Benefits of Orange Peels

Orange peel is the outer cover of orange fruit. It also describes as skin or rind which is a protective layer of fruit or vegetable. Everyone loves to eat citrus fruit like an orange.  But people only eat the inner pulp of orange and throw out the outer layer by peeling it. The peel you think is a waste, is actually very beneficial for many health and beauty conditions.

Orange peel is an excellent source of flavonoids such as polymethoxy flavones, hesperidin, and phytochemicals which provide many health benefits. Orange contains compounds of anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, healthy and anti-allergy effects. It also contains a good amount of important nutrients such as vitamin C.

Eating normal peels is not juicier like its pulp, and it tastes somewhat bitter. It’s completely normal to use the orange peel as it provides many health benefits.

Here are the best benefits of orange peel.

Eating whole orange peel or 100 grams contain 97 calories, 1.5 grams protein, 10.6 grams fiber, 25-gram carbohydrates.  Since eating whole peel may not good for appetizing, you can eat only one tablespoon and try how you feel or six grams because orange peel does not contain cholesterol and sodium.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • 8(24.3 kJ)
  • 4(22.6 kJ)
  • 1(0.4 kJ)
  • 3(1.3 kJ)
  • 0(0.0 kJ)


  • Vitamin A 25.2IU
  • 8.2mg Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)0.0mg
  • 0mg0%
  • 0mg0%
  • 1mg0%
  • Vitamin B60.0mg1%
  • 8mcg0%
  • Vitamin B120.0mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid0.0mg
  • 0mg
  • 0mg
  • 4g
  • Total Fat0.0g
  • Omega-3 fatty acids0.7mg
  • Total Omega-6 fatty acids1.7mg

Orange Peels for Heart Health


Orange peels provide benefits to heart health as it contains good hesperidin which is a type of flavonoid that helps to reduce the cholesterol and blood pressure in animal studies. It also contains anti-inflammatory qualities.

According to research overweight men in middle age consumed hesperidin in oranges discovered that they notably reduced diastolic blood pressure.

The content of polyethoxylated flavones in the orange peels shown to decrease the cholesterol more efficiently than the prescribed drugs without any side effect.

Prevent Cancer

The orange peel contains flavonoids which have the potential to limit the RLIP76 protein which has a link with obesity and cancer. The research discovered that orange peel helps to prevent cancer in the early stage, but also it can significantly be linked to treating chronic disease.

During research, if a mouse gets ride of RLIP76 gene, then it will not get health problems such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol.

The orange peel contains flavonoids which work as an anti-cancer agent.

Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Allergic Benefits

The synthesis of orange peels and other citrus fruits helps to prevent histamine- histamine is a type of compound which induces allergic reactions.

The orange peel also helps to clean your lungs and excrete phlegm and the high content of vitamin C helps to boost the immune system which helps to fight respiratory treatment such as flu and cold.

Moreover, orange peel distillation helps to limit inflammation similar to anti-inflammatory medication like indomethacin.

Prevent anxiety and depression

Orange oil is a natural pain reliever for depression and anxiety headaches. You can soothe yourself by rubbing your forehead and temple. You can also inhale the orange peel which provides powerful soothing effects. It is suggested that boil water and orange peel and simmer it.

Smelling boiled orange peel helpful to prevent the depression.

Support diabetes treatment

The orange peel contains pectin (fiber) which is important for regulating blood sugar levels. It is a good natural remedy for diabetic people. According to studies orange peel extract helps to prevent diabetic nephropathy. Also, it removes the proteins of RLIP76 and prevents diabetes.

The orange peel contains low glycemic which is only 5%, and it will cause the only low rise of blood sugar.

Boost Immunity

It’s common that vitamin C is an essential thing to promote the immune system and boost the vitality. This is the reason many people suggest orange juice while having flu or cold. The vitamin C in orange helps to remove the pesky bacteria and virus from your body and create a healthful environment.

