Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits

Scoliosis is a sloping curvature of the spine, which affects the posture. It may be occurred because of spinal trauma, cerebral palsy, neuromuscular diseases, a malformation in the womb, or improper response to gravity.

Scoliosis impacts both children and adults. Women are 8-times more prone to progressive scoliosis. Scoliosis guideline suggests bracing, and its exercise reduces spinal curvature.

Scoliosis Pilates

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Scoliosis pilates is the beginning position of this workout. It can be performed standing position or lying down with the support of the wall. It also helps to build posture and strength. This exercise increases resistance power.

This exercise targets the glutes, hamstrings, lats, and lower back.

How to do it?

  • Lie down flat over back and flex your knees.
  • Take a small gym ball and place it between your knees.
  • Put palms on the side.
  • Slowly push hips upward to raise mid-body. Hold for 3-seconds.
  • Lower down and breathe out. Repeat this ten times for 10-times.


Make sure to bend back when you lie down and begin doing the exercise.

Scoliosis Yoga – Cat Pose

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It is good for strengthening the spine and relaxing. It can also help relieve back pain. This exercise targets the lower back, upper back, and glutes.

How to do it?

  • Get into a cat-like position by balancing your torso on both your knees and palms.
  • Push lower back down and look upward at the ceiling. Feel the stretch in the lower back.
  • Breath out and draw the stomach in and form a hunch back. See you at your navel.
  • Breath in and repeat this 20 times. Perform this exercise for 8-minutes.

Scoliosis Breathing Exercise

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Deep inhaling helps to increase blood circulation. This exercise target the lower back and upper back.

How to do it?

  • Lie on back on a mat and let your shoulder relax.
  • Keep fingertips over chest and breath in and breath out. Do this 10-times.
  • Flex knees and lift legs.
  • Drop legs and raise them again. Perform this 10-times.
  • Lie under over side with a pillow supporting the upper torso.
  • Lie down upon your back with knees bent and heel level on the floor.
  • Inhale and exhale 10-times for 20 minutes.


Rest and perform this exercise.

Schroth Method

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The Schroth program is one of the best non-surgical alternatives for curing scoliosis. This exercise targets your lower and upper back.

How to do it?

  • Lie below above the right side on the ground.
  • Lift left leg and keep it for three seconds, and release.
  • Perform this 10-times.
  • Pose yourself under a bar that is not much high so that you can put your feet on the ground.
  • Hold the bar, keep feet right below it, and pull the body down. Feel the stretch and count to 10.
  • Come to a sitting pose without leaving the bar and count to 10.
  • Repeat this set for 3-times. Perform it for 25 minutes.


Take a trainer’s guidance while doing this workout.

Scoliosis Bird Dog Stretching

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It is a type of scoliosis workout that requires a gym ball for support. This exercise is a very helpful exercise for beginners as it does not hurt much and benefit to attain perfect posture. It targets glutes, hamstrings, shoulder, lower back, lats, quads, and triceps.

How to do it?

  • Take a gym ball, and lie down with your tummy on the ball and balance your body with toes.
  • Raise left leg and right hand, then hold for 3-seconds.
  • Place left leg and right hand down.
  • Lift right leg and left hand and hold for 3-seconds.
  • Place them down and repeat 10-times in 7-minutes.


Support your body using a stability ball to prevent hurt from falling.

Triceps Raise Or Row Raise

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This activity is also named rear arm muscles lift or column raise. It works the back muscles and provides help to the storage compartment.

You can do this activity with free weight or a machine.

The ideal approach to pick your structure will rely upon the difficulties you experience during treatment. Then you can understand which model will help you with achieving agreeable outcomes. Here is the thing that you ought to do. It targets lats, triceps, and lower back muscles.

Hip Roll And Bridge

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The Hip Roll and bridge exercise increase the pelvis area, lifting vertebrae to form a full circle, and lets the hip turn, which is necessary if you have scoliosis.

This exercise target middle back, lower back, upper back, quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

How to do it?

  • Lie down on back and flex knees and then
  • Balance body by keeping arms at distance from the body, palms should face down.
  • Roll pelvis region from left to right.
  • Repeat this 20-times in 7-minutes.


Stop if you feel sharp pain.


plank chest main best ab
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There are many ways of doing a plank workout. It helps to strengthen core muscles. However, the recommended one for starting is the type that needs forearms and toes to face the plank. This workout targets the shoulder, abs, biceps, lower back, upper back, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

How to do it?

