Salsa till You Feel Light: Let’s Do the Burning Salsa

Dancing is fun, and burning calories with fun are immense happiness packed with good health and fitness. Salsa dance is helpful for maintaining good heart rate and support to burn excess fat. There are different moves in salsa dance which help you with burning calories depending on your metabolism and your ability to move.

Each and all salsa move can burn a considerable number of calories because salsa dancing is a prominent form of workout to control weight loss and fat loss goals. Basically, it presents you with the best cardio workout and also helps to increase strength as you move every time.

What is Salsa dance?

Salsa dance is well known social dance form emerged from Cuban folk dances. The salsa dance movements involve the combination of Afro-Cuban dance, cha-cha-cha, Son, Mambo and others. Since 1970s salsa dance developed with different music in New York.

Different salsa dance forms belong to different regions of the United States and Latin America such as Puerto Rican, Cuban, Cali Colombia, and New York styles.

Generally, salsa dance is performed in bars, nightclubs, ballrooms, outside and restaurants and at the outdoor festival.

Many salsa dance styles involve shifting body weight by stepping while dancing and you will require to maintain upper body level without affecting weight shifting changes. As you shift the weight, it will help to move your hips including shoulder and arm movements.

Salsa dance involves the use of music which ranges from 150 beats per minute to 250 bpm. However, other dance forms involve dancing at 160 to 220 bpm.

How Salsa dancing help you burn calories?

Regular practice of salsa dancing helps to burn huge calories and get a feel of the attractive body.

Salsa need two people for dancing. It is a popular dance because of its sensual moves. It also called the dance of passion. Here are the vital reasons how salsa dancing burn calories.

Expresses Passion

Salsa dance is a most sensual dance form which can be performed between two people of opposite gender which create passion on the dance floor. When you choose your dance partner with whom you have a good understanding of dance moves will create more intimacy and feeling. If a couple performs salsa dance, it will create a strong bond between both the partners. However, you can have a dance partner from your dance class, friend or partner.

The basic form of salsa dance involves taking three steps after every four music beats.

The odd steps from the syncopation original to salsa dancing and assure to take eight music beat to loop back to a different step sequence.

Salsa makes you motivated and moving

To burn calories in a proper way you will require regular physical exercise as well as the presence of your mind.  Doing regular exercise can keep your heart rate healthful and safe. It will tone your muscles by creating lean muscle and beneficial for reducing excess calories.

When your exercise excites and you enjoy it doing more, then it will motivate you to perform better, and your body and mind will take it positively.

Salsa dance promotes your self-esteem

Regular performing salsa dance for burning calories helps to increase your self-esteem. As you see improvement in your body, you will feel more confident to meet the challenge of your goal. Confidence is always important to consider your self-worth to stay motivated during your fitness regime.

Burns Fat and Calories

Salsa dancing steps are an excellent exercise to burn calories and fat. Because of its several moves, it makes you burn more calories every minute. If you perform salsa dance for 30 minutes, then it can burn 300 calories and 600 calories in one hour. You can do the exercise of salsa dance at home with your companion to have a routine calorie burning process. Make sure to do stretching and warm up before you begin the salsa dance and stay hydrated.

Encourages Sensual Attire

While doing salsa at events or party, its outfits are colorful, bright, festive and fun which encourage your sensual attire. It will get a feeling of sexy attire by wearing attractive cloth with hair slicked back.

Gets You in Shape

The salsa dance form which is full of energy and its focus on different muscles group of your body. There are several salsas moves which increase your heart rate. During the salsa dance, your body will require more oxygen and as breath more, you will feel fresh. By managing your heart rate, the salsa dance helps to burn fat and slow down weight gain also. It will help you to get more firm and toned body shape.

Reduce Blood Pressure

By doing salsa dance, you will be able to reduce the high blood pressure in a significant way. As salsa dance moves help to pump your heart smoothly and prevent the heart disease risk. Every day one hour of doing salsa dance helps to eliminate the heart-related problems and control your blood pressure.

Targets fat areas

The salsa dance is more helpful than walking or running exercise to target your body parts where more fat build-up occurs. While doing salsa dance, you will require to move backward and do swift movements to focus on your excess fat on your waist, back rolls and bottom.

Stimulate Your Mind

The best dance move or good exercise routine is an excellent way to eliminate the accumulated fat into energy. Salsa dance helps to rejuvenate your brain and make you feel refreshed after finishing your dance. When you dance with your spouse, it will help more to rekindle your romance and maintain fitness.

Builds Core Strength

The salsa dance needs to perform with speed and help to strengthen your core muscles. There are several moves and stance which require to work on core stability. It also helps to enhance your posture and make you fit as your age increase.

The Different Salsa Style

Cumbia – Colombian Salsa Style

Colombian salsa style started in Columbia. This dance is performed in different types of salsa music known as Cumbia which alike salsa rhythm but it has a longer pause between the initial three and the ending three beats.

It is uncommon to find a Cumbia class with instructions because the people who learned cumbia salsa has taught by friends and family. This salsa style is most famous in Latin/South America. It can be discovered by its circular movements of side/open breaks with a tap on the intervals of 4th and 8th.