The immune system is a very delicate part of health which gets affected soon by cold and flu. Using vitamin C helps positively for good immune system. You can add dried orange peel in your juice to get good benefits.

Benefit weight loss

Think once while throwing that orange color peels which can also provide weight loss benefits. Orange peel powder is widely known for many beauty treatments ingredient.

Orange peel contains several health characteristics which support weight loss including

  • The fiber content of orange peel can be an excellent weight loss supplement because fiber provides satiety for good digestion.
  • Orange peel boost fat burning process from its content of vitamin C and anti-obesity qualities.
  • The peel of orange helps to fight with allergies and inflammation. Orange peel may help to limit the histamine release which can trigger an allergic reaction in the body. It also contains flavonoid synthesis which prevents anti-inflammation. Orange peel promotes digestion and metabolism and helps to maintain skin health.
  • Additionally, it manages blood sugar and constipation problem which play an important role in managing a healthy weight.

How to consume orange peel for effective weight loss

There are different ways to consume orange peels for weight loss. Drink herbal tea containing orange peel. You will require only water and orange peel for making weight loss tea.

You can use a dried orange peel or fresh orange peel to make the tea. While using dried orange peel, grind it to a fine powder.


  • Add one tsp ground or chopped orange peel in simmering water and set till it gets a brew.
  • Once the water begins to boil, then turn off the flame. Steep the peel for 10 minutes.
  • Filter the orange peel tea.
  • You can also add spices like cinnamon and sweetener like honey to enhance the power of orange peel tea of weight loss.
  • Make sure you wash the orange peels before using it. You can make bulk tea and fridge it to use for two days.

Promote Lung Health

The excellent amount of vitamin C in orange peel helps to melt the congestion and clear the lungs. Vitamin C helps to promote immunity and prevent the risk of lung infection.  The orange peel helps to remove the phlegm and fight with flu and cold diseases.

When allergens and toxins enter in through breath, then it causes to irritate the delicate lung tissues. Orange tissues help to cleanse the tissues and prevent redness. It also acts for reducing histamine.

Promote Eye health

There is less evidence that the syntheses like decanal, limonene and citral of orange peel help to promote the eye health. The anti-inflammatory qualities of orange helps to remove the infection and improve vision.

Improve Digestive Health

The fiber content of orange fruit peel support digestion and boost regularity. According to research studies, the orange peel is popular from the ancient period for the cure of digestive disorder.

Promotes metabolism

Orange peel helps to boost metabolism and strengthen your energy stamina. Drinking orange peel tea can work effectively to promote metabolism.

Orange Peel Beauty Benefits

Vitamin C

Orange peel contains plenty of vitamin C than its pulp. Every 100 grams of orange peel contain 136 mg of vitamin C while the orange pulp contains 70 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. Vitamin C helps to fight free radicals which can harm skin cells. The orange peel is helpful for glowing, and shining skin, this is why orange peel is used in many beauty products.


Orange peel contains a good amount of calcium which is good for skin. Calcium helps to regenerate the dead skin cells and prevent DNA damage. Every 100 grams of orange peel have 161 mg calcium which is every day recommended value, and it is a perfect beauty production. If you are getting skin problems, then try to check the calcium deficiency to treat a skin problem.

Dietary fiber

Orange peel contains a high number of dietary fiber especially pectin. The dietary fiber produced by 100 grams of orange peel is 28% of RDA-recommended dietary allowance.  According to research, dried orange peel increases pectin production.

Additionally, it helps to prevent irritable bowel syndrome, manage blood sugar levels which rise quickly after a meal. The important thing to remember is dietary fiber available on from diet because vitamin supplements do not contain fiber.

Clear Acne


When you have excess dirt, bacteria, and oil in the skin, your pores get blocked, and pimple gets chance to occur. Orange peels help to remove the dirt and bacteria from the skin and cleanse the pores.

You can create a simple orange peel to remove the acne by applying orange peel paste. The orange peel remedy will prevent acne and oily skin by limiting excess sebum.

