How Diet Soda Linked To Premature Birth

Diet sodas are famous beverages across the world. It is more used by people who wish to lower their calorie or sugar intake.

In place of sugar, they use artificial sweeteners such as cyclamate, aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, and acesulfame. Almost all popular sweetened beverages on the market have diet or light versions such as coke zero, diet coke, Pepsi max, sprite zero.

Diet sodas came in the market in the 1950s for individuals with diabetes. Later it is marketed to people who are looking to lower the sugar consumption. Despite no calories and sugar, they affect health in certain ways.

Diet Soda Increase the Premature Birth

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According to the study of 20 Aug 2010, pregnant women who consume carbonated and non-carbonated beverages containing artificial sweeteners may cause to raise the risk of preterm delivery.

But one spokeswoman from the beverage trade group tells that study does not demonstrate the cause and its effect for pregnant women. The researcher declares that it requires more research.

This study was issued in September in American-Journal-of-Clinical Nutrition.

The research discovered a positive link between the consumption of artificially sweetened beverages and its risk of preterm delivery, but no link was found with sugar sweeteners.

Preterm Delivery Causes

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A director Abdulla Al-Khan, MD and chief of fetal and maternal medicine and surgery at Hackensack-University-Medical-Center in New-Jersey, does not encourage pregnant women to consume diet drinks.  It is said that he is not sure that diet beverages play a role in preterm delivery. He also mentions that the exact cause of preterm delivery is not completely understood. The cause may depend on fetal development, uterine structure, genetics, and infections are some factors to induce premature birth.

Limiting diet soda consumption during pregnancy can prevent risk. You can replace diet soda with vegetable juice and fresh fruit juice. Try not to consume diet soda, more than one can that too once in three days. Try to skip drinks with an artificially sweetened drink during pregnancy, but it may affect labor and delivery.

The research results indicated that pregnant ladies who drank at least one eating routine soft drinks every day were 38% linked to premature birth before 37 weeks than ladies who never drank soft drinks containing artificial sweeteners. Those ladies who drank at least four eating regimen diet drinks a day during pregnancy were 78% bound to have premature delivery than the ladies who didn’t drink diet soft drinks during pregnancy.

Since there was no expanded hazard seen among ladies who intake beverages containing sugar sweetener, the analysts propose that it’s the artificial sugar, not soda-drinking, which is responsible. Precisely how or why artificially sweetened beverages may raise the danger of premature birth isn’t clear. However, the analysts theorize that a portion of the sweetening things might be separated into substances that could build this risk.

What’s more?

The researcher collected data from 59,334 women who consumed diet soda in pregnancy in Danish-National-Birth-Cohort.  They had controlled for few factors known to raise the risk of premature birth, including advance the maternal smoking history, age, and weight of pre-pregnancy.

By and large, 4.62% of ladies in the new research of premature delivery rashly, and 33.3% of these were “medically triggered, premature delivery, implying that the specialist initiated premature delivery to ensure the soundness of the mother or infant. Artificially sweetened diet soda consumption has more chance to build the danger of premature birth (before 32 weeks) and decently preterm conveyance than late-preterm conveyance, the examination appeared.

Diet soda cause depression

According to a study of National-Institutes-of-Health, a survey went on 263,925 adults worldwide, which discovered the correlation in the intake of diet soda and more chance of depression diagnosis. Soda drinkers entirely were 30% more likely to get depression. 

Diet Soda Causes Decrease Bone Density

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According to the study of 2006, it was said that women who consume diet soda are more likely to have reduced mineral density in bone than those who did not consume. Having reduced bone mineral density leads to osteoporosis, a disease of weakening the bone.


Diet Soda Alter Gut health

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Gut health is essential to keep healthy other body systems. Keeping your gut helps to keep your digestive tract healthy and keep all functions active in the body.

According to a study issued in a scientific journal called Nature determined that diet soda may interfere with your gut health. A human gut is a balance of good and bad bacteria.

Research study tells that the artificial sweeteners present in diet soda may cause to alter the gut function in the gut microbiome.

Risk of Diabetes and Metabolic syndrome

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According to a study conducted by Canadian-Science-Journal, it was discovered that aspartame, the artificial sweeter present in different diet soda, reduce the activity of different enzymes in the gut. Lowered enzymes can cause metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of conditions. These conditions cause heart disease, weight fluctuations, stroke, and even death. Diet soda raises the risk of metabolic syndrome by higher than 30%. Research published by the American-Diabetes-Association said diet soda also linked with type-2 diabetes risk.

