Vitamins & Minerals : Are Your Children Getting What They Need?

Vitamins & Minerals diet for children

“Vital for life” – this is the meaning of the word vitamin. Together with minerals, vitamins are important compounds that are needed to maintain our bodies functioning properly. Aside from their main role to keep bones strong and organs healthy, vitamins and minerals have the power of battling infections. Certain deficiencies may trigger severe issues…. [Read More]

Why Should You Be Storing the Umbilical Cord Blood of Your Dear Newborn Child?

Umbilical Cord Blood

Cord blood refers to the samples that are collected from the umbilical cord, which connects the mother’s womb and baby. It is the passage through which the baby gets nourishment from its mother. The cord is collected soon after the baby is born, in a specimen tube. This blood is stockpiled in the blood banks,… [Read More]