Another way to prevent acne is to eat orange peel regularly. It also helps to manage constipation and bowel movement. Having regular bowel movements helps to prevent extra harmful toxins and waste. Having fewer toxins in the body will help to decrease the acne breakout frequency.

Orange Peels for whiten skin

Having blemish and dark spots on skin can cause to lower the confidence. Orange peel works as a natural bleach and helps to remove the darkness of spots and blemish. Additionally, orange peels help to reduce suntans and prevent harmful UV rays.

Make sure to dilute the orange peel while making a face mask because it may burn your skin as orange peel comprises of the high amount of citric acid.

Prevent Blackheads

Orange peel masks also help to remove the blackheads. For making an effective face mask, mix one-part orange peel and one-part yogurt and create a thick paste. Apply the orange peel and yogurt mask in a circular motion on your face. Let absorb on the skin and wash it off after 15 minutes with lukewarm water. It is a natural and painless remedy for removing blackheads and clogged pores with dirt and oil.

Prevent Wrinkles

As orange peel contain strong antioxidant qualities, it helps to fight free radicals which often cause to damage the healthy skin cells. These free radicals play an important role in producing sagging cheeks and wrinkle. The adequate amount of calcium in orange peel serves to shield skin against premature skin problem.

Tone Your Skin

The high amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidants in orange peel helps to prevent skin from getting dry and oily. Applying orange peel on the face work to tone the skin by removing dirt and dead cells. It also tightens your pores. Additionally, the calcium content of orange peel provides an anti-oxidant composition which creates as glowing and healthy skin.

Protect Teeth

As orange peel contains antibacterial qualities, it helps to protect the dental problems. It also helps to whiten your teeth. The orange peel content of limonene acts as natural solvent and scent which helps to remove the yellowness from your teeth.

Body Scrub

You can use orange peel as a body scrub before the shower. The orange peel gives natural scent to your body.

Bath Oil

Orange peel extract oil provides anti-inflammatory qualities to boost skin texture and tone. You need to grind the orange peel and ferment it with alcohol or vodka for three days. Extract the oil and use a few drops while bathing.

Bath Powder

Another benefit of orange peel is bath powder. The orange fragrance makes you feel fresh. You will need to use dried orange peels and grind it to powder and sprinkle some powder in the bath.

Hair Care

Orange peel helps to provide benefits for hair health. You can crush the orange peel and leave it overnight in water. Make a mixture of soaked orange peel and apply in hair. It helps to clean and prevent dandruff. You will get excellent hair conditioning.

Lip Balm

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You can also make lip balm from orange peel. Add some almond oil and an equal amount of orange peel and sugar together. Mix everything well and wait till it gets set and applies for smooth lips.

Prevent Hangover

Prevent a hangover with the help of orange peel and salt. You will require to boil the water and orange peel for 20 minutes. Once it gets cool, drink it with an entire concoction to remove the hangover effects.

Citrus Cleaner

Use orange peels as your own citrus cleaner by soaking vinegar and orange peels. Boil it for some time to get effective results.

Natural Sponge

Orange peel can benefit as sponge also.  Make sure to peel the cover completely and dry it. As it contains several essential oils which helps to decrease the pots or pans surfaces. If your counter or sink became greasy, then use orange peel as a scrub and remove it.


Everyone knows that orange smell fresh and freshly peeled orange helps to clean the room fragrance. You can keep the orange peel at the top of your garbage bin or hang orange peel in your bathroom for continues fresh fragrance.

Clean garbage

Orange peel is an excellent way to clean the garbage disposal by keeping orange peel down in the disposal. After placing orange peel in the disposal, run it clear then wash with water. The citrus in orange peel helps remove the bad odor.

Air freshener

Boiling orange peel in hot water helps to create fresh air in the kitchen. You can add mint or cinnamon stick in the mix to recreate the fresh air. You can place a dried orange peels paper bag into the fire which creates a wonderful smell in the house.

