Cosmic Energy Meditation and What Are Its Benefits?

The term cosmos is about the Universe. Using the word cosmos instead of the word Universe indicates viewing the universe as a complex and orderly entity or system opposite to chaos. The cosmos, and the understanding of the reasons for how it exists and the significance, are the studies in cosmology, which is a wide discipline regarding any religious, scientific, or philosophical study of cosmos and its nature and the reason for existence. Philosophical and religious approaches may include in their concept of cosmos different spiritual entities or other matters considered to exist out of our physical universe.

What Is Cosmology?

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Cosmology is derived from the Greek word kosmos meaning world, and logia meaning the study. It is a branch of astronomy and related to the study of origin and evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to present and about the future.

It is the scientific research of the starting point, evolution, and possible fate of the universe. Physical cosmology is the scientific research of the origin of the universe. Its enormous scope formations, elements, and its definitive destiny, merely as the laws of science that oversee these areas.

The term cosmology was initially introduced in English in 1656 in Thomas Blount’s Glossographia, and in 1731 used in Latin by German Philosopher-Christian Wolff, the Cosmologia Generalis.

Mythological and Religious cosmology is a system of beliefs based on religious, mythological, and esoteric literature and traditions of eschatology and creation myths.

Physical cosmology is researched by scientists, such as physicists, astronomers, and philosophers such as metaphysicians, physics philosophers, and time and space philosophers. Due to this shared scope with theories and philosophy in physical cosmology may include both non-scientific and scientific propositions and may be based upon assumptions that cannot be tested.

Cosmology varies from astronomy in that the past is involved with the Universe as a complete while the following deals with unique celestial objects.

Modern physical cosmology is managed by the Big Bang theory, which tries to bring collectively observational astronomy and particle physics. More specifically, a regular parameterization of the Big Bang with dark energy and dark matter, describe as the Lambda-CDM model.

According to David N. Spergel (Theoretical astrophysicist) has described cosmology as a historical science because when we see in space, we look back in the time because of the restricted nature of the speed of light.

What Is Cosmic Energy?

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Cosmic energy is the presence of life power everywhere. It presents in the universe, in the particles, among the galaxies, and space. It is necessary to sustain the order in life and enhance our consciousness.

One can get cosmic energy by living at peace with self and exist in the present time. Staying happy is the primary characteristic of cosmic energy. It is a state of mind that connects love, peace, and joy.

Cosmic energy is the energy of consciousness. It is important energy governs the functioning of the complete cosmos. One cannot receive cosmic energy by being involved with the past and future.

If an individual wants to invite more positive comic energy into life, that individual needs to focus on the mind. One of the excellent ways to focus on the mind is meditation. Meditation reduces the thought process, create peace in mind make more able to receive cosmic energy.

Cosmic energy is the proof of all our activities, responses to circumstances, and capacities in totality. Our body gets some measure of cosmic energy when we are asleep in complete silence with peace of mind. Cosmic energy is important for the following reasons:

  • Life management
  • Happy and healthy life
  • Obtain knowledge
  • Completely involved in every situation of life
  • Increase consciousness

What Philosophy and Religion Say:

According to Hindu philosophy, cosmic energy is known as spiritual prana or energy or Kashmir Shaivism. The cosmic energy is believed to be the source of kundalini. Certain new authors refer to this Cosmo energy as orgone energy or quantum-zero-vacuum-point-energy.

Cosmic Energy Meditation

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You will be happy to know that there is no specific method for performing cosmic energy meditation. Cosmic energy meditation is similar to other meditations. While doing meditations for any purpose, you are already getting into the cosmo energy, such as communication or healing, or enhancing spiritual awareness. If you are uncertain, then here are some ways:

Choose a calm place and relax without any disturbance.

You will need 10-15 minutes to perform this meditation.

Begin with taking a deep and slow breath. Focus on each one breath.

Following every breath is an effective trick. As you breathe in, you will notice where the breath stops and then know that you are breathing out.

