Can Mosambi Juice Help in Weight Loss?

Mosambi or sweet lime is a sweet and juicy concentration of vitamin C. Sweet limes make the healthy snack recipe with a tang to various foods.

Mosambi or sweet lime are round-shaped citrus fruits with fine skin texture with yellowish-orange color and juicy flesh. The skin can vary in its thickness from thin to thick.

This delicious fruit is healthy and boosts immunity. It also prevents several health problems like arthritis, cancer, indigestion, constipation, peptic ulcers, and jaundice. It also prevents dehydration and promotes skin and hair health.

Nutrition Facts

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Mosambi juice consists of the following nutrients per 100 grams serving.

  • Calories: 25 kcal
  • Dietary fiber: 0.4 grams
  • Carbohydrate: 8.4 grams
  • Calcium: 14 mg
  • Vitamin C: 30 mg
  • Vitamin A: 50 IU
  • Folate: 10 μg
  • Fat: 0.1 grams
  • Potassium: 117 mg
  • Phosphorus: 14 mg
  • Iron: 0.9 mg
  • Beta Carotene: 30 μg

 Mosambi Juice For Weight Loss

Drinking Mosambi Juice
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As you know, Mosambi is amazing fruit as it gives many benefits to health. It also helps in weight loss. According to experts, adding this healthy citrus fruit to a daily diet helps effectively to reduce fat.

It helps to satiate hunger which is the reason for losing weight. It does not have calories so can be enjoyed as a snack.

Weight loss journey can be tempting to leave snacks between meals. However, when you eat healthy fruit like Mosambi that has some calories, you can choose and satisfy cravings without worrying about gaining weight. It fills the stomach and prevents short hunger, which keeps you away from unhealthy foods.

Mosambi also consists of rich dietary fiber. It is the reason to satisfy the hunger for a longer time than other foods. Eating fruits every day get you plenty of fiber to complete body needs and promote weight loss. Consuming fresh Mosambi juice with its pulp helps overall health. It will provide a full feeling and require nutrients.

How To Use Sweet Lime For Losing Weight?

There is no secret to using Mosambi juice for weight reduction. It is a simple way to add to the breakfast menu for a fresh start in the morning. The expert also suggests drinking one glass of fresh Mosambi juice containing warm water with honey with an empty stomach. It will help to reduce weight. 

Mosambi Benefits for Weight Loss

Low On Calories

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Mosambi consists of low calories, which is perfect for weight loss. A medium-sized sweet lime provides you only around 86 calories. It means that you can consume it as an easy snack whenever you feel hungry and not eat too many calories.

When you eat Mosambi for weight loss, you also get many health benefits.  It detoxifies the body and reduces its acidic nature. When toxins are removed from the body, the organs in the body can function properly and burn fat more efficiently.

Vitamin C

consuming vitamin c along with medication boosts efficacy of tb drugs
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Sweet lime/Mosambi consists of rich vitamin C that is ascorbic acid, which is important for several body functions and plays an important role in complete health. It is a type of water-soluble vitamin, which we cannot store in the body. Mosambi juice is the best way to get everyday vitamin C.

Improves Digestion

Happy Digestive system
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Sweet lime consists of important component fiber. It helps to regulates normal digestion and keep the bowel movement healthy and stop constipation.

Mosambi consists of acidic components that help immensely in regulating digestion. The flavonoids help to stimulate the digestive system and increase acids and bile. People who suffer from constipation and indigestion are advised to add Mosambi juice to their diet as it manages the metabolism and bowel movements. It helps to neutralize the acids that are produced in the stomach and remove toxins to clear the tract. This fruit also improves the peristaltic motion, which controls vomiting and diarrhea that is occurred mostly in children. The dietary fiber presence helps to relieve constipation.

Mosambi juice is a simple way to get normal and smooth bowel movements. This fruit helps to improve the bowel tract and give relief from constipation. It is also helpful for eliminating contaminants from the bladder, liver, and kidney. 