  • Lie down facing the floor, flex your elbows, and balance your body with toes.
  • Squeeze abs in and hold this pose for 5-seconds.
  • Relax and breath in and breath out.
  • Repeat these steps 3-times and hold every plank 10-30 seconds.


Always take help from a physical therapist. Do not flex your knees.

Lying Spinal Twist Asana

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It is an excellent workout to correct spinal curvature and posture. You will need the help of a physical therapist to do this work out. This exercise target upper back, glutes, lower back, and hamstrings.

How to do it?

  • Rest on your side with twisted knees. Your legs should be at right angles to your calves. Extend arms to the sides.
  • Gently move the neck, arms, and mid-torso in the opposite direction.
  • Hold this pose for 5-seconds and then gently back to the beginning point.
  • Also, do this exercise for another side.
  • Repeat this 10-times and hold for 2-seconds.


Do not turn more or too long.

Scoliosis Yoga – Tree Pose

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The tree pose is helpful to improve your balance. It targets your upper back, adductors, lower back, quads, and triceps muscles.

How to do it?

  • Stand straight keeping feet at shoulder width.
  • Balance your body on your right foot and bend your left knee. Hold left knee with both palms.
  • Keep left foot level on the right inner thigh.
  • Join palms together and place hands upward.
  • Be in this pose for 30-seconds to one minute.
  • Also, do this for another side.
  • Repeat this exercise 3-times for 10-30 seconds.


Take trainer help to support if you are not comfortable the first time.

Benefits of Scoliosis

Yoga can help those Scolioses, specifically given the combination of core stabilization and flexibility needed to perform yoga poses an incorrect way stated by Sami Ahmed (DPT), a physical therapist at The-Centers-for-Advanced-Orthopaedics.

Stretch the Sides of The Body

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When practicing yoga, the body parts get a good stretch and forced to contract by performing different movement patterns that need a sustained hold of a specific position. It often results in increased mobility of the thoracic spine.

Reduce Pain and Stiffness

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When seeing at the spine, especially for those with scoliosis, we think about two concepts about its stability: type and force closure. Adding the forced closure, which is made up of connective tissue and muscles that keep the spine in proper alignment. You can notice the reduction in pain and improve all functions. Physical activity like yoga can promote foster the balance of a neutral spine or boost overall alignment.

Improve Spinal Position

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A study of 25 patients with scoliosis discovered that those who do the side plank pose noticed an improvement in the primary scoliotic curve of the spine. The participants practiced yoga poses for 90-seconds for 6-days every week. 

Scoliosis Exercises To Avoid

  • Do not do those exercises that need forward bend.
  • Do not Overstretch or curve lower back.
  • Competitive swimming or football
  • Do not sleep on your belly
  • Avoid ballet, somersaults, gymnastics, and high jumps
  • jumping or playing on the trampoline
  • Carrying or lifting a heavy object
  • Running too long distances
  • Heavy weightlifting at the gym

Skip these activities and exercises to prevent injuries. But you should do a scoliosis therapy workout daily.

Why Are Scoliosis Exercises Useful?

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Exercise is the most dependable approach to oversee and reinforce substantially stance and curve on one side. In any case, with regards to scoliosis, you must be additional wary about the activity you pick.

Breathing workout like deep breaths can offer temporary relief, but they are not a helpful remedy. Yoga, which does help in providing the muscle some balance, is not the go-to solution in people with scoliosis.

Scoliosis bracing is also a short solution, as the spinal curve can reappear when you stop using a brace.

Why Is Exercise Necessary For Scoliosis?

In medicinal science, it is suggested that you should try all those natural treatments, which can resolve the problem. In the case of scoliosis also, first, it is advised to perform a workout before going for surgery.

Till the point of deviation of the spine isn’t more than 45-50 degrees, at that point, it is not advised to have a medical procedure.

Since the medical procedures will cause blood loss, bladder issues, contamination, and spinal equilibrium loss. So, for the starting stages exercise is recommended. They have numerous advantages and forestall hazards in a medical procedure.

Helpful Tools for Scoliosis Exercise

Foam Roller

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Foam rollers not only help the pain but also develop strength. They offer support when you do exercise for core strength.

Stability Ball

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Stability balls offer support and stability to the back and strengthen abdominal muscles.

Training Wedges

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Training wedges are wedges soft mats that provide extra support if you have many curves in the spine.

