commonly uses workout techniques which progressively build the muscles force output by incremental weight growth.

During strength training, you will require to target specific muscles groups and use of special types of exercise and equipment.

The impact of strength training on your body

Strength training is essential for all ages individuals. Performing an amount of resistance training is better than not doing anything. Having regular strength training for an extensive period of time can be beneficial for the overall body. You can lift weights for 2 – 3 times per week to get the long-term health impact.

Impact on Muscle Mass

Regular term strength training helps to increase the strength and muscle size. It may also lead to chronic hypertrophy- an increase in muscle size which happens through long term weight training.

It can increase your cross-sectional fiber of muscle size by 20 to 45%.  The individuals who do constant training will be able to build long term muscles strength by 7% to 45%.

Impact on Fat Tissue

According to the American-College-of-Sports-Medicine says that long-term strength training has a vital impact on your fat tissues.

Additionally, the strength exercise helps to build muscles mass which has a link with burning calories when you rest. Gradually this process results in the reduction excess body fat and builds lean muscle mass.

Strength training target involves large muscle groups by effectively engaging high-intensity exercise and reduce fat from storage.


Walking is the best simple exercise that everyone can do. Having a habit of regular walking improves your cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure, improve bone health, lift your mood and reduce heart disease risk.

To do a good walking exercise, you will need a well-fitting and supportive shoe. You can make a habit of walking every day 10 to 15 minutes. Gradually increase the times and pace of walking for 30 to 60 minutes in a week.

Regular walking habit is like an aerobic workout because it supports cardio-vascular exercise and strength lungs and heart health by increasing overall fitness.

While on other specific workout plan and diet, including walking habit helps to tone your muscles.

According to sports science professor, Dr. Craig from University-of-Exeter, walking helps to improve muscle endurance and increase lower body strength.

Walking will help to regulate your cardiovascular system of the body and promote blood circulation.

You can do power walking which keeps quick pace between moderate to high intensity and burns the same number calories similar like running and jogging.

As walking is low impact workout will not cause injury like usually happen by jogging.

According to Marcus Davis, walking helps to reduce the excess fluid of lower leg and prevent varicose veins by pumping action of calf muscles.

Walking increases oxygen supply in your body and eliminate waste from tissues. Many people can walk consistently than running which is more beneficial for cleansing tissues. It is the best to exercise for the people over 50s because jogging can cause them injury in joints.

The impact of walking training on your body

Help weight loss

Walking make weight loss simple.  Everyday walking can impact on weight loss plans by doing a walk. Make sure to do walking regularly for the desired result.

Walking increase intensity

The regular walk begins to show how you lose weight which can be motivated to increase your workout intensity safely by simple adjustments.

Walking increase your everyday steps

Walking with a slow developed speed helps to burn the calories. As you start walking, you may able to increase the time and speed of your walking. The more you can walk, the more you will burn the calories.

You can buy a pedometer to count your steps while walking. You need to wear it starting from morning to till bedtime. In three days of the time, you will be able to find how many steps you can walk every day. Later make an aim to add 500 extra steps and repeat it for a week then again add next 500 steps next week. Continue this till you reach a goal of 10,000 steps every day.

Increase your speed

A moderate walk every day boosts your body health and promotes effortless weight loss. Walking longer helps to burn more calories and support weight loss by keeping the overall body health.

Try to increase your speed which helps to cover the greater distance in the same length of time. This technique makes you burn more calories every minute, and you will be able to achieve at weight loss at a faster rate.

Walking prepare your mind

Walking every day is an excellent workout though which your body get prepared to walk more. It means your muscle won’t require to work hard for the same speed and distance. If your exercise is not challenging than you will end up burning fewer calories and lose less weight. Therefore, try to make your walk challenging to provide your body with a good habit.

The Push-Up

You can perform push-ups anywhere and utilize every muscle, specifically the chest muscles. Regular push-ups help to increase your core and functional strength which prevent shoulder and back injuries.

While bench press is the best alternative for push up workout, but many common people are unable to lift the weight as much as you can do in push-ups.

According to a research, 66.4% of your total body weight is lifted in a complete push-up. You can adjust push-up to raise the challenge by lifting your both feet off the ground or by performing the single leg push up.