Improve Immune System

Strengthen Your Immune System
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Dwindling and polluted lifestyles affect the immune system. Apart from these harmful medications also help to get strength and energy back from side effects. There are several natural superfoods, which help to enhance complete health. Adding Mosambi juice to the daily diet helps to promote weight loss. It increases blood circulation heart and promotes heart functions. These fruits benefit to defense mechanism. Its vitamin C content helps to prevent cold and flu attacks.

Manage Weight

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Mausam juice is known for its health wonders that include weight loss. Drinking a glass of Mausambi juice provides the required nutrients as well as builds stamina and helps to hydrate the body as well. Mosambi juice also reduces cholesterol levels and regulates blood pressure. It can be substituted for carbonated drinks as apart from providing essential vitamins and minerals it also tastes well. One serving of the Mosambi fruit juice has 40 calories and is loaded with goodies. Hence, it not only contributes to weight loss but also provides the much-needed calcium, vitamins, potassium, and copper in good amounts.

Helps Nervous System

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The nervous system is an important body part, which needs good health to function properly. Mosambi juice provides cooling properties, which regulate the nervous system. It also helps to prevent mental illness. This juice also calms down the anxiety. 


10 Antioxidant Rich Food Health Benefits
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Mosambi has magical properties, which help to lower uric acid levels and prevent gout. The presence of antioxidants in Mosambi helps to remove free radicals and uric acids. People suffering from these problems can use Mosambi juice two times a day to remove these problems. The mild acids and vitamin C available in Mosambi help to neutralize the free radicals in the body. Its high potassium content treats disorders of urinary problems.

Benefit Respiratory Health

The increased effects of pollution affect the body. Consuming nutrient-rich foods like Mosambi helps prevent these effects. Drinking two times Mosambi juice helps to treat respiratory problems. Mosambi juice provides anti-congestive properties to keep the respiratory tract clean. Researchers say that Mosambi juice consists of micro-nutrients and vitamins. The juice also consists of a high concentration of nutritive substances, which improve respiration.

Controls Sugar Levels

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Mosambi juice is useful for diabetics. Known for its high nutrient C substance, Mausambi juice slices through overabundance sugar levels, eventually cutting them down and adjusting them. Numerous specialists propose a blend of Amla and Mosambi squeeze alongside a spoonful of nectar ought to be devoured every day quickly in the first part of the day void stomach by diabetes patients to carry on with a fit and better life.

Help Liver Functioning

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Regular Mosambi juice consumption also cleanses the liver and makes the body healthy. Mosambi juice balance liver functioning and lower the risk of excess bile secretion and jaundice. The people already suffering from jaundice are also recommended by a physician to consume juice to regulate liver function.

Promote Blood Circulation

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Mosambi juice also promotes blood circulation and balance necessary parameters and organs of the body. It has been medically shown that regular consumption of juice can benefit blood circulation, which promotes heart health.

Peptic Ulcers

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The flavonoids found in Mosambi like Limomin Glucoside provide anti-carcinogenic, detoxifying, antioxidants, and antibiotic properties that are effective in healing peptic and oral ulcers.

Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Being rich in vitamin C, Mosambi helps to protect and stop swelling and inflammation. This fantastic fruit also lowers symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Prevent Motion Sickness

in article image how to avoid car motion sickness
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The tangy flavor of Mosambi gives relief from motion sickness. Drinking one glass of Mosambi juice benefits in preventing acidity and heartburn. It also soothes the gastrointestinal tract and lower abdominal complaints.

Treatment Dehydration and Sunstroke

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Mosambi juice can be a healthy substitute for the carbonated beverage as it provides important minerals and vitamins. This amazing fruit is highly preferable to or training of athletes. Mosambi juice and other lime supplements lower the risk of muscle cramps and dehydration. Limeade prepared from fresh Mosambi juice helps to treat sunstroke.

