Tips for Baby Fat Loss

Do you know the extra chubbiness in your body is actually a build-up fat? It can also be a sign hidden health problem. Having a general checkup with your doctor can be a good idea to make sure your body is healthy.

A healthy body with extra fat is necessary during pregnancy to help your baby grow properly, but after childbirth, you will need to get back to your original body shape. Generally, most women struggle to lose baby fat, but you can reduce the excess fat after your baby switch to eat solid foods.

Make sure to plan your fat loss goal after completing the responsibility of your baby. While breastfeeding still your body may gain fat and it can be a demand for your baby’s health. Eat plenty of nutritious foods after childbirth and continue till the next 12 months. After that take your doctor advice and if you are healthy enough, then plan to get back in pre-pregnancy weight.

It’s completely acceptable and depends on your pregnancy and health to lose fat. Different women have different experiences. Some women lose fat after 6-12 of birth and some woman take their own time. Therefore, do not feel awkward to look fat. However, here are some healthy tips to adapt to reach your baby fat loss plan.

Take Your Time

After childbirth, your body will need enough time to recover and return to its original weight. If you lose fat soon, then you will take a long time to recover. Before making a plan of slimming down give yourself 6 weeks of time. While still breastfeeding wait till your baby become at least 6 months old and your milk hormones get normalize before suddenly cutting the calories intake.

Make a goal of losing fat every week. You can reduce fat build up by eating healthy and nutritious foods. Also, you need to do moderate exercise apart from your daily routine.

A woman who breastfeeds needs more than 500 calories every day than they had before pregnancy. Get healthy calories from foods such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and low-fat dairy.


If you are a breastfeeding mom, try to lose weight slowly. Fat loss may affect your milk production ability. Breastfeeding is a great way to burn more calories after childbirth.

Apart from nourishing and protecting your baby from health problems, breastfeeding can help to decrease your fat.

While breastfeeding, your body uses collected fat cell with your diet’s calories for serving your milk production for feeding the baby.  You can also lose weight while breastfeeding with the advice of eating an extra 300 to 500 calories every day to keep your energy level and milk making.

However, after immediate childbirth weight loss of around 15 pounds that is 6.8 kilograms, weight loss begins slowly. After six months you will be able to lose 1 to 2 pounds that 0.45 to 0.9 kg. After that, weight and fat loss become a slow process.

While breastfeeding tries to make healthy choices. Add a variety of whole grains and fruits and vegetable in diet and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Try to reduce your added sugars calorie consumption and saturated fats such as desserts, soft drinks, cheese, fried food, fatty meats, and whole milk.


Walking is a simple exercise for everyone, you can do it after childbirth also. As you begin, it may feel like not showing result but while recovery you may notice a reduction in headaches, soreness and body pain.

It can be fun when you do walking with your little one or spouse. Keep track of your recovery and visit your doctor regularly.

Gradually, increase your speed and steps and try to walk faster. Track your time and distance every day and increase accordingly.

Eat Good Nutrition

Many women make a harmful mistake by skipping their important part of the meal. Some women also replace their healthy meal with dietary supplements post-delivery. It’s important to have a full nutritious meal without skipping one. Skipping meal will not help fat loss but affect your immunity and metabolism. You should eat plenty of nutritional foods including micronutrients to maintain your metabolic cycle to help your new baby body. Here are the effective foods to add in post-baby fat loss.

  1. Green veggies

A post-baby fat loss diet cannot complete without green leafy vegetables. Green leafy vegetables contain rich folic acid, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber and calcium and loads of antioxidants. Green veggies such as Spinach, broccoli, kale, cabbage.

  1. Colorful veggies

Add colorful veggies in post-baby fat loss. Choose some different veggies such as fresh tomatoes, eggplant, black olives, artichokes, red and green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives. You can have a steamed veggie to get its most benefits.

  1. Lean protein

Add lean protein in your diets such as chicken, ground beef, Egg whites, Soy, and Black beans. Lean protein provides lots of iron, protein, vitamin B12 and promotes your energy levels. It is a good source to maintain energy during breastfeeding.

  1. Spices

While pregnancy and breastfeeding spices may not suit your diet as it generates heat in the body but you can add spices in your diet for post-baby fat loss. You can use spices such as Black pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, Cayenne pepper.

Green Tea

Generally having green tea of one cup is considered as safe and it will not harm to you or your baby. said by Dr. Ross. But you should not consume green tea more than 300mg in a day while breastfeeding. Once your breastfeeding duty completely finish and your baby no more depend on you and eat other foods, then you can plan to add green tea in your fat loss diet.

Here are the ten super energizing snacks

  • Baby carrots with hummus
  • Silvered almonds and raisins.
  • Eat whole grain cracker with peanut butter and banana slices.
  • Soy latte and skim-low fat
  • Pears, apple and string cheese
  • Whole grain toast, one hard-boiled egg with a half a cup of grapes.
  • Eat whole-wheat tortillas with low-fat cheese and salsa.
  • Low sodium turkey with oranges.

Plenty of water

Drinking enough water helps to remove the build-up toxin in the body and increase your fat loss process after pregnancy.

You can drink warm water after each meal. Drinking warm water helps to burn fat and eliminate the oil clogs in the body. Add at least 8-9 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily food intake which contain water to stay hydrated.

You can add honey in the warm water which provides good fat loss. Drink the honey water on your empty stomach and avoid it when you are still breastfeeding. The honey water is the best way to burn long stored fat in the body.

You can also add lemon with honey in the water to promote your immune system and metabolism. Lemon contains rich vitamin C which is a popular fat loss remedy.

Drinking less water limit your ability to burn the fat and leads to water retention. Water is important to run the survival mechanism. Drinking enough water helps you to know how your inner bodywork and boost blood circulation to each and every tissue.