As you complete the breathing out, know that you are beginning to breathe in. Some individuals repeat in, in, in or out, out, out breathing to stay focused.

If you feel your mind getting away from breathing and not concentrating, then don’t worry. Try to know what you are thinking and slowly get back to focus on breathing. You will feel your body going in a meditative state. When this happens, you are already getting into spiritual energy near you.

However, if you wish to take a more active approach, then you can change the focus breathing to your surrounding energy. Try to know how skin feels electrically, and energy slowly develops to reach every cell in the body. If you find it helpful, reach out to cosmic angels and ask for energy blessing upon you.

Mother Earth Energy

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The mother earth itself offers one of a natural form of energy. It helps to absorb high cosmic energy and brightens the person with energy. Some points work like geysers or ponds of spiritual energy, which you can find simply by getting into nature.

You’ve likely been to a waterfall or off the track into the center of a backwoods or maybe on a mountain.

Did you get an unexpected and maybe, in any event, the overpowering sentiment of feeling? Perhaps, a practically euphoric joy that remained with you long after you left? It is otherworldly vitality influencing everything and what you’re encountering in your assimilation of this vitality. However, going from being like that of a 1.5V battery to a lightning strike, essentially by going into this area of normally gathered energy.

Deep Sleep

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Deep sleep is another way to enter into spiritual energies. The sleep should be complete without waking up in between. Deep sleep makes you wander in dreams, such as it opens up your soul and body to your surrounding energy. It is happening because your mind and body are in the most intense resting mode. Many people find it hard to reach naturally to a deep sleep level because of disturbances during sleep.

How to Balance the Energies?

It is important to balance the cosmic energies to receive effective benefits. It will make you absorb the energies from prana, the life force, and reach it to different organs to work together. Balancing energies also help to keep us physically alive and mentally balanced.

Balancing energies also maximize the vibration of nature. A combination of this vibration and sounds activate the chakras, the main centers of energy in our body, thereby getting about whole health and harmony between the cosmic vibrations and chakras.

Chakra refers to a circle or wheel. In the human body, energy flows from three main Nadis or channels, such as Pingala, Sushumna, and Ida. Pingala and Ida begin from the right and left nostrils individually.

These move to the head and then move downwards to the base of the spine.  These two Nadis touch each other and also with Sushumna. These joints of Nadis are called chakras, which balance from body mechanism.

The Kundalini Pranayam performed frequently increase energies and balance the chakras. Every major chakra has a sound to stimulate the energy of one particular area and open itself to get maximum benefits from cosmic energies:

1.Mooladhara Chakra

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Root or Moola is the Adhara or source of support. From this point, prana reaches energies to each corner and nook of the body. It is located in the pelvis. Sound vibration: Lam, color red.

Swadhishthana Chakra:

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It controls the excretory organs and reproductive functions. Sva implies the energy force, and Adhishthana refers to abode. It is located above the organs of generation. Colour: saffron, sound: Vam.

Manipura chakra:


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It is located in the navel region, this chakra controls each organ lower the diaphragm and helps to promote digestion, and absorption to manage perfect health. Colour: red, sound: ram

Anahata chakra:

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Anahata implies unbeaten. Arranged in the cardiovascular zone, this improves heart and lung work. Colour: green, sound: yam

Vishuddhi chakra:

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It signifies purity and allows all the organs to function to their choice and balance the perfect balance of hormone. Colour: violet, sound: ham.

Ajna chakra:

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Anja refers to command, which located between the eyebrows. This chakra is essential for stimulating the pituitary gland and reduce the aging process. It has the appearance of the crescent moon. Colour: silver-white, sound: om.

Sahasrara chakra:

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Sahasra refers to one thousand. It works on body and mind to balance and promote health. Colour: the rising sun, sound: Mmmmm.

