Importance of Protein For Hair Growth

Hair is a delicate part of the human body. Lack of necessary protein, your hair becomes brittle, weak, and fall out. Hair strands are made up of a compact protein called keratin. In other words, protein is the life of hair cells because it helps in producing new cells and restore damaged tissues.

Does Protein Promote Hair Growth?

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Your hair strands contain a protein called keratin. The absence of protein can prompt going bald.

Around 5% of hair is in the resting phase, and it is the reason 50-100 strands fall every day, which is normal. Hair loss beyond 100 strands every day is a sign of a hair problem.

Less protein supply in the body cause to produce fewer hair follicles. Your everyday protein consumption should be 30% of you completes calories. A diet rich with protein is essential for healthy hair growth.

The hair growth cycle acts as an important part of protein requirements. Around 90% of hair growing phase (anagen) lasts for 3-5 years. Then comes the intermediate phase (catagen), which lasts for some weeks followed by the shedding/resting (telogen) phase during old age hair fall.

A protein loss may change the large proportion of hair to go into the shedding or resting phase at the same time, following in more than normal hair loss.


Protein Treatments Helps To Boost Healthy Hair Growth

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Protein treatments are a good option for hair problems like hair loss. They generally coat the outer layer of hair strands and follicles with proteins to harden them and save them from breakage and other damage.

Depending on the cause of hair damage, there are different proteins to get.

Protein Packs

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The protein packs are meant to use for mildly damaged hair and applied routinely in 1-2 months.

Light Treatments

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These are for mildly damaged hair and can also be utilized routinely. These treatments are available as hair conditioning masks.

Deep stimulating Treatments

These are created to moisturize deeply to slightly damaged hair and can be applied every two weeks.


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Hairstyling tool every day also increases the chances of damaging hair and needs to use reconstructions every 1-2 weeks. Protein treatments can help to strengthen hair from outside. Hair also needs nourishment to hair follicles from inside to protect it. It will happen when you get enough protein from your diet.

Add Proteins in Daily Diet

Many people think that eating high protein foods can cause weight gain as they provide high fats and calories. But that could not be the truth. There are many protein-rich foods to promote hair health without increasing weight.

Also, there is another misconception that protein sources are only meat. However, the truth is vegetables and fruits also provide rich protein.


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Eggs are the best source of biotin and protein, two essential nutrients, which promote hair health. Eating enough protein is essential for hair health because hair follicles are made from protein. Protein deficiency in daily diet has been shown to increase hair loss.

Biotin is important for hair protein production called keratin, which is the reason biotin supplements are marked for hair growth. Research has also shown that consuming high biotin can help to boost hair growth in individuals with a biotin deficiency.

However, biotin deficiencies are not common if you eat a balanced diet. There is some evidence to show healthy people get benefit from eating more biotin. Eggs also provide selenium, zinc, and other hair-healthy nutrients.


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Berries are a rich source of beneficial synthesis and vitamins, which protect health. It includes vitamin C, which provides strong antioxidants properties. Antioxidants can boost hair follicles and prevent damage from harmful molecules named free radicals. For example, one cum (144 gm) of strawberries provides 141% of everyday vitamin C.

Also, the body needs vitamin C to generate collagen, which is also a protein to strengthen hair to prevent brittle hair and breaking.

Fatty Fish

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Fatty fish like mackerel and salmon contribute to nutrients to improve hair health. These fishes give rich omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial to hair thickening. According to one research of 120 women found that taking a supplement consisting of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as antioxidants decrease hair loss and regenerate hair density.

Another research discovered that eating fish oil supplement help to lower hair loss and increase hair growth in ladies with hair thinning.

However, there are only fewer studies on healthy hair and omega-3 fatty acids. More studies need with health expert recommendations. Fatty fish also the best source of selenium, protein, vitamin D3, vitamin B, and other nutrients that increase hair.


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Shrimp are famous shellfish. It provides rich nutrients for hair growth. For example, shrimp are the best source of protein, zinc, vitamin B, vitamin D, and iron. A 3.5 ounce serving of shrimp offer 38% of everyday vitamin D requirement. According to studies, vitamin D3 deficiency is linked with hair loss. Despite the low fat in shrimp, it provides healthy omega-3 acids.


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Beans are another plant source of protein, which is necessary for hair growth. Like oysters, beans are the best source of zinc, which helps in the hair restoration cycle. It also provides biotin, iron, and folate for healthy hair.


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Nuts are not only an excellent snack, but they’re likewise an incredible source to get more protein for hair growth into your eating regimen — particularly for individuals who don’t eat animal products.

Moreover, nuts are likewise incredible sources of supplements for hair development like nutrient E, B nutrients, fatty acids, and zinc.

Cottage Cheese

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This dairy product is also helpful for good hair. It contains plenty of protein, calcium, and other nutrients.


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Almonds are healthy nuts with rich protein and calories. You can roast and add in any snack recipe. It will boost hair health.


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Pistachios contain low calories and plenty of protein. One ounce of pistachios consists of 6-g of protein and a high dose of vitamin B-6.


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Additionally, to the fact that oysters are the best source of protein, but at the same time, they provide zinc. Zinc is a significant hair development supplement since it influences protein synthesis and cell division. Thus, a zinc lack has been connected with particular sorts of hair loss.