Diet Soda Combined with Alcohol Make You Drunker

When you are worried about calories, you may require to opt for a diet soda as a combination of your favorite cocktail. A diet soda combined with another type of spirit is likely to make you drunker than the liquor would when combined with another mixer.

According to studies, alcoholic drinks combined with diet soda cause to increase more blood alcohol concentrations. The sugar present in for regular sweet drinks such as soda, cause to lower down the absorption of alcohol in your bloodstream. The diet soda containing artificial sweeteners do not cause this effect.

Diet Soda Causes A High Risk for Hypertension

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Diet soda also affects blood pressure and increases the risk of hypertension in contrast to people who don’t drink it mentioned by the study of Brazil.

Therefore, hypertension is not good for pregnant women, and it may link with premature birth.

Diet Soda Affect Kidneys

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According to the National-Kidney-Foundation, diet soda also not support kidney health. According to one study, women who consume diet soda have kidney function decline. As it affects kidney functions, it affects pregnancy also and cause premature birth.

Diet Soda Cause Chemical Addiction

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It’s not in your brain – there is biological addictions response to drinking soda diet. Glutamate and dopamine are two neurotransmitters in your brain reward center they are released after taking one sip of the aspartame, and caffeine that are present in the drink. The chemicals present in diet soda interfere with your brain to crave and feel for addicted chemicals.

Diet Soda May Not Support Healthy Weight Loss

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If diet soda is calorie-free, it does not mean it will support weight loss. According to the research of the Journal of the American-Geriatrics-Society discovered that diet soda increases abdominal fat.

Risk Heart Attack

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A University of Miami research discovered that regularly consuming diet soft drinks can essentially heighten your danger of respiratory failure. Soda drink consumers who picked the sugary beverage rather didn’t have as high risk. You may be in an ideal situation with the soda containing sugar— or, listen to us, water.

Cause Overweight Children During Pregnancy

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According to the study issued in JAMA pediatrics analyzed more than 3,000 pregnant ladies and they’re new-borns with the age of one year. A pregnant woman who consume diet soda two times have more chance of having an obese child.

Diet Soda Cause Teeth Erosion

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According to the case study issued in the journal of General Dentistry, consuming diet soda cause teeth erosion. Diet soda contains high acids, which cause to erodes the teeth and wear the tooth enamel when they do not care about dental hygiene.

Diet Soda Cause Neurological Disorders

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According to the research of Boston University, diet soda consumer has more chance of developing Alzheimer’s or dementia than the people who do not drink it. Replace the soda drinks with garlic, chocolate, and other healthy foods to save your brain health.

Diet Soda Raises Your Risk Of Stroke

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According to some research from Boston University, the study recommends that people who consume at least one-time diet soda every day are more likely to get the risk of stroke. The neurologist recommends healthy foods.

Diet Soda Also Cause Premature Death

According to a study issued in the journal-of-JAMA-Internal-Medicine discovered that people who consume drinks with artificial sweeteners were 26% more likely to increase premature death risk compared to others who did not consume.

Diet Soda Can Shrink Your Skin And Muscles

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A container of diet soft drink contains phosphoric corrosive, an FDA-endorsed boring fluid that is utilized in many soft drinks (both eating routine and standard) to forestall the development of the form. The compound is fine to drink with some restraint, yet in case you’re swallowing can after can, it can have huge ramifications. Phosphoric corrosive can upset the supplement retention process in your body. In abundance, this can keep the skin and muscles from getting the supplements they need. It can accelerate the maturing procedure, giving you more wrinkles and a more vulnerable edge. Swap out the eating regimen soft drink for avocados, berries, and different nourishments for sound, shining skin.

Beat Your Diet Soda Habit

Increase Your Energy

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Make your diet soda detox by replacing it with tea or coffee, which contains plenty of antioxidants to protect against diseases. You can lightly sweeten the drink with stevia, which is a natural extract of plant sweet, or one teaspoon honey or artificial stuff.

You can also try ice tea with fruit flavors such as cold brew berry or peach by celestial seasonings because the fruit offers natural sweetness.

Manage Your Blood Sugar

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If you feel shaky, irritable, lightheaded, and stressful, it could be due to adrenal glands require support. The adrenal glands are responsible for managing sugar levels during stressful circumstances. As you feel exhausted being more active, your blood sugar will reduce, and you will not have hormones to balance it.