Sitting in a comfortable position and closing eyes helps to visualize every chakra and its color as your breath and chant the specific sound as you breathe out. Constant practice of Kundalini Pranayama brings about the whole harmony in the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energies. However, keep oneself active in cosmic energies.

Who Can Do Cosmic Energy Meditation?

Everyone can try to perform cosmic energy meditation to receive strong healing energy benefits.

Benefits of Cosmic Energy


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Cosmic energy helps to heal the blockages present in the body. Once you get aligned with the cosmic energy, you can become more channeled for energy. It also regulates your blood flow and reduces stress on your heart.

Increase Consciousness

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The simple thought of a person turns around your own life, own world, and own family. When you focus on your mind from methods like deep breathing, and meditations, you will be more able to get cosmic energy and reach with divine consciousness. It makes you think wisely and increase consciousness.

It Helps To Lead A Prosperous And Happy Life

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Living oneself may bring happiness and leads to disappointment. When you are open to cosmic energy, you will begin to live for others, which provides you inner happiness.

Other Benefits

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  • Cosmic energy meditation creates higher skin resistance and supports cardiovascular ailments.
  • It helps to stop all psychological problems, including anxiety, depression, and irritability.
  • It promotes the psychological self by promoting the feeling of rejuvenation and self-actualization.
  • Cosmo energy meditation improves memory.
  • This meditation helps to regulate blood flow and decrease stress over the heart.
  • Cosmic energy helps to reduce lactate levels and cortisol in the body, which is linked with mental stress.
  • It treats all types of psychological problems, such as irritability, anxiety, and depression.
  • Cosmic energy helps in healing skin heart ailments and grow skin resistance.
  • Cosmic energy helps to advance the functions of memory. It promotes the psychological self by rejuvenating feeling and self-actualization.

Physical benefits

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Cosmic energy meditation is the highest and natural form of energy, using different frequencies of energy to support at all levels. The body and mind are surrounded by a different energy field, which is nourished by cosmic energy. It is a positive energy that helps to heal the mental, physical, and spiritual self. Cosmic energy lower negativity, support healing, and create harmony in life.

Cosmic energies provide many benefits for physical and soul. It is the primary source of all actions, situations, reactions, and functions in totality. Our body gets some amount of energy when we are in sleep, complete silence, and a peaceful mind. You can get abundant cosmic energy in the cosmos. This energy can be channelized from using breathing exercises, chakras, or energy healing. However, the simplest and best way to get this positive energy is from meditation. Cosmic energy is important for the following reasons:

  • Happy and healthy life
  • Manage an orderly life
  • Get knowledge
  • Extended consciousness
  • Involve in every situation of life
  • Promote immune system
  • Strengthen the body healing system
  • Speed up recovery after any injuries
  • Assist in the detoxification process, waste products, carrying poisons, and flush germs out the body.
  • Promote blood flow and lymph flow and muscle health by increasing nutrition’s and muscles detoxification
  • Lower water retention
  • Relieves rheumatic, muscular and other pain
  • Improve posture and muscle tone
  • Improve skin tone and elasticity
  • Remove scar tissue
  • Restore original tissues
  • Regenerate bone and organs
  • Balance and strengthens digestive system in the body

Emotional and Psychological Benefits of Healing

Since the whole universe is a result of energy, we can call it a creative essence of creative force. Everyone comes out from similar energy in the form of small specs. However, everyone is the essence of the creative force. Thus, the life that flows from within will also be called as a life force.

When all the energy chakras are completely balanced, cosmic energy flows freely in every cell of the body, such as the respiratory system, endocrine system, and blood circulation. However, the universal energy is converted without any limits to receive energy. It is what describes as whole health from the healer point of energy.

Whoever sends the smooth flow of cosmic energy is distributed into the disruption of one’s ease and become aware as dis-ease. The opposite of similar can be received as total health.

Cosmic energy meditation promotes deep relaxation, balance emotions, and helps to release your emotional blocks. It also releases anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and depression.

