Can a Girl Get Pregnant if Her Period is Irregular?

Irregular Periods and Pregnancy

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It is common for girls and women to get irregular menstrual cycles that have different lengths. One month it might come at 28 days, which is considered average, and the next month it could be 32 days, and the next to come 27. This is normal for some girls. Menstrual cycles are considered irregular when they go out of the normal range. Women’s Health has shown that an irregular menstrual cycle is one shorter than 21 days or more than 35.

When counting the days in the menstrual cycle, the first day of bleeding is considered day one, and the last day of the cycle is the first day of bleeding in the next cycle.

It is possible to get pregnant when a girl gets an irregular menstrual cycle, but you may experience it difficult. If you are not sure about the month-to-month length cycle, it can be hard to learn when you are ovulating.

Timing of intercourse close to ovulation can increase the chances of pregnancy since you will need to do sex during a fertile window to conceive. Your fertile window involves some days before ovulation and the day of your ovulation.

An irregular menstrual cycle may also be a symptom of irregular ovulation.

You may not ovulate every month or you get different ovulation times month to month.


Irregular Periods And Ovulation

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There is the possibility of ovulation without later bleeding like a period. It often happens because of earlier uterine scarring or some hormonal medications. It is also possible that you may get menstrual-like bleeding and no ovulation. It commonly happens when your uterine lining becomes thicker and more unstable.

The uterine lining can get thick without ovulation if the estrogen hormone, which is created before ovulation, continues to be emitted unopposed by the different female hormones, and progesterone, which is created after ovulation.

There is a different possible reason for irregular menstruation and other causes impact on ovulation or conceiving.

Here are the causes affecting ovulation and the ability to carry a pregnancy:

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

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PCOS is a health condition in which a woman’s body produces several androgens. Androgens are considered male sex hormones. High androgens can cause to restrict mature eggs from growing and being released by the fallopian tubes.

PCOS, which impact around 21% of female, is the most common cause of infertility from no ovulation. PCOS can be a hereditary disorder, but it can also be influenced by lifestyle parts, such as being lazy or overweight.


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Perimenopause is the time in a female’s reproductive life when progesterone and estrogen naturally decline. It causes regular ovulation and period before they stop completely and lead to menopause. Typically, perimenopause lasts for 4-years, but some females can go through it for longer than this.

The average age of the start of perimenopause is 47, with 1 being the average age of the last menstrual period. Perimenopause ends, and menopause begins when you have not gotten a period for 12 months.

Symptoms of perimenopause may have:

hot flashes


night sweats

irregular periods


While it is still possible to get pregnant during perimenopause, it can be extra difficult because the released eggs will be older and possibly low viable. You also may be stable to release eggs with every cycle.

Thyroid disease

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Your thyroid, a butterfly-shaped organ in the neck, helps to regulate hormones that among different things, affect menstruation and ovulation. According to one study, nearly 14% of young girls with thyroid diseases also experience irregular periods.

Other symptoms of the thyroid problem, which include hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be:

weight changes

mental fuzziness

Change heart and metabolic rates



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Being severely underweight or overweight can set off a chain reaction in your body that affects hormonal function. That can cause irregular or absent ovulation, which can also cause irregular menstruation.

According to research issued in BMC-Women’s-Health, females with a body mass index of lower than 20 or higher than 25 were at least 1.1 times more likely to get menstrual irregularities than a female who had BMIs between 20-25.



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Stress also affects a wide range of bodily functions, including ovulation. According to one research, those who reported more stress had to experience menstrual irregularities in comparison to those who did not feel high stress.

Many recent studies have discovered links between the female levels of everyday stress and reduced pregnancy chances. For example, a female whose saliva had high levels of alpha-amylase, an enzyme that marks stress, took 29% more to get pregnant compared to those who had less.

Your body is smart and it knows its function well, and stress is not good for a baby.

At a similar time, stressed females possibly also do sex lower often. They may be more likely to drink or smoke more caffeine or alcohol, and behaviors that can change their odds.


Irregular Periods and Ovulation Predictor Kits

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Ovulation commonly occurs midway in your cycle. If you get a typical 28 days period cycle, you would ovulate around day 14. But when your periods are not regular, predicting ovulation and time to intercourse to pregnancy chance can be hard.

Ovulation predictor kits are fairly reliable at detecting a wave in luteinizing hormone, which triggers ovulation. And while they are easy to utilize, needing only a quick pass from your urine stream, they can have expensive, especially when you are testing for weeks or days on end.

If you are getting irregular periods, you may wish to wait to utilize an ovulation predictor kit until you see other signs of ovulation.


