Corn Flakes for Weight Loss- Fact

Consuming cereals for weight loss can be healthy, but only if you follow it in the right way. Many people prefer and believe corn flakes are healthy for breakfast since it is not heavy like pancakes, parathas, or Indian pooris because corn flake contains good nutrition as it is consumed with milk. But for weight loss diet it works differently.

Why Do Many People Choose to Have Cornflakes?

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Corn Flakes for Weight Loss- Fact 1

Due to corn flakes popularity, and its advertisement, it became an ideal breakfast meal due to their flattened shape, and low-fat content and they are consumed with milk, which is the healthiest choice.

But, the only cornflake does not create a healthy breakfast choice. The low-fat presence is replaced by added sugar, which found in all alternatives. Consequently, cornflakes cannot be a proper option for breakfast, especially for weight watchers.

Having cornflakes likewise puts you on the detector for diabetes. Cornflakes are made from corn, corn syrup, and fructose, which contains a high substance of Glycemic record, which thus increases the insulin in the body and makes you gain more weight. Also, individuals likewise prefer to include sugar or nectar top of it, so the hazard bends over. You wind up expending much more sugar than you would in a general need, particularly in the mornings, which is your first dinner of the day.

According to another study from America, the quantity of iron present in cornflakes is lower than the mentioned amount. It may cause obesity in children. Children who consume cornflakes, normally get hungry as a result of which they eat a snack before lunch. It is important to watch calories to lose weight and stay healthy. You should consume protein-rich and nutritious fruits and vegetable diet.

For The Weight Gainers

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Cornflakes are suggested for adults who wish to increase food in place of lowering weight. The sugar presence in cornflakes contributes to weight gain and also makes you frequently hungry. As a result, you will consume more calories, which adds up more weight.

You can try consuming cornflakes with whole milk instead of skimmed milk with low fat. You can also include fresh fruits like apple, banana, and apple, which help people who are looking to gain weight. Banana is particularly known for gaining weight. However, it is still suggested to consume calories from good sources like whole-grain cereals, vegetables, and fruits. These recommendations are only for people with an underweight to gain weight.

Corn Flakes Myth or Fact: For Weight Loss

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Corn Flakes for Weight Loss- Fact 3

It is thought that consuming corn flakes with milk is safe as it provides minerals, vitamins, and carbs with low fat.

Kellogg’s cornflakes are a popular one. Every one cup (28gm) of Kellogg’s corn flakes consist of 100 calories along with 2gm of protein, 3gm of sugar, and 1gm of fiber.

According to many studies, adding Kellogg’s cornflakes in your breakfast helps to promote micronutrients, but there is no research on how it works for weight loss.

As mentioned above, cornflakes contain high sugar and low fat. According to World-Health-Organization (WHO), reducing sugar consumption up to 5% of your total calorie consumption helps to lower the risk of obesity in children and adults.

Primarily cornflakes consist of high fructose corn syrup. It is one of the added sugar if you consume it regularly, it may contribute to the risk of obesity. However, not all research has been conclusive and requires further research.

According to the American-Heart-Association, added sugar does not provide any nutrients except overloaded calories, thereby raise the risk of obesity and metabolic disorder.

Furthermore, among every breakfast cereals, cornflakes contain a high glycemic index, and they cause to raise the levels of blood sugar. According to studies, foods containing low glycemic index work moderately effective for reducing body weight.

It shows cornflakes may not be the healthiest choice for weight loss. Instead, you can choose a bowl of wheat bran or oats in the breakfast for the weight loss process.

How To Follow The Cornflake Diet For Weight Loss?

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In a busy lifestyle, many do not get time for a workout, and weight loss can become challenging. In that situation, people look for readymade diet plans without knowing how to use it and double the weight in return.

However, cornflakes are ready to eat cereals, and there is no special weight loss diet of it. It is a handy choice for people looking for weight loss.

Corn flakes will benefit weight loss when combined with healthy food choices like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Adding healthy choices with cornflakes increase nutritional values.

Cereal Diet: How To Follow?

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Cereal diets, like corn flakes, are easy to follow. You have to replace your breakfast and lunch with cereal and 120-180 ml of low fat or skim milk. Specialty the cereal should be consumed without added sugar. Choose cereals made from whole grains, such as plain corn flakes or special K.

For dinner, you are suggested to include fruits, whole grains, and vegetables in the meal.  Adding low fat and calories fewer than 450 can be helpful.

For example: Include grilled chicken in a salad with fresh fruit and vinaigrette or brown rice with seasoned vegetables and salmon. You can also consume two snacks every day, and each serving offer 100 or fewer calories.

If you follow this diet strictly, you are likely to eat around 1,200-1,500 calories every day, which should lead to weight loss for many people. Calories will depend on the type of cereals you choose and how much you consume. It is suggested to consume one serving from selected cereal at your breakfast and lunch. The serving size is specified by the nutrition label mentioned on the box, which should be around 28–42 grams.

Many people follow the cereal diet for five days to 2-weeks. You ought not to follow the eating regimen longer than that, as it’s hard to hold fast to, might be low in calories and protein, and could cause food cravings.

Does A Cornflake Diet Help Weight Loss?

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Most of the people lose weight by following cereal diets because of calorie restriction. According to one study of 24 adults on two weeks of Special, K challenge discovered that participants reduced their calorie intake to 600 every day and reduced fat mass and weight.

However, this research was sponsored by Kellogg’s, the manufacturer of special K.

Besides, weight reduction may not be maintainable. Fundamentally diminishing your calorie consumption by following a restrictive eating regimen like the grain diet has been appeared to make it increasingly hard to shed pounds and keep it off over the long haul.