During this dance, your feet will not move backward and forward like Mambo step. Alternatively, the movement set of side to center and back to center footsteps. This style has a very small turn of patterns, and usually, it’s not fast style. Rather, the many cumbia dancers will hold their mate very close with their whole bodies which touch from head to toe. If this salsa dance form includes turns, then it will be simple rock steps left movement turn.

Cuban Style Salsa


Cuban salsa dance form is similar to primary salsa dance form began from Cuba. This dance form is defined by Afro Cuban style body moves such as hip movement and body isolation.

Cuban salsa style does not have several quick spins. Rather, the moves are very circular against to linear, and the dance partner will move around each other.

In this salsa dance form, the hip movement is more noticeable and begins from the knees pumping. The footwork is pretty simple, and the complexity extends in the arm work, and it needs a follower to have flexible arms.

The Cuban salsa dance form considered as male-dominated which means the leader serves as a shower and perform a huge pull/push moves for the follower partner than other dance forms.

Maximum Cuban salsa dancer taps on the pause of 4th and 8th beats while dancer performs on one.

Miami Style Salsa

Miami Salsa dance style is managed by Casino Rueda moves which are a popular dance in Miami since the 1970s. These dance moves are adapted and used by Miami dancers. The Miami salsa steps are pretzel with complex arm movement. This style also requires your partner to move in circular against linear.

Miami salsa dance style emerged with the Cuban style, but the style developed and changed. This salsa dance style serves to feature longer and more difficult moves which can be mixed with even longer move sequences.

The Miami salsa dance consigned to other cities by popular DVDs sold by Salsa lover through worldwide. It provides regularity of movement in the initial days of Rueda dance which was considered for creating interest in the salsa dance.

Casino Rueda Salsa Dance

It is also described as Salsa Rueda means salsa wheel which is a group dance. It is introduced in Havana, Cuba in the year of 1960s by a dance group called Guaracheros de Regla. This dance involves circle dance by a couple’s name as The Caller. This dance provides calls or signals the movement performed by every couple together in the circle.

Most of the Casino dance moves include exchanging the dance partner which create a tricky dance performance and thrill to watch.

Rueda is a famous dance in Cuba and Miami. It got popularity all over the world. Cuban Rueda gets a feeling of playfulness, and easy to follow the fun movement. While dancing Miami Rueda, you need to take complicated movement patterns and remember all the skill to move in a proper step way.

Many callers knew for its 150 to 300 moves, speed, accuracy, and memory power to prevent the circle from breaking.

Which Salsa Move help to burn calories?

It is a great fact that salsa dance makes your heart rate raised and burn more calories. There is some salsa dance move which effectively burns calories. However, the effectiveness of salsa dance burning depends on your metabolism to adapt to the change.

Every Salsa dance move can burn a significant number of calories. Here is the important move to do burning Salsa till you feel light.

Side rocks

The name rock itself has a capacity of burning potential calories. The fourth initial salsa move such as side, in place, together, repeat- will need more step to the left side. It needs weight shifting and repeating on the other sides. You will need extra hip movement while keeping your elbows bent and sustain in the mind which is a general movement in the classed of step, jazzercize and aerobics. It is surely built for burning calories.

Dame Ocaito

It is a twist, toward classic dame, this dance move adds in as wolf shout as the 7th beat. The dame move is a basic step level in Rueda de casino which is dedicated to swap the partners. This Salsa dance move requires balancing physical moves with mental demands including remembering how and when to switch the dance partners and getting in wolf howl by staying on your toe to burn more calories.


This little tap step provides big punch and helps beginners to learn salsa dancing foundation. Many dancers use the tap for styling, but it is also eminent for correct weight shifting while salsa dancing. It needs the proper amount of muscle tension in your arms for Contra because loose arms may not allow the body to move quickly and make it impossible. You can include taps in the beats of 4-8 and begin with the little rise of the foot which step on the next beat. While doing this movement, you can use your toes, heel, and ball of your foot.

Coca Cola

Coca-cola considered as an advance dance move in salsa. It is the best move for burning calories and become master in all levels. It needs a 1.5 moving left turn followed by a Dile Que No. which is a basic movement for changing the dance partners from side to side.

The coca cola dance move adds some extra twist and turn to the Dile while moving up and need to balance with focus. This movement helps to do the more flair form your dance movement and burn calories.


Adios is a form of dance flair, on the 5th beat the leading partner elevate his left arm and take back a small step. On the next beats of 6 and 7, the lead partner moves forward under the arm to the follower side. However, whenever you are lifting your arms, you are increasing the need on your body. You can also do the trick by adding solo flair.


The Botala is easiest flair moves which involve doing like you are throwing something with a free hand in the air. The Botala dance moves are performed by leads without rules. The more grace, flair, and styling you get, the better your dance and your body look. It will help to burn more calories. Add some extra effort to burn more calories as you dance.

Dancing is a wondrous way to burn calories, and you will not feel tired of doing it like a regular workout. The salsa dance will help strengthen lean muscles and keep you motivated. Make sure to check with your expert if you feel uncomfortable while dancing.

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