Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

Drink water on an empty stomach helps to keep you active. It raises the red blood cells, which means it provides oxygen that will reach cells and provide more energy. We often rush to consume water whenever you feel thirsty or after a meal, or after consuming something spicy.

Approximately 70% of our body consists of water, and its advantages are positive for better health.  Water is necessary for the body. It is primary for the normal and stable functioning of every organ.

Drinking-Water On An Empty Stomach: Benefits

Speeds Up Metabolism

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If you are following a diet, drinking water with an empty stomach can provide you a boost as it can help to increase the metabolic rate by almost 25%. Speeding up helps in reducing weight in the long run. It is always preferred to consume at least with faster digestion of food and this helps in reducing weight for the long run. It is always preferred to consume at least 4-liters of water every day for good results.

Promote Your Immunity

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Water is important for our complete health and wellness. Water is essential to maintain fluid balance in the body. Making it a habit of drinking enough water with an empty stomach can benefit the immune system. It can help to fight infections.

It Clears Your Bowels

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Consuming water with an empty stomach can help in regulating the digestive tract. And when you consume enough water, you will feel the urge to clear the bowels. Doing this every day can help in regular bowel movement and also contributes to removing waste from the body.

Remove Toxins from the Body

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Whenever you pee, you remove toxins in the liquid form. The more you consume water, the more you go to the washroom. In this way, you will detoxify and cleanse your body. It also stops the bloating problem.

Promote Weight Loss

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Consuming more water during a weight loss diet can help to reduce weight healthily. Water does not have any calories, so it promotes fast weight loss.  Also, it has no negative results. Since consuming enough water boost metabolism and burn calories.

Prevents Migraine Attacks

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One of the basic causes people experience constant migraine attacks and headaches are due to water in the body. Dehydration is the source cause of headaches and drinking water at normal intervals, particularly on an empty stomach, can help to remove headaches easily. Also, drinking adequate water helps in removing dental or oral problems.

Increase Hunger Feeling

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As drinking water benefits to clear the bowels regularly, it also makes you feel hungry in the morning so that you can have breakfast on time.

Clears the Complexion

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Drinking more water is a good way to get glowing and clear skin. Dark patches and blemishes are commonly caused because of toxin buildup. Water can help to remove these unwanted toxins from the body. Regular bowel movements also help in getting clear and clean skin. Drinking water with an empty stomach also speeds up the overall functions.

Boosting Energy

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Drinking water with an empty stomach also prevent sluggish and sleepy feeling and keep you active. It helps to stimulate the cells of red blood to grow faster and increase energy and oxygen.

It Cleanses the Colon

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Drinking one glass of water with an empty stomach can also remove build-up sludge and activate faster nutrient absorption. It increases the healthier colon and whole-body health.

Supports Healthy Hair

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Drinking a lot of water also advances sound and shiny hair. Water makes up to 1/fourth of the hair and consequently, deficient admission of water can make the hair strand fragile and feeble. Customary admission of water improves and upgrades the quality of hair.

Prevents Kidney Stones

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Drinking water with an empty stomach helps to prevent kidney stone formation. It also prevents bladder infections. Water helps to dilute the acids and limit kidney stone formation.

Fuel Brain

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The human brain is made up of 70% water, and hydration is helpful to manage optimal brain activity. When you are not sufficiently hydrated, your brain gets less fuel and feels drained or feel mood fluctuations or fatigue. Further, it also causes a reduction in brain performance and memory.

Increase Alertness

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Dehydration is the main indicator of tiredness and fatigue. Without anything to eat after more time, the first thing you eat in the morning can shock your body.

If that first thing is water, then it will make the body ready and promote alertness and energy levels. Dehydration causes to lower physical performance. Water helps to stimulate faster growth of red blood cells in the system and produce more oxygen. The combination of these 2-factors will increase energy.

Water Is Necessary for Your Body

Around 60% of the human body consists of water. It is also considered a necessary nutrient that the body cannot produce enough from metabolism to meet the everyday requirement. Therefore, you need to get it from foods and especially drinks to get have proper body functions.

All organs and tissues based on water, and it plays multiple roles in the body, including:

Nutrient Transportation

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Water allows blood circulation, which transfers essential nutrients to cells and limits waste from them.


Due to the large energy capacity of water, it decreases the body temperature in both cold and hot environments.

Body lubrication

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Water helps to lubricate the joints and important element for lubricating fluids of the body, including gastric, saliva, respiratory, intestinal, and urinary mucous.

Shock absorbency

Water act as a shock absorber preserves organs and muscles by maintaining cellular shape. Your body drops water from everyday sweat, urine, breath, and bowel movements. These are known as water products.

