How To Tighten Skin After Weight Loss

Weight loss is an important accomplishment, which significantly lowers the infection risk. However, people who lose more extra weight are often encountering loose skin, which may negatively affect life quality and features.

Reason for Loose Skin After Weight Loss

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The skin is the main organ in the body and establishes a protected obstruction against the environment.

The inside layer of the skin comprises of proteins, including elastin and collagen. Collagen spread 80% of the skin’s structure, contributes to quality and immovability. Elastin gives versatility and assists with extending your skin.

During weight gain, skin stretch to make room for extended abdomen and other body parts. For example, Pregnancy.

Skin stretch during pregnancy occurs for some months and stretch skin typically to comfort the growing baby. In contrast, most obese and overweight people carry extra weight for a long time, often starting as early as adolescence or childhood.

When the skin stretched and remain that way for more time, elastin and collagen fibers get damaged. As a result, they lose their functioning ability to retract (1Trusted Source).

Consequently, when someone loses much weight, extra skin hangs from the body. In general, the more weight loss, the more skin gets loose.

Factors Affecting Skin Elasticity Loss

Different factors contribute to losing the skin after weight loss:

Time Length of Overweight

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Generally, the longer someone has been obese or overweight, the looser their skin will be post weight loss because of collagen and elastin loss.

The amount of weight lost

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Weight loss of 100 pounds (46) or more leads to a high amount of loose skin than the more moderate weight loss.


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Older skin has low collagen than the younger skin and leads to loose skin after weight loss. (5Trusted Source).


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Genes may influence how the skin responds to weight loss and gain.

Sun exposure

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Chronic sun exposure has been discovered to lower the collagen of skin and elastin generation, which may cause loose skin. (6Trusted Source, 7Trusted Source).


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Smoking leads to lower collagen production and an effect on existing collagen, which leads to sagging and loose skin. (8Trusted Source). 

Problems Linked to Excess Loose Skin

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Loose skin because of massive weight may cause emotional and physical challenges:

Physical Discomfort

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Extra skin can cause discomfort and interfere with normal activity. According to the study of 360 adults discovered this problem happen most often in people who had lost 110 pounds that is 50 kg or more. (9Trusted Source).

Decreased Physical Activity

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According to the study of 26 females, 76% reported that their loose skin was limited to workout mobility. What’s more, 45% said they did not perform exercise because of their flapping skin. (10Trusted Source).

Skin Irritation And Breakdown

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According to one study, 124 people who requested plastic surgery to tighten the skin after weight loss surgery, 44% had shown skin pain, ulcers, or infection because of loose skin. (11Trusted Source).

Poor Body Image

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Loose skin after weight loss can cause negative effects on your mood and body image.

Stay Hydrated

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Drink 2-liters of water every day. It will assist fix and tighten your skin and flush out toxins. This regular detoxifier is a blend for the individuals who need to get more fit, fix their skin post weight reduction, and have a healthy body.

Slow Down Weight Loss

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When you are on a restricted eating regimen and preparing to lose some weight, ensure that you shed pounds continuously with time. Individuals frequently drop to fake eating regimen plans, which may work at first, yet not appropriate as long as possible. Individuals receive inconsistent, false eating routine plans, which may work at the beginning, which may hurt over the long haul.

Consuming nutrition-dense foods and following proper and regular exercise is the essential factor to decrease or gain muscles. If you reduce weight slowly, your skin gets more time to shrink. Rapid weight loss does not allow that and increases older appearance.

Eat Good

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While lowering weight, make sure to add negative calorie foods in the diet. Eat food like celery, kale, lean meat, broccoli, fish, and spinach. It is important to maintain a healthy diet even after losing weight. Drink fresh fruit juice without sugar. Also, consume good carbs like whole grains, veggies, and healthy fats like avocado oil, avocado, ghee, and olive oil. Make sure to follow portion control.


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Veggies are contained a lot of nutrients. Try to eat as much as possible green vegetables every day. You can combine vegetables with wholegrain, salad, juice, and sandwich. You can also add some turkey bacon, fish, or chicken breast with veggies to make it more delightful. Heat makes the vitamins available in vegetables inactive. Therefore, consuming raw vegetables is good. It helps your body to get all nutrients in the pure form. Make sure to wash the vegetables before eating raw.

However, if consuming raw vegetables is hard for you, consume a combination of cooked or raw meals. Cooking helps with the release and the absorption of some nutrients.


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Local fruits are good for your body. Every fruit has some natural sugars along with minerals, vitamins, and fiber, which promote overall health and help in skin stretching post weight loss. You can utilize grapes, berries, banana, papaya, watermelon, kiwi, orange, mango, musk melon, and apple. The best time to utilize fruit is in the morning or after a workout. You can also add fruit juice or mocktails and drink whenever you feel to snack.


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If you are a vegetarian, the primary source of your dietary protein should be soy, beans, pulses, and nuts. If you are a non-vegetarian, along with a vegan source of protein, you should add lean protein options such as chicken breast, fish, and turkey.