Here are the things to look at:

An increase in cervical mucus

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Look for a clear, stretchy, and egg white-like discharge on your panty or when you wipe after bathroom use. It is a sign that ovulation is near.

Increase in basal body temperature

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Take your basal body temperature using a basal body thermometer in the morning, before you eat, talk, or get up from bed. Make a chart of all month long.

When you see a slight raise, usually half a degree to a complete degree, you may be ovulated. Because this method only tells that ovulation has already happened, it is not a good way to predict your fertile window. It may help to understand the typical timing of the body for ovulation in the upcoming cycle.


When to seek help

See a doctor if:

You missed the period for 3-more months.

Menstrual bleeding continuing more than a week.

You are soaking a pad or tampon every hour or 2 for many hours, during the period.

You have painful periods

You have been trying to conceive and have not been successful for one year and are younger than 35 or 6-months or longer and much older


How To Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods?

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A health specialist can help to get a diagnosis and recommend treatment for those suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle.

Some habits may make pregnancy easy and fast with irregular periods naturally. Although these habits cannot change medical treatment, they may help to enhance the chances of conception.


Track Ovulation

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Using a calendar of menstrual-like Flo can help to determine your fertile window.

Apps like Flo calculate every cycle length based on the information offered by the user, and they also track other symptoms.

Keeping track of your cervical mucus and basal body temperature can also help to predict ovulation.

Many simple ovulation tests can also save ovulation and determine when you have a high chance of conception.


Have More Sex

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Doing more sex is also a way to try fast pregnancy while having irregular periods. Remember that sperm can live in the body for up to 5 days. That means even with irregular cycles, the chances of getting pregnant are more with frequent sex every day all month.


Adopt Healthy Habits

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Getting healthy is one of the good ways to get pregnant fast while suffering from irregular periods naturally.

Depending on the cause of irregular menstrual cycles, these lifestyle changes might not be sufficient to solve the underlying problem.

However, maintaining healthy life can be an essential step to getting pregnant faster and managing a healthy Pregnancy.

Here are some healthy habits to follow to increase the Pregnancy chance:

  • Avoid alcohol
  • Quit smoking
  • Get more sleep
  • Get moderate caffeine
  • Manage an active lifestyle
  • Do over workout


Maintain a healthy weight

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Healthy weight management can help with fertility problems. Being overnight and underweight can both leads to hormonal imbalance that can affect ovulation, leading to irregular cycle and making it difficult to get pregnant. Additionally, a moderate workout may be healthy for fertility.

A healthy weight also regulates hormonal imbalance. Remember that in some cases, weight problems are occurred by hormonal imbalance. A physician can help to manage a healthy weight.

Eat A Healthy Diet

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Research indicates that consuming healthy foods may increase fertility. Although there is not one specific fertility diet to follow, more foods can help to improve the conceiving chances.

Here are some of the best fertilities boosting foods:

Low-mercury fish


Leafy greens


Healthy fats


Nuts and seeds

Lean animal protein

Complex carbs

Combine these foods into a well-balanced diet, along with lots of water, to enhance the odds of becoming pregnant quickly.

The average gap in between 2-periods is around 28 days. If your periods are delayed by more than one week then you could be experiencing oligomenorrhea. It is the medical term for the common condition of irregular periods. The causes of irregular periods can be different such as stress, thyroid, travel, extra intake of caffeine, or alcohol. Here are some foods that can help to treat irregular periods.



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From treating cold to improving digestion conditions, ginger helps other health problems also. But this magnesium and vitamin C-rich food can also help irregular periods. Every day drink some ginger tea if nibbling on ginger is a harder problem. It helps contract the uterus, which helps to regulate period. Include some jaggery as a sweetener to your ginger tea for good results.



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Regularly consuming papaya helps to bring contractions in uterus muscles. Apart from creating heat in the body, the fruit consists of carotene. This substance regulates or stimulates that estrogen hormone levels in the body. Naturally, this trigger period more frequently. No wonder, it is recommended to abstain from this pulpy fruit during pregnancy.



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Menstrual blood is the result of releasing unfertilized eggs and shedding the uterus wall. It is why consuming foods that help to reduce the uterus lining or soften it. Pineapple is one of the healthy fruit that provides enzyme bromelain. Furthermore, this tiny fruit also helps to produce white and red blood cells. It also helps to increase blood flow.



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Can a Girl Get Pregnant if Her Period is Irregular? 20

This herb is similar to coriander but provides slightly different properties. For ages, parsley has been utilized as an emmenagogue an herb, which increases the blood flow profusion in the pelvic part. Do not forget to add boiled parsley water or tea to your everyday liquid diet.