For example, leptin levels-which is a hormone that signals your body to stop eating when you are full and restrict calories. Reduced leptin levels may cause to raise food cravings and hunger.

Additionally, when you suddenly drop the calorie consumption, your body begins to compensate by lowering your metabolic rate or burn calories.

Foods To Eat

While on cornflake or another cereal diet, you primarily consume milk and cereal. Sill expert recommends eating fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, and healthy snacks.

Here is the list of foods, which are suitable and healthy for a cereal diet:

  • Carbs: whole-wheat bread, whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat pasta, air-popped popcorn, oatmeal
  • Fruits: Whole fruits such as bananas, apples, watermelon, oranges, and strawberries.
  • Vegetables: Eat any vegetables, including spinach, lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, bell peppers.
  • Protein: Peanut butter, beans, tofu, egg whites, turkey breast, chicken breast.
  • Dairy: Fatless yogurt, skim milk or low-fat milk, greek yogurt, low-fat cheeses.
  • Fats: Oil-based spreads, cooking sprays, olive oil, lowered fat mayonnaise.

Foods To Avoid

Here are the foods to avoid getting an effective result from the cornflake diet.

  • Sugary foods: Cookies, cakes, candy, pancakes, pastries, biscuits, and waffles.
  • Fruits: fruit-based desserts, fruit juices, cherry pie, and banana pudding.
  • Vegetables: fried vegetables, and French fries
  • Protein: Bacon, battered, fried meats, pork sausage, fried chicken, and fatty cuts of meat.
  • Full-fat dairy: full-fat yogurt, full-fat milk, ice cream, whipped cream, heavy cream, sour cream, full-fat cheeses, and a half and half.
  • Fats: butter, full-fat mayonnaise, and oil in large amounts.

3-Day Sample Menu

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Below is a three-day sample menu for cereal diet, which has 2-snacks every day.

Day 1


  • Consume one cup of whole cereal with 120 ml of skim milk.
  • Snack 1: Eat one tablespoon of low-fat cheese cream and three small sweet peppers.


One cup of total cereal with 120 ml of skim milk.

  • Snack 2: 123 grams of low-fat yogurt with 1/2 cup of blueberries.


  • Eat1 section of chicken sausage, 93 gm of red beans, 50gm of brown rice, 80 gm of okra cooked using olive oil.

Day 2


  • Consume one cup (40gm) of whole cereal with 120ml skim milk.
  • Snack 1: Eat one small apple with low-fat yogurt of 123 grams.


  • Eat one cup of whole-grain cereal with half cup skim milk.
  • Snack 2: Eat five whole-wheat crackers with one ounce of low-fat cheese.


  • Eat half cup whole wheat spaghetti, 250 gm of spaghetti sauce and ground turkey, 28 gm of low-fat mozzarella cheese, and one cup steamed broccoli. 

Day 3


  • Eat one cup of whole-grain cereal with half cup skim milk.
  • Snack 1: Consume one tablespoon of peanut butter and two stalks of celery.


  • Eat one cup of whole cereal (40 grams) with a half cup of skim milk (120 ml)
  • Snack 2: half cup grapefruit with half cup cottage cheese (105 grams).


  • Consume 2 slices of whole wheat bread, one slice of swiss cheese, three ounces of deli-style roasted turkey, two tsp of honey mustard, and one tablespoon salad of vinaigrette.

Cornflakes Benefits For Pregnant Women

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As cornflakes consist of important essential nutrients, it is good for a pregnant woman. These nutrients are essential for pregnant women because it provides minerals, and vitamins to boost growth. Pregnant women must consume six meals in a day.

Mineral and vitamins are necessary to manage sugar levels in the blood for baby growth. Cornflake provides high fiber and good for digestive health.

Adding cornflakes in a pregnancy diet also prevent pre-eclampsia,

Cornflakes work to prevent pre-eclampsia, as well as preventing sudden hypertension. They contain many vitamins and minerals that help the baby’s development without affecting pregnant women.

Cornflakes Benefits for Dieting

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Corn Flakes for Weight Loss- Fact 9

Cornflakes consist of some calories that can be helpful for dieting. According to nutritionist Dr.Richard Metz, from Purdue University in the US, they researched the importance of cornflakes dieting in 2009. He compared the people who were on diet without practicing cornflakes as a primary meal in their day, those people who work in cornflake meal in the diet. He also discovered that cornflake was able to lower weight fast when eaten with skim milk, which is fat-free.

Cornflakes Benefits for Children

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Corn Flakes for Weight Loss- Fact 10

As children undergrowth, they need essential minerals and vitamins for the development of the body. Therefore, cornflakes work wonder for providing nutrients. It provides vitamin A, B6, B12, and vitamin D. It also fulfills the fiber needs that help digestion and promote body growth.

The Harms Of Cornflakes

As the cornflakes have fewer proteins, it may not keep you full for a longer time and cause hunger and may lead to weight gain. According to one research, cornflakes have linked with diabetes as it has a high glycemic index, which increases the risk of blood sugar. Therefore, it is advised to eat in moderation and avoid eating large quantities. 

Guidelines for Following Cornflake Diet

  • You should consume cornflakes with milk or yogurt.
  • Dieting should be balanced with a workout for 30 minutes a day.
  • Drink 12 cups of water or as per your body requirement.
  • Sleep early at night and try to awake in between. Get enough sleep.
  • You can eat cucumber, lettuce, and carrots between your meals.
  • During the first dieting method, this should be followed for two weeks and repeated after one week with a balanced and regular diet. While the second method can be repeated without miss except you wish to make an open day after one dieting period.

Cornflakes are not recommended for lactating mothers or early pregnancy and people with chronic diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.



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