If you don’t drink plenty of water for the entire day to manage these water losses, it can prompt drying out, which is connected with a few inconvenient wellbeing impacts. This framework is called water balance and shows that water inputs should be equivalent to water to skip the lack of hydration.

Drinking-Water After Wake Up Helps to Rehydrate The Body

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Urine tends to be dark initially in the morning. Many people think that they wake up dehydrated because of hydration during sleeping hours.

However, it is a half-truth, because the urine color is not a clear indicator of hydration levels. Though studies have mentioned that urine samples from first thing in the morning.

However, it is a half-truth, as urine color is not necessarily a clear indicator of hydrations levels.

Though studies have shown that urine samples from first thing in the morning are more concentrated leads to a darker color, which is a common sign of dehydration. These samples fail to detect differences in hydration status.

A study of 164 healthy adults determined fluctuations in hydration levels and water consumption. It determined that water consumption was higher from the first six hours after waking up. Yet, their hydration levels did not show this increased water consumption.

Regardless of having lighter-hued pee, they were not especially all hydrated. That is because enormous admissions of water can weaken pee, making it be a lighter or more straightforward tone — regardless of whether dehydration exists.

Conversely, the darker color of morning urine is not a sign of dehydration. It is darker because you did not consume any liquids overnight.

When your body feels a water deficit, it uses the sensation of thirst to make sure that you rehydrate. This sensation is equally efficient from the day.

Water Before Breakfast Lower Calorie Consumption Throughout The Day

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Research shows that enough water consumption helps to lower daily calorie consumption, as it increases fullness feeling.

While water can make feel fuller, this effect does not exclusively apply to drink water before breakfast nor the common population.

According to a study drinking water before having breakfast lower calorie consumption at the next meal by 13%. Although, other studies observed the same results when participants drank water 30 minutes before lunch.

Both studies concluded that the ability of water to lower calorie intake at the subsequent meal was only good in older adults and not in younger.

Popular Claims About Drinking Water with An Empty Stomach

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Some people claim that drinking water is the first thing in the morning provides health benefits beyond those linked with drinking it at other times of the day. Here are some popular arguments behind this claim and what scientists need to say about them.

Do Not Drink Anything For 2-Hours After Regular Meals

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It helps to stop diseases, and you can notice new strength and freshness within someday. Water treatment has the power to improve blood pressure, constipation, gastritis, and diabetes without side effects.

Beginning this therapy with warm water will help to give more benefits. You can also include lemon juice to warm water and use it on an empty stomach. It also helps to detoxify the body.

Alleviates Indigestion and Heartburn

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Indigestion is occurred by raised acidity in the stomach. You experience heartburn when the acid refluxes into the esophagus. When you consume water with an empty stomach, these acids are pushed down and get diluted to solve the problem. Also, this provides ahead to begin for the stomach for further breakfast.

How much water do you need?

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It depends on many things and varies from person to person. For adults, the common recommendation from the US-National-Academies-of-Sciences-Engineering, and Medicine is around:

  • 2.7 liters per day for women
  • 3.7 liters per day for men

It includes fluids from beverages, water-like teas and juices, and food. You get an average of 20% of the water from the foods you eat. One person may need more water than another person. The amount of water you require also depends on:

Where you live

A person will need extra water in humid, hot, or dry areas. You will also need extra water if you live at a high altitude or mountains.

Your diet

If you drink more coffee and other caffeinated drinks, then you might lose more water from urination. You will be more prone to drink extra water if you eat salty, sugar, spicy foods. More water is needed if you do not eat more hydration foods containing high water content.

The temperature or season

You may also need more water in warmer weather than the cold days due to perspiration.

Your environment

If you spend extra time outdoors in the hot temperatures or sun or a heated room, you might feel thirstier.

How active you are

If you do more workouts or keep yourself active during the day, then you will need extra water than a person sitting at a desk. If you work out or perform any intense activity, you will need to consume extra water.

Your health

If you have a disease or fever or lost more body fluids from diarrhea or vomiting, then you will need to take more water.

If you have diabetes, then also you will drink more water. Some medications like diuretics can also make you lose more water.

How About Drinking Water After Brushing Teeth?

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The answer is emphatic No. Not only water, but you also should not consume anything liquids right after brushing. Drinking water after brushing teeth lower the efficacy of toothpaste. As it is, when you wash your mouth after brushing, most of the beneficial elements in toothpaste are washed away. But some till remain among gums and teeth and these parts will save teeth a whole day. Now, if you consume water after brushing, you will be removing remained toothpaste. It will leave your mouth unprotected.

Wait for 15-20 minutes before you eat or drink anything. There is no good way to begin the morning with a glass of water before teeth brushing. Make sure to avoid drinking water immediately after brushing.

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