It provides a safe environment for individuals to experience tactile stimulus, where their emotional requirements and limits.

Other practices for Healing Energy

Cosmic energy systems provide many benefits as people have thought processes. Here are some examples.

Four practitioners applied healing on a low car battery. They kept their hands over the battery and sent the energy for 15 minutes. The person who owned the car said that the battery charge stayed a week when he thought he should get a new battery. Many other individuals swear they have directed energy into their car when they have been suffering from difficulties and arrived safely in one place to fix the problem.

Just imagining about healing and energy meditation will begin to flow. You can send the energy to plants, animals, cars, vitamins, medications, machinery, water, Gifts, plaster.

Is Cosmic Energy Harmful?

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As the cosmic energy is guided by God-Consciousness, it can never harm anyone. It always known that what a person requires and adjusts itself to produce the effect appropriate to them. One should not worry about cosmic energy because it is always safe and helpful.

Energy is Never Wasted

Cosmic energy is channelized from Vibes Kada, the cosmic energy of energies practitioner never gets depleted. The cosmic consciousness considers both client and practitioner to need energy so that both can get into divine blessings and cosmic energy. Transferring cosmic energies help to increase other’s energy and keep the love feelings in their surroundings.

How to Get Cosmic Energy?


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Meditation is the supreme approach to calm down the monkey mind. Our Mentor says, when the brain isn’t thinking either, then we can perceive God’s most perfect cosmic energy. This energy then goes into the body, and it clears all the blockages and expels all the overwhelming negative energies abiding inside the body. With a steady act of contemplation, our brain gets engaged, and we can get the Cosmic energy.

External Cleaning

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Along with inner mind cleaning from thoughts of negativeness, it is important to keep the external environment clean. Cluttered environments increase the thought frequency in the brain and mess up. However, choosing a calm place keep you calm.

You can also practice buy new and give old to needy people like it can be your cloths. Giving away old clothes makes a proper place for a new one. Similarly, it is important to release old thoughts and build positive thinking.

Present Moment Mindfulness

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Present moment mindfulness is the way to care. It alludes to observing the present moment and not choosing to move on or stressing over what’s to come. It makes the brain progressively engaged, and an engaged psyche gets a greater amount of cosmic energy.

Limit Ego and Self-Talks

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Sometimes humans become egoistic or give selfish statements. There is an easy way to aware of this and improve speech by observing it. According to one survey, it is discovered that the most often used work in the English language is I. The expert says that one must try to skip using these words, which reflect the ego instead use humble words. This humble practice will step into cosmic energy.

Guide to Cosmic Energy Meditation

Control Your Negative Thoughts

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Controlling negative thoughts is important to do while meditating. Your brain can become hyperactive sometimes that it is difficult to calm down, especially when you are a negative environment or getting constant negative thoughts. If we don’t stop out mind wander from negative things, it can be harmful.

Human begins are amazing and able to perform anything. Keeping your ego under control also helps to get Cosmo energy. Negative things always keep you away from receiving Cosmo energy.

Use Affirmations to Prevent Negativity Away

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Using affirmations helps to focus on positivity. During this step, you will use the specific affirmation, which positively resonates with your situations. Here are some affirmations:

  • I am unique
  • I am special
  • Say you deserve love
  • I have born to achieve something great
  • You have the potential to bring change in me and world”
  • I trust myself to decide about my life

Clean Your Meditation Space

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After the mind has been set in the proper place, it is time to look around. Decluttering the space where you are going to perform meditation is a practical effort, and it also clears your mind.

By clearing your space, your mind will feel positive and lighter to begin.

At the same time, try to clean and organize other places at your home.

Staying active helps to tune yourself for meditation.

Open Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

You need to open your body, spirit, and mind to communicate with cosmic energies. It is a great connection to experience a deep transformation at every level, such as spirit, soul, and body. By being consistent with your cosmic energy meditation, you will be able to get into another relaxation dimension. It will make you more open to the Universe and improve life.


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