The impact of Push-Up on your body

Regular push-ups are good for your body to gain upper body strength. Push-ups work on pectoral muscles, triceps, and shoulders. If you do push-ups properly, then it will help to strengthen your core and lower back muscles by engaging your abdominal muscles.

Push-up workouts are effective and fast for gaining strength. You can do it from anywhere without the help of equipment.

Push-up exercise is one of the top exercises which work effectively to create a consistent workout routine. There will be upper body strength gain if perform push-ups regularly.

To get the best result, keep adding different types of push-ups. You can also follow push-up challenge where you can slowly increase the push-up numbers every week. You can perform up to 100 reps in 2 months.

Push-up everyday cause risk?

Performing only one exercise may impact your body because your body will not more find it challenging and create a risk of plateauing in you will gain any benefit from that particular exercise. This problem occurs because your muscles change and improve their function only when they get stress from lifting weight while doing a workout like a push-up. To maintain your muscles strength and growth keep challenging your muscles which increase fitness level.

If you perform push-ups every day, then do it in a proper form to prevent injury. For example, Improper push-ups can cause you shoulder pain and lower back.

If you find doing push-ups difficult in the beginning, then try doing against wall or knees.

If you find hard pressure on your wrists due to push-ups or previous wrist injury, then check with your physical therapist before doing push-ups. Your doctor may recommend you dolphin push-ups which are done on forearms alternatively than your hands or knuckle push-ups.

The Squat

The squat workout is one of the top exercises. It engages your glutes. It is a type of functional workout which helps your body to achieve real-life activities and tone your body in a natural way.

Some people thing square is the exercise to including in bodybuilding or weight lifting plans, but the square is for everyone who desires to tone up every age.

During a normal day, you are bending to tie your shoelaces or pick something up from the ground which is squatting. It is a completely natural form of workout. The only difference between other exercise and squatting is that while doing squats, you will require to maintain correct posture carefully to get the desired result. You can do squat exercise with or without lifting weight.

According to the American-Council-on-Exercise (ACE), the squat exercise involves engaging gluteus maximus muscles (large glutes muscles), but only testers can perform it up to 90 degrees or lesser. It happens because the deeper you perform squat, the more you will utilize your muscles fiber.

However, while completing your squat workout make sure to go as low as possible only if you feel comfortable. Once your body adapts to this workout techniques, then you can hold lightweight during exercise.

The impact of Squat on your body

Squats can completely transform your body. As it is a functional physical exercise, it provides striking benefits. If you perform squat correctly, then it can be a powerful movement to tone your body.  Let’s see how squat impact your body.

Performing squat helps to gain muscle strength of glutes, quadriceps, calves, hamstrings and core muscles. Squat workout helps your lower body to reduce the excess fat and make your body to perform well for your core and legs.

By performing squat strengthen your joints, connective tissues, and bones. Additionally, it helps to prevent injury. Especially it prevents osteoporosis and muscles distress.

Increase mobility and balance

Squat helps to boost your balance and mobility by helping your everyday activities such as picking up things, balancing. Squat helps to prepare your body for all types of movements.

It corrects your posture

By doing squat exercise, you will be able to perform powerful physical activities everywhere and anytime. This exercise doesn’t require to go to a gym or equipment. Take advice from an expert for your posture. Proper squat helps to improve your posture and help you stand, sit and walk confidently.

Squat balance your hormones

There are two major hormones such as testosterone which increase fat build-up due to certain lifestyle changes. Adding squat in your daily life exercise helps to balance the hormones and reduce fat accumulation.


Pull up is another top exercise which targets your rhomboids back muscles and latissimus dorsi. Due to the pull-up movement, your other muscles such as deltoid and biceps get utilized.

You will need to perform pull-up with better techniques. You will need to place hands till shoulder width against the bar with your palm facing toward yourself.

Convenient exercise

Pull-ups work on large groups of your body muscles.  It is the most convenient workout to do anywhere with helps bar.

You can also use a random metal pole and hang it on your laundry room.

It engages your upper body

Pull-up is a compound exercise because it engages several muscles groups. Just like how squats are essential for your legs, the pull-ups work on upper body.

