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    Pain & Pain Management

    Right Side Abdominal Pain – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

    by Shan March 11, 2013
    Right Side Abdominal Pain

    Abdominal pain is the most commonly encountered pain by us. Abdominal Pain can be due to many reasons, ranging from cancer to simple indigestion. Abdominal pain is characterized by its position in the abdomen. There are different reasons of different position pains. If the pain is localized to an area, reoccurs frequently and is severe […]

    Swelling Knee – Causes, Pictures, Symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan March 2, 2013
    Swelling Knee

    Swelling knee is the result of accumulation of excessive lymph or water around the knee joint or in it. It is also referred as knee effusion. Many people commonly call it as water in the knee. The swollen knee can have an acute or chronic effect on the person suffering from it; this depends completely […]

    Hemorrhoids Treatments and Relief Options

    by dheeraj4uuu January 4, 2013
    Home Remedies Hemorrhoids

    How do I know if I have hemorrhoids? If you ever had blood in your stool, itching in your anal area or extreme pain when having bowel movement, then there is a good sign of having hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids namely internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be detected easily […]

    Torn Meniscus – Causes, Picture, Symptoms And Treatment

    by Shan October 29, 2012
    Torn Meniscus

    Wonder how your complete body weight is distributed evenly over the two legs? It is because of a C shaped cartilage, called meniscus, which rests between tibia (shin bone) and femur (thigh bone) and supports your skeletal structure. Each knee comprises of two menisci. One is medial meniscus, which is placed on the inner side […]