Best Yoga Poses to Enlarge Breasts

Pregnancy, menses, pre-menopause, breastfeeding, and menopause are some of the shapeshifts for women in her lifetime. And the breasts closely linked to women health liked these physical passages in intense ways.

One in eight American females will get a breast cancer diagnosis in her lifetime. Myofascial, Cysts, hypertension, and heart disease can lead to cardiac arrest and open-heart surgery. Yet, by the recommendation of a monthly self-analysis American women, do not get much in the way of tips for balancing breast health. The good news is yoga practice can be a powerful method for healthier breasts.

How Yoga Help for Breast Health?

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American culture views about breast lean widely from fetishization to control: while we are habitual to see female breasts objectified on the covers of advertising and magazines, breastfeeding female ofter require a place to retreat and hide to nourish their babies. The chest part has long been linked with courage, love, and confidence in different cultures. In Ayurvedic medicine, the 5000-year-old healing tradition and wisdom in India, the chest and heart are viewed as intelligence centers. The heart is the root or seat of the brain explained by Dr. Sheila Patel- the medical director of the Chopra Center.

How Yoga Benefits Breast Health

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All rounded yoga practice will provide benefits to breast health. Stretching the heart center in backbends and twisting the lymphatic system and chest help with circulation, promoting the optimal immune system.  Even inconclusive, research from many studies recommend that tight or incorrect fitting bra may contribute to breast cancer risk by reducing circulation and blocking the lymph flow.

Asana can also counter the postural issues such as tightening, hunching, closing off the chest by using modern devices pose. The deep breathing such as Kapalabhati, Sama Vritti, and retention (Kumbhaka) yogis practice in pranayama provide good oxygen to extend the upper lobes of the lungs, facilitating the oxygen release in the upper chest, lymphatic areas by boosting immune functions.

According to one a study published in the International-Journal-of-Yoga,

yoga practices and poses lower stress and increase immunity. Some studies provide a positive link between stress response and breast cancer, specifically in resurgence or decline and the relaxation-response-and-survival-rates. The front folds and resting pose, particularly, soothe the sympathetic-nervous-system, which manage the fight-or-flight stress response, and shift the parasympathetic system, which provides optimal immune function.

Additionally, a Yoga Journal of 2016 in American study discovered people who do yoga are more likely to engage in a cardiovascular workout, which is known to lower heart problems and cancer risk. The mindfulness of yoga also fosters an intimate connection with the body, which can increase awareness of changes and assist in the early detection of disease.

The Analysis of the Breasts

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Let’s know brief anatomy of breasts to know how yoga practices influence this area. The breast is also called as Mammary glands, which are lobules, and glandular structures, which produce milk in women. The lobules drain into ducts, linking to channels that send milk to the nipple. Between glandular tissue and ducts remain in fat tissues and cells. Male breast anatomy is nearly identical to females, except for the milk lobules. Breasts do no consistent muscle but are near to the pectoralis muscles of the upper chest. Lymph glands and blood vessels and the lymph node system for detoxifying and draining impurities run into the breasts, the surrounding upper chest, surrounding armpit, and groin areas.

The Energy of The Heart System

Energetically, the heart center or the Anahata Chakra, of wisdom in Ayurvedic medicine, lies at the sternum, between the breasts. Opening this physical part or energetic result in expansion feeling, joy, vulnerability, and some time pain as sorrow reside here. It feels appropriate then that the breast and heart are intimately connected. The classic bare-breasted icon of Green Tara, who is a goddess of compassion embodies, this view of sacred feminine power. And bare-breasted kali, open-hearted, the ferocious but merciful manifestation of the feminine divine, remind us to keep the strength in life from the heart.

Namaskar (Prayer)

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Begin by sitting or standing position.

Keep hands in namaskar near your breastbone, the energetic part of the hearing, bowing to the feminine divine presence represent in breasts.

Take a direct breath to your heart part, the Anahata chakra, imagining health and love stay there. Honor this part as the nexus of the several energetic ways and the source of love and compassion.

Gomukhasana (Cow Pose)

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Gomukhasana is also called as cow pose asana, which resembles a cow’s face. It is a beginner level of Vinyasa yoga asana. You can perform it in the morning or evening with an empty stomach and clean bowels.


Gomukhasana helps to stretch the breasts area. It develops breast muscles and increases the overall flexibility of the torso. It also raises the elasticity of breasts.

How To Do Gomukhasana

  • Sit straight over the ground using your legs stretch out in the front direction in Dandasana.
  • Now slowly flex your left leg and keep it under your right buttock.
  • Bend your right leg and keep it over the left thigh.
  • Keep both knees near together as they are accumulated one on above the other.
  • Slowly fold your left arm and keep it back.
  • Get your right arm near the right shoulder and stretch as much as possible to reach left.
  • Place your torso straight, stretch the chest, and lean slightly backside.
  • Hold this pose as you feel comfortable and breathe slowly.


Here are some precautions to watch out while doing this yoga.

  • People with injuries in the rotator cuff and knee pain must avoid doing this yoga.
  • If you have a tight shoulder and fail to hold fingers back, then use a strap between hands. Begin the pose using a strap draped over the shoulder of the lower arm.

