Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss

Protein powder is best known as a nutritional supplement. It is a powerful macronutrient which helps to build muscle, hormones, enzymes, and tissues repairing. Protein powder also useful for weight loss and toning muscles.

You will get advice to take protein powder supplement when your body is unable to get enough protein from foods you eat.

best protein powder for weight loss

There are many types of protein powders found in the market which comprises of plants or dairy products.

Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein is a combination of two milk proteins, and it is one of the popular protein powders. It is best to take after muscle building exercise to recover strength because whey protein gets easily absorb and digest.

According to studies, whey protein normally helps in muscle building but also support excess weight loss.

Normally milk contains casein, whey, and proteins. To get the whey protein, you can extract it from the casein in the milk. It also produces cheese making products. This pure extracted whey protein contains nines important amino acids which have low lactose.

According to nine review studies discovered that obese and overweight people who took whey protein were able to lose more weight and got healthy muscle mass than the people who didn’t take whey protein supplement.

Whey protein is excellent nutrition which contains 24 grams of whey protein each scoop which mean 30 grams. It aids in fat loss and muscle gain at the same time.

Apart from muscles building and weight loss, the whey protein has shown the best improvement in blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

The people who are looking for weight loss with whey protein are making a good choice because it helps to reduce appetite and increase satiety entire day.

Whey Protein Facts

  • Whey protein is a blend of alpha-lactalbumin, immunoglobins, beta-lactoglobulin, and immunoglobins.
  • Its major benefits are reducing cholesterol and weight loss.
  • High dose of whey protein may cause headaches, nausea, moderate dose can be best to take.

Casein Protein Powder

It is another protein content of milk. Casein gets digests slower than whey protein, but it holds similar weight loss qualities. It turns in to curd when coming in contact with your stomach acids which means the body takes 6 to 7 hours a long time to digest and absorb the casein protein.

But, the slow absorption quality of casein helps to reduce frequent hunger and appetite.

According to the study of 32 men who consumed foods such as egg, whey, casein or pea protein before 30 minutes of eating unrestricted food shown that these people burn fewer calories and casein influenced more to make them feel less hungry.

Other studies have different result also. The individuals who had whey protein before 90 minutes of having a meal, consumed fewer calories and felt less hunger.

These studies results imply that casein is better than whey protein only if taken before 30 minutes of having a meal. Still, more research required comparing whey and casein protein powders.

Casein is an extract of milk which contains calcium. The nutritious casein protein powders each scoop contain 60% of calcium which is equal to the daily need of calcium.

There are some studies, who claim that high calcium intake has a link to reducing body weight. Research still finding evidence of calcium and weight loss.

Soy Protein Powder

Soy protein powder is a plant-based protein. It is an extract from a soybean plant. Soy is a non-meat product containing low cholesterol and fats. It comprises nine important amino acids. These amino acids are essential for human health. Soy high protein content claims vegan or the individuals who cannot bear milk proteins. Soy protein powder is popular among the vegetarian. It hugely impacts on appetite.

To make soy protein powder, you will require to extract soy protein from soybean. The process begins by preparing soybean meal by defatting and dehulling soybean in which the outer layer of soy flakes will get remove.

Then the fatty acid removed from the flakes of soybeans to process main soy protein ingredients. The soy fatty acids removing process require cleaning of the flakes in alcohol which removes dietary fiber and sugar.

During one study, pizza given to few men after one hour of eating whey, egg white or soy protein. They found a huge decrease in appetite which linked to whey. Whereas, soy has shown effectiveness than egg white protein at reducing calories and appetite.

Soy protein also proved beneficial to women. According to a random study of post-menopause, women consume 20 grams of casein or soy protein as a drink in their daily intake for three months. The women who had soy lost belly fat effectively than the women who had casein.

Coffee Flavored Protein Powder

Protein powder can find in a birthday cake, cookies, and snickerdoodle.  The protein powder of coffee flavor contains pure coffee which also describes as coffee grounds which is full of metabolism promoting energizer caffein.