Reduce your stress

According to recent studies stress trigger many health problems including body fat. Whenever you get a situation which seems you have no control over causes your body to release stress hormones called adrenaline and cortisol in your bloodstream. Generally, these hormones protect you from harmful health problems, but if your body frequent response to stress and release excess hormones especially in new moms, then it will cause build-up fat, irritability, fatigue, and weight gain.

Get Rest

Taking enough rest is important to eliminate build-up toxins. If you don’t get enough rest, then it will cause you inflammation. When your body has constant inflammation, then it will move fat receptors to your central region and result in fat molecules build-up in your belly part. It can be challenging for the new mom to have complete sleep because of the baby’s different sleep cycles, but you can sleep when your baby is sleeping. Make sure to take rest as much as possible. Taking extra sleep will help your body to limit the stress hormones production. Missed sleep causes to trigger insulin resistance which is a condition negatively impair your metabolism and the ability to burn the calories.

Therefore, add more rest and sleep in your everyday schedule to lose baby fat.

Avoid Extreme Diets

Many new moms feel panic and get depression after childbirth. They feel bad about their body and plan to have an extreme diet which causes malnourished and eventually impacts on the baby’s health. Constant starving will imbalance your fat loss plan due to insufficient nutrients. Get your expert dietitian advice to lose extra fat.

Add Exercise

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Add exercise to have a healthy fat loss plan after delivery. Exercise is the best alternative to lose fat rather than muscle.

Doing 30 minutes of exercise everyday help to burn excess post-delivery fat. It can be challenging to attend for your baby and care for yourself, but as you start, it will help you. Make sure to track your body weight because rapid weight loss is not healthy.

Do not do any exercise over. You can have a walk around with your baby in the stroller which can be a great exercise for your body.

You may not go to the gym post delivery, and it is also not a safe thing to do because your body cannot tolerate heavy workout. Here is an important exercise to help baby fat loss.

  1. Pelvic Tilt

You can do pelvic tilt exercise in which you need to lie on your back with the help of a pillow supporting under your hips and in your knees. Press your buttocks and pull your abs in to do a stretch in your abdomen. You can perform tilt exercise after the first week of your delivery. Make sure to take your doctor advice or wait for 8-weeks if you have undergone C-section.

  1. Pelvic Bridge

Do the pelvic bridge exercise after the six weeks of your delivery. This exercise is similar like tilt workout, but the difference is you will require to lift your hips up from the ground and manage the bridge before taking yourself down. You can begin with five repetitions and slowly increase as you feel comfortable.

  1. Heel Sides

The heel sides also require to do on the resting your back on the ground. During this exercise, you will require to bend your one leg up by heel on the floor. Then, push your heels away from the ground by using your abdominal muscles and keep exhaling. Do this exercise for both legs. It is the best exercise to strengthen your lower back.

  1. Towel Pulse

The towel pulse is a slight variation of the crunches in which you need to lie on your back by bending your knees. You will require to pull a towel over the shins by holding it on both sides by your hands. Lift your shoulder from the ground and stay in this position and release your abdominal muscles. Do this exercise for 10-12 times.

  1. Single Leg Stretch by Towel

You will need a towel to do this exercise to stretch your free leg. This exercise is recommended for women who have crossed 12 to 14 weeks after delivery. For doing this activity, you need to rest on your back and take your knees above your hips and keep your shins equal to the ground. Keep a towel between your thighs and push it out while you manage your leg position to perform resistance. Then engage your upper body by raising your shoulder and neck upward and stretch another leg as you exhale.

  1. Plank

You need to wait till 16 weeks after childbirth to avoid problems. Doing plank helps to re-strengthen you back and abdominal muscles which became lost during pregnancy.

It is a simple exercise to do by keeping your wrist below your shoulders. Keep your neck straight and pull your abs in and keep your legs straight aligned to your head to heel. Next, tuck your tailbone below and press your butts. Stay in this position for 10 seconds.

Try Belly Wraps

You can also lose baby fat post-delivery with the help of body wraps. You will get a maternity belt to wrap around your abs and belly to stimulate the process of shrinking uterus back to its normal size. It is an old-fashioned method to reduce your fat after delivery but is an effective way to improve your posture and prevent back pain.

You need to do is to cover midsection with a piece of smooth cloth or a maternity belt. You need to make sure that the belt is not very stingy or loose. At the same time, the cloth/belt should be satisfactory. Do take guidance from your doctor to avoid any difficulties.

Body Massage

Body massage also helpful for post-baby fat loss. Massage is an effective method to eliminate body fat in a relaxing condition. You can have a message by targeting your fat areas. Body massage helps to distribute the build-up fat all in the entire body and boost your metabolism. You can have body massage every week to get the best results.

Ask for help

Even after trying different methods for post-delivery weight loss, you may struggle and find it challenging. Taking your doctor and dietitian advice can help you in a better way. The diet recommended from a dietitian can work safely in an effective way.

Baby Weight Exercise

If you are unable to do gym exercise, then you can take help from your baby for fat loss. Hold your baby near and firmly to your chest and perform lunges every day. You should take your doctor advice first to avoid complications.

You can also lay down on your back and hold your baby upward and down.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine

A cup of coffee is best to get fresh and prevent sleepy mood, and exhaustion but it affects your fat loss plan. After breastfeeding, you need to limit alcohol and caffeine consumption. Avoid drinking caffeine more than one or two times a week. Replace caffeine drinks with natural drinks like green tea, lemon tea, and ginger tea to refresh yourself.
With the above effective tips, you will be able to lose baby fat. The saggy body part may feel challenging, but as you take up the challenge, you will see the result. Always discuss with your doctor about your worries to confirm and find a way to deal with it.

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