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Beef is another good source of protein. 8-oz of sirloin provides a whopping 58 gm of protein, which fulfil the everyday requirement for adults. Beef provides healthy nutrients for hair, such as niacin, iron, and selenium.


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If your hair is lacking moisture, shine, gloss, length, and resilience, then milk protein might be missing from your diet. There is two main type of milk protein, such as whey and casein, both benefit to hair. A diet with low protein may cause hair to stop growing or becoming thin. Healthy hair is a direct result of a healthy body and daily diet with rich nutrition, including milk proteins that lead to shiny and thick hair.

Lipids and proteins present in milk help to strengthen hair, while the calcium boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. Milk also consists of hair-friendly nutrients like vitamin A, B6, potassium, and biotin, all of which are important for soft and shiny hair.

Protein is recognized as one of the building blocks for hair as the hair itself is naturally composed of protein. Protein deficiency would normally cause hair thinning or disruption in the normal hair growth cycle. Milk also provides calcium and stimulates keratin for hair growth.

Sweet Potato

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Sweet potatoes are also healthy for hair as it provides vitamin A, which is essential for sebum production on the scalp. They also consist of biotin, which makes hair to use protein for good growth. Biotin is also known to restore the damage that occurred by heat styling, such as curling, straightening, and blow-drying.


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Walnuts is comprised of biotin, protein, copper, omega fatty acids, and vitamin E. The omega-3s, omega-6s present in walnuts help to strengthen hair follicles. Selenium is linked with hair loss. Walnuts also provide rich selenium to protect hair from sun damage.


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Pumpkin is another good food for hair health. It provides vitamins A, C, E, and zinc. It also consists of vitamin B9 or folate to help hair growth by increasing blood circulation on the scalp. Pumpkin also consists of antioxidants, which fight against premature hair loss and prevent infections.

Flax Seeds

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Flax seeds are also beneficial to healthy diets. They provide loads of polyunsaturated fatty acids to prevent scalp dryness. You can sprinkle in any recipes or include them in smoothies.

Home Remedies for Protein Treatments for Hair

Egg mask

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You can treat hair naturally with an egg pack. Eggs provide good protein to repair damaged hair. Eggs are the best treatment for heat-damaged hair and provide beneficial enzymes. It helps to prevent dry and brittle hair.

You can apply the whole egg to hair and wash after 20 minutes. Use only egg whites for treating oily or frizzy hair. This egg protein treatment for hair can be prepared at home every 2-weeks or monthly.


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Sour cream, yogurt, and similar dairy goods consist of protein, and lactic acid, which restores hair while fat in the dairy moisturizes it. It is the most reliable way to revitalize and make luster hair. Combining yogurt with egg helps to produce the best conditioner. Keep the mask for 20 minutes and wash later.


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For effective results, try a protein remedy for natural hair with avocado. Avocados are loaded with nutrients and protein, but their high-fat content provides the best benefits when used for hair. Avocados repair the damaged hair, dry hair, and strengthen hair strands. It makes hair less likely to breakage. Mix half smashed avocado with two tablespoons of mayonnaise consisting of egg protein and apply as a conditioner.

Coconut oil

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Coconut butter or oil is a rich source of healthy proteins and fats, which is the best protein treatment for damaged hair. Applying a coconut oil mask in hair helps to moisturize hair deeply and bring a good result.

Get Adequate Natural Protein for Hair

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While home-prepared hair treatments are good options, they should not be utilized in isolation. Homemade protein hair remedies only nourish outer hair and strengthen hair shafts.

However, for good results, you have to care about hair follicles also. It means that you need to consume protein foods. Eating enough protein increase hair health and bring lustrous texture.

Which Protein Is Sufficient for Hair Growth?

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Keratin is a fibrous structural protein, which produces hair. More protein-rich foods and biotin helps to provide protein synthesis for hair. Hair cuticles help to absorb keratin and make hair look glossy after treatments. Apart from keratin, you can also look for pantothenic acid. Enough keratin in hair prevents damage and frizzy hair.

How to Know Your Hair Not Getting Enough Protein?

  • Wet some hair strands with water.
  • Now, stretch hair slowly and leave it at once.
  • If your hair strand springs back to its original length, then it has a maximum protein component. But if your hair break or does not spring back while stretching, then you can know that it is protein deficiency.
  • Other signs of Protein deficiency in hair
  • Flat, limp, or stringy hair
  • High porosity
  • Brittle and dry hair with split ends.

How Long Does Protein Hair Treatment Last?

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All in all, protein hair medicines may keep going for 3-12 relying upon your hair care after the treatment. In any case, if you put your through unreasonable warmth for styling, the protein treatment can lose its impact.

Can High Protein Cause Hair Loss?

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The imbalance between the water and protein content in hair can cause hair loss. Your hair needs balanced protein and water to grow healthy hair. Over proteinized hair repels water, which lowers the moisture content in hair. Your hair loses elasticity with high protein deposit, while it becomes stiff and more sensitive to breakage.

Also, recent research has shown that a type of whey protein and casein protein can increase premature hair loss. Whey protein isolate, which is found in protein supplement shakes with high amino acid levels. It also increases the dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, which are known for hair loss.

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