Carbs And Fats

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If you think it is a good idea to remove the carbs and fats, then you are wrong. Your body is made of protein, water, fats, and carbohydrates with other chemicals. The cells are composed of proteins and fats. Having healthy skin will continue to firm it. Therefore, measured fat consumption will ensure better skin health. Try eating good carbs like unpolished rice and multigrain, fats like cashew nuts, or clarified butter.


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Dairy goods like cheese, milk, buttermilk, and yogurt are a rich source of calcium, inorganic phosphate, and protein.

It assists with supporting and equilibrium the bones and muscles. You can either eat or apply yogurt as a body cover or wrap. Eggs are a wonderful source of nutrients and proteins. Utilize one entire egg each other day. You can likewise utilize crude egg white over the skin and lift the free skin and wrinkles.

Strength Training

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If you have not tried strength training previously, then do it now. It will help to restore the muscles located below the skin and make the skin firm. Perform Calisthenics or strength training thrice a week, and you will begin to notice a difference by the end of the 2-week. It is also necessary that you should raise your calorie consumption if you are performing strength training. It will help you stay energized, prevent weak feelings, and develop lean muscles.

Tone Your Belly

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When you lose high weight suddenly from your abdomen area, the belly begins to sags down. It is important to tone your belly muscles to prevent flap belly. Simple workouts such as sit-ups, leg raise, side bridges, and air biking will help you get a toned and flat belly.

No Smoking

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Passive or direct smoking can dry out the skin, which slowly influences the skin elasticity. As mentioned before, when you have a loss of skin elasticity, it is not possible to restore for its normal form. No matter how cool the lifestyle you have, but you need to ditch every bad habit to tighten your skin.

Sea Salt Bath

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Sea salts do something amazing with regards to tightening and reviving your skin. They help in blood flow, which will make your skin firm and make it sparkle. Sea salt showers are effectively accessible on the lookout. You can utilize them with tepid water. Then again, you can likewise make your own clean by blending two tablespoons of ocean salt, two tablespoons of white earth, a few drops of mint oil, and a tablespoon of yogurt.

Seaweed Wrap

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It is another encouraging option to tighten your skin. Seaweeds consist of syntheses to help in moisturizing, detoxification, cellulite reduction, and skin regeneration.  You can get seaweed wrap at a spa or home also. Combine clay, honey, essential oils, how water, and seaweed. Use this paste all over the body and cover it with a hot towel.

Let your body absorb this for 20 minutes. Take a wet and soft cloth and slowly clean off the paste. Then, use a warm water bath.


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Moisturizing your skin helps it to remain hydrated, smooth, soften, and tight. Choose a good moisturizer from the market or use herbal ingredients. You can try coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil. Include clove oil or mint oil to have calming and cooling effects. After using the oil on the affected part, let it absorb for 10-15 minutes. Rub it off with a little dough of flour with a circular motion. You will feel a brightening and tightening effect quickly.

Get A Body Massage

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Many people have shown that trying body massage twice a week is a good way to tighten skin post weight loss. You can get it performed at a spa or do it at your home. You can use any essential oil by combining with a carrier oil or coconut oil, rose petals, or some camphor. Do massage on the affected part slowly with circular motions. You can rub it off with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can also take a warm water bath.

Say No To The Sun

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The elasticity of the skin can damage if you do not protect yourself from harmful UV rays of the sun. Wear sunglasses and trendy hats, or save your skin with an umbrella. Always pat a sunscreen using high SPF on all the exposed areas for 30 minutes before going out on a sunny day.

It suggested getting nearly 20-30 minutes of direct sunlight every day to make sure to promote optimal body functions, including the production of melatonin and serotonin. If these are less, you will suffer from a sleeping problem. Additionally, the use of chemical sunscreen puts stress on the liver. When life suffers, weight loss will not work. Therefore, consider getting a zinc-based sunscreen.

No Chlorine

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Chlorine cause to make skin dry and affect elasticity. Elasticity is a certain factor whether or not you will be able to increase skin tightness without surgery. Reduce your swim time in the pool. You can swim in a nearby area sea or lake. Make sure to take shower after swimming in the pool.


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The elasticity of skin depends on collagen, which is an essential protein to strengthen tendons and make skin firm and smooth. As you age, collagen production lower. It can also occur because of smoking, alcohol consumption, less sleep, pollution, and sun exposure. Combine your diet with healthy foods to prevent collagen loss. You can also add vitamin supplements like B-complex to nourish the skin, and the antioxidant will reactive the oxygen radicals. It will boost smoother, tighter, and brighter skin.

Note: Make sure to take nutrient supplements under the physician.


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Sleep is also important for skin health. When you feel good, your skin loses well. If you do not get enough sleep, cells keep working and become tired. Since you are in a weight loss process, you would probably consume low as well. It is a deadly combination and makes body cells deprived of energy and nutrition. Getting the least 7-hours of sleep helps to restore cells to perform different functions properly and contributing to better skin health.

Radiofrequency Technology

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During the infant stage, using radiofrequency technology for skin tightening has got much attention in the past some years. This technology allows for collagen contraction and new collagen formation. It is another option to tighten skin if you do not wish to go for surgery. However, there are side effects linked to this technology. Consult your physician to get better advice.

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