Apart from metabolism promoting, caffeine helps to boost the stamina during workouts. It helps to burn more calories and fat.

You can have coffee protein blends 30 to 60 minutes before starting your exercise.

Other benefits include appetite reduction by decrease total calorie consumption every day which promotes weight loss.

However, read the nutrition label before buying a product because every coffee flavored protein powder doesn’t include caffeine.

Protein Powder Fortified with Fiber

This protein powder contains nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, grain and legumes which are the best source of fiber.

Having an adequate amount of fiber during your diet plan can provide benefits such as regulating bowel movements, balancing blood sugar and reducing high cholesterol levels. It helps to achieve a healthy weight in type 2 diabetic people.

Apart from protein, fiber is shown results lowering hunger and weight loss.

During the process of plant-based protein powder, the fiber gets separated.

Though, some multiple plant-based protein powders packed with fiber. These kinds of protein powders contain various protein sources such as rice, chia seeds, pea, garbanzo beans.

When fiber and protein combined, it creates a powerful effect which supports weight loss more than a single ingredient.

You can look for plant-based protein combination which comprises five grams of fiber each serving.

Egg White Protein Powder

If you are unable to cope with other protein powders, then egg white protein is the best alternative for weight loss. As we know all the nutrients and good cholesterol found in egg yolk, the protein powder is processed only from egg whites.

The process of egg white protein powder happens from dehydrated chicken eggs. The egg white protein powder product such as NOW sports undergoes pasteurization.

This process of pasteurization stops inactivates and salmonella protein which describes as avidin. The avidin helps to wrap the vitamin B biotin and prevent absorption.

The egg white protein is not as effective as casein or whey, but research says that it helps to have low calories to aid weight loss goal.

Pea Protein Powder

After griding dried peas, you will get the fine powder. The fiber and starch get removed by leaving the combined protein substances. It is plant-based and preferred by only vegetarians. Like soy, pea protein also comprises nine important amino acids which makes a complete protein for you.

But, the composition of pea protein’s amino is different from dairy product’s protein which contains low important amino acids.

The pea protein powder is the extract of yellow peas. It is a safe choice and doesn’t cause any allergy like soy, milk or egg.

It can be best alternative protein powder to replace with dairy products for weight loss.

Pea protein powder taste is different from smashed peas, but it tastes like earthy which some individual doesn’t like. But you may get a flavor option of chocolate flavor which can be more palatable.

During a study of 20 men consumed different protein powder of 20 grams of carbohydrate drink or whey, pea, egg, and casein protein before 30 minutes of a meal. They found only pea and casein protein powder showed the powerful result on reducing appetite and the participants had fewer calories which helped in weight loss.

Brown Rice Protein Powder

Brown rice protein powder is also a plant-based protein. It doesn’t contain any amino acids but helps in muscles building according to the required size.

Brown rice contains an adequate amount of gluten-free protein which can be the best alternative for pea and whey protein powder. It helps people who had food restrictions and allergies. The brown rice protein powder packed with chia and quinoprotein because brown rice lacks it.

Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp seeds are part of the Cannabis Sativa plant which also describes as marijuana. It contains important fatty acids. Hemp protein powder is the best alternative for vegans or the individual who have allergies with soy or dairy.

Additionally, hemp protein provides potential benefits such as anti-fatigue qualities, boosting the immune system and kidney protective qualities. It greatly helps for an athlete.

Hemp seeds contain digesting high quality. To absorb the protein, it requires digesting properly.

How to Add Flavor to Flavourless Protein Powder

  • The people who dislike the taste of certain protein powder can add taste in various ways which include.
  • Add some cocoa powder.
  • Mix little sugar-free syrups to the protein powder
  • You can add artificial sweeteners such as natural sweeteners or Splenda, monk fruit extract and stevia.
  • You can also add unflavored protein powder in stews, soups, and oatmeal.

How to use protein powder?

It is important to calculate the nutritional requirement before using any protein powder. The people who are unable to get the proper amount of protein from their food, they should consider protein powder supplements but also take expert advice.