Try to manage day-to-day stressors. You do not need to begin your day by watching tornadoes or terrorism news. You should also avoid meal skipping habits, which lower the blood sugar in an unhealthy way. Try to aim two snacks and three meals every day. Make a chart and spread your protein consumptions in the entire day. Include grilled chicken or chickpeas in your salad.

Consuming nuts provide healthy fats for absorbing sugar at a slow pace. You can also boost your adrenal glands by taking vitamin B5 and vitamin C supplements.

Stop Feeding Yeast Unconsciously

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Due to candida or yeast overgrowth in the intestine, you could feel sinusitis, nasal congestion, spastic colon, or irritable bowel syndrome, which cause to crave sugar.

Consuming good probiotic helps to prevent sugar and cravings and balance yeast. Consume cinnamon, stevia, and nutmeg, and cranberry juice.

Perspective of American-Society-for-Nutrition

These discoveries are important for preventing premature births, especially for those women who have medical induce said by Shelley McGuire (Ph.D., – a spokeswoman for the American-Society-for-Nutrition in her written statement.

The study suggests that pregnant women should consume more nutritious beverages and food in place of diet soda drinks.

Benefits Of Avoiding Diet Soda Drinks

Migraines Disappear

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Avoiding diet soda from your daily life contributes to lower migraine. It happens because the chemical present in artificial sweetener cause to alter the brain functions and impair the signals and cause anxiety, headaches, and insomnia mentioned in the review of European-Journal-of-Clinical-Nutrition.

During an animal study, rats consumed a diet soda and found cell damage and nerve endings in the brain that responsible for motor skills.

Sense Food Taste In A Better Way

Consuming diet soda causes you to reduce your taste bud sensitivity. The sensitivity reduces because of the sweetener, which hinders the brain signals. People who consume diet soda have different snack demands and different when they stop soda mentioned by Heather Bainbridge, RD, (Columbia-University-Medical-Center-Weight-Control-Center.

Therefore, avoiding diet soda helps to increase your taste bud sensitivity.

Manage Weight

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Diet soda also causes an imbalance in your weight management. Avoiding diet soda helps in weight loss. According to a 9-years study discovered people who consumed diet soda had build-up belly fat. Diet soda consumption increases the chance of obesity. Consuming diet soda every day also increases the chances of metabolic syndrome like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart problems.

Bones strengthen

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Avoiding diet soda helps to improve your bone health and lower the risk of bone fractures. According to the study of 2014, everyday diet soda consumption increases the risk of hip fracture by 14% in postmenopausal women. Another study discovered that older women who consume diet soda lower the bone mineral density in hips bone.  The soda diet affects and weakens the bone.

Your Attitude Towards Food Changes

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Since diet soda drinks have no calories, individuals drinking them frequently feel it’s alright to enjoy somewhere else, discover Bainbridge. Regularly she sees her eating regimen soda drink drinking patients settle on poor nourishment decisions, similar to a hamburger and French fries, a bit of cake, or potato chips since they want to manage the cost of those additional calories. Also, the soft drink frequently goes with undesirable nourishments. “In some cases, those poor decisions are developed propensities,” she says. “You’re adapted to have a soft drink with chips, fries, or something sweet. At the point when you dispense with the soda pop, you additionally bring an end to the junk food habit.

You Handle Alcohol Better

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Diet soda makes you drink faster. When you combine alcohol with soda drink, your stomach becomes empty faster than regular soda and results to raise the blood alcohol concentrations mentioned by Australian study in American-Journal-of-Medicine. When you include caffeine, check for others. According to a study of journal alcoholism, experimental and clinical research discovered that bar patrons combine drinks with diet colas were intoxicated more frequently and easily.

Lower the Risk of Diabetes and Fat Accumulation

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Hormones play an important role in managing weight when you switch with a diet soda.  According to the research of Diabetes care that consumed 2/3 of a diet soda before consuming primed the pancreas to release more fat storage hormones insulin. When the pancreas overwork for producing insulin, it will impair the blood sugar-regulating functions. According to a recent study of Japan discovered that mid-age men who consume one or more diet soda every day were more likely to get type-2 diabetes in the next seven years.

Improves Kidney function

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Regular consumption diet soda may affect the kidney’s normal function and impair the functions like toxin clearing, mineral absorption, and balancing blood pressure. People with kidney problems can double the chance of a problem after consuming diet soda.


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