Carom Seeds

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Carom seeds are the best food for regulating periods and clearing bowels. It works best for bringing the menstrual cycle. Intake of some carom seed boiled water helps to stimulate the uterus effectively. The anti-spasmodic qualities help to skip menstrual pains and cramps also. 

Apart from getting these effective, home-based, and easy methods, it is recommended to consult your doctor. Getting some medical treatment from an expert according to your body type is necessary. Furthermore, the problem is half solved, and the root cause is the diagnosis problem. Therefore, it suggested taking gynecologist help about periods.


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Cumin/Jeera is also the best help to the menstrual cycle. It helps to bring the contract to the uterus, which can release stuck blood. You can intake cumin easily by infusing it into one glass of water. The presence of healthy nutrients in cumin helps to contract the uterine muscles and regulate the cycle. Soak 2-tsp of cumin overnight in one cup of water and consume this decoction in the morning regularly for some months.


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Fennel is also an effective herb to regulate periods. It also helps to balance the hormones and boost ovulation. It also eases menstrual cramps. Boil 2-tsp of fennel seeds in one glass of water, strain, and consume this water regularly two times a day.


Dietary Supplements

Irregular periods can be a cause of worry for a woman experiencing it, which causes hormonal imbalance, sudden mood swings, and different health problems.

Dietary supplements may also help to increase menstrual regularity by controlling hormone levels and treating nutritional deficiencies.

Here are some foods to limit or avoid if you are trying to conceive:

  • Fried foods
  • Soda and fruit juice
  • Starchy vegetables
  • Simple carbs
  • High-mercury fish
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Refined sugar
  • White bread
  • Trans fats 

Ask a health care provider

Lifestyle changes can sometimes help to increase the chances of conceiving, but they cannot change medical treatment for hidden health conditions.

A physician can determine the cause of irregular cycles that may create difficulty for conception.

A health care provider will possibly offer a physical analysis and do an ultrasound and may recommend laboratory tests to know hormonal levels. It will give them the needed information to assist any health conditions that might be the reason for irregular cycles.

They will enquire about menstruation and look for anovulatory cycles that have no ovulation cycles. Once they have known a diagnosis, a health care provider may be able to suggest the treatment. They may also advise on how to get pregnant fast with irregular periods naturally or make a referral for a fertility specialist.


Home Method For Irregular Periods

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It is necessary not to try to treat or diagnose any hormonal imbalances yourself. Making healthier lifestyle choices can help to regulate the hormonal process in your body.

Workout, eating a healthy diet, yoga, unhealthy habits, and stress management help to regulate cycles. However, ensure to consult a health care provider about any concerning signs related to menstruation.

Healthy lifestyle habits and physicians can help to manage irregular periods and increase pregnancy chances.

Your doctor may recommend clomiphene citrate to trigger ovulation. Clomid has been discovered to be an effective treatment for inducing ovulation.

It also indicated positive results when utilized in women with PCOS.

Clomid side effects may include:

breast tenderness

hot flashes

abdominal bloating

release of multiple eggs in one cycle, leading to multiple pregnancies

Weight gain or weight loss may also help.

According to the PCOS-Awareness Association, losing only 5 to 10% of body weight can help to manage ovulation in a female who is overweight.

Get your doctor’s suggestion for losing or gaining weight. They may be able to offer you meal plans and workout guidelines or suggest resources.

If your irregular periods are occurred by an overactive or underactive thyroid, your doctor will suggest drugs that raise the thyroid hormone or block it.

One research published in the present that 35% of a female with infertility and hypothyroidism who were treated with the drug levothyroxine, Unithroid, and Synthroid got pregnant to 26% treated with a placebo.

Do Irregular Periods Affect Pregnancy Health?

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It might depend on the cause of irregular menstrual period. If the cause is not known, you may have no raised risk of Pregnancy complications, but you should find out the possible risk with your physician.

Pregnant females with PCOS have a high risk for:

gestational diabetes


preterm birth

preeclampsia, a sudden increase in blood pressure after the 20th week of pregnancy

Pregnant female with unlimited hyperthyroidism has a higher rate of giving birth to a premature baby, a baby with birth defects, or a stillborn baby.


Take away

Several females experience irregular periods, mostly because of irregular ovulation. While occasional ovulation can make it hard to get pregnant, your doctor can help to improve your fertility by managing the underlying cause of abnormal menstruation and monitoring the process after conceiving. It will help to assure that a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


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