There is no effective exercise like pull-ups to target your upper body because it engages your biceps and back muscles.

It increases your intensity

Regular perform pull-ups helps to increase your intensity to build muscles. It is the best exercise to promote back intensity by strapping a weight plate to your trunk or dumbbell from your feet.

It provides different variations

Pull-ups provide the best advantages of modifications in exercise.  The most important thing is these variations doesn’t need extra equipment like other exercises. All you need to do is to improve your grip such as

  • Close grip pull-ups
  • Reverse grip pull-ups

It provides grip strength

Pull-ups are an excellent workout to strengthen your grip. It is helpful for the serious bodybuilder.



Swimming is one of the tops, and safe exercises as water support your body in several ways. Your body feels less strain on painful joints as you move in the water. Swimming is a good exercise for people with arthritis because it is a reduced weight bearing workout.

According to research swimming can help to improve your mental ability and enhance good mood. Water aerobic workout is another way to burn more calories and tone up your body.

The impact of Swimming on your body

Improve your cardiovascular health

Adding swimming exercise in your fitness plan work wonder. Swimming is an excellent workout which supports your cardiovascular fitness.

Swimming is the best workout for your lungs and heart. This train your body to supply more oxygen efficiently that generally appear in breathing rate and resting heart rate. Also, swimming increases your flexibility and strength by engaging legs, arms, and other muscle groups.

Build muscles

Everyone has a different shape of the body, so their muscles building ability also varies. It is the reasons swimming help some people to build their muscles quickly from upper to lower body.

Prevent Injuries

As water support your bodyweight, swimming is a fabulous workout for everyone to exercise without stressing your joints. As swimming is a weightless workout, it helps to prevent injuries.

Improve mental health

Swimming is a perfect exercise to relax your mind and prevent all sort of stress and anxiety. While walking or running there will be worrying thought of getting a smooth surface, but when you are in a swimming pool, there will be no worries.

Swimming improves your flexibility

You will not stretch muscles like Pilates or yoga, but there is a different range of motion which stretch your muscles from points which makes them more flexible and promote recovery.

Help weight loss

The weight bearing ability in the swimming water helps overweight people to lose weight. Swimming may not burn quick calories like an intense workout, but surely it works on a weight loss goal because it increases your heart rate. If you learn better swimming techniques, then your body will perform harder without any problem.

The Bicycle Manoeuvre

The bicycle maneuver is one of the top exercises which focuses on abs. Previous long hour sit-ups were thought to be best for toning your abs, but recent research discovered that performing sit-ups will only put a little impact on toning the abs.

Using bicycle maneuver will help to restore your core muscles and develop your abs. This workout will help to intensify your inner and outer obliques between other core regions. You don’t require any tools to perform this exercise, and you can do it at anyplace.

The impact of Bicycle Manoeuvre on your body

Tone muscles

The bicycle maneuver focuses on flat abs and tones your abs. According to research, it is the best resistance workout for abs which provide excellent muscle activity and define your belly muscles.

Help fat loss

The bicycle maneuver doesn’t impact on your belly fast, but it is helpful for long term weight loss plans particularly when added with another resistance workout. It is the reason that it works directly on metabolism.

The Side Bridge

The side bridge exercise helps to decrease the risk of chronic back pain. It is performed by lying on your sides and lifting you resting weight on your forearm which makes a diagonal line of your body and your upper leg appear on your lower leg.

The impact of Side bridge on your body

It strengthens gluteus

The bridge workout is the best exercise to separate and strengthen your gluteus muscles and thigh back part (hamstrings). Performing this workout properly increase your strength and stability and engage your abdominal muscles, hips and lower back.

It improves spinal issues

It is a well know workout for improving spinal and core muscles. It is a safe workout for people who are undergoing back problems. If you are a long hour sitting worker, then waking up your posterior chain benefit your posture and it can be a good warm-up workout.

The impact of exercises depends on different health and ability to adapt the change in your body. Take fitness expert help to know the type of exercise your body needs for your desired fitness goal. Additionally, keep watch on your nutrition diet. Make sure to eat healthy foods to make your body well fit for the exercise you choose.

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