BOSU Balance Trainer

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This dome-shaped balance trainer increases the strength of the back muscles.

ScoliSMART Activity Suit

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It is an effective and helpful suit, which can be worn even during everyday activities. It helps to manage the right posture and lower spinal curvature with normal usage.

Sports To Play If You Experiencing Scoliosis

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Make sure to take the doctor’s advice before playing any sport if you are experiencing scoliosis.

Here are some sports to play:



Light strength training

Living with scoliosis can be more challenging to detect earlier. Here is how you can do it

ScolioSMART™ Early-Stage interference

This stage has 5-days treatment, which helps kick-start the necessary neuromuscular retraining. It also includes assessments and home treatment for improvement, which include the following:

Genetic risk assessment

Saliva samples are collected to know the likelihood of scoliosis.

Neurotransmitter testing

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Hormone imbalances are responsible for the miscommunication of brain muscles.

Home muscle training plan

Involuntary exercise program.

Nutritional support and testing

Supplements are provided to correct hormonal imbalances.

Massage Therapy for treating Scoliosis

Generally, massage offers many benefits for people with or without scoliosis, including:

  • Promote blood flow to the tissues and muscles
  • Stretches tight part of the body
  • Reduce pain
  • Enhances mobility
  • Encourages better sleep

Manual therapy for treating scoliosis is a physical manipulation method and massage therapy like spinal traction and chiropractic manipulation. Massage therapists sometimes use different techniques in scoliosis treatment. They may also offer people workout to do at home.

There are many types of massage method for scoliosis, including:

Swedish Massage

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Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits 19

One of the general types of massage, involving tapping, kneading, shaking motions, and long strokes.

Deep Tissue Massage

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Body stretching and neuromuscular therapy help to increase the blood flow to tissues and muscles and tightened areas.

Myofascial Release

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Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits 21

It focuses on opening up a stiff part in the tough membranes that wrap around and balance the muscles.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy

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It helps to manage the spine and improve the overall function of the body by stimulating restricted tissues within and around the spine.

Thai Yoga Massage

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Scoliosis Exercises And Their Benefits 23

It is good for scoliosis and works dynamic therapy based on Ayurveda and yoga, which is performed fully clothed.

Does Scoliosis Massage help?

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Only a small number of clinical studies have discovered the massage benefits for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Most of these involve one or few cases and the result should be noticed with a little caution.

These studies used many different massage types, including myofascial release, soft tissue, and deep tissue massage for scoliosis.

Some also used spinal manipulation, chiropractic, spinal traction, electrical stimulation of the muscles, or home exercises. The length and treatment sessions number used in these studies are different. Many studies included 2-3 sessions a week for 6-12 weeks. One included 10-month of home care rehabilitation after the initial massage period.

These smaller studies discovered many benefits of scoliosis massage, including:

  • increased range of motion
  • pain relief
  • lower scoliosis curve

Additionally, one small randomized trial looked at the advantages of chiropractic manipulation. The study compared this technique to standard medical cure such as observation or bracing. The benefit of chiropractic manipulation included:

  • lower pain levels
  • decrease scoliosis curve
  • to enhance self-esteem, mood, and physical activity.

Another randomized trial of osteopathic manipulation discovered that it was not effective for juvenile idiopathic scoliosis. All these studies viewed the benefits of massage and other manual therapy for juvenile idiopathic scoliosis. Massage may not be appropriate for another form of scoliosis or people with medical conditions such as herniated discs, osteoporosis, nerve damage, or heart conditions.


Is Scoliosis Be Cured Or Reversed?

Early detection creates better chances of curing or reversing scoliosis. You must take the doctor’s advice and physical therapist to lower the spinal curvature. Stay active and join any support group if it helps you stay positive.

Does Stretching Benefit Scoliosis?

Yes, stretching helps to lower scoliosis pain and curvature. Do it with help and under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist.

How To Sleep With Scoliosis?

It can be different in people. Talk to your doctor about the good position that can help in sleeping.

Does Cold Climate Influence Scoliosis Pain?

Yes, a cold climate can increase scoliosis pain. Use warm clothes and try to keep yourself warm during winters.

What Is Infantile Scoliosis?

If kids below 5-years are influenced affected by scoliosis, it is called infantile scoliosis.

Is Walking Exercise Good for Scoliosis?

Use the ScolioSMART suit while walking.


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