Beginner’s Tips

Learners generally think that it’s hard to get their sitting unresolved issues equitably on the floor. This makes stacking the knees equally over one another very troublesome. The spine can’t expand itself appropriately when the pelvis is inclined. So, utilize a cover or reinforce to help and lift the sitting bones. 


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Dhanurasana in yoga is also identified as bow pose as it is like a stringed bow. It is the most proper pose for the starting level of vinyasa asana. Do it in the early morning or the evening with a vacant stomach and clear bowels.


Dhanurasana promotes blood flow to the breast area. It also benefits to strengthen the breast area. This yoga massages the thyroid glands and increases shoulder strength.

How to Do the Dhanurasana

  • Lie flat over the stomach, keeping feet at hip distance apart and arm sides to the body.
  • Now, slowly fold knees and hold ankles.
  • Breathe in and raise chest and legs over the ground and pull legs back.
  • Look straight and put face stress-free. You can also smile.
  • Hold this asana as you concentrate on your breathing. Your body should be as firm as a bow.
  • As feel comfortable in this pose, breathe deep and long.
  • Around 15-20 seconds later, breath out and release the pose.


  • This yoga asana should not be done by individuals who are experiencing low or high BP, hernia, lower back pain, headaches, neck wounds, cerebral pains, and ongoing medical procedures.
  • Pregnant ladies should not do this yoga.

Beginner’s Tips

A beginner may feel difficult to lift thighs off the floor. You can roll up one blanket and keep it under thighs to support. 

Ustrasana (Camel Pose)

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Ustrasana is also referring to Camel Pose because it looks like the stance of a camel. The pose is a beginner level of Vinyasa yoga asana. Make sure to perform it with an empty stomach and empty bowels.


Ustrasana helps to stretch the breast muscle tissues. This yoga pose helps to increase blood flow to the breast. It works on the lower area of the breast by round shaping.

How to Do the Ustrasana?

  • Start the asana by bending over a mat and keep your hands over hips.
  • Make sure your knees and shoulders are levels, and the feet soles should face the ceiling.
  • Breath-in and draw tailbone near pubis and feel the pull near the navel.
  • While you are performing that, bend your back. Slowly slide your palms on your feet and level your arms.
  • Put your neck in an inactive position, and it should not have strain.
  • Be in this position for 30-60 seconds before you release this pose.


It is good to practice Ustrasana under the expert guidance of a yoga practitioner. If you have a neck or back injury, or low blood pressure, you must avoid this asana.  People with migraines or insomnia also skip this yoga.

Beginner’s Tips

When you begin, it may feel difficult to reach feet with your hands, without feeling the strain in the neck or back. You can use your toes and lift heels. You can turn toes and lift heels. If you are still unable to reach to legs, use a wooden block, and keep both hands on them.


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Vrikshasana likewise alludes to Tree Pose, which takes after the moderate position of a tree. You have to have your eyes open while planning Vrikshasana. It is a beginning point of Hath yoga asana. Practice this asana in the first part of the day or night on an empty stomach and with clear entrails.


The Vrikshasana helps to stretch the tissues of the breast area and help in increasing size. The pose promotes the flexibility of breast muscles, which increases confidence and self-esteem.

How to Perform Vrikshasana?

  • Stand upright and lower your arms to the side of your body.
  • Moderately bend right knee, and then put the right foot high up to your left side thigh. Assure that the sole is placed firm and aligned on the foundation of the thigh.
  • Keep your left leg level. Once you have understood this position, take a breath, and find balance.
  • Now, breathe in and slowly lift your arms on the head and get them together like a namaste position.
  • Look straight at a far object and keep your gaze. It will help to keep balance.
  • Control your spine accurately, and do not be firm, still flexible. Keep breathing and ease your body.
  • Gradually make your hands down from sides and relax the right leg.
  • Come back to the starting point and stand straight. Repeat this pose with your left leg.


  • While doing Vrikshasana, you must make sure that your sole of the elevated foot is kept over or below the standing knee, but do not keep beside.
  • Keep your food beside your knee with pressure on the knee as it does not bend parallel to the frontal plane.
  • People with high BP should not raise arms above the head for a longer time. They can be kept at the chest in the Anjali asana.
  • If you are experiencing migraines or insomnia, withdraw this yoga.

Beginners Tips

Initially, you may think that it’s hard to bring the left foot over the correct knee. In such cases, you can put your foot beneath the knee. In any case, as referenced prior, never place the foot on your knee. Additionally, at first, it may be difficult to remain consistent and keep your parity. You could rehearse this asana by holding the divider for balance.


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Stabdhasana helps to stretch breast muscles and best yoga for natural bust.

Begin this yoga by standing straight with knees shoulder length distance.

Lift your hand to shoulder level and place them in front of you.

Let wrist face front and spread fingers. Now assume pushing hands opposite to an object. Use the chest muscles and arms for doing this asana.

Repeat these five times.



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This asana helps to strengthen chest muscles and enlarge the breast areas and make them firm.

Begin by standing straight and get your hands back. Interlock fingers and flip it. Now gently flex front moving interlocked hands upward.

Be in this state for a few seconds and get behind to the original position.

Repeat this move 10 times.

Make sure you are healthy enough to get effective results from yoga for breast enlargement. If you are not getting a good result, then have a checkup and know the reason for the health expert.

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