Helpful For Pregnant Women

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Mosambi juice provides a good amount of calcium, which can be good for the growth of the fetus.

Treats Scurvy

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Scurvy is a rare health condition that happens because of low vitamin C. It has symptoms like bruising, bleeding gums, rash, and fatigue. Mosambi is the best fruit to provide plenty of vitamin C and treat scurvy.

Lower Muscle Cramps

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Mosambi juice also recommended for athletes as it lowers the muscle cramps and hydrates your body during the strenuous workout of weight loss plan.

Good for Eyes

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Due to antibacterial and antioxidant properties, sweet lime juice helps to protect the eyes from infections like cataracts.

Boosts Energy

Consuming Mosambi juice regularly helps to lower fatigue and weakness and it also boosts energy levels.

Boost Healthy Skin

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The constitution of minerals and vitamins present in Mosambi juice make it the best food for gorgeous and healthy skin.

Removes Blemishes

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Consuming Mosambi juice during weight loss also benefits the skin. Due to weight loss hormones get imbalanced and affect skin sebum production, which makes the skin more prone to get blemishes. This juice prevents pigmentation and blemishes.


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Mosambi juice also provides plenty of anti-oxidants that lower skin wrinkles. It boosts the growth o healthy collagen, prevents sagging, and provides firmness.

Beneficial For Asthma

Breathing Disorders Treatment Market
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A drink prepared from Mosambi juice, dry ginger powder, and cumin seeds helps to provide instant relief from asthmatic cough.

Relief From Tonsillitis

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The presence of vitamin C lowers the fever and cold severity. One spoon of honey mixed with Mosambi juice in water help to relieve the dry, and itchy throat. It also provides a soothing effect to inflamed tonsils.

Treat Acne

How Why to Treat Acne
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Mosambi juice helps to detoxify the body and any food that detoxify the body is healthy for the skin. It helps to cure skin problems and pimples.

Strengthens Hair

hair strengthening treatments
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Mosambi juice boost hair health. During the weight loss journey hair also gets affected and hair fall occurs. Adding Mosambi juice prevents split ends and brings a shine to hair.

Treatment Of Jaundice

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This fruit is advised for people suffering from jaundice. It promotes liver function, Mosambi is exceptionally good for treating jaundice.

How To Make Mosambi Juice?

Mosambi Juice Recipe
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This rich taste fruit is loved by all ages. It can easily be made at home. If you have a juicer, squeeze it easily and follow the steps.

Take 3-4 Mosambi and remove the cover.

Cut them into large chunks and remove seeds.

Now keep the pieces of Mosambi in the blender and mix till it becomes a smooth liquid.

Now run the juice from a sieve to make sure there are no pulp, seed, and lumps.

Once the whole pulp is collected in a strainer, squeeze the pulp and extract all juice.

Discard the pulp and add juice into a glass and drink it fresh.

Additionally, you can include one teaspoon of black salt to increase the juice taste. Also, if the juice tastes like a tart or is tangier for you, you can include one teaspoon of sugar in it and shake the juice for 5 seconds, and transfer juice in a glass.

Storing Mosambi juice in the fridge for a long time can make it bitter.

How Long You Store Fresh Juices?

It depends on several factors, such as juicer types for extracting juice. Certain types of juicers provide a higher quality juice, which can be extra resistant to oxidant.

Produce being juiced

For example, citrus juice may last longer, while apples tend to turn brown quickly.

The juice can be stored for short time, which is kept at room temperature.

Mosambi Juice: Side Effects


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The presence of citric acids and vitamin C may cause acidity if consumed in excess.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder

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It is a disorder of the stomach, which may have acid flow back to the upper part of the esophagus pipe in the throat. Frequent consumption of Mosambi juice may cause acid reflux.

Tooth enamel depletion

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The citric acid present in Mosambi can cause tooth enamel depletion, which may lead to pain and sensitive teeth problem.


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Although Mosambi is beneficial for motion sickness, it may also cause nausea if consumed more.

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