You should always take only the required amount of protein because some protein powder contains 80 gram each serving which can be too much.

According to the study of 2013, more intake of protein can cause to damage the liver and kidneys and imbalance the bone calcium.

Excessive protein intake can also cause to reduce the beneficial foods consumption such as vegetables, fiber fruits and legumes which are important to balance the gut bacteria.

You can mix the flavored protein powder in water as following to the pack direction. You can also add the protein powder into fruits or vegetables smoothies or milk.

Best time to take protein powder

A beginner may get confused about the best timing for the intake of protein powder. It depends on your overall fitness goal and health. It may require taking on the appropriate time of the day. You will have different time for different goals such as muscles building, weight loss, and preserve muscle.

Here are the different timing instructions for a different goal.

Weight loss

Protein powder standout amongst the most vital supplements for losing fat and weight.  Eating a required-protein diet can help to decrease your craving and boost your digestion.

By reducing hunger hormones ghrelin, protein helps to control the frequent hunger. During the rise of hunger reducing hormones such as peptide YY (PYY), glucagon-peptide-1 (GLP-1) and cholecystokinin (CCK).

It implies that eating a rich protein snack can make you consume fewer calories which supports weight loss.

According to research individuals who consumed a high-protein yogurt snack while afternoon consumed 100 fewer calories at dinner time, which is different with the individuals who had chocolate or cracker during afternoon snack.

However, the yogurt, chocolate, and wafers contain a similar amount of calories.

For better weight loss, expect to eat a lot of protein-rich nutrition during the daytime.

Muscle Building

Protein is an essential requirement of muscle building. To build a particular size and shape of the muscle, you will require to consume more protein than your body makes produce it while weight lifting or resistance training.

It is a controversial question to know the best time for protein intake and muscle growth.

Fitness expert suggests that consuming protein supplement 15 to 60 minutes after the workout. These times of 15 to 60 minutes describe as an anabolic window which is an excellent time for getting essential nutrients such as protein.

However, the recent study claims that this anabolic window is larger than earlier.

The International-society-of-sports-nutrition suggests that Protein intakes after two hours after the workout is perfect for muscle mass building.

An average individual can consume a sufficient amount of protein for resistance exercise which is more important than protein consuming times.

The individuals who took training before breakfast without eating anything can also get benefits from consuming protein after a workout.

Prevent Muscle Loss

As you age, muscle mass balance is important. According to research After 30 ages, everyone loses around 3% muscle mass every year. Muscle loss associated with the risk of injury or short lifespan.

Scientist suggests that protein consumption during daytime helps to prevent muscle loss as you age. You can take around 25 to 30 grams of protein with every meal.

Exercise Recovery and Performance

Athletes often question about the exact time to consume protein for recovery and performance.  You can intensify recovery and performance activity with protein mixed with carbs and strength training. It helps to minimize the muscles soreness.

For some individuals, eating a good amount of protein is more important than the protein consumption timings. The athletes during resistance training can get benefits from protein consumption instantly before or after exercise.

Protein powder before sleeping

Elder and adults can take protein powder before going to bed. It can help to increase muscles strength and support recovery and performance workout.

While considering protein intake before bed, you can have casein protein which helps to digest slowly and continue constant protein supply during the entire night.

You can also replace the supplement with real foods such as Greek yogurt, cottage cheese which also contains proteins similar to casein.

According to a review study, the scientist said that protein intake before bed works efficiently to support muscle building and exercise.

It helps because protein intake before bed works effectively to absorb and digest which create availability of protein to recover the muscles entire night.

The protein comprises different nutrients. Taking the required amount of protein supplement helps to lose weight. You can take doctor and dietician help to build the size of muscle you like and the right time for protein intake.

The protein powder gives benefits to people such as boy builders, athletes, vegetarians, vegans, and older adults.

However, protein powder is not for everyone. Normal people can get enough protein from fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. But the people who do an intense workout and building muscles can take the best protein powders.

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