Fridge Deodorizer

Orange peel can be a great deodorizer for the refrigerator. Cut the orange in 2 pieces and remove the pulp without peeling the cover. So, the orange half peel will look like a bowl, add salt in that and put it in a small bowl for one or two weeks.

Shine Wood

Orange peel adds life to the dull looking furniture made of woods. Just rub the orange peel on the wooden surface and wash the wooden surface with damp cloth.

Removes shoe smell

Keep some dried orange peels in a small sachet and place it in your shoe rack. The orange peel will naturally remove the bad odor and make everyday life pleasant.

Orange Peel Candle

Orange peel is also helpful for making candles. Add shredded orange peel to wax and other ingredients if any. This orange peel candle makes your room smell fresh.

Bird Feeder

Orange peel benefit for making bird feeder by cutting the orange in half shape and removing the pulp. Make 3 holes in even space near the cut and add a string to hang it. It will be useful to feed the birds by filling seeds and food.

Natural Repellents Benefits

Mosquito Repellent

Orange peel can be natural repel to mosquitos. Simply rub the orange peel on your skin. The citrus smell of orange peel helps to sicken the mosquitos.

Slug Repellent

Prevent slug from your garden by spreading orange peels on the surface of garden soil.

Ant Repellent

Keeping orange peels at corners of your home keeps ants away. You can also use oil instead of peel.

Keep Cats Away

Prevent stray cats away from your house by keeping orange outside. If you feel your cat might scratch the things like sofa, then put orange peel around things which you want the cat to stay away.

Benefits of Recipes & Cooking

Orange Zest

Orange peel also provides benefits in cooking and recipes. The orange peel zest is a great way to add orange aroma and sweet, tangy taste in baked foods and other recipes. You can use orange peel zest in morning coffee for refreshment.

Dipped in Chocolate

An excellent treat, candied orange peels are famous as after meal snack in many European societies. You need to melt the chocolate and cover it with sweet orange peels.

Orange Peel Candy

Orange peel candy is prepared by dried, boiled orange peel in sugar syrup for an hour. Later cover the candies with chocolate or add on sides for a delicious taste.

Orange peel-soaked olive oil

Soak the orange peel in olive oil to make your salad an extra zesty flavor.

Orange Tea

Skip tea bags, use dried orange peel to satisfy the orange craving in the morning by having a warm orangy beverage. Orange tea is the best way when you feel congested. The citrus content of orange helps to clear the sinuses. Mix star anise, and cinnamon sticks to create a spicy flavor.

Tangy Orange Sauce



Orange peel also benefits from making tangy sauce accompanied with poultry, meat or vegetarian dishes. You need to combine the following ingredients.

  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • one cup of brown sugar
  • Two tablespoons of corn-starch
  • Two cups orange juice
  • Four teaspoons grated orange peel
  • One cup of water

Mix everything and cook for ten minutes. Keep stirring till the mixture become thick on low flame. Once it looks transparent, consider the cooking is completed.

Make Essential Oil

You can make your own essential oil with orange peel. The orange peel oil helps to reduce muscle cramps and cough. Inhaling orange essential oil promote mood. Here is how to make your own essential oil.

  • Extract the orange peel.
  • Keep clean orange peel and vodka in jar and cover.
  • Shake the jar well and store it for one week. Keep shaking the jar every day.
  • When it doesn’t smell like alcohol, then your essential oil is ready.

Preserve Brown Sugar’s Moisture

The orange peel also provides benefit for brown sugar. It prevents clumps formation in the brown sugar. You will require to keep the orange peel on top of the brown sugar to reap the moisture.

Prevent Bacteria and Fungi

Orange peel provides citrus oil which contains antimicrobial qualities which work against bacteria and fungi effectively. Both oil and vapor form of orange peel is a safe and natural food supplement.

According to some studies orange peel essential oils helpful for preventing fungal infection.

If you get any irritation or Side effect while applying orange peel or consuming orally, then stop it and visit your doctor. Make sure you don’t get any allergy with orange uses to avoid health problems. However, orange peel is a healthy ingredient for health and beauty benefits.

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